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DOG OFFENCES. William Holloway was charged with keeping a dug without a license. Defendant pleaded not guilty. Andrew Murdoch, excise officer, deposed that on the 13th of June lie visited the defendant's bouse and saw two dogs asked fur the license, and defendant said he thought he had one li- cense but he could not produce one. Defeudaut took out a license on the 18th of June, several days after the officer's visit. Fined 25a. Joshua Thomas, Garn Wen, was charged with a similar offunce. Defendant pleaded guilty, but said that he had lately been subjected to great loss, on ac- count of two horses having fallen into a quarry. One horse was killed, and tho other was not worth sixpenee. Fined 25s., with a recommendation to reduce the fine to 10s. Edwin Foster was charged with a like offence. Defendant pleaded guilty. Fined 25s. George Wright was charged with keeping a dog without a license. Defendant pleaded not guilty. P.c. 117 said that on the 14th day of June he visited defendant's houso and found a dog on the premises asked defendant to produce a license, and Mrs Wright said she had not a li- sense. Mrs Wright said she had taken out a license on the 7th of August, 1876, and she was under the impression the license would hold good till the 7th of August, 1877. Tho Bench said persons keeping dogs should take out licenses in January. Fined 25s. Thos. Lewis was charged with a like offence. Fined 25s. William Lacey was charged with a similar offence. Mrs Lacey said that the dog was a gift from her son, who is dead. She did not know whether her son had taken out a license, but she told P. Lewis she would go to Blaina and inquire. She did so, and found out ho had not and ou her return home she took out a license at Mr Brain's, Abersychan. Fined 25s., with a recommendation to reduoe it to 2tt 6d. William Reas was charged with keeping a dog without a license. Mrs Rees appeared, and stated that she sold the dog last February, but the animal still kept visiting her premises. Fined 25s. John Bethel was charged with a like offence. Defendant did not appear. Andrew Murdoch proved the service of the summons. P.c. Carey said that on the 14th of June he visited defendant's house asked Mrs Bethel if sue had a license for the dog which was in the house she said the dog did not belong to her husband it belonged to a lodger, who wanted to sell it she said the lodger had a license which had been taken out in Hereford. Fined 25s. Bcnjauiiu Davies, Pontypool, was- charged with keeping a dog without a license. Andrew Murdoch, excise officer, proved the charge. He visited the defendant's house on the 14th of June, and saw the dog there Mrs Davies admitted the ownership of the dog. Fined 25 s. BREACH OF THE MINES REGULATION ACT. William Baldwin was charged with smoking beyond a lamp station in one of the pits belong ing to the Ebbw Vale Co., at Panteg. Mr Bytheway prosecuted. Defendant, who pleaded guilty, was fined 20s. NEGLECTING WORK. Edward Heynon was charged with neglecting his work at Panteg, whereby damage to the ex- tent of .£5 was done to the Company's property. Mr Bytheway prosecuted. George Edwards said he was npill manager at the Lower Forge, under the Ebbw Yale Co. defendant came to his work as a roller ou the Tuesday night previously, and employed a man, without witness's knowledge, to do his work this man was not qualified to do the work he put a piece of iron into the rolls which broke one of them witness estimated the value of the roll to be £5; in consequence, a great part af the forge was stopped for 18 hours. Fined 50s. WHOLESALE CLOTHES STEALING. Mary Jane Greening was charged, on remand, with stealing one black cloth jacket, one black Bilk velvet jacket, one light grey cloth jacket, one muslin dress, two skirts, one child's blue serge dress, one blaek silk cape, one petticoat, one child's jacket, and one woman's dress, value £6, the whole being the property of Philip Morgan, Mamhilad. Sarah Morgan, wife of Philip Morgan, said that prisoner had been in her service some five years ago, and used to come to her house occa- sionally she had been to witness's bouse for two days she left the house, and then Mrs Morgan missed the things; the articles produced were those she missed, and her property. P.s. Young proved to having arrested pri- soner bhe had some of the articles in her pos- j session others had been pawned. Supt. M'Intosh said that prisoner, who was only 16 years of age, had been taken into cus- tody last April for stealing flowers from the graves at Mamhilad. She was sentenced to 4 months' hard labour. ALLKGED WOOD STEALING. Geo. and James Morgan were charged with stealing a quantity of pitwood, the pro- perty of A. D. Berrington, Esq at Goytrey, on July 23rd. Mr Watkin8 defended. Matthew Williams was the first witness called. He said he was appointed to look after the woods for Mr Berrington they bad missed wood from the place. 