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"'1"" >1.t,It'1.J .1- t. J Tea. Grocers, and Provis^n A4 JtfAJfcKET STREET, PONTYPOOL. WILLIAM F. DAVIES FIG8 t« retort bis sineere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and public generally for the liberal support accorded to him since he has entered upon tbe n^ove Old-established Busi&ess; and trusts, fcvunremitting attention jfrjyrtf, and ssppljing First class Articles st reasonable prices, to merit a contiuance of their patronage. Teas. ttooi,'Useful,Plesser'L DtinkiiDg Tea 18 2a Od ptlr lh. Superior Strong, Full Flavoured « Wa u fia, Tea, very Strong, rich character; a splendid Family Tea, suitable for ftey puipose 8a Od „ Coffees (Fresh Roasted in the Berry.) UqpWTOT Plantation 1! hd Yery Fine do l« Jj Choiee Mountain Berry fi5 ,f Ftfifh Gmwd Coffees • 18 64 » Sugars. Moist Jamaica Raw and Demerara Crystals, Refined and Deuble-Reflned Lump. A Supply of EngUak and Egyptian Beans, Oats, Bran, Sharps, Maim, Indian una Bar Lei jfoab always on hand, at Lowest prio". Agent for the Droitwich Salt Work's Refined aDd Agricultural Salts. The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to fiilLAD-KL- Jlgf  ht;J.be AMERICAN LINE TOTTED STAGES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA WljfCv EVERY WEDNESDAY, /fflijK^'Oalliiig atQuEENSTowN every Thursday wggggRf* Finst-elaas, fuil-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail ILLINOIS July 4 INDIANA Joly 25 •LORD Clivb ..July 11 Aug 1 OHIO July 18 PENNSYLVANIA Aug » o Inteimediats Passengers carried on voyage marked thus The only TRANS-ATLANTIS LINE sailing under the UNITED STATES FLAG, and carrying the American Rafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The ftpcemmodation for all classes ot passengers is equal to any ot the European Steamship Lanes. Every Steamer ftarries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers end goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf "ot the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. which- has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into the Rail- road Cars without leaving the Landing Wharf, and Intler the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT RooK, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Offiof, and Baggage Express Office. CABIN PASSAGE, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, At reduced rates. STEERAGE PASSAGE as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, f8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N. & J. Cummins & Brothers and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19. Water-street J. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool, THOS. H. THOMAS, High-t., Teriby. JNO. THOMAS, Church-st., Tredegar r ALLAN LINE. SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO M E RJ C A. CovFdssD OF Twenty KIRST-CLASS ROYAL Maii STEAMERS;1 SAILING DAYS-from LIVERPOOL,everyTUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parta of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes Of Passengers. Passengers who Tickets before leaving home are met kri Liverpool by an appointed^^||HgHHM^ takes charge t)f them it" <Tafc.CA^SfA5 Gov j.iiSa £ irFr&i/fTj £ £ JKs 8agks by the ALLAN LlE. For Ras of Flight or Passage. apply to ALLAN Bro'hkfh <>M-s.«:.dn-. HmHinjf*, *anros-street. pool; to J R MORGAN, Fust Office, Poatypoal. Queensland Emigration. SAILINGS FP. OM GHEA T BBITAIN. "ROXBURGHSHIRE," 4th July, from Glasgow, for Brisbane. T NEWCASTLE" about 12th July, from London, for Brisbane. Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to local agent: J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool; or THE AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, S2, Chariog Cross, London, S.W. FREE EMIGRATION TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA. GOViH-NMENX OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA GRANT FREE PASSAGES So the f^bwing Artisans, viz.: Carpenters, Bricklayers, Masnnt Plasterers, Agricultural and Railway Labour- ers, Copper, Tin and Lead Miners, not exceeding 40 years of age. Single, or Married with not more than *Weechiidren. also to Single Female Domestic Servants. COAL MINERS ARE INELIGIBLE. All Persons who are considered eligible by the Emigra- tion Agent, paving their own Full Passage, receive a 'Land Order Warrant of the value of £20 for every Adult above 12, and 410 for Children between 1 and 12 Taars of age. No Money, or Feetf any kind, is to be paid by in- tending Emigrants to the Local Agents for their re- muneration. Full particulars and information, with If orms of Ap- plication, to be obtained at the Office of the Govern- raent of South Australia, 8, VICTORIA CHAMBERS, WESTMINSTER, LONDUN, S.W., Or cf Mr MORGAN, Post-office, Pontvpool. "TO BE GIVEN AWAY.—GRATIS! I I A New Medical Work, entitled, HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH, or, the Confidential Friend," This Book should be read by everyone of either sex. Toeing a guide for the Safe and Sure Treatment and JD Cure of all Debilitating Diseases, such as Nervous D6bil\t,v, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears. Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, ■Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- faistrust, Dizziness, L"ve of Solitude, Groundless Fears, 4ild many other ailments whieji if negiecteo, bring the sufferers to an eaily Death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rheu-uatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsv, flY"- kria, and all diseases of the Neivous and Alimentary System. This Medical Work (112 pages) gives PRESCRIP- TIONS, with full INSTRUCTIONS for their prepara- tion and use. Contains also Friendly advice on HY"- "OIENE or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Sent post free for ,one stamp, or by letter post three gt%mps. Advice by Letter, Or/itia. hrsciAL ADVICB in ALL DISORDERS PECULIAR TO FEMALES. THE FEMALE'S FRIEND and ADVISER will be lont GRATIS to any address on receipt of STAMPED ENVELOPE. Address. Messrs BARNES £ Co., 48, Lonsdale Square, *<*rruibury, London, K. Important to Country Patients. MESSRS BARNES & Co.may be consulted personally or by letter, in all private and confidential cases, lttld for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers who cannot 'jt them they will, on receiving a description of their OlMe. enclosing a .stamped envelope for reply, be ready .a? &ive their opir.io'i upon (tie nature of the case, und principles of treatment necessary to effect« yierteCt "re.