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Tea, Grocery, and Provision Warehouse, SEED AND CORN STORES, [ MARKET STREET, PONTYPOOL. WILLIAM F. DAVIES BEGS to retsrn bis ainoere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, (tad public generally for the liberal support accorded to bin since he has entered upon the above Old-established Business; ana trusts, by unremitting attention ftftffftff aad supplying First class Articles at reasonable prices, to merit a contiuance of their patronage. Teas. Qood,Useful,Pleasant Drinking Tea. Is 8d to 2s Od per lb. Superior Strong, Full Flavoured 8s 6d „ Fiat Tea, very Strong, rich character; a splendid Family Tea, suitable for any purpose 3s Od M Coffees (Fresh Boasted in the Berry.) Snperior Plantation !• P* ft- Very Fine do » Cbwoe Mountain Berry. Js 8a u Freak Ground Coffees Is 84 H Sugars. Moist Jamaica Raw and Demerara Crystals, "Refined and Double-Reifned Lump. A SO)PPIY of EwKth and 4yptiax BØMI, Oil", Bran, SAdros, itaise, Indian mi Barfy Mmh dmmy m band, atj**w&jfrHM* Agent for the DroitwioblaYt Work's RtEmA 811:.t¡glk4t_At. V. The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL- PHIA is the AMERICAN LUKE UNITED 8TATES MAIL STEAMERS. Ab LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY, Calling ATQUEEXB-ROWN evenr THURSPAT First-clasn, full-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail: Iroirn June 6 OHIO June IS » June 20 ILLINOIS June z7 PENKSYLVAKIA. July 4 «LOBD CLIVS July 11 V# Intermediate Passengers carried on to)age marten mwt The only THANS-ATLAKTIC LINK sailing under MM UXTTEO STATES FLAO, and carrying the American Safts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The aoeomtnodation for all classes ot passengers is equal to any ot the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer earnat a Surgeon and Stewardess. PasseogerB and goods are landed at Philadelphia on tIte Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, vbieb has the shortest and most direct route to all &fec«s in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct Into the Rail- Mad Can without leaving the Landing Wharf, and under the same roof, there are RBFRBSHMSNT Roox, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Oflnoc, and Baggage Express Office. CANX PABSAOE, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, -at reduced rates. SRSRKAE* PA8»A«r as low as by 4my other FU". Use, Including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers ar forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. INTSHMBDIATE P ASS AGE, including Beds, Bedding, a&d all necessary Utepsils, and separate table; £ 8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, Oeueral Agents, 807, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N. & J. Cummins & Brothers; and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19, Water-street J. MORGAN, Fast Off", Pontypool. THOS. H. THOMAIA, High-it., Tenby. Jso. THOMAS. Church-si., Tredegar ALLAN LINE. SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO M E RJ C A. COMPOSED op TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. SAILING DAYS-from LIVERPOOL,everyTUES- DAY and THURSDAY to CANADA, and every AL- TERNATE TUESDAY to HALIFAX and BALTI- MORE, forwarding Passengers on easy terms to all parts of CANADA and the UNITED STATES. Surgeon and Stewardesses provided free for all classes of Passengers. ^eweBgew-who secure their Tiw«t* before leaving kome are met at the Railway Station in Liverpool by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the steamer. THE CANADIAN GOVBHNHBST grcmlt ASSISTED PAS- SAGES by the ALLAN LINK. For Rates of Freight or Passage, apply to ALLAN BROTHERS and Co., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool: or to 4 J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. Queensland Emigration. SAILINGS FROM GB" T WINDSOR CASTLE, -6tb June, from London, for Brisbane. 4-ROXBUp.C.HsHIRF-, 5th July, from Glasgow, „ Brisbane- Female Domestic Servants free. Apply to loeal agent t J. R. MORGAN, post Offioe, ^°nT$E°AGENT GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, 2, Charing Cross, London, S.W. _c FREE EMIGRATION TO SOUTH AUSTRALIA. THE GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA GRANT FREE PASSAGES To the following Artisans, viz.: Carpenters, Bricklayers, Masons, Plasterers, Agricalturat and Railway Labour- ers, Copper, Tin and Lead Miners, not exceeding 40 years of age, Single, or Married with not more than lbreeehildren, also to Single Female Domestic Servants. COAL MINERS ARE INELIGIBLE. All Persons who are considered eligible by the Emigra- tion Agent, paying their own Full Passage, receive a Land Order Warrant of the value of jS20 for every Adult above 12, and 910 for Children between 1 and 12 years of ap. No Money, or Fee of any kind, is to be paid by in- tending Emigrants to the Local Agents for their re- mo titration. Full particulars and information, with Forms of Ap- plication, to be obtained at the Office of the Govern- ment of South Australia, 8, VICTORIA CHAMBERS, WESTMINSTER, LONDON, S.W., Or cf Mr MORGAN, Post-office, Pontypool. TO BE GIVEN AWAY.-GRATIS! A New Medical Work, entitled, "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH, or, the Confidential Friend," This Book should be read by everyone of either sex. BEING a guide for the Safe and Sure Treatment and Cure of all Debilitating Diseases, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self- Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ailments which if neglected bring the sufferers to an eaily Death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsy, Hys- teria, asd all diseases of the Nervous and Alimentary System. This Medieal Work (112 pages) gives PRESCRIP- TIONS, with full INSTRUCTIONS for their prepara- tion and use. Contains also Friendly advice on HY. GIENE, or the WAY TO PRESERVE HEALTH. Sent post free forlone stamp, or by letter post three Stamps. Advice by Letter, Gratis. SPECIAL ADVICE IN ALL DISORDERS PECULIAR TO FEMALES. THE FEMALE'S FRIEND and ADVISER will be lent GRATIS to any address on receipt of STAMPED ENVELOPE. ga Address, Messrs BARNES # Co., 48, Lonsdale Square, Sarnsburv, London, N. Important. to Country Patients. ESSRS BARNES & Co.may be consulted personally lJJ. or by letter, in all private and confidential cases, and for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers who cannot visit them they will, on receiving a description of their ease, enclosing a stamped envelope for reply, be ready o give their opinion upon the nature of the case, and the principles of treatment necessary to effect a perfect eure.