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PANTEG & LLANFRECRFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, GRIFFITHSTOWN, POSTTPOOL. TRUSTEES. {For the purposes authorized by th Act *f Parliament, S7 and 88 Viet., c. 42, 25 and 28.) Esq, t Edward James Phillips, Esq. Igtmpton Copestake, Esq. t Wm. H. Osborne-Taylor. Egq. I John S. Cou-ina, Esq., M.D. William Collins, Esq. Alfred A. Williams, Esq. | DIRECTORS, f Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Directors. I A. Williams, Esq., Maesderwyn, Vice-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr W. Smith, Griffithstown Mr D. Davies, Stafford House Mi Isaac Butler, Panteg Mr H. Feather, Coedygt ic Mr J. Goodenough, Panteg Mr C. Lawrence, Pontytnoil Mr P. Chapman, Pontile wyny dd Mr W. H. Pratt, Lianvrechva Mr Xuoa. mwaru8, ruuijiwui Mr J. R. Wright, Panteg Mr J. Brown, Griffithstown Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Sampson Copeatake, Esq Mr Ueo. Gonelt, Pontypool Wm. R. Osborne-Taylor, Esq William Collins, Esq Mr W.H. Rosser, Pontymoile Mr W Jacob, Griffithstown BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District £ anking Go. SOLICITORS. Messrs E. B. Edwards & Son, Solicitors, Pontypool, surveyors. Mr Ernest Deooon, Pontypool. Mr Roberts, Swausft. SECRETARY. Mr B. U. Madpe, PAnteg Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr WSMfittn Col tin*, pontypool, THIS Society ii established to enable in embers to borrow monoy repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build bouses, redeem mortgages ,&c.; or aeeQTBabte monthly subscriptions at compound into- left. Profits to be divided among advanced as well as an- advanced shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, 8s per month. Half and quarter shares may be taken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, receivable bait- MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. For further information, rules, &o., apply to the S*CBBTARY or the following Agents :— Mr W. P. THOMAS, Bridge Shop, Pontnewydd. Big Mr JAMBS BHOWN, 64, King-street, Blaenafon. The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL- PHIA is the AMERICAN LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. I- LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY, Calling atQUICENSTOWN every THURSDAY First-plass, full-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail OHIO July 18 PENNSYLVANIA.. Aug. ° IXDIAKA" July 25 ILLINOIS Auir. 15 -SICILY.. Aug 1 *LORD CLIVR Aujf. 22 •yu Intermediate Fauengers carried on voyage marked thus Tbe only THANS-ATLANTIO LINK sailing under the UNITIW TATEtJ FLAG, and carrying the American Hafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The accommodation for all classes ot passengers is equal to any of the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer carries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers and goods are 1 anded at Pbiladel pb l aoD the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States.. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into tbe .Rail- t road Cars without leaving the Landing Wharf, and under the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT BOOM, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Offlcf, and Baggage Express Office. CABIN PASSAGE, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, at reduced rates. STEERAGE PASSAGE as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston wUh- ost additional charge. n „ INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, £ o 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N & J. Cummins & Brothers; end in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., v 17 and 19, Water-street J. MORGAN, Port Offiu, Pontypool. THOS. H. THOMAS, High-st., Tenby. JNO. THOMAS, Church-it., Tredegar ALLAN LINE. SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE lO M ER.ICA, COMPOSED OF TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. A I IT ING DAYS-from LIVERPOOL,everyTUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes °fPaSgfrTwho secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Sta ion 111 P an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the steamer THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT grants ASSISTED PAS SAQES by the ALLAN LINB.. S For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool; or to M0RGaN> Post office, Pontypool. Queensland 'Emigration. •SAILING FROlL GREAT BRITAIN. NEWCASTLE" about 12th July.