-Address Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdak- •^ttare, Barusburv, London, N. POTJGlig 1, COUGHS and WINTER COLDS also Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of the ^^ROaT and LUNGS are quickly RELIEVED and Permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies." who suffer are requested to test the efficacy of these j~edioines. Sample bottles are supplied tree of charge ■J ftll Country Agents, or can be had by post from the -'oprietor. Address ;—0. P. BROWN, 2, King-street, ^veut Garden, London. Prof. Brown's "Treatise on Consumption," 44 pp., by post. Prof. Brown's Complete Herbalist," vj** free 5s.—The above can be had of the Agent for £ B. FORP, Cboswit, George-street. I NQTIGM Of fLBMO VAL. E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders & Wheelwrights, BEG to inform the Nobility, Gently, and Public in general that they have Removed from Llanover, near Abergavenny, to more Commodious Premises at Penperllenny, Goy trey, near Pontypool, where they hope, with striet attention to all orders entrusted to them, together with good workmanship and best mate- rials, to merit a share of the public patronage. E. E. & Son also return their thanks for all past favours, and remain, your obedient servants, E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders, Wheelwrights, &a., Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, Mon. The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. DANIEL & JONES fhate Herbertd RETURN theii sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and Public generally for the very liberal support they have received since taking the business, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to ensure good quality, moderate prices, and punctual attention to all orders. Good Strong Congou at Is 8d per lb. Fine do. 2s Od Superior do. 2s 6d „ The Best Mocha Cofees, Sparkling Lump, Crystals, and DefnararJ Six/art, Prime Home-cured Bacon,Cheddar, English, and American Cheese Salt and Fresh Butters English, American, and trench Flour Beam, Oats, Bran, Barley Ifeol, Maize, Sharps, Malt, Peal, Oatmeal; Preserved Fish, Salmon, Lobster, Surdities Australian Beef and Mutton, in 216.1 416., and 6tb. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for Huntley & Palmer's Biscuits; Spratt's Patent DogBiiCuits, 22s. per cwt.; Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N.B—Dt & J. strongly recommend their 28 and 2s 6d Teas, as being of superior quality. *TpOIl THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE."— JE See Deuteronomy, chap. xii.» verse 23. R-.K- WORLD FAMED t n Trade Ma.rk, Blood Mixture." Tut CHEAT SlCiQQ PURIFIER & RESTORER •^KL> DlbEAotift. J .•upiiti-is, Blotches, Ulcerated 0 Sore l.fgs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcers, Spot. Pimples. Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, tire literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALT, PARTS. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the J_ vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the- blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasjint to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the t n,, i) g i rij u!- most delicate constitution of either sex, the Pro- prietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. 11 pLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD .MIXTURE \J is sold in Bottles, 2s 6d each, and in cases, contain- ing six times the quantity, lls each-satneiant to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-gtanding cases,— JY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI. CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor. F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, Apothecaries'Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale All Patent Medicine Houses. LONDON DEPOT: 150 OXFORD STREET. Pontypool: E. Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) A NEW MEDICAL WORK By IIERY SMITif. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jeua, and Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New York, by Examination, 1860. Just Published, Enlarged Edition, 144 pages. Crown gro., Free by Po.At Two Stamps, iii Envelope, T\ebilitating and Nervous their lJ CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMI All TREAT- M E, T. This work gives THE HESULTOF TWPNT T -IZIGEIT years'special PRACTICE for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpi- tation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Los of Energy, j'sins in the Back, Constipation, Blusbins, Hysteria Timidity, Selt-riihtrust, 1 nzzines*, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxfilion, &e. It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, and VIGOROUS OLD AOE. invaluable to the Nervous, Sedentary, Dyspeptic, and a 1 those whose constitutions have become debilitated and relaxed from Irregularities of Life, liitemperance, Climate, Age, or Dil'a"e. or rom Over-taxed or Abused Energies, whether of nody or mind. Gives Instructions and Advice for the Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Local ;,nd Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, and all Disorders resulting from loos of vita* force. Also by same Author, bv post, seven stamps in envelope. ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN; 0 Their Cause, Symptoms, and Cure. This Work js written for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to tbe Cure of a Class of Ailments to which the Female Constitution Is peculiarly liable. NOTICE.—Tbe above Medical Works will be sent direct from the Author, in an Envelope, on the receipt of the amount in IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. THE AUTHOR OF THE ABOVE WOKKS 1 will, for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a description of their case, send his opinion, free of charge, with advice and directions for restoration t,, Health. A Confidential Form of Correspondence eontatmng Ques- tions, <fe., to assist persons in describing their case, will < sent po t-f, ee OIl receiving a directed envelope. ADDRESS HENRY SMITH, 8. Bii'ton»crpsecnt, London. W. TUIE IBEFI-HIVE SHOPI TKKSNANT sTKMKr, PoNXVPoOL. T" Married Men and Bachelors, Spinsters and Widowers, rurgemex anili fotters. Colliers and Labourers: Your patronage I ask this yeir of'17 And i,ii ex-ectite ilazir orders well and honestly, by heaven. CHARLEis AllINOB sells all Hinds of Fu axITURIC & BEDDING, At prices so cheap, it trill pay for your wedding His GOODS are all QOOD and well made, youw'ill find It will pay you well to bear him »n mind. Dotit think of the CABRIAOE-he delivers goods FlIRI: Look at that! It's a saving of trouble,you see. He'll be happy to see uou in Tromant-str'eet, where ffe sells COUCHES and SOFAS and a good EASY CHAIR. MATTRESSES, also, in STRAW, FLOCK, and HAIR, So come ts his Shop 1/'JIt'tlfind everything there. New <f- Second-hand Furniture bought, sold, or exchanged. Goods delivered per own Van, Free of Cost. CHARLES MINOR Gives the Beat Price for all kinds of Left-vfj Wearing Apparel. In things that's old, in things that's flew, In everything doth Minor do Brooms, Brushes, China, Glass, or Tin, At Minor's shop are found within. Wardrobes of every class he bitysp JJ ithvut regard to fit or a ize- In quantities both large and small, jffte Gold if re*4$Jhft buy aft. UNITED METHODIST FREE CHURCH, -^N-STREET, PONTYPOOL. LY, July 8th, THREE SERMONS will v be preached at the above place of worship by the Rev. J. DINSLEY, flf Sabsbury.