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PONTYPOOL LOCAL BOARD. The ordinary meeting of the above Board was h^d on Wednesday morning, at the Local Board Offices. Present: Mr. W. Sandbrook (in the chair), Dr. E. S. Wood, Messrs. T. Williams, W. H. Haskins, E. B. Ford, G. H. Daniel, J. Walker, F. Probyn, E. Fowler, E. Jones (clerk), and D. II. W Powell (surveyor). The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. „ WATER SUPPLY TO URINALS. Mr. Daniel thought they had better come to some definite arrangement as to the method by which the fifteen gallons of water per hour!were to be delivered to each urinal. Mr. Probyn I thought the matter was to be left in the discretion of the surveyor, and that if it was inadequate he should report thereon. The Surveyor Yes, that was so. Mr. Daniel: I think it was perfectly under- stood that we should have a pipe capable of delivering 15 gallons per hour fixed at each urinaL The Chairman I don't think that was quite so, because we talked about putting a flushing system at each. Mr. Daniel I may be wrong, but that was my impression. Mr. Ford How would it be if the surveyor were to furnish us with an estimate of the cost of the flushing system ? Mr. Daniel, after further discussion, suggested if it was decided to give the present system a trial, that matters should be left as they were. This was agreed to. AN IMPORTANT MATTER. The Chairman said there was one matter of importance to which he might refer, and that was the absence of any force of water on the Osberne-road, where there was a great deal of property now, and where, in case of a fire, the only source of supply would be from the feeder. He thought it full time that the Gas and Water Company should put their main in there. The Surveyor They are doing away with the feeder now. The Chairman: Then we should have to go to the river. Mr. Daniel proposed that the Water Company be asked to put the main in at once. The proposition was duly seconded, and agreed to. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr. Mason reported as follows Denham House, Pontypool, 21st Sept., 1891. Gentlemen,—For August I have to report 7 deaths and 21 births a& having- taken place in your district, the death and birth-rates being-14 3 and 431 respec- tively per 1000 per annum. There was nothing in the causes of death for me to draw your special attention to. Since my last report two cases of typhoid fever have appeared in your district. One is now BODValescent, and the other doing well. The first, I have no Üabt, was caused by Hrinirintr impure water from a well near the Gas Works, t should advise this well to be closed and the houses supplied by the town water supply. The other case, I believe, was caused by stagnant water. However, I am not so oertain of this as I am of the former. In ead1.case sanitary precautions have been taken and the best practicalmeuures observed to prevent the spread of the infection. 1 Your obedient servant, S. B. MASON, M.Ii.C.P.E., <tc. &Ch Medical Omoer of Health. ALLEGED IMPURE WATER. The Chairman said the medical officer had told him that the well in question was near to the brook, which sometimes overflowed into the well, rendering it impure. It was down below the Gas Works, and he understood that it was in the Panteg District. Mr. Daniel: Then we have nothing to do with it. We can ask them to close it. The surveyor says the supply has been cut off. Why has it been cut off ? » The Surveyor: Because the water rate was not paid. I believe our clerk is the agent for the house. (Laughter.) The Clerk I knew nothing about it until after it was done. Mr. Daniel: I propose that our sanitary in- spector examine this house, and report upon the matter. The Surveyor I have examined them already. Mr. Daniel: But this house especially, with a view to ascertaining whether there is water on the premises, and, if not, why. The Surveyor: There is water there, only there's no tap on. Mr. Williams Let the agent s attention be called to the matter. Mr. Daniel: I think we as a Board should see that poor people should not be robbed of their water supply in this high-handed way, be the rates paid or not. The Chairman We are quite sure that the water has been cut off ? Mr. Daniel: It's a fact that the water has been cut off, and the Gas and Water Company have no right to do so. I propose that our clerk write to the Gas and Water Company calling their attention to the matter. This was agreed to. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported as follows :— Gentlemen,—My report for the month now ending is as follows: Roads, ^e.—Portions of Park-road, Park-terrace, and George-street have been repaired, and the streets have been regularly swept and cleaned. As the season for repairing roads is now commencing, I shall be glad of your permission to proceed with the work so as to have all metalling down before the frost sets in. Improvements. — The repairs to the steps in Gibson's Lane are completed, and preparations are being made for proceeding with the channelling work in Crane-street. 0 Lightmg streets.-The street lamps were lighted on the 28th ult., according to your instructions. A check photometer for testing gas has beeiifcrdered and fixed. I have not found it neceSBa- y hitherto to go to the Gas Works labortory, as the illuminating power has been equal to 17 and not less than 16 canflle power. Sanitary matters.