^rom London, for Brisbane. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to local agent: J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, XSE AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, $2, Charing Cross, London, S.W. -to FLOUGHSL COUGHS and WINTER COLDS alse \J Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of tne THROAT and LUNGS are quickly RELIEVED ana Permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies. All who suffer are requested to test the efficacy of these Iledicines. Sample bottles are supplied tree of charge all Country Agents, or can be had by post from the Proprietor. Address ;-0. P. BROWN, 2, King-street, Movent Garden, London. Prof. Brown's -Treatise on Consumption. 44 pp., free bv post. Prof. Brown's Complete Herbalist," Post free 5s The above can be had of the Agent for ^OATYPOOL, E. B. FORD, Chefciat, George-street. resent Past & Present, a Present for the Absent. Price 3s., 4Qd may be bad at the FRitic PRESS PRINTING OFFICE, or of the BOOKSELLERS, LOCAL REGISTER; CB, honolog'l flf "ontuool AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. CONTAINING 'QSTYPOOL AND THE BANBURY FAMILY (WITH PEDIGREE;) HISTORY OF THE GREAT STRIKE AND LOCK-OUT OF 1876; 40 -tLL THE INFORMATION KNOWN RELATIVE TO I; TIf TOW5 AND inSTliirt. COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. I CHARLES HENRY CROMPTON ROBERTS. Esa., High Sheriff for the County of Monmouth by Virtue of Divers Writs of our Sovereign Lady the Queen to me directed, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the Commission of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol Delivery, to be holden for the County of Mon- mouth, will be opened at the Shire Hall, in the Town of Monmouth, on SATURDAY, the 28th day of Ju y instant; and that on MONDAY, the 30th day of July I instant, the Public Business will be commenced at the Shire Hall, in the Town of Monmouth aforesaid, of which all Justices of the Peace, Coroners, Mayers, Jurors Prosecutors, Witnesses, and others therein, are desired to take Notice and give their attendance ao- cordingly; and I HEREBY GIVE FURTHER NOTICE, that the Grartd Jury will be called over in the Crown Court on MONDAY, the 30th day of July in- stant, at 10 o'clock in the Forenoon, and that the Common Jurors will be called over indiscriminately in the Nisi Prius and Crown Courts respectively, at 10 o'clock in the Forenoon of the same day, to servo upon such Juries as the said Caurt shall direct. By the same Sheriff, EDMD. B. EDWARDS, Uader-sheriff. Under-sheriff's Office, Town Hall, Pontypool, 9th July, 1877. CWMBRAN PLEASURE GARDENS & HOTEL, Close to the Pontnewydd Station en the Monmouthshire end Great Western Railways. THIS charming place of Summer Resort is now OPEN FOR THE SEASON. THE ONLY PLACE TO SPEND A HAPPY DAY. Croquet, Cricket, Quoits, Football, and other Amusements. Workmen's Outings, Schools, and Excursion Parties arranged for on Liberal Terms. A Magnificent Display of Summer Bedding, and other Plants. BOQTTETS AND CUT FLOWERS IN ANY QUANTITY. A first-class Pianist every evening, and the usual Quadrille Band every Thursday. Late Trains on the Great Western leave Pontnewydd for Newport at 8.50 p.m., and for Pontypool Road at 10.23 p.m. ADMISSION—SIXPENCE. RICHARD CLARK, PROPRIETOR. iMTPCE OF REMO VAL, E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders & Wheelwrights, BEG to inform the Nobility, Gentiy, and Public in general that they have Removed from Llanover, near Abergavenny, to more Commodious Premises at Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, where they hope, with strict attention to all orders entrusted to them, together with good workmanship and best mate- rials, to merit a share of the public patronage. £ E. & Son also return their thanks for all past favours, and remain, your obedient servants, E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders, Wheelwrights, &o., Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, Mon. -I