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M&S. B-ESANTS YISIT, TO ,I INDIA. Some of tke Indian papers received on Monday devote leading articles to Mrs Besant and her projected visit to India:— The Bombay Gazette says:—Mrs Annie Besant whose renunciation of Secularism and Mal- thusianism was announced a few weeks ago, would appear to have formally succeeded to the mantle of Madame Blavatsky, and already en- tered upon her new crusade. This was fore- shadowed when Theosophists began to mourn the death of their first leader, and the article in "which Mrs. Besant avowed herself the disciple and friend of H.P.B. Proclaims her to be well fitted for the post. Mrs. Besant's associat- ion with Mr. Bradlaugh in the Malthusian pro- paganda brought upon her trouble and prose- cution. Her writings and speeches on Secular- ism, in which she equalled, if she did not outvi Mr. Bradlaugh, Mr. Foote, Colonel Ingersoll Dr Aveling, brought down upon her an amount of execration which might well have abashed a weaker woman To Madame Blavatsky, the abuse and ridicule, and what her friends termed misrepresentation, were an endless source of annoyance, and she was wont to seek relief in language so violent and grotesque as to grieve and amaze her friends. Mrs. Besant is not an adept at that sort of warfare. She is far too much of a philosopher to be goaded into doing or saying anything which is calculated to pain her friends or expose a weak point to her enemies. And so inured is she to abuse and misrepresent- ation as to rejoice in an attack, in-vairibly turning, as she does, the enemy s sharts against himself. Mrs Besant's language IS moderate and her arguments clearly stated, inat she can hit hard no one who has heard her or read her speeches can doubt. But her sev erest criticism is invariably softened by courtesy. If 31rs Besalit could hope- fully and cheerfully fight the bitter battle of Secularism, she will rejoice in the comparative child's play of Theosophical advocacy.It pretends to involve no hostile criticism of the cherished religion of millions of if she is silent about Koot Hoomi and the tooleries, she will be listened to with more respect than some other Theosophist have either met with or merited. As a Theosophist advocate, she need not hurt the feelings of the most sensitive of those who dis- believe in her doctrines, and her plan of campaign t Ig recently promulgated in a leaflet is decided inoffensive. The telegraphic announcement this week that Mrs Besant is about to visit India to teach and lecture in this country will be received with interest by many who are not included in the Indian Theosophist e-onnnunity. Mrs Besant is a remarkable skWful orator, and she has great vivacity and spnghtliness, while her addresses are remarkable for their quality of both matter and manner." t The Times of 1-ndia says • That remarkable woman, Mrs Annie Besant, who, once the wife of a Church of England clergyman, became in succession Malthusian and Secularist lecturer agnostic and atheist, and who was for some years associated with the late Mr Bradlaugh in bis aggressive anti-Christam campaign, has. as was already known, entirely renounced the heterodox views which made her name so notorious and has cast in her lot, lock, stock, and barrel, with the Theosophists. Her aim, it seems. is to lSount the throne vacated by Madame Blavatsky, and in pursuance of that ambitious aspiration she announces her intention or visiting India this coming December for the purp0Se of propagating the doctrines of Theosophy systematically among the natives. Forewarned is proverbially fore- armed, which is oin: excuse for obtruding any mention of this 1 dy and her pious aims in our editorial columns. U, however, Mrs Annie Besant Wishes to continue her belief in the valve of Madame Blavatsky's teaching, we should strongy recommend her to stay at home. =-



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