—There have been three cases of typhoid fever reported during the month. The usual sanitary precautions were taken in each case. Respecting- the sanitation of the district, I know of no particular matter at present requiring your at- tention. Estimate.—I have laid on the table for your in- spection an estimate of the expenditure for the next half-year. Plan.—I have received from the county surveyor a plan of a house proposed to be built in the field above St. James's Church for the Superintendent of Police. It is m accordance with the Board's bve- laws, and 1 beg to recommend that it be approved of. Yours obediently, D. H. W. POWELL. W COMPLAINTS. Mr. W alker complained of the nuisance caused by boys wheeling hand-trucks along the pave- ments, and over the glass and gratings outside shops. It was a serious nuisance, and one which the surveyor should endeavour to put a stop to. The Purveyor said it was the policemen's duty as wwl as his to look after it, under the Towns Police Clauses Act. Dr. Wood mentioned the state of Bridge-st., which needed attention, and also the defective light given by a lamp near Bryngwyn-jplace. Mr. Fowler On the top of George-street there are two lamps without burners at all. The Surveyor I am aware of that, but you have plenty of gas there. (Laughter.) The Surveyor was instructed to give attention to the various matters complained of. THE BOARD AND THE GAS COMPANY ANOTHER Ð1tEEZE. The Chairman then read the following letter Pontypool Gas and Water Company's Offices T Wth Sept., 1S91. t&reet Lamp Meters. Dear Sir,—I am sorry to have occasion to call your attention to a gross irregularity on the part of one of yo^ lam^ighters Corporal Lyons, on Satur- day night, tk«12Ui met., by omitting to light the metered W«np in Crane-street, opposite Mr. Simp- aon's shop> top of the Market Field, in its proper order. tbat what we had to complain of nt 18æ, Viz., omitting to light and extinguish the metered lamps in thor proper order, had been revived under the new management. Lyons was watched on last Saturday night, and I aim aorry to gay my suspicions were verified to the fullest extent, He lighted all the unmetgred lamps in the bottom of Cranerstreet, West-plaoe^ and the Japan, then ftaaie out into C Ane-street and walked deliberately pjet the metered lamp opposite Mr. Simpson's shop ^the most prominent i»mp in titie street) and went J ^er unmetered lamps by the railway brmre and above, and on his return dow* the street lighted the metered lamp bv Mr Sim»- 0ur maIi then went up "to hin^S said, I see you are at your old tricks aeain. leaving the metered lamps unlisted ,0 the ve'rv last S replied and said he forgot it 1 shall report the matSr to my Board, and let them decide what course Wi must adopt to protect ourselves. Yours truly, u. ttt q, HAiK.Secreta-: and Manager, Mr. VV. Sandbrook, chairman cf the Local BouA. The Chairman said he made some inquiries on receiving the letter, thinking that some" gr08 irregularity had taken place, as stated, and is going down to see the surveyor he happened to meet the Gas and Water Company's man. After speaking 01 another matter, he (the chairman) said to the man, "I understand there's some irregularity about lighting the lamps, is there T* He said, not that he was aware of, and on his saying he had received a letter from the secretary he said, He hasn't written to you abont that, has he ? Curtis then explained that he had he man pass the lamp on bis way up, and light it on his way down, and that on speaking to the lamplighter he said he had forgotten n, and that he could see by the man's appearance that ue had not done it wilfully. He aftciwardi wro^e the following letter to the secretary September 18,1891. a- Street Lamp. Uear bir.—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of ? °5r letter of the 17th, 'ami have fully enquired into what you term a gross irregularity," and fmfl the lamplighter by a pure accident over looked the metered lamp referred to. I am further assured that Lyons is lgiiorant as to which laill,stha meters are attached, and that the lamp in question was lighted within two or (at the outside) three minutes of the others, As this is the first month for Lyons to light the gas lamps, the chargoe of being-" at his old tricks again" cannot be correct. I assure you there is every disposition on the part of the Local Board to act honourably towards the GM and Water Company, and pay to the fullest extent for every foot of gas consumed. I have not boo. able to consult with any members of the Local Board, but will bring your letters before them at the next meeting. Yours truly, TT W. SANDBROOK. Â. Hair, Esq., Gas and Water Offices. Mr. Daniel: I think I am right in saying that the word tricks is made use of in Mi. Hair's letter. I consider it a most insulting letter, and propose that a copy of it be sent to tne chairman of the Gas and Water Company. Mr. Fowler I think it's a reflection upon Board, as if the chairman or some other member had given the surveyor instructions not to light the lamps in due course. (To the Surveyor): Have you ever had any special instructions of that sort ? The Surveyor: Certainly not. I have the men outside, and you can question them. This is a case that ought to be investigated. It's a wrong charge. The Chairman said he was sure that no mem- bers of the 'Board had given such orders. The Board would not condescend to such a mean action, but were ready and willing to pay for all the gas that they consumed. He found that the man in proceeding up Crane-st. first lit alIt18 lamps on the right-hand side to and beyond the bridge, and then turned round, lit the lamp by Mr Simpson's, and went down the marke .