The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. DANIEL & JONES (Late Herbot-td RETURN their Sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gf-ntry, and Public generally for the very liberal support they have received since taking the business, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to ensure good quality, moderate prices, and punctual attention to all orders. Uood Strong Congou at is tSG per 10. Fine do. 2s Od „ Superior do. 2s 6d The Best Mocha Cofees, Sparkling Lump, Crystals, and Demarara Sugars, Prime Home-cured Bacon, Cheddar, English, and American Cheese Suit and lre*h Butters • English, American, and French F}our > Beans, 'oats, Bran, Barley M'al> Sharps, Malt Peas Oatmeal; Preserved Ftsh, Salmon, Lobster, sardines Australian Beef and Mutton, in 2lb., 4lb., and 6lb. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits; Spratt's Patent DogBiscuits, 228. per cwt.; Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N.B-D. & J. strongly recommend their 2s and 2s 6d Teas, as being of superior quality. •» TTIOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. JC See Deuteronomy, chap. xii., verse 23. b .m I WORLD FAMED iiiiniiiiEMWiimi Trado Mark, Blood Mixture." THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER QKIN DISEASES. Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated (J Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules,. Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.—Cleanse the J. vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Pro- prietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s 6d each, and in cases, contain- ing six times the quantity, 118 each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority'of long-standing cases,-BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI- CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor. F. J. CLARKE,Chemist, Apothecaries'Hall,Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. LONDON DEPOT: 150 OXFORD STREET. Pontypool: E. Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) A NEW MEDICAL WORK By HENRY SMITH. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jeua, ana Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New York, by Examination, 1860. Just Published, Enlarged Edition, 144 pages, Crewn 8rog Free by Post Two Stamps, in Envelope, TVebilitating and Nervous Diseases; their U CAUSE, CON8EQUENCE, SYMPTOMS, AND TREAT- MENT. This work gives TBB Ricsui.T OF TWPNTY-RIGHT years' special PITACTICB for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpi- tation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria. Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &c. It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, and VIGOROUS OLD AGE, invaluable to tbe Nerrous, Sedentary, Dyspeptic, and ail those whose constitutions have become debilitated and relaxed from Irregularities of Life, Ihtemperance, Climate, Age, or Disease, or rom Over-taxed or Abused Energies, whether of body or mind. Gives Instructions and Advice for the Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, and all Disorders resulting from loss of vital force. Also by same Author, by post, seven stamps in envelope. AN DISEASES PEC13UAK TO WOMAN; V/ Their Cause, Symptoms, and Cure. This Work is written for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to the Cure of a Class of Ailments to which the Female Constitution is peculiarly liable. NOTICE.—The above Medical Works will be sent direct from the Author, in an Envelope, on the receipt of the amount in IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE WORKS JL will for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a description of their case, send his opinion, free of charge, with advice and directions for restoration to Health. A Confidential Form of Correspondence containing Ques- tions, 4'c., to assist persons in describing their case, will < sent po. t-fiet on receiving a directed envelope. AUDRESS j RA.QRT SMITII, 1, Bmrtrm-crMOent, London, W. ESTABLISHED 1850. THE PONTYPOOL General Furnishing &Bedding I WAREHOUSE, J Clarence-street, Pontypool, I AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. I I JOHN BEVAN, Dealer in every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO- FORTES, HARMONIUMS, HARDWARE, &c., &c. Agent for the "Singer" and 11 Challenge 11 Sewing Machines. GJG* SINGER TREADLE MACHINES FOR f4 10s. GOODS DELIVERED PER CART FREE. AGENTS REQUIRED In every Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom* to represent THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Limited, A Liberal Commission will he allowed, whereby energetic Agents may be enabled to secure a good addition to their income. Applications to be addressed to the Secretary, JOHN J. BLAKE. 