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DREADFUL ASSAULT ON A WOMAN.-At the Shef- field Town Hall, on Wednesday morning, a powerful man, named Parish Thompson, was remanded, charged with murderously assaulting his neighbour, Ellen Mus- son, the previous night. Prisoner beat the woman on the head with a poker till her skull was beaten in, and she now lies in a dying condition. BISMARCK is a great smoker, and one day during one of the great battles of the late war he found him- self with a solitary cigar in his case,, and with no chance of replenishing. He determined to reserve that cigar till the end of the day, when if victory were won the weed would be doubly enjoyable. To quote his own words, 11 I painted in glowing colours in my mind the happy hour when I should enjoy it after victory. But I had miscalculated the chances. A poor dragoon lay helpless with both arms crushed, mur. muring for something to refresh him. I felt in my pocket and found that I had only mouey, and that would be of no use to him. But stay; I still had my treasured cigar. I lighted this for him and placed it between his teeth. You should have seen the poor fellow's grateful smile. I never enjoyed a cigar so much as that one which I did not smoke." FLoitmDm I-FOR THB TEETH Aim BREATH.—A lew drops of the liquid Floriline sprinkled on a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly oleansea the teeth from all parasites or bnpurities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stops aecay, gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, and adelightifuifragrance to the breath. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. "The Fragrant Floriline," being composed in part of Honey and sweet herbs, is deli- cious to the taste, and the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 28 6d, of all Chemists and Perfumers. Prepared by Remy 0. GALL or, 498 Oxlord-streeV iVmdon.



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