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POLleE COURT. i. SATURDAY. Before Chi. Bfyrde, C. J. Pnrkes, ESQ., and I E. J. Phillips, Esq. POG8 WITHOUT I,ICENSES. William Crockett, Blaenafon, was charged with keeping a dog without a license, on May I€th .Fined 25a. Ezeriali Morgan, Qoytre, was charged with keeping a dog without a license, on 3rd May. Thomas Edwards, excise officer, visited the house on the above-uauied date, and saw a dog in the field adjoinjug the bouse Morgan's father admitted the dog belonged to the son, and said that he would take out a licenqe when | he got into work.Fit;.ed 25s. George Roberts, Manihilad, was charged with a like offence, on May Otb Fined 25s. John Jenkins was charged with keeping a dog without a license, on May 24th.Fined 258. PERMITTING GAMBLING AT BLAEifAFON. John Robert Davies, landlord of the Bell beerhouse, Blaenafon, wad charged with per- mitting gambling on his premises, Oil Saturday, Qd inst. Mrs Davies appeared. ) Mr Grjenway defended. P.c. Walter Price said that on Saturday, 2nd > inst,, about 9.10 p.m., he visited the Bell beer- honse, and saw two men playing dominoes in a room to the left hand side, as he entered re- mained in the room for a short time, and had a pint of beer there during the time he was there a little girl ran in from the door and said to the landlady, Look out;" lie saw the little girl at the door as he came into the house the land- lady ran towards the men and said, Put them pp they picked the dominoes up between them, and pnt them on their knees onder the tuble she (the landlady) then went to the door pnd remained there a Pliort time, and on return- jog to the room said to the men, It'a all right;" one of the men asked her who i: was, and in reply she said, I-Biir,-k and tan," and added, You had better couie into the back rootii one of the men answered, Let us finish this hand, and then wo will go the landlady said, "all right," and sat in the doorway that goes into until they had finished the II band when they finished playing the man that won the game said to the other, You owe me 3d the landlady said, Ncer mind that; go to the back room, he will be sure to corne in, the men the-a picked the dominoes up and went into the back room witness could hear them playing went out of the house and iuformwd P.a. James of what was going on about 10 25 p.m. he returned to the house Blld had another pint of beer he conld Btiil hear them playing in the back room, nod about 10 50 p.m. he heard one man say to another, You have lost that quart heard someone knock the table, apd a little girl passed by with a jug ip her bfttid, and j returned with a jug and placed it on the table the beer bad not been in only a very short time before P.s. James and P.c. Wilmott came in James came into the room where witpess 8at, and when the landlady saw him she ran into the room where they were playing the dominoes and began picking thstp up she got some of the dominoes and the sergeant got some; James told the landlady that he would report her for permitting gambling on her premises, and asked where the landlord was. By Mr Greenway: Witness went to "The Bell" about 9.10 p.m. on Saturday, and bad a pint of beer he remained there till 9.40 p.m. be was, for half-an-hour, in the room where they were playing dominoes could not say who the men were, not having known any of them, but he thought if he saw them again he should know them wittuss had plain clothes on did not drink with the men there were two rpen playing dominoes there, and a third man with a board iiiarkiii-Y i the two men were playing the whole of the time he was in the room oefore he left they ceased playing and picked the dominoes up between them the men who were playing- left the room before witness did, but there were others who remained with bitn did not go into the other room till Jaipee came in remained about five minutes in the room after those who had beeu playing had left; beard one man say to the other, after they had finished the game, "You have lost three-pence;" did not know the landlady's daughter believed the landlady and another sqt at the door; there was a little girl at the door when he came in, and there were three females besides this little girl OQ the premises saw no children there did not see the landlord heard an inquiry made about the the landlord, and heard that he was ill in bad James left them, bnt witness cou!d not say where he had gone heard one man say, t- You have lost three-pence;" that was before they had removed the dominoes and when the landlady was by the door he believed it was that woman [pointing to Mrs Davies] who was preset): the person he saw was in a lighter dress; when James and Wilmot came in, the person he referred to was there, but she bad not a jug or cup in her hand at the time, neither did he see her feach for a jug James was between witness and the female, for the latter began to scramble the dominoes off the table when the former came in James nearly upset one woman he asked her what she want- ed to take the dumiuoes off the table for, and she answered they were only playing for fun, and she was not taking the dominoes James said he would report her she said, Report for what ? they were only playing for fun ?" one of the men who were playing dominoes when wit- ness went in was present at the time there were, he thought, four men there at the time, and they did not all deny having beep gamb- ling one of the men was going to punch