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. RAWARRRTL BEWARE OF WORTHLESS If JlUlUill IMITATIONS OF REOKITT'S PARIS BLUE The Genuine is used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES AND DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH. To Iron and Coal Masters, Agriculturists, J Owners of Horses, and Others. I ALFRED KENT, I Licensed Horse Slaughterer and Manufacturer 1 of Artificial Manures, I HAYING taken to the premises, Tilbach Farm, Mamhil&d, Pontypool, late in the occupation of William Panniers, deceased, will give the full value for William Panniers, deceased, will give the full value for worn-out and dead Horses, Cows, ke., &c., and will fetch I them away within a radius of 12 miles. ORDERS & TELEGRAMS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. N.B.- The only Licensed Horse Slaughterer in I Monmouthshire and South Wales. ADDRESS-A. KENT, near Pontypool, PAPER HANGINGS NEW PATTERNS. E. JONES, STATIONER, &c., George Street, Pontypool, HAS received A LARGE STOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, which he now offers at very low prices. Commencing at 3d per piece. ST. MARY'S, NEAR ABERGAVENNY. PUPILS are prepared for the Universities, Army, Navy, Civil Service, and for a Mercantile Life. Principal Mn D. MOSELEY. Head Master R. M. JOHNSON, Esq., B.A., (Hastings Exhibitioner, Queen's College, Ox- ford.) ¡ The next Quarter commences August lBt, 1877. Star Boot Warehouse, j COMMERCIAL-STREET, PONTYPOOL. WM. EVANS, BOOT MANUFACTURER, begs to inform the inhabitants of Pontypool and its surrounding districts that he will COMMENCE BUSINESS at the above address on SATURDAY (TO-MORROW), and hopes by strict attention, combined with moderate charges, to merit a portion of their patronage. The Stock consists of a very large and choice selection of Home-Made and other Makes, whioh, for quality and style, cannot be surpassed. Men's Elastic Side Boots, riveted and sewed; Bal- morals ditto ditto Shooting Boots, Working Boots high and low Watertights light and strong Nailed eir Boots; Carpet, Leather, and Buckskin Slippets, &c., &c. Ladies' Elastic Side and Balmoral Boots, riveted and sewn, in high and low leg, Calf Elastic Side, light, leather, laced, and nailed Boots Slippers, &c, &c. Youths' Elastic Side Balmorals Light, Nailed, Working Boots; Slippers, &c., &c.—Boys and Girls' Nailed Bouts, not to be surpassed in price and quality. Babies' Elastic Side and laced Boots; strap Slippers, fancy and plain, in great variety. I CW Boiyoke Orders and Repairs attended to on the Shortest Notice. NOTE THE AUDREbs- W. EVANS, Star Boot Warehouse, Commercial Street, PONTYPOOL. July 5, 1877- NOTICE. MessrsWILLIAMS&JONES ARE about to take to that old-established GROCERY Business in GEORGE-STREET, lately carried on by Mr T. Agg. The Shop is at present undergoing repairs, and Notice of OPENING will be given in the FREE PRESS. West of England Loan Office. Established 1856. MONEY. NO sureties required. Cash advanced in sums of £ 10 and upwards to Farmers, Contractors, House- holders, Innkeepers, Tradesmen and others, on their own security, repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. AGENTS FOE PONTYPOOL MESSRS. PHILPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Market House Chambers. To those who suffer from Irritation of the Scalp from Scurf, Dandriff, or loss of Hair H. FOX'S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE CREAM is a certain remedy.—Sold by Messrs Roderick & Wood and by the Maker, H. Fox, Commercial-st., Pentypooll Cricketing Goods, Fishing Tackle, ARCHERY, CROQUET, BADMINTON, and ait out-door games may be obtained at H. Fox s, Hair-dresser and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Usk. NERVOUS DEBILITY.