-In the Morning at 11; Afternoon at 2.30 and ia the Evening at 6. On TUESDAY, July 10th, the Rev. J. SWANN WITHINGTON, of Harrogate, an ex-President, will preach a SERMON, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, in the English Baptist Cbapel, Cranerstreef (kindly leiit for the occasion.) A Collection will be made at the close of each of th» above Services in aid of the Renovation Fund. i In the Evening of July lOth, the Rev. J. SWANN WITHINGTON will deliver his appropriate and popu- lar LECTURE, in tbe TOWN HALL, Pontypool-subjeet, Three Living Statesmen Gladstone, Beaconsfield, and Bright." The chair wi'l be taken at 7.30 by H. G. GREGORT, Esq., of Salisbury. TIOKETS-Front 8, 11.. Back SeØtl, Od., may be had at the door of the Hall. Proceeds devoted to the above Fund. West of England Loan Office. Established 18Ø.. M olrBT. NO sureties required. Cash advanced iu snms of £ 10 and upwards to Farmers, Contractors, House- holders. Innkeepers, Tradesmen and other*, on their own security, repayable by easy instal manta. Distance no objects AGENTS FOB PONTYPOOL: MESSRS. PHILPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Market House Chambers. HARVEY & Co., having made very large purchases, are able to compete with any Firm or Co PPEUATIVH STORKS, and at the Rme time offer the publis anusual terms. S per Cent, discount on every pur hasa over £ 1. We pay great attention to our COSTUME and MANTLB Departments, & send out some hundreds from our own form oI Self-Measurement. Never having one returned. SILKS at old prices, Velv* TBEMS.CASHMKRSB. Our far famed MKRTO oxa at 8/ ,A11 the new DRESS MATERIALS, CALICOES, SHEETINGS, Fi.AH KELS, CAKPKTS, Bf.ANKKTS, &c. Patterns fret. All Order! must enclose remittance. Prompt attention to Post Order* pr Telegrams. Lambeth House, Westminster Bridge, London. NELS, CAKPKTS, Bf.ANKKTS, &c. Patterns fret. All OrdeTl must enclose remittance. Prompt attention to Post Order* pr Telegrams. Lambeth House, Westminster Bridge, London. THE QUEEN's LAUNDRESS —" SAYS >, THE (JL ENFIELD STARCH j — IS THB BEST SHE EVER USED. mHE ALLIANCE SOCIETY, 51,Moorgate Street, London, E.C. Te INVESTORS: 6 per Cent. Interest Bonuses Si Drawings To BORROWERS: Advances free of Interest. Prospectus on application. A- K. WORMALD, Actuary. E. T. R. WIUQE, Secretary. AQENTS WANTED. LONDON and SOUTH AFRICAN BANK • (Incorporated by Royal Charter I860), 10, Kiso WnibtAjf 8TRKKT, LOKDOK, E.G. Paid-up Capital £ 400,000 ISSUES LETTERS Of CREDIT and DRAFTS on its Branches At Port Elizabeth, Grahams- town, Cape-town, Durban (Natal). Bills negooiatedand seat for collection, and all Banking business transacted. Interest at 6 per cent, per annum (payable half-yearly) allowed on Deposits fixed for 18 months or longer periods. IVrILNER'a SAFES, Best and (Jheapeat JJJ.. SAFEGUARD against FIRE and THIEVES. Phoenix Safe Works. Liverpool. WALKER's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES. ▼ v are superseding all others. Prize Medals, London, 1881 Paris 1867. Stiver from £ 3 3s. Gold tram &Q 6s. 68.Cornhill, EC. 230,Regent-Bt..W. &t6,Strand, W.O. Descriptive Pamphlet free. iM 1 OOOpattern s (f NEW S ILKS Vrv/v/ or Dress Goods post free. JV SILKS from I to SO Gs. Fancy Dresses 7/6 to 8 Ga. Trad, Write to D. NICHOLSON & Co.. 50 to 58, St. Paul's Marl Churoh Yard, London, E.O. Established 1843. SILKS and DRESSES from XONDOT. PATTERNS SENT FREE. RICHEST BLACK. COLORED and FANCY SILKS From 2/0 per yard. 100 New Washing Fabrics from 6d. yd. lOO New Textile Fabrics from 6d. yd. lOO New Black Fabrics from ed yd. BAKER & CRISP, 198, Regent Street, London, W. ROYAL DEVON SERGE for LADIES' DRESSES -w,y7en of pure wool only for SPRING and. SUMMER WEAR. The Court Circular, Myra's Journal, The Milliner and Dressmaker recommend it as the best, the cheap- est, the most durable. Prices from L'3 per yard. Send-for Patterns direct to the FACTORS. SPEARMAN & SPEARifAN, PLYMOUTH. I IT IS ALSO WOVEN FOR BOYS' HARD WEAR & GENTLEMEN'S SUITS I/IT ALTER" TRUEFITT s, 1, New Bond » Street, London Hair in all the newest styles as worn In fAndou nd Drown and Gdtden 1)5 ei. Kalo- trikos the best dressing for the Hair, Astringent Lotion stops its falling, Sempervivens is the best Restorer. Gentlemen's Hats, &c. Best Articles at moderate prices. rjIRUNKS and PORTMANTEAUS. HARROW & 80N, Old Bond St., London, is a reliable House," Appleton's U-aide, 1876. Illustrate ] Catalogue post free, TO MiLLINERS AND OTHERS. WiEND 30/- for 1 dozen Millinery Bonnets also 9/- for 1 doz. Childrons' Straw Hats trimmed in all colours. Dre s Caps kept La stock irom 5/- to QOA per dozes. Lace Curtains, Antimaoassars, Flowers, Feathers, Ribbons, Chenille, and every requisite for Millinery -purposes. W. COT'lONS Wwiivliiy Cross, jTottlngham. rilRDERS (Rolled & Rivetted) CASTIN GS, & KVILDER8'IRONMONGERY. (Estimates & ilhams & Oo., 90. Cannon St., London. 1 designs free. PLANT & MACHINERY SUPPLY „ t ASSOCIATION (Limited). Manufaeturers, Farmers, &c., supplied with Machinery ana Implements for their Business under an improved PTJRCHAS* Hirb SyST KM of easy payments extending over 1, 2, or S yean, Particulars and opinions of the Press post free. Head Offices, 82 & GS, Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. ToFARMBKS, AGRICULTURISTS, SHEPHERDS, 4a. Foot Rot & Ijimeness in Sheep effectually cured by the use of BAGSHAW's FOOT ROT DRESSING. Sold in Bottles 213 a.nd 816 each, sufficient for 40 or 70 Sheep, as oriirinaUy made by JOHN BAGSHAW, Belstead. Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers, /RIMWADE, RIDLEY & CO., Wholesale Druggists, IPSWICH. To whom applications for Agencies must be ma.4a. GTEAMSlflP SHARES.—AS an Ineøt: 0 tnent.