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MYNYDDISLWYN SCHOOL BOARJ). < The ordinary monthly meeting of the ab(Tfv rJr? was at the ^«ev> bridge Board SchMw i on Thursday afternoon week. The folloim* j members were present: Rev. J. Jones (clfflp^ i man), Messrs. T. Howe, W. Adams, A. Onfltie. 1 and C. R. Lyne, clerk. 1 The minutes of the last meeting having beitt read and confirmed, The Clerk said he had received a letter frlft Mr. T. S. Edwards as for .£30 on account" the Cross Roads School. If they gave 2§t. Edwards as- much as that, it would only l&Kst about 15 dwe to him. T Mr. Howe: Thirty pounds is rather too mucju 1 think £ 20 would be quite enough The Chairman I think, too, that Mr. EdwajgJi is asking for rather too much. ;C:),O would-&! quite enough- After a little discussion, it was decided, on the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by Jfr. Howe, to give Mr. Edwards a cheque for £ 2QL THE OPENING OF THE CROSS ROADS SCHOOL*. The Chairman said he was afraid they eaouH not fix the date for the opening of the CrdBB L Roads Schools &t that meeting, as the Depart- ment wanted them to advertise for tend-era, ftJr, doing the work shere. He had written to theau saying that as it was a very small job he thoaefll they could do it as an extra, with the school. had not yet received An answer. He afi' not know whether Mr. Hyatt would be aS to take the post of head teacher until tli3 3rdeE November. Mr. Onions said he had heard that Mr Hyatlfc successor had been appointed, and that jp* Board had given him permission to come. jV thought they might fix she opening for thv second week in No^em^cor. It was ultimately agreed to allow the matttar to stand over until the next meeting. THE MASTER'S HOUSE. Mr. Onions I know I am out of order, but I should like to ask one question. We are goilg to allow Mr. Hyatt £ 20 a year in lieu of a houSfc. Supposing some repairs wanted doing theffc would it be fair that he should do them at hft own expense, when the Board do the repairs for their own houses.. and he has only the same al- lowance as those who have their houses repaired ? by the Board ? 1 he Clerk: I think that would be a matter of arrangement with the landlord, but you cajs attain your object by finding out the probable sum the repairs would come tOr and then movi* that Mr. Hyatt's salary be increased by tbA" amount. Mr. Howe They are not exactly in the samft position, Mr. Onions, as the ether nouses are tbt property of the Board. After a little discussion, Mr. Onions accepted the clerk's suggestion, and gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that Mr. Hyatt be allowed a certain sum yearly for re- pairs to his house. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT-MISTRESS. The Clerk said the young lady whom they had appointed as assistant-mistress had written say- ing that she was not coming. It appeared thai the;only objection she ha.d to staying at her old place was the smallness of her salary. Her managers had increased that,, and she had conse- quently decided to remain. On the proposition of M:; Onions, seconded by Mr. Howe, Miss Budding was appointed to the position, the question of salary to stand over until the next meeting. f APPOINTMENT OF CLEANER. Mr. Howe thooht -that the keeping clean of the windows should be included in the duties-ol the cleaner.. That was the ease at the Crumlifc Schools. He moved that the rate fixed for clean- ing shoxdd include thecleuring of the windo and that they should ascertain the sum paid by other schoots by the next meeting. Mr. Adams: I think they should be cleaned, too. They are not touched from one year's end to another:' TENDERS fcOR: JTJRNITURE. The Clerk said the amended tender as re- ceived amounted to £ 58 10s. Mr. Adams proposed and Mr. Howe seconded, that the tender (Mr. Colexh&n's) should be w cepted. Thi&Jssas put to the Board and carried unani- mously. APPOINTMENT 8P MONITORS. j I The Board, on the preposition of Mr. OnioBL resolved to confirm all the recommendation aaade %-the managaia the Appointment of monit<n&.j THE FREE EDUCATION QUESTION. I A letter was readily the clerk from the cation: Departmenf, askinr the Board if ther-hai deoidod to avail themselves of the fee grant-: and if they had, to fill up an enclosed form ana return it to them as soon as possible. Considerable discission followed on this poant^ the Chairman saying that if they adopted the Act it would mean a great saving to them,, even withs the present attendance. Ultimate!^ tbe Chairman proposed-, and Mr. Adams seconded1, that they accept the fee grant.—Carried. Mir. Onions thea proposed that on and after September 1st all the schools under the Board should be free to all children between tfee ages of 3 and 15 years., Mr. Howe seconded the proposition, which was carried. The Chairman said he hoped that the attend- aeoe would improve now they had free educa- tion. It was a common complaint with parents that they couldinot afford to pay the fees. As the Act would not come into force until September 1st, he thought it would be best to give the children a holiday On Monday, August 31st. The Clerk It wouldcertainly be an injustice to the children to make them pay for one day aa for a whole week. On the proposition of Mr. Adams,, seconded by Mr. Howe, it, was decided to give the holiday. Mr. Onions: That will be a very good way of advertising, it. The Chairman I think it would be well to have a few bills printed informing the parents of the f £ tct that in future the schools will be free. Mr. Onions: I don't think it will be necessary to do that and give the holiday. The Chairman That's not my point. I only wish to take the opportunity to try and improve the attendance. Mr.. Howe I think a few circulars distributed by the attendance-officer would be better than b&ls. ♦ Mr. Onions A few small tails given to the children to take home to their parents would be still better, I think. I move that a few small biHs be got and circulated about the parish. Mr. Howe seconded. The Chairman moved as an amendment that a few large posters be printed and posted about the parish. Mr. Adams seconded. The voting being equal, the Chairman gave his casting vote in favour of the amendment. APPLICATION FOR THE JVOAN OF THE SCHOOLS. It was decided to grant the application of the Nazareth Calvinistic Methodists, for a loan of the Cross Roads School, to hold services in while a chapel was being built. APPLICATION FROM A SCHOOLMASTER. A letter was read from Mr. Edwards, head- master of the Crumlin Board Schools, asking the Board to pay him at the rate of 95, instead of JE4, the latter being what they had decided to allow him in lieu of fees. Some years ago the fees amounted to a good deal or er f4, and, as the Board would gain by adopting the Act, he thought they should allow mm a little more. After a little discussion, it was decided to tell Mr. Edwards that he was being dealt with like the rest.' B^-APPOINTMENT OF TEACHERS. On the proposition of Mr. Adams, it was de- cided th&t A. Sheen, Newbridge Infant School, and M. Richards, Pontllanf raith Girls' School, should be re-appointed, and their salaries in- creased according to the scale of the Board. ARREARS OF SCHOOL FEES. It was "deeidêci, to leave the matter cf the arrears of school fees in the hands of the mana- gers. This was all the business.




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