—GRATIS, A MEDICAL WORK, showing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of postage tamp. Address, Secretary, Inatitute of Auatom), Bir- mingham. ID Ra FAR DrR R Is J UICE ,.p PE j 61 PjHlS UNRIVALLED REMEDY FOR X INDIGESTION, and all Stomach Disorders has stood the test of time, and is more than ever in public favour. ESTIMONIAL-11 2, Rosslyn-terrace, Hampstead, A London, 20th September, 1876. My Dear Sir,-It affords me the greatest pleasure to bear Medical Testimony to the excellence of your preparation of Lime Juice and Pepeine in cuees of Indigestion and other distressing affections of the Stomach. I have used it with the utmost success in the most obstinate cases of Dyspepsia. I do not helitate to recommend it as a most efficient and valuable Restorative 4' Believe me, youvs faithfully, iUstorauve. CHABLBS J. RK.NTON, Surgeoa, Secretary to the Royal Infirmary, and formerly of H.M. Ship Dreadnought." In bottles Is ld, 2s 9a, 4s 6d, and Ils each, and of all Chemists, or of Royle & Co., 67, Barbican, London, E C. Sent free to any pait ofGreat Britain on receipt of 33 or 64 stamps. MONEY immediately advanced to any amount from RL X50 and upwards, upon any description of security, comprising real and personal estate, farming stock, re- versions, annuities, furniture (without removal), life policies, and other tangible personal security. No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest secresy will in all cases be observed. Interest as follows, viz. :-On freehold or leaseholds from 3 per cent. per annum, per- sonal secuiity from 4 per cent. per annum, other securi- ties at equally reasonable rates. Applicants are requested to apply in the first instance by letter, containing full particulars, in order to save unnecessary trouble, to FREDERICK HAWKINS, Esq., 9, Great Russell-street Bloomsburv, London, W C. PONTYPOOL Horticultural Society ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW. PONTYPOOL PARK, THURSDAY, August 16th, 1877. BAND-GRENADIEP- GUARDS, Under Mr DAN GODFREY. J For particulars see bills and schedules. BLAENAVON Local Government Board. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Accounts of the Local Government Board for the vear ended Lady Day, 1877, will be Audited by ALP RED W. I ROBERTS, ESQUTRB, at the Board Room, Blaenafon, on TUESDAY, July 31st, at 2.30 in the Afternoon. [And NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN, that Seven clear days at least before the day fixed for such Audit, the Rate Books and other Accounts of the said Local Government Board, made up and balanced to the said Lady Day, will be deposited at the Board Room, Blaenavon, for the inspection of Ownersjand Ratepayers. JNO. THOMAS, Clerk to the Local Government Board. Blaeoavon, 12th July, 1877. Wanted, A GOOD GENERAL SERVANT; must understand plain cooking. Washing put out.—Apply to Mrs FORD, 3, George-street, Pontypool. t Apartssimts, FOR ONE or TWO RJSbi'EOfABLE YOUNG MEN.—No. 13, Lower Bridge-street. Apartments, FOR ONE or TWO GENTLEMEN; central and comfortable.—Apply H. Free Press Office. For Sale, ;1 SACKS OF BLACK OATS, at 15s per Sack. Terms: Cash only.—Apply to JOHX KNIFE land SON, Crane-street, PontypooL To be Let, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, YALE HOUSE, Freehold Land, Pontnewynydd Water laid on good garden.—Apply to R.FISHKB Pontnewynydd. JONES & SON, SADDLERS aAND^ HARNESS beg to inform the inhabitants of Pontypool and the surrounding district, that they have REMOVED from Clarence-street, Trosnant, to the House lately oc- cupied by Mr Golding, deceased, in Commercial-st., Pontypool, where they hope to receive a continuance of the kind patronage which has been hitherto so liberally bestowed on them. (JSK GRAMMAR SCHOOL. jrTHE HEAD MASTER has vacancies for a few _L Boarders. The Subjects taught in the School com- |prise Classics, Mathematics, French, German, Natural Philosophy, English Language, Literatnre, and History, Inorganic Chemistry. Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry, Precis, Geography, Mapping, Eaaay and Letter Writing, &c. He has had many years' successful experience in pre- paring for the Universities, Public Schools, Civil Ser- ivice, and other Competitive Examinations; and he has received the highest Testimonials from Noblemen, Members of Parliament, and others whose sons be pre- pared fer such Examinations. The School will Re-open for Boarders on MONDAY, August 6th. Inclusive Terms from £ 45. Until the 20th inst. Parents and Guardians will oblige by communicating with— ROBERT FARQUHAR McKERROW. 91, Finborough Road, South Kensington, S.W BAILEY GLAES INN, MAMHILAD, MRS. S VMMERFIELD'S. 8IFIC-ZNTO AND RUSTIC SPORTS, {On THURSDAY, the 26th of July, 1877. I Tea on the. Table from 3 to 6 o'clock. Husic in Attendanoe. Is. GEORGE FOTHERGILL, Deceased. i Pursuant to the Act of Parliament, 22 and 23 Victoria, chap. 35, intituled, An Act te further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all persons e being Creditors of or otherwise having any Claims upon or against the Estate of GEORGE POTHERGILL, late of Tygwyn, near Pontypool, in the county of Mon- mouth, Gentleman, deceased, who died on the 3rd day of June, 1877. intestate, and Letters of Administration of whose Estate and Effects were granted by the Prin- cipal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court jof Justice on the 18th day ot June, 1877, to PHOEBE FOTHEBGILI,, of Pontypool aforesaid, the natural and lawful sister and one of the next of kin of the said de- ceased, are hereby required to send the partitulars of their Claims or Demauus to Mr ALFRED ADDAMS WIL- LIAMS, of Maesderwen, near Pontypool, who is autho- rised to receive the same for and on bebalf of the said Administratrix, on or before the 8th day of August next. IAND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that al the ex- 'piration of such time the Administratrix will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said deceased amung the 'parties entitled thereto, having regard only to tbe Claims |and Demands of which she shall then have had Notice, laud that she will not be liable for the Assets er any Ipart thereof so distributed to any person of whose Claims or Demands she shall not then have had Notice. Dated this 26tb day of June, 1877. FOTHERGILL EVANS, Chepatov, Solicitor for the said Administratrix. ANOTHER GREAT REDUCfION j IN SEWING MACHINES! THE SINGER" TREADLE MACHINE may now J. be obtained for L4 10s, or on the weekly hiring system, at Bevan's General Furnishing Warehouses, Clarence-street, Pontypool, Or Broad-street, Blaenafon. Or Broad-street, Blaenafon. BIRMINGHAM GOODS, Jewellery, Watches, Har- moniums, Household Furniture, &c. Agents Wanted. Enlarged Illustrated Book fret. Apply- Henry May, Birmingham. To Furthers, Dealers, Contractors, and Others. TilbachFarm, Mamhilad, I NEAR PONTYPOOL. 1 Messrs. WAITE & SON 1 HAVE been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, the 16th day of July, 1877, at 12 o'clock at Noon, on the premises as above, the whole of the LIVE AND DEAD I FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, HA Y, STRA IV, STOCK-IN-TRADE, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND EFFECTS, (Of the late Mr WILLIAM PANNIERS, Deceased), COMPRISING :— STOCK AND IMPLEMENTS Cart mare, draught j and other hotses, ewes and lambs, 12 capital store pigs, ducks, fowIs, hay, straw, narrow-wheel and other carts, knacker's carts, 1 liquid manure or water cart, with pump and distributor, complete wheelbarrows, ladders, chaff cutter, corn bins, weighing machine and weights, pikes and rakes, tarpaulings, hurdles, bones, tuha, 4cc.,&c. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE: Mahogany centre, pembroke, kitchen and other tables; rosewood card table, bureau, mahogany tea caddv and trays, mahogany easy, cane-seated, and other chairs timepiece and clocks, cocoanut matting, fenders and fireirons, carpet and hearthrugs, rocking chair, china, glass. crockery and ware, cruet atand, books, oilcloth, gig lamps, wall paper, iron bedsteads, straw palliasses, wool mattress, feather beds, blankets, sheets, quilts, mahogany chest drawers, dressing tables and wash stands, 30lbs. hair, pictures, baskets, baking trough, meat covers, milk bowls, ben pens, pans, brushes, kettles and saucepans, buckets, brass and other oandlesticks, and