—Messrs. HUfvTIJEY, BURNER & Co., Steamship <*nd Share Brokers. We6t Hartleiiool. have for DISPOSAL bJIAKEs in some first-claws STEAMSHIPS. It is well known that such vessels owaed in the North of England are a capital investment, & that dividends ranging from 13 to 25 per oent. per aun. have been returned for the holders of the same. Suoh steamships being insured, the investors have no risk in laying out Capital in sum property, & by the simplicity of registration in the Custom House a. title of unqualified security is obtained. CITE AM ENGINES for ALL PURPOSES. The" WIGZELL Si HALSEY "Improved Patent. OFFICES, 82. MARK LANE. LONDON, E.G. Wn-P-.y Retail Prices for JEWELLERY „ J, V, when .vou can buy at wholesale prices f Silvo-Genevas^ «8 i English Levers warranted, SO/ Hunters, 98 Gold Genevas from e6' Ladies' Gold Levers, £ 8 lOs^ft £ 10, Gents' €k>ld Levers, £ 10 los., Hunting Cases, X12. Wedding Kings, Keepers, Diamond RiWs, Pins, Brooches, Ear-rings, Chains, Seals, Keys, <&o. Guns by the best Makers, SaddleiT or any goods of Birmingham manufacture c^n also be obtained. Country orders must enclose remittance or give two good references. Any i?ooda not approved will be exchanged if uninjured. H. HUTCHINSON & Suss, Cambridge Crescent, Birmingham. MONEY on EASY TERMS. £ io to £2,000 to Male or Female in Town or Oountry, on note of hand. Stock in Trade, Crops, Farm 3tock, to assist persons into Busi- ness. B"urriture without removal or publioir.y, also on deposit of •T)ob B' is, Shares, Reversions, Freehold and Leaseholds at 5 p, e ( 'nterest. No sureties, fees or law costs. Distanoe no object.' N, B.—This bein^ a genuine Offioe (Kstablished 1670) for all Mercantile and other Monetary transactions, BoiTOwers will do well to at once write or consult Mr. H. CARTER, lOll, Strand, London. If by letter, state .amount required. ~E" R T S R E N 0 v V JL-L Instantaneously cleans Kid Gloves, Silk, Velvet, Furs, &c., &c., also I..ace Goods, without unpleasant odeur, Entirely supersedes Benzine and all Fluids. For sale by all Chemists. Drapers and Perfumers (price 6d., 1/- and 2/- per box), or of Herts & Co.. 43A. Store Street, Bedford Square, London. BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. RgE.KAN'i BAKING POWDER. Trade [TRY IT.] Mark. This Article on merit has gained univereal approval and induced many Imitations —Every genuine paokef signed 1 W. G. Freeman). FRKEM.AN HILDYARD. Manufacturers, Dover Road, Borough, London. Alao kept in Stock by every London Wholesale House. F S A L T. (Prepared from sound ripe Fruit). It ia the best preventive and cure for Biliousr6M* Headache, Skin Eruptions, Impure Blood. Pimph'8 on the Face, Griddiness, Feverisiineas, Mental bepressiou, Want ot Appetite, Sourness of the Stomach, Oonetipation, vomit- jDfft Thirst, tec., and to remove the effects of °* Eating and Driakingr. Price 2yd and 4/6 Sold by all Chemists. JOHN D'ARCY & SON, Brewers of PORTER and STOUT. Ahcboh BRBWEBY, DUBLIN. t x (Largest Brewery in Ireland but one). Purchasing Agents required in all town* in which there are none PACKET TEA PACKET TEA! AGENTS WANTED in all parts of the Kingdom for the sale of the FOO CHOW FOO COMPANY'S TEA. Admitted by Connoisseurs to be the beat. Wholesale at the Compaay ■ Warehouses, 2a, I jme Street, London, E.C. SIR W, A. EOSB t CO,\ LIGHTHOUSE COLZA OIL FOR MODERATOR AND OTHER LAMPS. Merchants & Refiners of all kinds of Burning & Lubricating Oils Patec LIST Frke ON APPLICATION. Offices, GU, Upper Thames Street, tendon. E C- CHEAT'JEWELLEHY-Shopkeeptws will find best assortment & lowestpricea at MILLlNGTON's, 12, Houndsditch, Ixmdon.Clocks,VVatciies,Cutlery,Combs,Speo- taoies. Pens, Pipea.Ptirses, E,,t4. 19,17. Cash only Post free for Five Stamps from -MB. G. T. CONGREVE, PECKHAM. LONDON. "CONSUMPTION, ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT, I {V«M> Edition) u-ii 'i many Interesting Cases of Cure." 0HN"I ITCH EL L, the Inventor ot PRESS-TOOLS for the Manufacture of STEEL PENS. Established 1822. MAKER to the QUEEN. Steel pens for all writers.-T,ondon Depot. No. 118, ObeapMm. Works—Newhall .Street, Birmingham. Apartments, FOR 0N2 or TWO GENTLEMEff; central «t>4 comfortable.—Apply H, Free Prm Offioe. | For Sr, Ik-e, A CART suitable for a Farir/ or Haulier. Apply to JONES & SUMPTION, Por.t; pool Brewery. For Sale, 1 £ A OF BLACK OATS, at 15a per Sack, lOU Terms: Cash only.—Apply to JOHN KNIPB and SON, Crane-street, pontypool. Straw! Straw! Straw FOR SALE, A FEW THRAVES of THATCHING 8TRA"W. For particulars apply to Mr J. E. Williams, Ty Potb Farm, Pontypool. To Let, 2 HOUSES at Abersychan; 2 do. at Pontnewynydd 1 do. on the Sow-bill.—Apply to GEORQE MASTBitay Pontypool. To be Let, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, VÀLE HOUSE, Freehold Land, Pontnewynydd. Y Water laid on; good gardmL-Apply to R. Pan na, Pontnewynydd., William Gowland Golding, deceased. Pursuant to an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 22nd and 23ri years of the reign of Her present Majesty, cap. 35, in titled, An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Creditors and Persons having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS upon or against the Estate of William GOWLAND GOLDING, late of Commercial-street, Pontypool, in the County of Monmouth, Watchmaker and Jeweller, de. ceased (who died on the 22nd day of March last, and Letters of Administration to whose Estate and Effects were granted to GJEOKOE GOWLAND GOLDING, of BurnP ham, in the County of Somerset, Gentleman, out of tbeT Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 23rd day, of April, 1877), are hereby required to send in particulars of their Claims and Demands to the said GEOBGE Gow- LAND GOLDING, or to us, the undersigned, on or before the 6th day of July next. And NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that after that day the said Adminis- trator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which the said Administrator shall then have bad notiee, and that be will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim be shall not then have had notice. Dated this 14th day of May. 1877. GREENWAY & BYTHEWAY, Solicitors for the said GEORGE GOWLAND GOLDING, the said Administrator. NOTICE. r HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I will not be answerable for any DEBTS contracted by my wife, JANE JONES, after the flat* of this Notice. JAMES JONES, Labourf-r. Top of Pontnewynydd Lanb, Pontypool. June, 29, 1877. Hro OR.OOERS A TEA DKALEKS—SPECIAL. ICKSON, NEWBY AND CO., 157, FBNCHUBCH STBEBT, LOJTDON. (Established 18541- WuolBS&LS TEA DEALERS, Importers and Bayers of Tea on Commission, DIRECT SYSTEM OF TBADINO through 8AM.PL,n POST. No Agents. No Travellers. Tuna, Expense, Trouble, and anxiety all saved by this System. FI3X.L, PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. NkMOVTI-E[- Q-nee -n-o-f Watering Place-4. HIGHCLIFFE MANSIONS HOTEL. Full South. ykgulhcent Sea Views. Tatilo d' Hote.'Jobn Xiin er, Proprietor. I iROITWICH B LilJTE B ATHS.Worcester- shire, consisting of Hot & Cold Baths, Sprays. Douches. Turkish & Swimming Baths, & containing the most powerful Water yet discovered. These Batbs are crowded with Sufferers from the Nobility to the poorest peasant. They relieve Gout, DIA Neurit tgia, all cases of General Derangement, sow extreme oases of debility* by restoring the tone of the digestive tnnctions without the necessity of specific medicine. Private Residence of the Proprietor adjoining the Baths for first class Invalids and all description of Lodgings can be obtained. Fwf all apply to Air. Roe, Sec. rjpBUST MONEYS. Larg-e Suma'of Trust J- Money to lend on MORTCJAG-l; of FREEHOLD and long LEASEHOLD LAND and BCILJjING PROPERTIES at 4 to S pei Cent. Interest. Apply to CHADWICKS, COLLIER & Co., t. Moorgate Street, London, E. C., & fei, Cross St.. Manohester. ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY (Limited), No. 7, Bank Buildings, London, E.C. General ACCTDKNTS. i PEBSONAD INJUBIBS. Railway AOCTDBBTS. I DKATII bt AOCIDHKTS. C. HARDINli, Manager. LATEST wrrv E L T ITS. THB OOBSTANCE C OBTUMB.. The FIRST PRIZE DRESS at CRYSTAL PALACE. Ia new Drap de Prance £ ? 2 5 Rich Gro Grain 8ili £ 8 5 0 THE VICTORIA JCANTLH, In new Matalasse Cloth Trimmed Feather Trimming 4CI 19 6 « Rich Gro Grain Silk t 13 6 ^Photos, of Style and Patterns of Cloths n-eeby Tost. Every description of Goods at WHOLESALE PRICES. JAJO.ES SPENCE & Co., Wholesale and Retail Silk Meroera, 70. 77. 78, & 79, St. Paul's Church Yard.^ondon. TWoRTANT NOTICE^TO Gentlemen r-esidinffin the Country A abroad. THE OXFQRD CLOTH- ING CO.UPA^^r 454, 542 & M3, New Oxford St., I^ndon.W.C., now ready their extensive assortDtte**t> 5" New Summer trooaa, oon*iHtm» of the newest 1X1 UHJgopals. Checks* Meltons, &c., &o.. for Frock (Joato« Business Coats and Suits, also a large assortment of Sootoh Cheotes for their famous Lewsters for Spring' At Summer wear. 5000 pattenisof Fancy Angwas, Checlts, Scotch Cheviots and our 13/- aTouswR. A variety of each sent post free with platoeof fashion and cards for Self-Measurement* on application tx> B. GUBITT, Managerv454, W3 & 54a, New OxfordW.C. FINEST TEAS.] [BEST SELECTIONS. InpROM ALBERT A. DEAN AND CO., 41. Ludgate Hill, London. Choicest growths of the Season in China and India, in 4., 6. <3 ajid 8 lb. Canisters, Chests, Half Chests or Caddies. TKAS, from Sle CHINA. Fill-t Ntyning 2/9 iriuttafc quality 4/- j Fin es c Kaiso^ 2^ ^Oarriage free on £ 3 worth and upwards. TVTEClirs DRESSING BAGS & CASM. iJrT ^oepatoh Boxefs Tourists' Writing Cases, Jewel Cases, Writing Desks, Scissors, Razors, Table Knives, the Magic Razor Bteop « at Mechi's, 112, Regent 9fc., W. Cata\ogu«s free. rilHE Every-Day^^DINNER SERVICE. for 18, £ 4, X5a, marvel of good taste, economy and indestructibility. Toughened QIass in great variety. Prices and patterns free by post. JOHN MORTLOCK, 202, 203 & 204, Oxforrt Streot., 80 & 31. Orchard St.. Portman 8q„ London. W. T T^LT»NITU RETOOiPEJ^&e572/ri & hest 3/11, none higher or better. Tapestry do., • of Furniture, Bedsteads and Bedding at very reauoed prices. All G-oods warranted, packed and delivered tree to any Railway Station.—WM WA.INB, Wholesale, Export ana General Furnishing Warehouseman, 131 to 139, Nfewington Butts, London. New Illustrated Priced Liilt Gratin. JjJEADS Speciality!! Shippers, Merchants & Shopkeepers only supplied, jewellery, agate pebble goods, pombs,brushes, knives, scissora, thimbles, spectacles.watchkeya Samuel Harris, BeadMerchant, 151A155, Houndsditch.London. RASS, itk$-DT&-rAING, DitUM& PIFE BANDS, PIANOFORTB8 and HiKMONIOMS at Wholesale Prices at J. MOORE'. Duston Rd., Huddersfleld. Wholesale Prices at J. M00RE'» Box ton Rd., Huddersfleld. Prices With drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any kindof Band. Patronised by the Army, Nayv, & Rifle Corps. Seoond-hand Instruments bought or taken inExchange. BRADFORD'S JOURNAL of SPECIALI- TIES for 1877 includes a full description of the New Patent Shuttle Washing Machine, New Chums. New Bone Mill, New Potato Washer, &c & also further particulars and the reduced prices of the Vowel Washing Machines free by post T. BRADFORD and Co., 140. 141, 142, .and H3, High Hoiborn, London; Cathedral Steps & Crescent Iron Works, Manchester; also No. 13U, Bold St., Liverpool. Catalogues free on applic ation. milE SOUTHWARK LEAD A GLASS Co. Rom Aiaj&y WAREHOUSES, PAHK ST., JjOirDOif, S.B, LOWKST CASH PlilCKS to ths XTadefor Sheet Lead and Pipe, Sheet Zinc, Tin, Solder, British and Foreign Glass, white l*ead, Oils, Colours, Varrush^s. i?luoib8i;s; Br&Sd Works Wrought Iron Tubing, Rain Water Castings, dco. Prices Current on application. WAND T. JONES AND Co., LoMon. 0 Oil Merchants. Petroleum Importers & Dryealters, "W.S.J" MAO HI VERT OIL. .White Star,' Natrona," and "Diamond J," Colza Oils. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers. Ironmongers, and Oilmen. fl^HE OIL MERCHANTS' & DRYSALTERS' PRICE BOOK." By W. Stavenhagen Jones. W. Southwark St.. London.E. New Edition Post free g/9. IMrüRTANT to USERS of STEAM POWER. W H PL ATT AND COMPANY, T ASHTON-irNDER-LYNE. Manufacturers of every description of KNGINE AND PTJMP PACKINGS specially MADE for and adapted to MABIKB. LOCOMOTIVE & STATIOITBRT feNftiNBs, STKAM Hamkkrs, p0MPS, &o. Best and cheapest Packings made. Samples and prices free on application. T^TOISELESS Patent-GAS ENGINE.— «k- Themost economical NMU jaoter for driving Machinery, Pumps. Hoists, Chaff Cutters, &o. From 2/3rds. to 2 h f! btaitea m a nanute at full power. No water, coal, dirt, nnell, attendance or danger. Burns common gas. Special Arrangement for localities without gas supply. costs one penny per horse-power per hour, v r»TT.oPSlces' £ 86 lOs. and upwards. LOUIS SIMON AND SON. NOTTINGHAM. jC^NGINEERS'TOOLS. Largest Stock m the North of England. Lathes. Drills. Planing. Shaping. Screwing, Punching and Shearing Machines, Engines, Steam Himmers, &c., eveit description, which for design and tininh are unsurpassed. Lowmt prices^ SOOTT BROK, HALIFAX. TB A. Ml XI i< Q. rpHE Patent REVOLVING TEA MIXER J- is the only perfect Tea Mixer in the World, it oomplet 'ly blends any number of different Teas in three minutes without loss of dust. For Testimonials and Prioell Address the Patentees and Sole Manufacturers. Messrs. W. & P. THOMPSON. 85, LOWLRGAJIDINER STREET. DUBLIN. SALLCOCK&Co7,Redditch.EISH HOOK FISHING TACKLE MANUFACTURERS. Wholesale and Eicport only. The Largest Manufacturers of Fishing Goods in the World. TTsemas-termanT^R E TIT E E". The only material suitable for KID BOOTS, rendering them soft and equal to new. all blackings, Pastes. &c., destroy the texture tc beautv of the leather. Retail of all Boot «c Shoe Manufacturers. Wholesale at 185 Bermondsey St., London. 