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RULES FOR MATRIMONY. Marry in your own religion. Never both be angry at once. Never taunt "with & past mistake. Let a kiss be the prelude of a rebuke, Never allow a request to be repeated. Let self-abnegation be the habit of both. A good wife is the greatest earthly blessing, I forgot" is never an acceptable excuse. If you must criticise, let it be done lovingly. Make a marriage a matter of moral judgment. Marry into a family which you have long known. Never make a remark at the expense of the other. Never talk at one another, either alone or in company, Give your warmest sympathies for ethch other's trials. If one is angry, let the other part the lipe only for a kiss. Negleot the whole world besides, rather than QB* another. Never speak loud to one another unless the houee is on fire. Let each strive to yield ofteneat to the wishes cf the other. Marry into different blood and temperament from your own. Never deceive, for the heart, nee misled, Can never trust wholly again. It is the mother who moulda the character and fins the destiny of the child. Never find fault unless it is perfectly certain a fault has been committed. Do not herald the sacrifices you make to each other • tastes, habits, or preferences. Let all your mutual accommodations be spontaneous, whole-souled, and free as air. The very felicity is in the mutual cultivation of use- fulness. Consult one another in all that comes within the ex- ¡. parienoe, observation, or sphere of the other. A hesitating or grum yielding to the wishes of the other always grates upon a loving heart. I They who marry for traits of mind and heart will seldom fail of perennial springs of domestio enjoyment. Never reflect on a past action which was done with a good motive, and with the bpstjudgment at the time. They wb? tDar:y for phy¡¡ical characteristic! or u. They who marry for physical characteristics or ex- ternal considerations will fail of happiness. The beautiful in heart is a milliou times of wore livgil, I as securing domestic happmess, than tha beautiful in person.