numerous other kitchen requisites. Also, a Bath chair, for hand or small pony, suitable for an invalid. Also, about 10 Acres of Lattermath, up till January lit, 1878. Ofws Clarence-street, Pontypool, July 5th, 1877. MARKET HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. To Housekeepers and Others. Sale of China, Glass, Earthenware, c. MESSRS WAITE & SON HAVE been instructed by Mr P. ECKF.BSLEY (who has purchased the entire Stock of Mr Sbufflebottom) to SELL by AUCTION, on TUESDAT, July 17th, 1877, and following days, at 6 o'clock each evening, all the STOCK; J Comprising handsome tea services, large quantity o pns best and other sets of chamber ware, several hundred pieces of dinner ware, soup and sauce tureens, vegetable, custard, and pie dishes fish strainers, salad bowls, well dishes, hot water plates, breakfast and tea ware, large quantity of stamped quart and pint mugs and jug's, pud- ding basins, milk bowls, sets jugs, hot water and beer jugs, preserving and jam pots, tea pots, &c. Decanters, celery glasses, ale, spirit, and wine glasses; cruets and stands, glass dishes and plates, salts and mustards, jelly and tot glasses, ornaments, &c., &c. Auctioneers' Offices, Clarence-street, Pontypool, July 11,1877. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. Ty Gwyn Farm, Pontnewynydd, NEAR PONTYPOOL. V Messrs. WAITE & SON HAVE been favoured with instructions from the Representatives of the late Mr GEORGE FOTHEE- GILL, Deceased, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the premises, as above, on WEDNESDAY, August 1st, 1877, ALL THE Farming Implements, nOUSEHOLT, FURNITURE EFFECTS Of which further particulars will appear. ojtm Clarence-street, Pontypool, July 5th, 1877. THROAT IRRITATION.—The throat and windpipe are especially liable to inflammation, causing soreness and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use glycerine in the form of jujubes. Glycerine, in these agreeable confections, being in proximity to the glands at fte moment they are excited by the act of sucking, becomes actively healing. 6d. and Is. boxes (by post for 14 stamps), labelled JAMES Erps & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, 48, Threadneetlle Street, and 170, Piccadilly London."—Depot in Cardiff: R. Drane, 8 Queen-street' To eraOOBKS at TEA DBAXEUS—SPECIAL. HICKSON, NEWBY AND CO., 157 KENCHURCH STREET. LOSDON. (Established 1854). W" U O ALB TK 4 DE ALEES, ImT.ort>'rs and Buyers of Tea on Commission, DIItECr SYSTEM OF TRADING THROUGH DIItECr SYSTEM OF TRADING THROUGH SA,iIPi,S POST. No Âpents. No Travellers Time, Expense, Trouble, wid anxiety all saved by this System. FlfLL PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. T50URNEM0UTH. — Queen of Watering -Place, HIGHCLIFFE MA N>IOK8 HOTEL. Full South. Magnilicent. Spa. Vieys^Tabled Hote. JotmKilner. Proprietor. TiROITWICH BRINE BATHS.Worcester- -L'shire, consisting of Hot & Cold Baths Sprays, Douches, Turkish & Su immii'-S -gaths'Tf' E°' £ erfut- Water yet discovered These Baths are crowded with Sufferers from the Nobility to the poorest peasant. They relieve Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralfia, al cases of General Derangement, an.l extreme cases o! debility, by restoring the tone of the digestive functions without the necess4ty of specific niodioine. Piivate Residence of the ftopnetor adjoining the Baths for first class Invalids and ail description of Lodgings can be obtained. For all further information apply to Mr. Roe, See. nPRUST MONEYS. Large Sums of Trust A Monev to lend on MORTGAGE of FREEHOLD and Ion* LEASEHOLD LAND and BUILDING PROPERTIES at i k n,} PPNT Interest. Apply to Ch AD WICKS, COLLIXR & Co., finao"ti c- & 64. Cross St.. Manchester. A CCIDENTTNStTRANCE COMPANY f\ (i imited) No. 7, Bank Buildings, London, E.C. GmkuxAcciijewts. ) PERSONAL IKJCRI»S. ArOIDKBTS. D*ATH BT ACCIDBNTS. Railway ACOIPEB™. i Q HARDING. Manager. A~T E S T N O T E L T I E S. TWK CONSTANCE COSTUME. Tbe FIRST PRMEDR^atCRYirAL PALACE. ^S^oGraMk M S | THE iVICTORIA MANTLE, In new Cloth Trimmed Feather Trimming £ 1 lg 6 KPhot^R° <§rstrie and Patterns of Cloths free by Post. 7<L 77 78 & 79, St. PanTsChurch Yard, London. INtt COMPA^x 454,542 & 543, New Oxford