8.E. A MERICAN Bronchitis Specific, for 2 9 in stps., finest Strengthrenewer & Skin beautifier, 1/2. Wind, Kidneys & Tip Curer. 1/8. Atlrinson. R C-. 157, Park Lane. Leeds. -1 -1 1 'i ITAUT oii4 BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS OF RECKtTTS PARIS BLUE The Genuine ia used by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES AND DW-HYAS OF EDINBURGH. ESTABLISHED 1850. J THE PONTYPOOL General Furnishing &Bedding I WAREHOUSE, J Clarence-street, Pontypool, I AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. I JOHN BEVAN, Dealer in every deacription of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIA.NO- FOKTES, HARMONIUMS, HARDWARE, &c., &o. Agent for the Singer" and u Challenge Sewing Machines. Hg* SINGER TIIEADLE MACHINES FOR f4 10,. GOODS DELIVERED PER CART FRICB. AGENTS REQUIRED In •rery Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom, to represent THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Limited. ¡ A Liberal Commission, will be allowed, whereby energetic Agents may be enabled t» • secure a good addition to their income. Applications to be addressed to the Secretory, JOHN J. BLAKE. 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E. C. CWMBRAN PLEASURE GARDENS & HOTEL, Close to the Pontnewydd Station on the Monmouthshue and Great Western Railways. 1 THIS Charming place of Summer Resort is aowj OPEif FOR THE SEASON. THE (8&LT PLACE TO SPEND A HAPPY DAY. oque. Cricket, Quoits, Football, L- and other Amusements. ¡ Workmen's Outings, Schools, and Excursion Parties arranged for on Liberal Terms. A Majptoficeiit Display of Summer Bedding. and other.tllant,t. BOQUSTS AND CUT FLOWERS IN ANT QUANTITY. A first-class Pianist every evening, and the usual Quadrille Band every Tliursaay. Late Trains on the Great Western leave Pontnewydd for Newport at 8.50 p.m., and for Pontypool Road at 10.23 p.m. .A DMISSloy- SIXPBNC-E. RICHARD CLARK, PROPRIETOR. To those who suffer from Irritation of the Scalp from Scurf Dandriff, or loss of Hair R FOX'S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE CREAM is a certain rpmedy.-Sold by Messrs Roderick & WoodJ and by the Maker. H. Fox, Commercial st., Pontypool. í BIRMINGHAM GOODSTj7welle_ry, Watches, Har- J) moniums, Household Furniture, &c. Agents Wanted. Enlarged Illustrated Book free. Apply-, Henry May, Birmingham. Cricketing Goods, Fishing Tackle, ARCHERY, CROQUET, BADMINTON, and all out-door games may be obtained at H. Fox's,. Hair-dresser and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Usk. NERVOUS DEBILITY.-GRATIS, A MEDICAL WORK, sho-wing sufferers how they may be cured without th jd of qijsc&S.. Free on receipt pf postage tamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatom), Bir* mingbam. flTETTim NETS. NETTING for Fishing, GAME PoTTLTRT&O-AKDBTrfromld. per yd. Write for Lists 6 Samples 2 stamps. David Reid & Co., Hilton St., Yi"aiohe«*er. I EON HURDLES, IRON HURDLES. All kinds of Iron Hurdles. Continuous Fencing, Field MM* Ent"ft.n- Ratoa. by BAVLT.ai< JOVIS8 and BAYLMS. Victoria VVori", Wolverhampton, and 8, Crooked Lane, King 'William Street, London. Catalogues free on application.1 FTI-UNS! £ REECH& MUZZLE LOADERS,RIFLES, Catalogues Free. J. P.CARR.Dimdas 8t-.HuddeTBfleld. RCHER s New Patent BONE CRUSHBB. ARCHER'S NEW PATENT STONE BREAKER, &0. Sole Manufacturers, DTJNSTON ENGINTE WORKS Coy., Cetteshead-on-Trne. "13ETROLEUM OIL.— Contracts now JT made fortho Comin?Season. Price List on application. AMKRTCAN OIL IJ6HT COMPANY, LONuON. mIfEPETRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS, JL PROTECT IROW from CORROSION; WOOD from DRCA Y. Do HOT BMSTB*, AM NOK-POISOHOIJS, BKILUAKT, DUXABBB, EOOWOHICAI* For HOUSE, SHIP and GENERAL USE. Manufactured ta all Colour* by the SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, LIVERPOOL. DAMP HOUSES, DAMP CHURCHES yj &c., CAN BE CURED CHEAPLY & THOBOUGHLT 1 by the PBTItlFTINO LIftTJID Manufactured Transparent or tn Colours, only by the LIVERPOOL SILICATE PAINT COMPANY, who are also the Sole Manufacturers of the PetTiiyi-g siiieate Paint. T?DWARD PINK'S DELICACIES! -A ARB THE BEST. BUT Or ALL GROCKM. /ADIS, JeUifis, Picilw, Sftnoei, Bloater Paste, &CW Schilling S BRIGHTON SELTZER ^—'A S supplied to the Hou«E of Lords, Junr. Un ited ServioeClub. Ao.,at4/.perdoi.CaTTiase free (where nolAgentslinoieesolsix dozen from the Manufactory. »■ MIDDLE ST.. BRIGHTON. I PURE DEYONSHIRP] CIDER supplied JL in Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter CMks. Apply to Jno. Symons it Co.,Cioer Merohsnta,Totnes, Devon. Ageiits Wanted, i IHAMPAGNK CYDER, Lime Juice CJor- VJdial 9c VRXEGAB* HENLBT ft SOW, invite AGISTS for sale of the above, all prize articles, of tncreastnpdemand* Pam- phlet on-app,ication. t)inoe,,Toiner SL,Toolay St.. Xondonf S.B. "17|rALKER's SCOTCH FARLS, OAT • J MEAL CAKES, bak'd wi' butter and gnid Sootch Meal, every Family ought to use them. Meal, every Family ought to use them. WALXXR'a Royal Digestive or Entire wbeaten Bisoulfcs are regularly supplied to the Queen, & highly recom- mended for persons of weak digestion & Invalids. wiT.TTHH'q Banting Biscuits are void of fat formers, and tinsurpassed for reducing over-corpulency. WALKER'S Biscuits ean he had through any Wholesale or Betail Grocer in the United Kingdom, or from the Manufacturer. Juhn walker. "t TCscuitatothe nucen. uieveiaaa-si., masgoy. H DR. NICHOLS* THOOD of HEALTH. XJ 8d. per Pound. One maul a-day would give health to thousand* who «w now suffering from Indigestion. Constipation, and their attendant Maladies. Sold by Chemists and Grocers eve^here. Whole«ftle fFranks & Co.. Little Tower St.. London. THE POST OFFICE TEAS. Sold ONLY at the POST OFFICES throughout the Kingdom. Pun. Kleh & Strong, l/ifco4/-psr lb m yellow wrappers only, sole Wholesale Depot, Pilgrim 8treet, London, E.a, where particulars of Agencies may be obtained. FURE TEA.—"We have received a Sample r of Tea from Oliver Oliver, & have no hesitation in saying we desire no better. It was equal to what has oost us 8/6 per pound.— Watchword. To enable the Public to tasto & judge WB will send 8,12 or 20 lbs. at 2/6 per pound. Carnage paid to any Railway Station in England on feoeipt of P.O.O. Dealars sup. plied direct from Bonded Stores. OLIVER OLIVER & Co., Tea importers, 66,Coleman St..Exohtage, London. Sample post free. TjTOB CHOLERA. DIARRHCEA FOR c DYSENTERY, &e. DR, J, COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE. A few doses quite effectual.—Caution.