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LOCAL NEWS. PRIZE SHOOTING.—The annual prize shooting in connection with "B" 'Company -tth 'V.B S.W.B., took place on Thursday. Details will appear next week. LORD TREDEGAR'S AGRICULTURAL SHOWS.— We understand that Lord Tredegar has fixed the date of his Annual Cattle and Poultry Shows for November 24th and 25th next. MOUNT PLEASANT CHAPEL.—The anniversary of this place of worship will be held on Sunday next, the preacher being the Rev. J. W. Nichol- son, of Swansea. Full particulars are given in an advertisement. "BEN-MY-CHREE."—Mr. Charles Domton, pro- prietor of the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, will produce the above play at the Town Hall on October 5, 6, and 7. A first-class company has been selected, and, as on the occasion of their visit to Newport a short time ago (when The Silver King" was performed),bumper houses may be ex- pected. PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL.-The anniversary of this place of -r, orship,was held on Sunday last, when the ordinary congregations were consider- ably augmented by the presence of numerous friends from other churches in the town. Admirable sermons were preached by the Rev. Captain Davies, of Swansea, and the Rev. M. I>. Robinson, F.R.G.S. The collections realised over £11. FOOT RACE.—A large number of Pontypool men assembled a Cwmbran Gardens on Satur- day afternoon, ta witness a 120-yards foot-race between George Davies (rontymoujiw V ughan (The Race), for Y,20 a-side. The bet ting was in favour of Davies, on whom odds or 5 to 4 were freely offered. A good race resulted, D Ties winning easily by about a yard and a half. LONDON DAY BY DAY" COMPANY.-Mr. Harvey Denton's specially-selected London com- pany will produce The Stowaway and The Lancashire Lass at the Tewn Hall, on Monday and Tuesday evenings next respectively. The plays are very highly spoken of by the press and the public, and should prove attractive. THE SECRETARYSHIP OF THE PONTYPOOL GAS AND WATER COMPANY.—This position (ad- vertised as vacant in eur issue of the 25th ult.) has been filled by the appointment of Mr. T. B. Pearson, who has been for some time accountant and assistant secretary of the Cardiff Gaslight and Coke Company. Mr. Andrew Hair has filled the double post of secretary and manager of the Pontypool Gas and Water Company for upwards of 36 years but the duties of the position have increased so greatly of late years that (at his re- quest) the directors relieved him of the secre- tarial duties, and retained his services as general manager—a sufficiently onerous appointment considering the large extensions now being made by the company in both their. gaS and water Plants.-Ext-racted from the Journal of Gas Lighting of September 15th.; CHURCH P ARADE.-On Sunday morninglast 98 officers and men .of the 3rd V.B. S.W.B. assembled at the Armoury, and, headed by the Battalion Band, under Battalion Bandmaster Roderick, marched to Pontnewydd Church, where a full choral service took place. The singing was according to, the service book com piled for the battalion by the Chaplain. Tb band accompanied the hymns. The lessons ifer read by Lieutenant Mitchell and Captain Jacob. An eloquent sermon was preached by the 4aaplain, the Rev. J. R. Phillips, who, after explaining the meaning of the word spoils, and shewing the different spoils that were due to Christ, addressed the men on the affairs of the battalion generally, on the noticeable improve- ment in their behaviour at camp, &c., concluding with some very encouraging words as to the, future. The officers present were Colonel Jacob, Captain Jacob, Lieutenant Mitchell and Surgeon-Captain Essex; chaplain. Rev. J. R. Phillips. On the conclusion of the service the- men were marched back, and, before being dis- missed, were highly complimented by their captain for their smartness and cleanness, and their excellent behaviour during divine service. The band were also highly complimented for their excellent playing during the service, and when marching to and from the church. 1REVETHIN DORCAS SOCIETY—A meeting of the Trevethin Dorcas Society was held at the lown Hall, on Wednesday. Amongst those present were the Vicar of Trevethin and Mrs_ Orntnth, Mrs. Joshua Evans, t tie Rev. G. and ^frs- Williams, Colonel and Mrs. Hair, Mrs. Essex, Mrs. Woolley, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Arnold Beavan, Mrs. E. S. Wood, Mrs. Herbert, 3im ST-IA ^T8" Dunning, Mrs, Haskins, Mru Wilton, Mra. L. E. Webb, Miss Ford, Miss Mason Miss Woolley, &c. The Vicar of Trevethin presided. The treasurer, Miss Essea^ read the statement of accounts for the past yeai, which shewed the finances of the society to be in a satisfactory condition. Votes of thanks wero accorded to Mrs. Hanbury, Pontypool Park, pre- society to Miss Essex, treasurer i +v? *°i Hampton, secretary and each ojt these ladies was requested to be good enough to continue her services in her respective office.. Mrs. Woolley was cordially thanked for her services as vice-president for the year past; and Mrs. Griffith, Trevethin Vicarage, was elected vice-president for the current year. It was decided to hold the meetings on Tuesdays at tha Town Hall. Committees were appointed ta superintend the buying and cutting out of material, and the proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to the Chairman. A considerable sum was subscribed by those present in -the room. TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT.—The annual tea in connection with Upper Trosnant CliapoL always a popular event, took place on Monday, and, in spite of other attractions in the district, was well patronised. Of the 550 tickets printed almost the whole were disposed of, and it is esti- mated that nearly 500 persons were present at the tea, which was much enjoyed. The subse- quent entertainment was ably presided over by the Rev. J. Williams, of Crane-street Chapel, & large and interested audience being present. AH the performers acquitted themselves worthily^ and special commendation is due to Mr.B.Georgft and Mr. G. J. Mordecai, the conductor and a*~ companist respectively, for the efficient manner in which they discharged their duties. The fol- lowing was the programme :—Pianoforte solk Mrv G. J. Mordecal; glee, Party recitatio% Miss Edith Fisher song, Mr. Thos. Willi pianoforte solo, Miss Jones r recitation, Master Austin Edwards song, Mr. Edwin Jamea; song, Mr. R. B. Jpnes, College; glee, Mr. R. George and party song, Miss Jones recitatio^. Mi'. F. A. Rees, College duet, Messrs. Jam» and Jones song, Miss Watkins pianoforte duet. Miss Jones and Mr. Mordecai; leading* Mr. Williams, College sang, Miss L. Edwards recitation, Mr. F. A. Rees; song, Mr. J. L. Daviee, College glee, Mr. B. George and party. Welt merited votes of thanks concluded the enjoyable proceedings.





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