James', head. By Supt. M'lntosh In the back-room, he heard one man say to another. Ynu have lost a quart," aud the table was rapped, and a quart taken in. P.O. James said that on Saturday night, the 2nd it)et., iie wan on duty at Blaenafon at about 10.40 p.m. he was approaching the defendant's house, and saw a little girl run across the street towards the front door, and be stopped just at the door, and entered the house before her as goon as he entered the kitchep, the landlady, who was there, ran into the next room witness followed, and found her in the act of scrambling the dominoes off the table he scrambled along and took nine of them there was a bit of a board on tho table for keeping chalk marks there were five men in this little room, four sit- ting down and one standing up there was a quart on the table nearly full of beer told the landlady there would be a charge of permitting gambling in her house, and she said they were only playing for fun asked her why she ran in and scrambled the douiinoes if they were only playing for fun she said she only did it to please her fancy witness then vieitcd the room up-stairs in the house, and found a table simi- lar to a billiard table, but used for playing nine pins on there was no oue playing there at tho time. By Mr Greenway Had not been watching outside the door a single moment, because be saw a little girl rush in he knew she was a spy to watch the policeman the landlady had neither jug nor cup in her hand at the time site was scrambling the dominoes witness said, "You have not got all of them, Mrs Roberts did not say, Now, old Jady, I've got you said nothing of the kind whilst he wae there asked where her husband was, and she said he was bad in dM say, a y"" may go nd see itu charged har with gambling, and she said they were only playing for ftin believed the little girl who rau from the door was the landlord's daughter she was about 12 yeais old there was no female sitting in the back room conld not say how the landlady was dressed he knew that since this affair had oc- curred one of the policemen had received a letter from Mrs Davies. Mr Greeuway wished to have the letter put in, but Supt M'lntosh refused. Elvira Davies, daughter of defendant, was next called, and said that on the date named she was attending to the duties of the house a man named George Phillips asked her for the domi- noes; she gave them to him, and when she did so cautioned him that he was not to play for money or money's worth the men said they only wanted them for amusement they played with the dominoes for about half-an-hour, and she was iu and out of the room during the whole of the time that they were playing when they finis.ied playing she took the dominoes into the kitchen for the children to amose themselves with them the men did not help her to take them in the children continued to amuse them- selves with the dominoes during the remaining part of the night whilst Absalom and Phillips were playing in the front room the witftess Price was there in plain clothes, and she brought him a pint of beer; she had heard nothing said about beer, losing money, or gambling in any way if ehe had she would have stopped it at once she left the dominoes, when they were taken from the front room, with the children Ler uiother WA" not in that ftinm at all the was op-stairs^ and back and fore to the bar James inshed in, and pushed her mothpr so violently that she Nonld have fallen had it not been for the table supporting her; he exclaimed, II Ah, my lady, I have got you at last;" she said, "Got me for what?" and added that they had only been playing for fun, and not for money at the time that James ran to the table her mother bad a pint in her hand and was reach- ing for a quart James asked where the land- lord was her mother said he was very ill in bed, and told the polic man he apighl go up and sep him if he liked James went up-stairs into the long room, but he did not go into the bed- room she was in the house during the whole of the time the men had the douiinoes, and she could say that they had not been gambling they had only onetable in the baok kitchen, and there were four men sitting at it the dominoes were on the table; there was nothing else on the table she had not supplied any of them with beer her mother was supplying beer she had taken in the box with the dominoes, but t there were no chalk marks on it the men kept the score iL memory did not hear one say to the other, You owe me 3d she was in the kitchen at the time, but did not hear that when James came in he caught a few dominoes in his hand she could not say who caught the others. By the Bench There were several men in the front roon. when she took the dominoes off the table, but poue of them went into the back kitchen. By Mr Greenway After playing in the front room some of the men went into back roam, be- cause it was much cooler there. George Phillips, Blaenafon, recollected going to the Bell on Saturday, 2nd inst. he had been there only a short time when Absalom came in they arranged between themselves to have a game of dominoes Miss Davies brought the dominoes, and cautioned them not to play for tponey or money's worth they played two games, but not for money or money's worth they were the only two persces playing in that room on that evening Miss Davies took the dominoes iuto the kitchen when they had fin- ished playing when they were playing in the front room Price came in in plain clothes, and was