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DISPATCH OF MAILS TO AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA. The dates given are those of the malls being made up in London. It is recommended to post letters in the eountry a day or two before, and to write the route on the envelope distinct from the address. AMERICA—UNITED STATES. Letters Registered ioz, newspapers. Sept, 15; 18; 20; 22; 25; 27; 29. 21d. Id. 4oz. CANADA. Every Thursday 2id. ld. AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Sept 14. Queensland, Yiotoria, New S. Wales, Tasmania (via Brvidisi) 8d. 2d. 20 Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tas- mania(via Sotitha.?nplott) 6d. Id. „ „ Queensland, "New South Wales, New Zoala.nd (via S.ampton # Melbourne) 6d.Id. „ New South Wales, New. Zealand, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania via San Fran- cisco) 64. Id. 28. Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Taa- mania (via Brindisi) 8d. 2d. „ „ Queensland, New South Wales, New Zealaud(cia Brindisi and Melbourne 8d. 2d. 28 Queensland (via S.ampton) 6d Id. „ „ Yictoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania (via Bris- bane and Southampton) 6d Id. „ DAILY MAILS FROM PONTYPOOL. For London & all parts.. 11.0 a.m.,4.30 p.m., 7.0 p.m With Additional Stamp. 11 JO a.m.. 4.40 p.m., 7.30 p.m. MONEY ORDERS, AND SAVINGS BANK BUSINESS. From. 9.0 a.m to 5.0 p.m TELEGRAMS. From 8.0 a.m. to 8.0 p.m. Sundays, 8.0 a.m. to 10 a.m. TRAINS. From Crane-street Station, M. B. & C. Co. To Blaenaron, at— I 8unday 9.45 | 12.45 | 3.45 | 6 35 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 8.45 An extra train on Saturday only at 8.15 to Abersyohan. To Newport, at I 8unday 7.48 { 11.28 | 2,3 | 4.55 I 7.40 | 8.8 I 5.10 An extra train on Saturday only at 3.55. An extra train on Saturday only from Newport.. at 1.50, ar- rive at Pontypool 2.20 and stop. From Pontypool Town Station, Trasnant, G.W.R. Co. I »■» I From Fontypool Jtoad. To Hereford at— „ r | „ 7.35 | 10.50 I 2J0 I 8.40 I 6.5 | 9.45 I 6.5 An extra train to Abergavqnny at 11.10 a ID. To Monmouth, at— 7.45 ) 11.15 ) I. I 6.19 To Newport, at— i 8.4»hl,15|l2.15|l.50|j.45l5.25l6.15|8.40|9.13 | 11.18 ( 9.28^ I STEAMER TO BRISTOL FROM NEWPORT. Sept. 7, 4.0 afternoon • Sept, 10, 8.0 morning Sept. 11, 7 morning i Sept. 12, 7.15 monJng; Sept. 14, 8.30 morning lO NEWPORT FROM BRISTOL. Sept. 8,6.0 afternoon Sept. 10,1.U afternoon* Sept. 11, 7.30 afternoon; Sept. 13,9.30 morn; Sept. 16,10*45 mora. The Publisher will not Aold himself responsible for any inamoracies in thtss tables. The only DIREOT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL- PHIA is the AMERICAN LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. m .LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY, -i Calling UtQUIENSTOWNeyeryTHuILSDA Fiat-clou, full-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail PEHKBYLYANIA.. Sept. 19 IUINOIB Sept. 26 •LORD CLIVB Oct. 3 OHIO Oot. 10 INDIANA Oct. 17 ♦SIOIIY Sept 24 -No Intermediate Passengers carried on voyage marked thus* The only T&ANS-ATLANTXO LINB sailing under the UNITED STATES FLAG, and carrying the American Rafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The acoomroodation for all classes ot passengers is equal to any ot the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer carries a Surgeon and Stewardess. j i Passengers and goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into the Rail- road Cars without leaving the Landing Wharf, and under the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT ROOM, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Offioe, FAchange Office, and Baggage Express ofrice- CABIN PASSAGE, 15 to 21 Guineas. Return Tickets, at reduced rates. v STEERAGE PASSAGE as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, Beading, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, £ 8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N & J. Cummins & Brothers; and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19, Water-street J. MORGAN, Post Office, Fontypool. THOS. H. THOMAS, High-it., Tenby, JNO. THOMAS. Church-st., Tredegar LLAN LINE SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TQ AMERICA, COHPOSSD OP TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAX, MAIJ. STBAMEM. SAILING DA VB-from LIVERPOOL,everyTUEB.. DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and everv AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI-; MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes of Passengers. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the steamer. THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT grants ASSISTED PAS- SAGES by the ALLAN LINE. For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool; or to J, R. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. QUEENSLAND EMIGRATION. SAILING FIlOJl ORUT BRITAIN, The next ship, the Scottish Hero, will sail from London for Rockhampton, Queensland, on the 12th of Septem- ber next. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to local agent: J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, Fontypool; or THE AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, $2, Charing Cross, London, S.W. FREE EMIGRATION TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA. THE GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA QRANT TREE PASSAGES To the following Artisans, viz. Carpenters, Bricklayers, Masons, Plasterers, and bona fide Agricultural and Railway Labourers, not exceeding 40 years of age, Single, or Married with not more than three children, also to Single Female Domestic Servants. NO MINERS WANTED. All Persons who are considered eligible by the Emi- gration Agent, paying their own Full Passage, receive a Land Order Warrant of the value of X20 for every Adult above 12, and 910 for Children between 1 and 12 years of age. No Money, or Fee of any kind, is to be paid by in- tending Emigrants to the Local Agents for their re- muneration. Full particulars and information, with Forms of Ap- plication, to be obtained at the Office..of the Govern- ment of South Australia, 8, VICTORIA CHAMBERS, WESTMINSTER, LONDON, S.W., Or cf Mr MORGAN, Post-office, PontypooL Cricketing Goods, Fishing Tackle, ARCHERY, CROQUET, BADMINTON, and all out-door games may be obtained at H. Fox's, Hair-dresser and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Uslt. PANTEG & LLANFRECHFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. GRIFFITTISTOWBT, PONTYPOOL. TRUSTEES. (For the purposes authorized by the Act of Parliament, 37 and 38 Viet., c. 42, s. 2a and 28.) Sampson Copestake, Hsq. Edward James Phillips, Esq. Wm. II. Osborne-Taylor, Esq, John S. Cousins, Esq., M.D. William Collins, Esq. Alfred A. Williams, Esq. DIRECTORS. Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Directors. A. A. Williams. Eso.. Maesderwyn, Vice-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr W. Smith, Grifflthstown Mr D. Da vies, Stafford House Mr Isaac Butler, Panteg Mr H. Feather, Coedygric Mr J. Goodenough, Panteg Mr C. Lawrence, Pontymoil Mr P. Chapman,Pontne wynydd Mr W. n. Pratt, Liaavrechva Mr Thos. Edwards, Pontypool Mr J. R. Wright, Panteg Mr J. Brown, Grifflthstown Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Sampson Copestake, Esq Mr Geo. Gorrell, Pontypool Wm. II. Osborne-Taylor, Esq William Collins, Esq f\ Mr W. H. Roaser. Pontymoilo Mr W. Jacob, QriflUhstowa BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District Banking Co. SOLICITORS. Messrs E. B. Edward* & Son. Solicitors, Poritypoul. SURVEYORS. Mr Ernest Deacon, Pontypool. Mr Roberts, Swansea. SECRETARY. Mr B. II. Madge, Panteg Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr William Collins, Pontypool. THIS Society is established to enable members to .i. borrow money repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build houses, redeem mortgages, &o.; or to accumulate monthly subscriptions at compound inte- rest. Profits to be divided among advanced as well as un- advanoed shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, 8s per month. Half and quarter shares may be taken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, receivable half. YCA%ONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. For further information, rules, &c., apply tQ the SECRETARY or the following Agents:— Mr W. P, THOMAS, Bridge