—The extraordinary medical reports on the effloacy of Chlovodyne render it of vital Importance that the public should obtain the genuine, whion is protected fer a Government stamp, bearing the words ''Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne." See decision of Vice-Chancellor Wr W. Page Wood, the Times," July 16th. 1864 Numerous testimonials from eminent Physicians accompany each bottle. The General Board of Health, London, reports that it aote as a charm, one dose generally sufficient. Earl Russell reports to the College of Physicians, London, that Chlorodyne was the only remedy of any sernoe in Cholera. Dr. Gibbon. Army Medical Staff, Calcutta, states:—" Two Qoses completely cored me of Diarrhoea." Sold in bottles, I/li,8 9,* 4*6 by all Chemists. SoleMan» fantnrer. J. T. DAVENPOBT. S3. GL RweeLl-st- London. W.O. AYE'S WORSDELL 9a PILLS, TfiE BEST CUMMER MEDICINE Cool the Blood. Purify the System. Go to the root of disease. Cured thousands. Established over 00 years. LAMPLOtTGIII,i PYRETIC -SA-L-T:IM I is most agreeable and efficacious in preventing and curing lev«ES,small pox anderoptiveoomplaints. It instantly relieves the most intense headache & thirst, and if given with Iime-juic* Syrup, is a speciflcin gout & rheumatism. 113. Holborn-hiu.E.O. Post Free, Six Pennv 8taraps. ADVICE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOB the INVALID in SEARCH of HEALTH. With certain remedies for MELANCHOLIA, Nervous Prostration, Impaired Digestion, &c., fco., their speedy Alleviation and Cure by a new and simple process. J. WILLIAMS, P.M.V.. 22. Marigoha.1 Street. Aberdeen. W 0 R N S. lloyd 8 Veg-etable Worm Lozenges, for all kinds 0 Worms in Children or Adults oaneing foetid breath, paleness, variable appetite, graiaing the teeth, disturbed sleep, fits. &e. Re v. J ohnJK.ee6,°i St-pavid s, writes, *4 They execute their work nobly. Sola by all Chemists, or sent post free for 15 stamps for children, or 35 stamps for Adults, from MR. J. W. LLOYD^hemist^iverpooL 9 SEA SICKNESS REMEDY, safe, ▼ effectual, easy to take.—Prize Medal.—80 years success, Bypost4/e Verity & Co., Chemists, 35, Warwick St., London, W. LEA'S PATENT IRON COCKS, the cheapest and best for use in the HARVEST FIELD, WATKR BUTTS, &o., &o. They will laet mnch longer than any other tap in use, and crtfer r.o inducements to theft, as OLD IRON tnev are worthless To be h&n of any Ironmonger. WILLIAM LEA & COMPANY, General Cock and Brass Founders, Wolverhampton. P" ONf CARRIAGES, Village & other Carts in every variety, including the much admired Tarisienne, | Viotorias, Stogie and Double Broughams; Landaus with Mo. Keniie^B Patent: a Lady can open or closeingtantly. Moderate prices. Trade supplied finished, or in Wo»d A Iron. Drawings, J. & W. Bidctlecombe. 118. Euston Rd.. & 57, Gt Qiyen St..W.C. *\ZTESSRS. SHGATHER & Co. have on view! JLJJL at their Establishment. BREAD ST. HII-L, I.ondon, E.a, their CKROMO-LITHO ALMANACKS for 1879. which may be justly deseribed as a tnumpb of Erg-lish Art. We have been favored with a view of these designs, Rnd have much j pleasure in advising those tradesmen wit,, are lovers of Art, tc see them before making their purchases f«r the following year. ] A An artiole of unlimited deirnnd to the household. Merchant, Lawyer. Bookkeeper or Farmer." AGENTS or Clerks in f-pure time -<v«rac-^ il"3 Jv, Sa4n'<J & Agejicy, Mes«& Snwifjr BAILEY GLAES INN, MAMHILAD, MRS.$UMMERFIELirS. rn. -A-ISrnSTUJLL PIO-NIO AND RUSTIC SPORTS, On THURSDAY, the 26th of July, 1877. Tea on the Table from 3 to 6 o'clock. Kuaio in Attendance. Tickets is. Great Western Railway. ALTERATION OF TRAINS, JULTW,. THE 6.45 a.m. Train from Cardiff will start Mrlier J- and leave Pontypool Road for Hereford, &c., at 7.35, and for Monmoath at 7.45 a.m. I The 3.50 p.m. Train, from Pontypool Road to Now- port will be 5 min. earlier The 6.20 p.m. Train from Pontypool Road to Ross will start at 6.10 p.m. and be earlier throughout, and no Train will run in connection with it from Newport after 5.25 p.m. PANTEG & LLANFRECHFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, GKIFFITHSTOWN, POSTYPOOL. TRUSTEES. (For the purposes authorized by th? Act ef Parliament, V „ nn<i S8 Viet., c. 42, s. 25 and 28.) Sampson Copestake, Esq. John 8. Cousins, Esq., M.D. Ldward James Phillips, Esq. William Collins, Esq. Wm, H. Osborne-Taylor, Esq. Alfred A. Williams, E# DIRBCTOK8. Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Direetord. A. A. Williams, Esq., Msesderwyu, Vice-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Thos. Edwards. Pontypool Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr I. R. Wright, Tantey Mr W. Smith, Griffithstown Mr J. Brown, Griffithstown j Mr D. Davies, Stafford HouA* Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Mr Isaac liotler. Panteg Sampson Copestake, Esq Mr H. Feather, Coedygric Edward Jamts Phillips, EFq Mr J. Goodeoongh, Paroteg Wm. H. Osborne-Taylor, E« Mr C. Lawrente, Pontymoil William Colling, Esq •Mr P. Chapman.Ponrnewyntdd Mr W. H. Rosser, Pontymolla Mr W. R. Pratt, Llanvrech*a Mr W, Jacob, Griffithstown BANKERS. The West of England and South Walei Distriot Banking 09. SOLICITORS. Meura E. B. Edwards & Son, Solicitors, Pontypool, 3Ti««~V tt #■ Mr IrDeet Deacon, Pontypool- Mr Roberts, SwanaM, I SECRETARY. Mr B. B. Madge. Panteg Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr William Collins, Pontypool. THIS Society is established to enabla members to borrow money repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build houses, redeem mortgages, &c.; or to accumulate monthly subscriptions at compound inte- iest. Profits to be divided among advanced ai well as ILU- advanoed shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, 8s per month. Half and quarter shares may be taken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, receivable half- yearly. MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. For further information, rules, &c., apply to the SECRETARY or the following Azents Mr W. P. THOMAS, Bridtte Shop, Pontnewydd. Mr JAMBS Bitowiq, 54, King-street, Blaenafon. GREAT REDUCTION IN PROVISIONS At T. PROSSER'S Crane-street, Pontypool. NOW FOR HAMS, BACON, CHEESE, LARD, SALT AND FRESH BUTTERS, FRESH EGGS. TEAS, COFFEES. SUGARS, at a Great Reduction. JAMS, JELLIES, PICKLES, SAUCES, Of all descriptions. Cuirants, Raisins, Nuts, Figs, Plums, Cakes of Good Asfortraents. Candles, Soaps, Soda, Starch, Blue, &c. An Immense Sale of the above at unquestionably LOW PRICES. ANOTHER GREAT REDUCTION IN SEWING MACHINES! ltJlK "SINGER' Ti- LE MACHINE may BOW .i. be obtained for £ 4 10s, or on the weekly hiring system, at Bevan's General Furnishing Warehouses, Clarence-street, Pontypool, Or Broad-street, Blaenafon. MONEY immediately advanced to any amount frem £ 50 and upwards, upon any description of security, comprising real and personal estate, farming stock, re- versions, annuities, furniture (without removal), life policies, and other tangiblt personal security. No charges made, or commission taken, and the strictest secrasy will in all cases be observed. Interest as follows. viz. :-On freehold or leaseholds from 3 per cent. per annum, per- sonal security from 4 per cent, per annum, other securi- ties at equally reasonable rates. Applicants are requested to applyjn the first instance by letter, containing full particulars, in order to save unnecessary trouble, to FREDERICK Hawkins, Esq., 9, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C. Why Suffer? WHEN the following well-tried Remedies are a hand:— Stephens's Cough Mixture, for the speedy cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, &c. One Dose gives relief.