there the whole of the time they played after a while they (Phillips aud Absalom) left the front loom aud weut into the back room they did not play dominoes that evening after- wards there were some children playiug with tne dominoes they remained in the back room till P.s. James came in no one played with the dominoes that evening Mrs pavies came into the back room, and was reaching for a quart, when P.s. James rushed in and shoved against her, exclaiming, Hallo, old lady (or old girl), I got you now she said, Got what?" he an- swered, You will hear of this again Mrs Davies said they had only been playing for fun James then asked for the landlord Mrs Davies said he was ill in bed James then got hold of a candle, and witness thought he had gone up- stairs they had not played for money or mouey's worth. By Supt. M'lntosh No one told them to put the dominoes tip Mrs Davies said nothing to them about going into the back room could not say whether Absalom or he had woo the game they did not keep account with chalk marks there were 7 or 8 of them in the front room together they did not owe each other 3d when James arrived he was in the back room tstanding up there was a quart jug on the table, but there was nothing in it he had paid for a quart, and that was out did not hear anybody say, You have lost a quart of beer," and he did not see the servant take an empty quart away. John Absalom said that when he went into the Bell, at Blaenafon, Geo. Phillips was there, and asked him to play a game of dominoes witness said he did not mind he asked Miss Davies for the dominoes, and she brought them, ( saying that they were not to play for money or mopey s worth they played two games, and there was no one else playing there the wit- ness Price came in and sat near Absalom he was in plain clothes witness knew him very well in Abergavenny there were several others in the room besides those who played some- body took the dominoes back into the kitchen, but it was not witness or his butty the do- minQes were not taken away very long before be left the room they did not play for money or money's worth there was nothing said about losing 3d io that room they left the front room and went into the back, and stayed there till James came in Mrs Davies was in the back room when James came in he cried out, Hallo, old lady [or old girl] I have you now; she said, "At what?" be answered, Playitifc at dominoes she denied that there was any gambling going on, and if there was it was not for money there was nothing said about losing a quart of beer there were chil- dren in the room playing with the dominoes, but no men played with tiiem thefe were some of the dominoes OD the table aud some on the ground none of the uieu had the dominoes iu their hands. The wituess here turned round to P.s. James and said, quite simply, You was not sharp enough to catch the dominoes in anybody's hands (laughter). Mr Greenway (to witness) He would be very sharp to catch dominoes in your hands when you had none (more laughter). Cross-examination continued There was no one playing dominoes in that room. By the Bench They left the front room and went into the back room because it was much cooler. By Supt. M'lntosh: They (Phillips and Ab- salom) had woo a game each, but witness could not say who had won the last game on consi- deration, witness said that Phillips had won the last came, but he did not say anything about losing 3d Mrs Davies did not ask him to put the dominoes up out of sight, neither did she invite him into the back room saw James pick op a few dominoes, but Mrs Davies did not take any of them she had a pint in one hand, and was reaching for another that was on the table; could not say hpw long the quart that was on the table might Lave been empty witness had not had a quart of beer brought to him some one had a quart of beer brought in before James came in witness could not say who served him with beer did not hear anyone say, You have lost a quart therp wAs a quart an the table containing beer. By the Bench Could not say how long be- before James came in the children had gone to bed it would be about five or reu minutes be could not say whether any beer W38 brought into the room after the children went to bed. John Millett, shoemaker, residing next to the Bell, had been taking home some work on the night in question recollected James coming in witness was there sc.. fifteen or twenty minutes before James came in noticed domi- noes in the room, hut nobody used them whilst witness was in the house there were two little girls sitting near the are; there were four per- sons in the room besides witness Mrs Davies was in aud out of the room several times she was in the room when James came in James rushed ic, aud pushed Mrs Davies against the table he said, Old girl, I have got you at last;" she said, "At what?" he asked where was the landlord, and witness answered him, saying lie was in bed ill; there was not a single word about losing beer. By Snpt. M'lntosh Conld not say whether there was a cii^lk-board 011 the table did not see a chalk-board taken by James; there had not beep a full quart of beer brought in there was a jug on the table with some beer in it he bad put some beer that he had in a pint into a jug. By the Bench The landlady did not take 14e dominoes up from the table. Emmanuel Jones, carpenter, said he would have left the neighbourhood on the previous Saturday, but stayed behind to give evidence in this case was at