Shop, Pontnewydd. Mr JAMBS BROWM, 54, King-street, Blaenafon.' BRIDGWATER SECOND EQUITABLE PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established 1853. TRUSTBE8. JOHN PRIon, Esq., Banker, Bridgwater. JOSEPH RUSCOMBB POOLB, Esq., Solicitor, Bridgwater. Head Office. THE MABT, Bridgwater. Shftres, £ 50 each. Advances from £ 100 to S6000 made upon Property, either to purchase or to pay off exiating Mortgage Loans, repayable by quarterly payments. The Shares in this Society attain maturity in about IS yean; builin most other Societies, with a higher scale of payment, 14 years are required to realize their shares. The rates of payment are particularly advan- tageous to Borrowing Members. For prospectus and all further information, apply to Mr E. H. DAVIBS, Agent, Crane-street, Fontypool. "IiIOR THE LOOD IS THE LU"& dU Bee Deojerooomy, chap. xIL, verse 23. CLARKIE' WORLD FAMED Trade llwki-" 13lood Mixture." UP&M BLOOD PARITIES & RESTORER SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated 0 Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcere, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, garbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, rysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloratious of the SkID, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine, THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL FARTS, IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse tbe JL vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and Bluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Pro- prietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. pLARKE'8 WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE V is sold in Bottles, 2B 6d each, and in cases, contain- ing six times the quantity, lis each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases,—BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI- CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on reoeipt of 30 or 132 stamps by tho Proprietor. F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, ApothecariWIlall, Lincoln, Wholesale: All Patent Medicine Houses LONDON DEPOT: 160 OXFORD STREET. Pontypoel; n Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) COUGHS! COUGHS! COUGHS and COLDS alse Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of the THROAT and LUNGS are quickly RELIEVED and permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies." All who suffer are requested to test the efficacy of those Medicines. Sample bottles are supplied tree of charge by all Country Agents, or can be had by post from the Proprietor. AddressO, P. BROWN, 2, King-street, Covent Garden, London. Prof. Brown's Treatise on Consumption,v 44 pp., free by post. Prof. Brown's « Complete Herbalist," post free 5s.—The above can be had of the Agent for Pontypool, E. B. FORD, Chemist, George-street. CWMBRAN PLEASURE GARDENS AND HOTEL. Close to tfos Pontnewydd Station on the Monmouthshire and Great Western Railways, THIS charming place of Summer Reeort is upw OPEN FQR THE SEASON. THE ONLY PLACE TO SPEND A HAPPY DAY. Croquet, Cricket, Quoits, Football, and other Amusements. Workmen's Outings, Schools, and Excursion Parties arranged for on Liberal Terms. A M<tgn\ficenf Display of Summer Bedding, and other flants. BOUQUETS AND QVT FWWEUB M AMY QUANTITY. A first-class Pianist every evening, and the tpual Quadrille Band every Thursday. Lato Trains on the Great Western leave Pontnewydd for Newport at 8.60 p.m., and for Pontypool Road at 10.23 p.m. ADMISSION—SIXPENCE. RICHARD OLARK, IFROPRIMOR. West of England Loan Office. Established 1866. MONEY, No sureties required. Cash advanced in Bums of £ 10 and upwards to Farmers, Contractors, House- holders, Innkeopers, Tradesmen and others, on their own security, repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. AGENTS FOR POMTYPOOT: MESSRS. PHILPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Market House Chambers. MONEY immediately advanced to any amount from C60 and upwards, upon any description of security, comprising real and personal estate, farming stock, re- versions, annuities, furniture (without removal), lifo policies, and other tangible personal