St., I^ndon^O., have now ready their extensive assortment ofNew Summ Goods, consisting of the newest designs in V Meltons, &o., Ac., for Froek Ooats, Business Coats and ^ts, also a iargre assortment of Scotch Checks Leinntevs for Spring & Summer wear. Angoiaa, Checks, Scotch Cheviots and Stnp^ for 13/- Trousors. A variety of each sent post free with plat^of f^mcm and cards for ^elf-Measurement* on application to U.AAJIJIIJ,. Manager, 454, 542 & 5pL New Oxford Street, Londop^y^U- FINEST TEAS.] [BEST SELECTIONS. TTiROM ALBERT A. DEAN AND CO., JL- 41, Ludgate Hill, London. Choicest growths of the Season in China and Indi&, in 4, 5, 6 and 8 lb. Canisters, Chests, Half -Chests or Caddies. INDIAN TEAS, from 8/9 I CHINA, Finest Moning 8/0 Finest quality 4k/- J I Finest Kaisow 8/9 Ic-arrhWe free un iCs worth and upwards. ■jVfEClirs DRESSING BAGS & C55SE5S. iT I Despatch Boxes, Tourists' Writing Cam is, Jewel Cases, Writing nefks. Scissors, Razors, Table Knives, the Magio Razor Strop B Paste, at Meclii's. 112, Regent 8t., W. Catalogues free. nPHE-" Every-Day '^DINNER SERVICE. JL Set for IB. £ 4 IBs. A marvel of good taste, economy and todaatructibility. Toughened Glass in great variety. Prices and patterns free br post. JOHN MORTLOCK, 802, 203 & 304, Oxford Street, 30 & SI. Orchard St.. Portman Sq., London. W. I^UIINITCTIE,CSRFETS, Slo. Brussels, 2144 -#"79, 3/3 & best 311, none higher or better, Tapestry do., 1/tOi. £30.000 of Furniture, Bedsteads and Bedding at very reduced prices. All Goods wan-anted, packed and delivered free to any Railway Station.—WM. WAIHB, Wholesale, Export and General Furnishing Warehouseman, 181 to 139, Newington Butts, London. New Illustrated Priced List Gratis. EADS Speciality!! Shippers, Merchants & Shopkeepers only supplied, jewellery, agate, pebble goods, oombs,brushes, knives, sussors, tnimbleB ^spectacles, w atchkey s Samuel Harris. Bead Merchant, 154 & 155, Houndsditoh,London. BRASS,REED.STRING,A DRUM&FIFE BANDS. PIANOFORTB8 and HARMONIUMS at Wholesale Prices at J. MOORE'S. Button Rd., Huddersfleld. Prices with dxawiu gs of everp Instrument, post free. Musio for Wholesale Prices at J. MOORE'S. Button Rd., Huddersfleld. Prices with dxawiu gs of everp Instrument, post free. Musio for any kind of Band. Patroniseaby the Array, Navy, St Rifts Corps. Second-haiid lnntrumeiita bought or taken in Exchange. T* RADFOllTi's JOURNAL of SPECIAtt- J-* TIES for 1877 includes a full description of the New Patent Sliuttie Washing Machine. New Chains. New Bone Mill, New Potato Washer. &c.. & also further particul-u s and the reduced prices of the Vowel Washing Machines free by post T. BRADFORD and Co., 140,141,142, and M3, High HolWn, London; Cathedral Steps & Crescent Iron Works, Manchester; also No. 130, Bold St.. Liverpool. Catalogues free on applioatiaa. a THE SOUTHWARD LEAD A GLASS Co., -ROSE Auh WARKHOOSBS. PAXK ST., LONDOW, S.B. LOWEST CASH PRICES to the Trade for Sheet Lead and JPipe. Sheet Zinc, Tin. Solder, British and Foreign Glass, White Lead, Oils, Colours. Varnishes. Plumbers' Brass Work. Wrought Iron Tubing. Rain Water Castings, & a. Prices < urrent on application. AND TrjONES AND Co., London. Oil Merchants. Petroleum Importers & Drysalters, "WS J." MACHINERY OIL. White 8tar," Natrona," and Diamond J," Colza Oils. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers. Ironmongers, and Oilmen. "Til HE OIL MERCHANTST&I)RysALTBR8' J- PRICE BOOK." By W. Stavenhagen Jones. 88, Southwark St., London, s.E. New Edition Post free 8/6. IMPORTANT to USERS of STEAM POWER. W H PLATT AND COMPANY, • AAHTON-TJNDER-LYNE. Manufacturers of every description of ENGINE AND PUMP PA CKING8 specially mad" for and adapted t o MARINE, LOCOMOTIVB & Stationery Engines, STEAK HAMMERS. PCMPS, &c. Best and cheapest Packings made. Samples and prices free on application. NOISELESS. Patent GAS ENGINES J-* The most economical small motor for driving Mtujhinen. Pumps. HoiBts, Chaff Cutters, &c. From 2,'Sid?, to 2 t p. Started in a minute at full power. No water, coal, din. smell, attendance or danger. Burns common gas. opeaiai Arrangement for localities without gas supply. Costs one penny per horse-power per hoar. Prices, £ 60 lOe. ana upward*. I.OTTIS SIMON AND BON. NOTTINGHAM.