-In Bottles, Is lid and 28 6d each. The Blood Purifier, Stephens's Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, and Quinine, cleanses the Blood from all impurities, and gives strength and energy to the constitution.—In Bottles, Is l|d and 2s 6d each. Wigginton's Dr Moore's VAgetable Liver and Stomach Pills (prepared from the original prescription of the late eminent Physician, Dr Moore, of Usk). For nearly twenty years the Pills have been the most general Family Medicine for all persons troubled with Bilious Disorders, &c., in the county of Monmouth.—In Boxes, 7Jd, Is lid. and 2s 9d. Edwards's celebrated Worm Powders. Many children whose lives have been despaired of have been entirely restored to health and vigour by one dose of these Powders.—In Packets, 7¿d and Is lid. Quinine, Rhubarb, and Dandelion Pills, the great remedy for Indigestion. In Boxes, 7jd I Is I d, and 2s 9d. Stephens's Restorative Female Pills, pre- pared from the prescription of a celebrated London Physician.—In Boxes, Is lid and 2s 9d. The above preparations are prepared only by E. STEPHENS (Dispensing and Veterinary Chemist J CLARENCE-STREET, PONTYPOOL And, to prevent counterfeits, will in future bear hit signature en the Government Stamp. KEMEYS FARM, PANTEG (Within li Mik of Pontypool.) MR JAMES GRAHAM will Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, on SATURDAY. Jon»30tii, 1877, at the Crown Hotel, Pontypool, in convenient Lots, subject to Conditions of Salo to be theu produced, 26 ACRES (MORE OR LESS) OF GROWING GRASS, Standing on the above Faros, together with the GRAZING of the same to Candieiaas, 1678. Sale punctually at Two o'clock Poll particulars to be obtained at the office of the ADCTIONSER, 67, High-street, Newport. GEORGE FOTHERGILL,DeceaB td Pvrmani to the Act of Parliament, 22 and 23 Victoria, chap. 35, intituledAn Act to further amend the Lato of F&perig astd to relieve Trustees." NOTICE IS HEREBY OIYEM, tint all panose being Creditors ofor eCherwffce faring any Ckms upon or against the Estate of GEORGJS FoTHSBon-L, late of Tygwyn, near Pontypool, is fhe county of Mon- mouth, Gentleman, deceased, win died on the 3rd day of June, 1877, intestate, and Letters ef Administration of whose Estate and Effects were granted by tbe Prin- cipal Registry of the Probate Division of the Bigb Court of Justice on the 18th day ot June. 1877, to Pnizan FOTHERGILL, of Pontypool aforesaid, the natural and lawful sister and one of the next of kin of the said de- ceased, are hereby required to eend the particulars of their Claims or Demands to Mr ALFRED ADDAms WIL- LIAMS. of Maesderwea, near Pontypool, who is autho- rised to receive the same for and on behalf of the said Administratrix, on or before the 8th day of Augostnext. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the ex- piration of such timethe Administratrix will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims and Demands of which 6he shall then have had Notiee, and that she will not be liable for the Assets er any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose Claims or Demands she sball not thea have bed Notice. Dated this 26th day of June, 1877. FOTHERGILL EVANS. Chepstow, Solicitor for the said Administratrix. To Hauliers and Others. THE PANTEG LOCAL BOARD invite TENDERS for HAULING LIMESTONE from the Om Quarry to the following loads in the parish of Panteg, at per ton, the Stones to be delivered in such quantities as may be required by the said Board, viz.: From Cwm Quarry to Trosnant Macbine-house; from Quarry to Turnpike Road, ending by tbe Race Farm from Quarry to Treberbert Road; from Quarry to top of Sluvad Farm; from Quarrv to Waterloo Brook from Quarry to Glaa- coed Road from Quarry to Sebastopol Raad. Tenders to be addressed to The Pantpg Local Board," at the Clerk's Office, Trosnant Coal Wharf, en or before MOKOAT, the 9th day of July, 187)._ The lowest or any tender will not tieoessarily bt ai- cepted. (By erder). JOSEPH GOODENOUGH. Surveyor to the Board. June 27th, 1877. TENDERS ABE invited for the EXCAVATION and REMOVAL of Gronnd situate near the King's Head, Crane- street, Pontypool. For particulars apply to F. PROBYK, Maltster, Ponty* pool. T7 A P APER HANGINGS NEW PATTERNS. E. JONES, STATIONER, &a.. George Street, Pontypool, HAS received A LARGE STOCK OF PAPEH HANGIlsGS, which he now offers at very low prioes. Commencing at 3d per piece. 'I FARR^| rHTS UNRIVALLED REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION and all Stomach Disorders has stood the test of time, and I. more than ever in public favour. ESTIMONIAL-11 2. Rosalyn-terrace, Uampstead, ■ < London, Soth September, 1876. My Dear Sir.-It affords me the greatest pleasure to bear Medical Testimony to the excellence of your preparation of Lime Juice and Pepsine in cases of Indigestion and other distressing affections of the Stomach. I have used it with the utmost (access in the most obstinate oases of Djspepaia. I do not hesitate to recommend it as a most efficient and valuable Restorative «■ Believe me, yours faithfully, "CHAtLM J. F. BKNTOX, Burgeon, Secretary to the Royal Infirmary, aad formerly of H.M. Ship Preadnourbt." In bottles Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 118 each, and of all Chemists, or of Royle & Co., 67. Barbican, London, E C, Sent free to any pait ef Great Britain on receipt of 29 or õ4: stamps. resent Past & Present, a Present for the Absent. Price SS.} And may be had at tbe FREE PRESS Paim*» OFFICE, or of tbe BOOKSELLERS, LOCAL REGISTER; ^fqcttetogg øf DntJWøgl AJTD THE FBIGHBOURHOOD. COPCTAINING PONTYPOOL AND THE HANBURY FAMILY (WITH PEDIGREE;) HISTORY OF THE GRBAT STRIKE AND LOCK-OUT OF 1875; AXD ALL TBE INFORMATION KNOWN RELATIV* TO THE TOWN AND DISTRICT. i 11 1. -t 11. I Pickwick and Waver ley Pens. rESE Pens are rapidly superseding all othere, beiag adapted for every 6tyle and variety of writing. Sold AT the office of the PONTTPOOL Furr Prfw, Is jpfcr Box Is 3d per Post.