security. No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest soorosy will in all cases be observod. Intorost as follows, viz.:—On freehold or leaseholds from 3 per cent, per annum, per. sonal security from 4 per cent. per annum, other securi- ties at equally reasonable rates. Applicants are requested to apply in the first instance by letter, containing full particulars, in order to FIIVO unnecessary trouble, to FBWJERICK IUWKINS, Esq., 9, Great Russell-street, Dloorosburv, London, W.O. ESTABLISHED 1860. THE PONTYPOOL GENERAL FURNISHING & BEDDING WAREHOUSE, Clarence-street, Pontypool, AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. JOHN BEVAN, Doaler in every description cf HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO- FORTES, HARMONIUMS, HARDWARE, c., &c. Agent for the Singer and ChaUenge Sewing Machines. tig" SINGER TREADLE MACHINES FOR £4 IDs. GOODS DELIVERED PER CART FREE. AGENTS REQUIRED IN EVERY TOWN AND VILLAGE THROUGHOUT THE UNITED KINGDOM TO REPRESENT THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED), A Liberal ^Commission will bo allowed, Whereby taiergotie Agont8 may be enabledto secure a good addition to their income. Applications to be addressed to tho. Secretary, JOHN J. BLAKE. 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING CO. S. LOCK-STITCH SEWING MACHINES. CAUTION. B EW ARE of Persons, who, having no good trade repute of their own, use our name, "SINGER," to palm off Counterfeit Machines of Inferior Con- struction and Manufacture. Every SINGER MA- CHINE has the Company's Name printed upon the Arm and impressed upon the brass Trade-mark Plate. To avoid deception, buy only at the Offices of the SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY (for- merly I. M. SINGER & Co.) Buy no Machine without the Co .'a Trade- Mark-Plate upon the Arm. DEPOT FOB PONTYPOOL AND NEIGBBOUBHOOO THE MARKET, Opposite Messrs DAviza & SANDBROOH. Letter; to ha addressed to H, PLAN CUE, The Cross Pontypool. Mount Pleasant Chapel, PONTYPOOL. A LECTURE will be delivered In the above Chapel, on THURSDAY, September 20th, 1877, by the Rcr. W. H. MILBURN, D.D. (the celebrated Wes- leyan Blind Preacher and Orator, of America), whose eloquence is strongly eulogized by ex-President Grant, Gen. Sherman, De Witt Talmage, W. Morley Punshon, Bishop Simpson, and many other distinguished per- sons.-Subject: The Old Preachers of the West and their Preaching." Tho Chair to be taken at 7.30 p.m. by JOHN T EDMONDS, Esq., Cwmavon House. Doors open at 7 o'clock.——Tickets, Is. each. To Contractors and Others. THE PANTEG LOCAL BOARD invite TENDERS for the SCAVENGING of CWMYNYSCOY aad PONTYMOIL.—Sealed Tenders to be sent in to the Clerk, 6, Albion-road, Pontypool, on or before the 29th inst.—The Board does not undertake to accept the Lowest or any Tender. (By order), JOSEPH GOODENOUGH, Surveyor, &c. 1, MARKET-ST., PONTYPOOL. Cheap Paper Hanging Warehouse. Selling Off 1 F. PERRY, HouSE DECORATOR, Begs to inform the inhabitants of the town and sur- rounding district that he has on hand a LARGE STOCK of PAPER HANGINGS, which he intends disposing of at VERY REDUCED PRICES, from 2d. per piece. USK GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Head Jfaivkr-I?Q.BT..FdRQ UHal? MoKERRO W. THE HEAD MASTER has VACANCIES for a few BOARDERS.—Terms, from £ 45 per annum in- clusive. Special Preparation for the Universities, Public Schools, Commercial Life, and all the branches of the Civil Service. Mr MCKERROW has had eighteen years' successful experience in these branches of education. SHEEP TACK. AT Kemeys Farm, near Pontrhydyrun, there is TACK FOR 100 SHEEP from the present'time until February 2nd.—For Terms, apply to Mr DAVID JONES, Glyn Pits, near Pontypool. LA TTERMA TH. TO LET, for Grazing, about 8 Acres, more or less, of GOOD LATTERMATH, at the top of Coed Alis, Pontypool.