the Bell ou Saturday, the 2nd inst. saw Absalom and Phillips there did Dot see any children was in the room about half-an-hour or three-quarters dominoes were on the table, but not played by any one there was nothing said about losing a quart of beer James rushed in from the door' towards the table Millet, George Phillips, Absalom, and witness were sitting at the tahle Jamea said Hallo, old girl, I have caught you at laqt she said, 14 Canght me at what?" he said,44 You are playing dominoes she denied the charge he then asked where the landlord was, and Mrs Davies said he was 44 bad in bed," and that he might go up and See him if he wished during the time witness was there, there was no gam- bling or anything said about a jug of beer. By Mr M'lntosh Mrs Davies had come into the room and was reachinga quart off the table, when James came and scrambled the dominoes off the table witness had a pint of beer brought in before James arrived, but he could not say whether there was a quart of beer brought in or not. By the Besicti There wna a quart of bper on the tahfo, for Phillips and Absalom bad been i drinking. I Edward Edwards wan in the front room, and saw Absalom and Phillips playing dominoes, but not for money or money's worth. Daniel Thomas and van Griffiths were call- ed, and corroborated the evideuce of previous witnesses. Mary Davies, landlady of the Bell, was next called, and said dominoes were played in the house, but gambling she did not allow she had a board hung up, cautioning parties not to play for money or money's worth saw James on the evening in question, but she had not been to the door the whole of the evening she had a pint jug in her left hand and a quart in her right when James rushed in a little boy and a little girl were using the dominoes, aud nobody else used them in the back-room that evening did not know of any gambling in her house James rushed in, pushed her against the table, and ac- cused her of trying to scram" the dominoes he said, Ha I ha I my lady, I have got you at last;" she answered, "Got me at what?" if they were playing it was far fun, Dot they were not playing at all he took a candle in hia hand, and went up to see the landlord. The magistrates retired to consider their ver- dict and, after some consideration, came into court, stating that they felt satisfied the defen- dant was guilty. They inflicted a fine of 40s., and made an order that the license be endorsed. Mr Greenway gave notice of appeal. COAL STEALING. William Hancock was charged with stealing a quantity of coal, the property of the Ebbw Vale Company. P.c. Humphreys proved the charge. Defendant said he took a piece of coal from the rubbish tip. Sentenced to 7 days' hard labour. RINGING THE CHANGES. Edward Hughes, a cork hawker, and Mary, his wife, were both charged with an act of va- grancy, by ringing the changes, at Abpjsycban, on the 27th ult. The female prisoner, it appeared, had gone into several public-houses, and in each asked for a pint of beer, for which she tendered a two- shilling piece. On receiving the change, she would demand her money back, offering to give a smaller coin and proceeding in this way, by dexterous manipulation of the coins, the publi- can would in the end find hiaisclf a loser by the traLsaction. Israel Langley prosecuted. Prisoners had tried the dodge at four differ- ent places. Sentenced to 7 days each. They were further charged with hawking in the county of Monmouth, and not having their license endorsed. Fined 2s 6d. A SQUABBLE ON THE TRANCP. Ruth Brooks was' charged with assaulting Elizabeth Richards. Witnesses pro and con. were examined, and it became evident there were six of one and half- a-dozen of the other. They were ordered to pay expenses between them. FIGHTING. David Davies and David Bowen were charged with committing a breach of the peace by fight- ing, on the 16th inst., at Panteg. P c. Beanland proved the charge, and the de- fondants were fined 10s each. DOGS AT LARGE. John Price, Pontypool George Wright, and W. P. Denner were charged with allowing dogs to stray without muzzles.Fined 2s 6d each. DRUNKENNESS. Thomas Harris was charged with being drunk and riotous on 16th May.P.s. Basham proved the charge.Fined 10s. Richard Lewis was charged with being drunk at Blaenafon.P.c. Ford proved the charge. Fined 15s. James Power was charged with being drunk at Blaenafon.P.s. James proved the case. Fined 5s. James Edwards, Blaenafon, was charged with being drunk.Fined 10s. Thoaas Edward Richards was charged with a similar offence.Fi.-je(i 10d. SURETIES OF THE PEACE. Edward Ellis was bound over to keep the peace towards each of Her Majesty's subjects, and especially towards John Forrest. FOWL STEALING. Thos. Butler, a decrepid old man, was charged with stealing two fowls, the property of Chas. Hill, at Blaenafon, on the 19th iust. Prosecutor saw the fowls all right on Monday evening, and on Wednesday he missed them. P.c. Smith said that at 230 a.m. on the 19th inst., be saw prisouer with the fowls iu his poa- session. Prisoner pleaded that he had received the fowls from another man, who had given him a shilling to take the fowls to a certain place. Sentenced to three months' bard labour. PROSTITUTION Annie Clark was charged with being a pros- titute.Sentenced to 7 days. BREAKING WINDOWS. Abraham Abrahams was charged with tres- pass by breaking windows, his father's property. Ordpred t,o pay 12s 0d.*

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