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BLAENAYON LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD. The monthly meeting was held on Friday. T. HEMMINGS, Esq., in tho chair. Also present—Messrs J. G. Williams, W. Edwards, H. C, Steele, W. B. Lawrence, J. Gill, T. Edwards, E. L. Harris, J. Burgoyne, D. Lewis, and Jehn Morgan. The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed. The surveyor's report was read :— Gentlemen,—I beg to report to you as follows :— Twenty-seven yards of drain work have been executed during this month. Mr David Edwards, Broad-st., and Mr Thomas Mason have repaired their pavements in compliance with my request. Two tons of fern have been cut by your men since your last meeting for the use of the horses employed by the board. Two new houses have been occupied in New William-street since my last report. I beg to submit the following plans for your ap- proval :-Edward Davis, of a cottage proposed to be built in Clapham Terrace Thomas Buddies, of an addition to a house occupied by Mr Wm. 0 James in Broad-street. I am, &c., T. PRITCHARD, Surveyor. Mr Harris asked where had the draining beeu done. The surveyor explained that seven yards of draining was made near the Company Shop, and the remainder in different parts of the Llanover Road. The inspector of nuisances reported several cases of nuisances, the order for the removal of which had been complied with. Mr Gill asked iolie surveyor for an explanation concerning the notice served on Mr Witchell, and the reply of the latter to that notice. The surveyor said he sent a notice to Mr Witchell on the 20th ult. He told Mr Witchell in that notice that the bye-laws required in John-street a width of 18 feet in the clear. Mr Steele What is the result of this notice ? The surveyor said that he had gone to Mr Witchell and pointed out to him the encroach- ment he was making in the roadway, and Mr Witchell said he did not care for the surveyor nor the board. Mr Steele What baa beeu done in the matter since ? Mr Harris: He has gone on building in defi- ance of the board ? The surveyor Yea. Mr Gill: He has considerably reduced the width of the road. The surveyor Mr Gill and myself went to him about it, and he said ho did not care. Mr Gill said he had been very much abased because of this matter. He (Mr Gill) had told the surveyor that the board could not allow Mr Witchell to encroach upon the road he then said be would pull bis (Mr Gill's) wall and garden down, and threatened to bring a Govern- ment inspector and point out many mistakes that the board had made. Mr Steele: Well, what is to be done now ? Mr Williams I think the authority of the board ought to be upheld. Mr Steele What course are we to porsue ? Mr Williams: Pull it down. Mr Gill: He has reduced the width of the road from 20ft. to 17ft. 6in. Mr Williams The course of the street is spoiled. Mr Gill; And more than that, be defies the board. The chairman Is it he who has been writing a letter to the PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS? I think the board had better show their authority in this case. Mr Williams: I think so, too, or we had better not be a board at all. Mr Steele I think so, too and we should uphold the surveyor when he does his duty. The surveyor: He told me, when I went to him the first time, that he oonld shut the atNot up if he liked, (Laughter.) The chairman (to Mr Grill) Was it this Mr Witchell who gave you his impudence? Mr Gill Yes and be referred me to the case of Mr Price, in Hill-street. Mr Harris: Was Price allowed to encroach upon the roadway ? Mr Gill: He was allowed to do it. The chairman He had done it before it was noticed. Mr Steele: I don't see that any special case ties our hands for ever afterwards. We should not allow a departure from the bye-laws. Mr Gill I think we should have a letter-of apology from Mr Witchell. Mr Harris I should have our power tested. Mr Gill: The bye-laws specify that a road must be at least 18 feet. Mr Steele I don't think it is a matter for a simple apology; if so, anyone may do as he likes, and get out of the trouble by simply apologising. Mr Burgoyne: His plan has been passed, I suppose? Mr Steele: I suppose this plan has been passed, like many others, subject to the bye- laws being carried out. The clerki: If he does not show a scale, he must draw his plan subject to the bye-laws being carried out. Mr Gill observed that this was not the first encroachment. Mr Steelo I understood at a recent meeting we agreed there should be no further departure from the bye-laws. Mr Harris Press him to pull the building down. It was subsequently agreed that the en- croachment should come down and that Mr Witchell be requested to build in accordance with the bye-laws. A letter was read, calling attention to the nuisance from a chimney stack near the White Hart. Mr Lewis said tho stack in question did not carry the soot and smoke away, Mr Williams It destroys my gardea. It was elicited that the owner had, on a for- mer recommendation from the board, raised the stack several feet. The clerk said that the board did not then specify the height that the stack was to have been raised. A clause of the Public Health Act, 1875, was read, which stated that any chimney not being the chimney of a dwelling-house, sending forth smoke that shall be a nuisance, if it could be shown that the owner did not take the best means to prevent the nuisance, he would be" liable to ajpeualty. It was agreed to point the matter oat to the owner of the stack. An application for two guineas per year, for the balancing of books, &c., for the board by Mr Collins, was granted. A rate of lOd in the R, made payable on the 15th September, was"confirn-ied. A circular, respecting the Rivers Pollution Prevention Act, was read. An application, signed by Mr F. Prosser, col- lector, and Mr John Thomas, clerk, asking for an increase of salary, was read. The clerk and the collector, having explained the nature of their duties, retired; and, after a long discussion in their absence, it was agreed, on the motion of Mr Williams, seconded by Mr Gill, that they receive 25 guineas each per year. The members felt thorough satisfaction at the manner in which both clerk and collector had performed their duties, and complimented them accordingly. Mr Williams alluded to the necessity of having a late train from Brynmawr to Blaena- von. He said the want of a new road between these places would'not then be felt. The following is a copy of a petition address- ed to the board upon th's subject :— Gentlemen,—We, the undersigned, being ratepayers, &c., in the town of Blaenavon, would thank you to use your influence with the London and North-Western Railway for the purpose of adding an evening train from Brynmawr to Blaenavon. Showing the great inconve- nience we suffer from not having a later train in the evening, we may mention that the Cardiff and Rhymney, Ebbw Vale and Brynmawr train leaves Cardiff at 436 p.m. and arrives at Blaenavon at 6.43 p.m., and this is the last train from Brynmawr to Blaenavon. Cardiff being a large mercantile port, and an Im- portant emporium of trade is in a great measure closed to tho inhabitants of Blaenavon for want of a later train through Brynmawr. We would therefore respectfully <rge upon you to apply to the directors of tho London And North-Western Railway for an additb'ara evening train toour populous and improving town. This petition wns very extensively signed by ratepayers of Blaenavon and others connected with the town by trading, &c. The surveyor reported that the drain opening in William-street still discharged itself into the middle of the street. It was agreed to give notice to the owner of I the drain to remedy the evil. Mr Burgoyne Several persons have received 1 notice to repair their pavements, aud have not done so. Mr Morgan Is it not better to begin at home? Let some of the board people repair their pave- ments. The subject dropped. It was agreed the public lamps be painted. The mcdical'ô'hcereport was read. Itstated that the epidentic of ^^sasles had decreased to a remarkable extent, °fiere being only 2 deaths recorded, and these were due to sequelia. The total number of deaths was 9. The bills amounted to £ 389s auditor, 95 58 —total, £ 44 4s. This concluded the bneiness. mm^mmrnrn——

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