—Apply to Mr JESSE DAVIES, Glas. coed, near Pontypool. To be Let, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A FIRST-CLASS COMMERCIAL HOTEL, com- manding a first-class Trade, situated iu a very populous district. Incoming moderate. Fol, further pat ficulars apply to Messrs PHLLPOT and WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Pontypool. Auctioneers' Offices, Market House Cham Pontypool, August 30, 1877. ANOTHER GREAT REDUCTION IN SEWING MACHINES! THE SINGER" TREADLE MACHINE may now be obtained for £ 4 10s, or on the weekly hiring system, at Bevan'e General Furnishing Warehouses, Clarence-street, Pontypool, Or Broad-street, Blaenafon, To those who suffer from Irritation of the Soalp from Sourf, Da&driff, or loss of Hair H. FOX'S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE OREAM is a oertaia remedy.-Bold by Messrs Roderick & Wood, and by the Maker, H. Fox, Commorcial-st., Pontypool. Past and Present-A Present for the Absent. Price 3s., And way be had at the FREE PnEBEI PBINTINO OFFICE, or of the BOOKSELLERS, LOCAL REGISTER; OB. Cfltipjiwtojlg f fntpl CONTAINING PONTYPOOL AND THE BANBURY FAMILY (WITH PEDIGREE;) HISTORY OF THE GREAT STRIKE AND LOCK-OUT OF 1875; AND ALL THE INFORMATION KNOWN KJSLAfDIVE TO THIS TOWIS MfD DtSTMCT. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Eight Hours at the Sea-Side. ON MONDAY, SEPTEMDBB 17TH, 1877, A OilEAP EXCURSION TRAIN ? (The laat of the Beason), will be run to S-WAIsTSIEA. At under:— Faros to & fro. From Time. Third Cla88. ars?*)— fi i 6d. m } 3,. JM. PONTYPOOL ROAD 7 45 I PONTYPOOL TOWN 7 63 CRUMLIN 8 10 TREDEGAR JUNCTION 8 18 2S. (KL. IRHYMNEY JUNCTION 8 25 ILLANCAIACH 8 35 QUAKER'S YARD"]. 8 45 MOUNTAIN ASII 8 55 I 0 M ABEiiDAUE.. g 5 J <»• HIRWAIN 9 20 Is. 6d. Tho Return Train will leave Swansea the same day jat 6.30 p.m. Children under Twelve years of ago, Half prices NO LUGGAGE ALLOWED. The Tickets arc only available on the day of issue, and by the Trains shown in the Bills. BY ORDER. Pontypool Road, September, 1877. C. LAWiiENCE & SONS. Of the Clarence Wagon & Railway Works, PONTYPOOL, BEG to announce! that they have bought the Lease of the Premises, and the Plant of the WHEELWRIGHT AND SMITH'S BHOPl Near the Bridge, in Pontypool, (formerly occupied by the late Mr CHARLES JONES), where they are now carrying on the same class of busi- ness as before, such as SHOEING and all kiuds of SMITHS' and AGRICULTURAL WORK. The Manufacture & Repairing of Railway Wagons will still be carried on at the Cla- rence Wagon Works, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDING, AND BOILER MAKING AND REPAIRING., All kinds of IRON GRATES.-CaSt and Wrought Iron GATES and FENCING. MODERATE CHARGES. e Wagonssupplied for immediate Cash, and on the 3, 5, and 7 years' Purchase System. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders & Wheelwrights, BEG to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general that they have Removed from Llanovor, near Abergavenny, to more Commodious Preuiisos at Ponporllonny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, where they hope, with strict attention to all orders entrusted to them, together with good workmanship and best mate- rials, to merit a share of the public patronage. E. E. & Son also return their thanks for all past favours, and remain, your obedient servants, E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders, Wheelwrights, &o., Penperllenay, Goytrey, near Pontypool, M on To Iron and Coal Masters, Agriculturists, Owners of Horses, and Others. ALFRED KENT, Lieemed Horse Slaughterer and Manufacturer of Artificial Manure8, HAVING taken to the premises, Tilbach Farm, Mamhilad, Pontypool, late in the occupation of William Panniers, deceased, will give the full valna for worn-out and dead Horses, Cows, &o., &c., and will fetch thom away within a radius of 12 miles. ORDERS & TBLBQRAM8 PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. N.B.—The only Licensed fforee Slaughterer in Monmouthshire and South Wales. ADDRESS—A. KENT, near Pontypool, ADDams-A. KENT, near Pontypool, The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. DANIEL & JONES (Late ilarberid RETURN thoir Binoore thanks to tho Clorgy, Gentry, and Publio generally for the very liberal support they have received einco taking tho bufiincr, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of tho same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to onsuro good quality, moderate prioes, and punctual attention to all orders. Good Strong Congou at Is 8d per lb. Fine do. 2s Od „ Superior do. 2s 6d „ The Best Mocha Coffees, Sparkling Lump, Crystals, and Demarara Sugars, Prime Home-cured Bacon, Cheddar, English, and American Chaso Salt and Fresh Butters; English, American, and French Flour; Beans, Oata, Bran, Barley Meal, Maize, Sharps, Malt, Peas, Oatmeal; Preserved Fish, Salmon, Lobster, Surdities Australian Beef and Mutton, in ilb., 4lb., and Glb. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for nuntloy& Palmer's Biscuits { Spratfs Patent DogBiecuite, 22s. per owt.f Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N.B—D. & J. strongly reoommcad their 2a and 2s 6d Teas, as being of superior quality. iKyjlhrfhTHH OF WORTHLESS LfllLilliJilll IMITATIONS OF RECKITT'S PARIS LUE fbs Geu&ii>e is used by tfre Laimdr^asgs of THE PflllWESS OF WALE3A&D I^JCSeK^OF EDINBURGH. y. r' ■fi-TTTTjnyensr, 1877. SAMUEL AMIES BEGS respectfully to call the attention of the Ladies of Pontypool and neighbourhood to his entirely New and Well-selected Stock of LADIES' ULSTERS, JACKETS, FELT SKIRTS, AND DRESS MATERIALS, Which he is offering at Prices which cannot fail to givo satisfaction. An early Inspection is solicited, and will be esteemed a favour. Livo-and-Let-Live Inn,Abersychan 10 Innkeepers and Others. MESSRS WAITE & SON HAVE been instrnoted by Mr JOSEPH RAWLIJTGS to SELL BY AUCTION, on tho premises, as above, on MONDAY, September 17th, 1877, the whole of his USEFUL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE TRADE UTENSILS, Horse, Waggonette, Harness, AND OTHJm EFFECTS, Oomprising dining, pembroke, and other tables, arm and other chairs, mahogany and other wood and iron bed- steads, feather and millpuff bods, bedding, washstands, dressing tables, ware, toilet glasses, carpets, electro tea and coffco service, stuffod birds in glass cases, paintings, pictures, pair of horns, acoordians, concertinas, decanter, and other glass cruets, salting stone, pints, quarts, spitoons, benches and tables, lot of pipes, india- rubber piping, timber, hand tracks, tools, meat safes grate, bricks, sashee, and a quantity of other useful effects. Also, a brown horae, 15b. 2in., good in saddle or harness. Waggonette, with lamps, cushions, &c. complete, harness, saddle and bridle, chaff engine, oorn bin, stable toels, wheelbarrow, dog kennel, sack", rails and hooks suitable for a butcher, double-barrelled breech and muzzle-loading guns, revolver; spaniel, good worker, &c., &c. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. ) To Grocers, Shopkeepers, Housekeepers, d) others. HIGH STREET, PONTYPOOL. Messrs. WAITE AND SON HAVE been instructed by Mr. TITOMAS JONES, who Jl is leaving the neighourhood, to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, September 18th, 1877, at Twelve o'clock, THE WllOLD OF THE STOCK-IN-TRADE, GROCERS' FITTINGS, PORTION OF THE Household Furniture, AND OTHER EFFECTS, colkirRrll:l-N-o STOCK.—Tea, sovoral cwt. sugar, mnstard, sauces, IiOwis'a pickles, ewoets, dips and nsouJd3, parai>i'i, candles, preserved beef, rico, bicsuits, tobacco, tabla salt, bacon, chccse, butter, dry and other suap, scruh- bing, sweeping, blacklead, and other brushes; matches, half-cask of treacle, dandolion and berry coffee, hops, blacklead, lamp cotton, linseed, saltpetre, pepper, ginger, oatmeal, turpentine, ochro, chalk, bath bricks, &o.,&c. GROCERS' FlTTlNOS.- Tea, provision, potato & flour scales and woights, storo canistera, tea canisters, treacle cistern & scales, Bar Hell's and other weighing mechinc and weights, largo and small flour bins, shop steps, cack truck, drawers, large quantity of tea," sugar, fruit, and butter papor flour, sugar, soda, rice, and f'olod bags; show cards and frames, butcher's benoh, tram, lard pot, .11 tin, with lap cagor, o.tiiTca, nnfl toa mills, cheêBO rack, lard buckets, iron rods and hooks, shop blinds, pewter measures, vinegar jar and tap. Also a Bay Pony, good In eaddlo or harness; Whitechapel trap and bar- nees, (nearly new), pack saddle, chaff machine, good iron boiler, garden took, watering pot, 6 fowls and pen, hen, 7 chickens and oub. Clarence Street, Pontypool, September 5th, 1877; To Horticulturists & Others. Messrs. WAITE & SON