1u aaswer to Mr Watkins The wood where the pitwood was taken from was let to men named Mayherry and Arthur; they purchased the underwood, and they have to clear away bothstnbbs and underwood Mayberry inform- ed witness about men taking the underwood away had not seen Arthur about it it occur- red on July 23rd, but witness did not receive any information about it until August 8th the husband of the next witness to be called lived close to the wood did not know of any bad feeling between Brown and her had not seen the wood alleged to have been stolen missed the wood on the 25th July. Ann Williams lived iu the parish of Goytrey she could not exactly remember the day she had seen priboners carrying sticks out of Mr Berrington's wood prisoners had each a piece of pitwood, which they were carrying to the waggon of John Bevan she saw the sticks on the waggon. By Mr Watkins It was between six and seven o'clock iu the evening when the prisoners took the sticks away she could not say which month it was, but she thought it was about a fortnight previously; it was on a Monday; she generally went to meeting on a Sunday, and she had beeu to meeting the day before Brown and witness had never fallen out he had never threatened to summon her, nor had he ever cau- tioned her about taking sticks from the wood she lived noarer than 50 yards foom the wood she dealt iu frait; so diJtrs Bevan it was Bevan's waggon that she saw the sticks on. Daniel Crompton was next called, and said he was standing at Abraham Williams's door when he saw Bevan's waggon, with some sticks upon it could not say whether the sticks were pit- wood or not they were about 6ft. long it was between six aud seven o'clock in the evening. In answer to,Ir Watkins: Should not have noticed the affair at all but for Mrs Wil- liams pointing it out to him she said, U You see they are putting iticks on the waggon, and if anything is missed we shall be blamed for it." Abraham Williams, labourer aim basket- maker, said he met prisoners one night; they were with Bevah's waggon there was some brewse on it saw two sticks on top of tho browse, but he would not swear what they were; it was about 6.30 in the evening when he met them. In answer to Mr Watkins Did not know of any ill-feeling existing between his wifo and Brown never heard that his wife was about to be summoned by Brown. The case was adjourned till next Saturday. Prisoners were bound over, in their own recog- nisancos,to appear. ALLEGED FOWL STEALING AT BLAENAVON. William Taylor was charged, on remand, with stealing a fowl, the property of Thos. Wathen, at Blaenavon, on the 4th August. The depositions of the various witnesses ex- amined on the Monday previous having been read over, George Wate was called for the defence. He ¡ said the blood that was on Taylor's trousers was that of an eel which they had killed in the canal there were no feathers on the coat; the policeman was iu the house when Mrs Taylor took the ashes out of the bucket; Taylor lodged in his (witness's) house; wasquite certain that Taylor was not out of the house after 11 o'clock on the Saturday night. Prisoner was acquitted. ASSAULTING THE POLICE. j Margaret Meara was charged with assaulting P.s. Lewis whilst in the execution of his duty. P.s. Lewis said that on Saturday, the 28th of Juty, he was in company with P.c. Price they were apprehending a man named Allen, who resisted for some time defendant was there j interfering, aud telling witness to let tho man go atones were thrown, and one of them struck him on the head could not say who threw the stone, but there was a constable present who saw defendant throw the stone. P.c. Price was present during the riot, and saw defendant throwing a stone out through the window he had seen her before that with a poker in her band. Defeudaut here exclaimed, in a tone of in- dignant surprise, Oh, you thief 1" and inserted her digits iu her hair, as if she was about to tear it all off her head. She was fined 20s., or 14 days' imprisonment. AFFILIATION. George Dare was charged with being the fa- ther of the illegitimate child of Ellen Williams, of Cwmbran. Defendant did not appear. Ordered to pay expenses, aud 3s 6d per week towards the support of the child. TRESPASS. Richard Power was charged with trespass on the property of Messrs Monk & Edwardd. Fined 10s., or 7 days. THREATS. George Reed was charged with using violent threats towards James Sullivan. Defendant threatened to knock complainant's head in when he was going home somebody struck him with a stone on the head. Bound over to keep the peace for six months, aud ordered to pay the costs, 11s. FIGHTING. Hy. Moses and Philip Phillips were charged with a breach of the peace by fightiug at Llau- ithel on the 4th inst. P.c. Taylor said he saw defendants fighting, at about 8.30, on Saturday eveuiug. Fined 10s each. DRUNKENNESS. Edtvard.Money was charged with being drunk and riotous at Griffithetown. Fined 20s., or 14 days. George Manfield, Noah Owen, and Philip Jenkins were charged with being drunk at the Union Foundry Inn, at Llauithel, on the 4th inst. P.c. Taylor visited the above house, and found defendants druuk there others in the house were drunk also, and there bad been a good deal of fighting going on during the even- ing. Fined 10s each. Frederick Jones, Aberbeeg, was charged with a similar offence. Fined 10". David Rasler was charged with a like offence. Fined 10s. NON-PAYMENT OF WAGES. John Piossor was charged with non-payment of J61 8s., wages due to Caleb Jones. Mrs Prosser appeared and said that her hus- band had gone to America. The Bench could not make an order for pay- ment on the wife.


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