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PRESENTATION AT NEW- BRIDGE. Tuesday evening, Sept. 15th, was a time long looked for, with mingled feelings of joy and sorrow, by the members of the congregation of Zion Chapel, Newbridge, as the time to pay a slight tribute in recognition of the services of the Rev. D. Phillips, the late pastor, and to wish him God-speed in his new sphere of labour, at Ebenezer, Pontnewynydd. The chair was taken by the Rev. J. Jones, Mynyddislwyn, who proved himself a most effi- cient chairman indeed. The platform was occu- pied by a large number of neighbouring ministers and several prominent laymen. Letters of apo^opv were received from the Revs. G. Aubrey, Abe J. M. Jones, Newbridge J. Edwards, Beu r S. Davies, Fleur-de-lis and D. Lewis, Cha ,f Ease also from Messrs. Daniel Jones, Abe n: and D, W. Simpson, Pontypool. All the* i- ^ontlemen spoke in the highest terms of the rev. gentleman, and very greatly regretted their inability to be present. The following spoke at the meeting: The Revs. G. Griffiths, Newport; T. Illtyd James, Cwmbran D. W Rees, Blackwood D. B. Hughes, New Inn: R: nugtes. Cumlin S. A. Thomas (B), Abercarn J. G. Williams, Rigca J. Hughes, Cross Keys together with Messrs E. Phillips, Newbridge B. Matthews, Abewjarn; John Thomw, Abercarn; and J. Edmunds, Glanbrynar. The testimonial conslsted of an artistic writing desk, with irr scription on silver plate (presented by J. E. Garrett on behalf of the Band of Hope); a hand- somely bound volume of the new "Congrega- tional Hymnal," & solfa (presented by Mr. J. Edmunds, «n behalf of the Singing Festival Committee) a beautifully illuminated address, with the recipient^ photo m the etentje, in 9' handsome and massive frame jof chocolate atod gold, prepared by the firm of Watfirlow & Son, London (picciiii TED 1 1\r. J. M. Jones, Blaen- f blodau, on behalfi o± jhurch aud congrega- tion); together with a handsome purse, with inscription, containing ;£21 15s. (presented by Mrs, Kate Johea, treasurer of the committee, on behalf of the church and congregation). The proceedings were enlivened by several songs rendered in an excellent style by- Miss Owen' Newbridge Schools Rev. B. Ceitho Davies> Abercarn; and Mr. T. Vaughan, Newbridge. Miss E. J. Jones (Celynen House) accompanied in her usual excellent manner. After the cus- tomary votes of thanks, the friends dispersed, wishing God-speed to the greatly respected gentleman in his new sphere. The following is a copy of the address :— Presented to the Rev. D. Phillips by the church mid congregation at Zion, Newbridge, Mon. Reverend and Dear Sir,—We are unwilling to allow you to depart from amongst us, to undertake the pastorate of Ebenezer Church. Pontypool, with- out expressing the feelings of regret and thankful- ness which your severance from us occasions. During your five years ministry tq-, us, we grate- fully recognised in you the virtues .and qualifica- tioas of a good minister of Jewis. Christ. Your pulpit ministrations have been characterised by an unswerving fidelity to the truth, a deep qarpastness, thougiiiiulneas, and power, which bqlpng- only to those richly endowed with the unction from the Holy One. As pastor, your care over your flock was,constant,. and your labour for their spiritual welfare untiring. Nor did you fail to identify yourself with us in our varied experiences, domestic and religious, and for your prayers and words of cuasolation and encouragement in difficulties and bereavements, we cannot feel too thankful, Through your exertions, and under the Divine bles- sing, you are able to leave the church you found weak and struggling, financially and spiritually im a flourishing- and healthy condition. No movement, aving for its object the social and religious eleva- tion of your fellow-creatures, failed to enlist your sympathy aud support. As a temperance advocate, an attendant at the Sunday School, and secretary *f our local Festival Committee, your services, espe- cially to the young, have been invaluable. Thus gratefully recalling your life and ministry, and re- luctantly parting with you, we ask your acceptance of this small token of our affectionate respect and high esteem, and pray that a still greater blessing may attend your labours in your new Iislihere, and that your life and health may be long preserved to advance the kingdom of our Lord. Signed on behalf of the church, J. M. JONES, J ROGER POWELL, F D WILLIAM JONES, ( UEAC0ILS- THOMAS REES, ) JOSEPH FRANCIS, "1 W. F. JONES, V Sub-committee. J. ELIAS GARRETT, J KATE JONES, Treasurer. JAATES PHILLIPS, Secretary.

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