WILL SELL BY AUCTION, At the MARKET HOUSE, Pontypool, On THURSDAY, September 20th, 1877, at 1 o'clock, A FtKB ASSORTMENT OF FLOWER ROOTS AND BULBS, Imported by a Firm of Dutch Merchants, and con- signed for absolute sale, consisting of Double and Single Hyacinths, Polyanthus, Single and Double Narcissus, Tulips, &c., &c. NORESBRVE. Nicholas-street, Pontypool. Messrs. WAITE & SON WILL SSLL BY AUCTION on TUESDAY, Sept I8th, on the premises lately occupicd by Mr W. if. Greeno, a quantity of useful Household Furniture, (the property of a person leaving the neighbourhood). Removed for convenience of sale. PRELIMINARY. WOODLAND COTTAGE, ABERSYCHAN. MESSRS. WAITE AND SON HAVE been instructed by Mr D. n. JONBS (who is leaving the neighbourhood) to SLLL by AUO- tion, on TIICH6DAY, October 4th, 1877, the whole of the KHAT AND USEFUL Household Furniture and Effects. Further particulars next week. IN LIQUIDATION. RB CHARLES MINOR, FURNITURE DEALER, TROSNANT-STREET, PONTYPOOL. MB. JAB. GRAlIAM BEGS to announce that he will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION (without reserve), on MONDAY, Sep- tember 17th, 1877, the remaining portion of the Stock-in-Trade of Household Furniture, COD HORSE, SPRING TRAP, HARNESS AND EFFECTS, PRINCE OF WALES' HARMONIUM, 7 STOPS, by Brader & Sons: Comprising mahogany sofas and couches in haircloth and leather, easy chairs in ditto, walnut Ca nterbury whatnot, mahogany single chairs in haircloth and leather, pier and chimney glasses in gilt and wood frames, V/mdsor chairs, arm ditto, rocking ditto, S-dny clacks, 20-hour ditto, tiinepicccs, bookcases, old carved oak chest dated 1G23, mahogany dressing tables, painted ditto, washstands, towel rails, sets chamber ware, mahogany, walnut, and painted chests with drawers, mahogany and painted night commodes, fenders, sets fire-irons, window poles with rings, cases of stuffed birds and animals, mahogany corner cup- board, French iron and wood bedsteads, stump and, folding ditto, 6traw palliasses, wool mattrnsses, feather and millpuff beds, cuiie-seatud chairs, coalsarcophagust prints, oleographs, stair cloths, floor ditto, cocoa-nus matting, barometers, perambulators, trunks, clothea boxes, baskets, cradles, clothes horses, umbrella, stands, square deal tables, dinner services, saucepan s, kettles, frying-pans, scrubbing and other brushes, bottle jacks, sugar nippers, Bradford's patent mangle, iron safe, Salter's balance to weigh 400 lbs, several ladders, &c., &c. COB HORSE, 7 years old (capital in saddle and harness), spring trap, set trap harness, and numerous other effects. Sale punctually at Eleven o'clock. Dated 67, High-street, Newport, Sept. 4, 1877. VALUABLE DISCOVERY FOR THE HAIK. If yon? hair is turning grey or white, or falling oil, use llie Mexican Hair iicnowor," for it will positively restore in every case Qrey or Yfhite hair to ils original colour, without leaving the disagreeable smell of most Restorers." It makes the hair charmingly beauUiui, as well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald spots, where the glands are not decayed. Ask youi Chemist for THE MEXICAN HAIK RENEWEH," pro- pared by HENHY O. 4G3 OziGid Street, London, and sold by Chemist* and rwiumerg everywhere 3s 6d per Soiils. NOTICE. rHE SALE BY AUCTION by Messrs. WAITE and SON, of the Stoek-in-Trado, Fixtures & Fittings of ldr. Tiiomks JONES, Grocer, High Stract, Ponty- pool, advertised,, for TUESDAY, tho ISth inst., WILL NOT TAKE £ LACE, tho same having been taken at Valuation by the incoming Tenant. TO THE PUBLIC. TIIOMA8 JONES, Grocer, High Street, Pontypool, J. begs to return his sincore thanks to the Inhabi- tants for their kind support and patronago during the past 10 years, and te-etato that ho has disposed of his business to Mr. WM. WILLIAMS, to whom ho hopes the same support will be extended. WM. WILLIAMS, IN taking to the Business of Mr. T. JONES, begs to I. assure the Public that no effort will bo wanting on his part to retain and extend the patronage accorded to his predecessor, by supplying thoroughly good Arti- cles in every branch of the Business, at the lowest pos- sible prices.


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