-L_nace, extinguishing- them in the same order, so that there was no loss whatever to the Company. That was what was called gross irregularity From the time the man passed the lamp to the time he returned would not be, -at the very out- side, more than three minutes. There were ten lamps regulated by that one meter, so that allow- ing 30 minutes for the ten lamps, the gas con- sumed in the time would be about 2i-ft, the cost of which, on a rough calculation, would be one- tenth of a penny. Mr. Haskins I think we ought to be careful in such matters as these. If you go into it care- fully, I think you will find the cost one-ninth of a penny. (Laughter.) Mr. Daniel: I think you should split thg difference between you, and that a cheque sheuli be forwarded for the amount to the CoameaS (Laughter.) The Chairman (pointed out that if the larnr* were extinguished in the same way, there oou £ | be no loss to anybody. The Surveyor, replying to a question, said tte metere were put on on the 12th irrst., and on ttip 17th the meter at Mr. Simpson's registered Vs feet, and that at 700 feet. Mr. Daniel: So that the highest consuraptica is registered by the meter in connection wi& which this gross irregularity is complained of ? Dr. Wood did not suppose that the GM", Water Company would nnd fault with tbe lofB of the tenth part of a penny. He did not sup- pose Colonel Hair alluded to that, but he pro- bably meant to imply that the some proceout* was going on all over the district, which wtrnld probably be a matter of loss to the Company. He did not think that Colonel Hair alluded as one particular thing. He had not heard hint say a single word on the matter, and could not say what he really meant. The Chairman Neither Colonel Hair nor any other member of the Gas and Water Company has any right to think anything of the kind, to suspect the Board, or to complain of a "gross irregularity." They ought, before being auspi- cious of us, to have something to so upon. Mr. Walker said the lighter adopted the phya of the postmen, who worked first one side of tb8 street and then the other. The Surveyor The whole district is lit up in half-an-hour and ten minutes. Lyons, the lamplighter, was then called into the room, and, in reply to questions, said he did not tell Curtis he had forgotten to light the lamp by Mr. Simpson's as he went up. What he said was that he took his course up one side of the street and down the other. Before this hap- pened he did not know that it was's metered lamp. He tried to do the work in the quickest and best way. The Chairman Did you ever get any instrue- tions from the Surveyor or any member of the Board not to light the metered lamps first ? Lyons No, sir certainly not. Mr. Daniel proposed that a copy of the Secre- tary's letter be sent to the Chairman of the Company, with a protest against the base insinu- ations and incorrect statements it contained. Mr. Fowler seconded the proposition, which was carried. RESIGNATION OF COLONEL HAIR. The Chairman read the following letter :— Trosnant House, Pontypool. Q 16th Sept.. 1891. fcJlr, > 0 many things have occurred in my COB- nexion with the Board you preside over which I cannot approve of or lead the public to believe I de so by allowing my name to remain on the list of members, I therefore beg to tender my resigna- tion, and hope it may be accepted without deiS&T. I am, sir, yours truly. ANDBEW HAIB. Mr. Wm. Sandbrook, Chairman of the Pantypoel Local Board. Mr. Daniel By Jove we've lost Peter and Andrew now. (Laughter.) The Chairman I regret to find there are so many things in connection with *he Board that Mr. Hair doesn't approve of, and which he doesn't want the public to know of. The ques- tion is, whether we accept his resignation, or ask him to re-consider it. Mr. Daniel, rising subsequently: I find, on referring to the minute-book, that Mr. Hair has already disqualified himself by con-aitjeudance so that his resignation is an act of superfluity, I think. No action was taken. FINANCE. Mr. T. Williams said the balance against the Board at the bank, after payment of that day's bills, amounted to £ 809 7s. 4d. THE SUPERINTENDENT'S HOUSE A PROTEST Mr. Williams proposed that the plan of Supt. James's house be passed, subject to the draia being connected, at the expense of the county, with the Board s dram in Hanburv-road. carried ^° 8econ^e(^ ^e proposition, which was Mr. Daniel said he understood that the cost of the house would be between £800 and £900 and it would only have four bedrooms. He thought they should protest against such unnecessary ex- penditure. Dr. Wood: Is it the duty of the Pontypool Local Board to make such a suggestion as that ? Are we the custodians of the ratepayers of the county generally? Mr. Daniel We are the custodians of our own money, and I think if every Local Board in the district passed such a resolution, the thing would be reformed. Dr. Wood thought such a suggestion r ight not to emanate from that Board, seer • iat the plans had been passed by the Co u uncil and by the Authority in London. Ht icurht it was a very unnecessary awl say anything at all about it. Mr. Daniel: I have no doubt it a, be thank- less but it is our duty, and tceretore I propose it. The proposition found no seconder, and con- sequently fell through. The consideration of the estimate for the next half-year was adjourned for a -.veek. .Jor--