-Address Messrs BARNES & Co., 48, Lonsdale- square, Barnsbury, London, N. -<SS;.>"1.; }?;J'J,:¡{!JtJ .1. COUGHS! COUGHS and WINTER COLDS alw Consumption, Bronchitis and other affections of the THROAT and LUNGS are quickly RELIEVED and Permanently CURED by Brown's Herbal Remedies." All who suffer are requested to test the efficacy of these Medicines. Sample bottles are supplied free of charge by all Country Agents, or can be had by post from the Proprietor. Address:—O. P. BROWN, 2, king-street, Covent Garden, London. Prof. Brown's 11 Treatise on Consumption," 44 pp., free toy post. Prof. Brown's Complete Herbalist," Bpst free 5s.—The above can be had of the Agent for Pontypool, E. B. FORD, Chemist, George-street. To Contractors and Others. To Contractors and Others. TENDERS required for the Erection of a VILLA RESIDENCE near the Primitive Methodist New Church, Pontypool.—Plans and Iptrcitications to be seen at the offices of Messrs Jee and Daniel, Market House Chambers, Pontypool, on and after the 23rd instant.- Tenders to be sent to Mr David Jones, Grocer, Ponty- moile, on or before the Hith June next.-The laweat., any other tender will not necessarily be accepted. Notice is Hereby Given, THAT the Business of Horse-Slaughterer, heretofore carried on at Mamhilad by WILLIAM PANNIERS, now deceased, will in future be carried on in the same place by me as Executor of the Estate of the late WILLIAM PANNIERS. WILLIAM. PANNIERS. 11th May, 1877, West Hide, Hereford. The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITH8TOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. DANIEL & JONES (Late HerbertJ RETURN their sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, H and Public generally for the very liberal support they have received since taking the business, and whilst they respectfully solicit a continuance of the same, they are determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part to give entire satisfaction. Every effort will be made to ensure good quality, moderate prices, and punctual attention to all orders. Good Strong Congou at Is 8d per lb. Fine do. 2s Od „ Superior do. 2s 6d „ The Best Mocha Cofees, Sparkling Lump, Crystals, and Demurara Sugars, Prime Home-cured Bacon, Clieddar, English, and American Cheese Salt and Fresh Butters; English, American, and French Flour; Beans, Oats, Bran, Barley Meal, Maize, Sharps, Malt, Pea8, Oatmeal; Preserved Fish, Salmon, Lobster. Sardines Australian Beef and Mutton, in 2lb., 4lb., and Gib. Tins, at Lowest Prices. Agents for II untley&Palmer's Biscuits; Spratt's Patent DogBiscuits, 22s. per cwt.; Worcestershire Fine Salt, Manure ditto. N.B—D. & J. strongly recommend their 2s and 2s 6d Teas, as being of superior quality. THE BLOOD IS THE Lnm-sv-, F See Deuteronomy, chap. XIL. verse 23. J\ WORLD FAMEIJ BLOOD MIXTURE]. Trado Mark,—"Blood Mixture." Tut GREAT BLOOD PORIFIER & RESTORER 8K1U DISEASES. Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcerated Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swellings, Can- cerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name or nature, are literally carried out of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. TMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleanse the X vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, or sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul. and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the I most delicate constitution of either sex, the Pro- prietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE \J is sold in Bottles, 2s 6d each, and in cases contain- ing six times the quantity, lis each-sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of lone-standin? cases,—BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDI- CINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietor. F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, A potbecariw Hall, Lincoln. Wholesale: All Patent Medicine Houses. LONDON DEPOT: 150 OXFORD STREET. Pontypool: 32. Stephens (late Haddock.) B. Ford (late Conway.) A NEW MEDICAL WORK By HENRY SMITH. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Jeua, and Doctor of Medicine of the Metropolitan Medical College, New York, by Examination, 1860. Just Published, Enlarged Edition, 144 pages, Crown 8,"0., Free by Post Two Stamps, in Envelope, T^ebilitating and Nervous Diseases; their U CAUSE, CONSEQUENCE, SYMPTOMS, AND TREAT- MENT. This work gives THE RESULT or TwrxTV-r.IGNT years'special PRACTICE for the Cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpi- tation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Los* of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria. Timidity, Self-distrust, Dixztness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &c. It is a GUIDE TO HEALTH, STRENGTH, and VIGOROUS OLD AGE, invaluable to the Nervous, Sedentary, Dyspeptic, and all those whose constitutions have become debilitated and relaxed from Irregularities of Life, Ihtemperance, Climate, Age, or Disease, or rom Over-taxed or Abused Energies, whether of body or mind. Gives Instructions and Advice for the Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Local and Constitutional Weakness, Premature Decay, and all Disorders resulting from loss of vitai force. Also by same Autbor, by post, seven stamps in envelope. ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMAN; Their Cause, Symptoms, and Cure. This Woil; is written for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to the Cure of a Class of for the Use of Females. It is a Guide to the Cure of a Class of Ailments to which the Female Constitution is peculiarly liable. NOTIC.. -The above Medical Works will be sent direct from the Author, in an F-nvelope, on the receipt of the amount in stamps. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS. CONSULTATION BY CORRESPONDENCE. THE ATJTHOK OF THE ABOVE WOliKS ■L will, for the benefit of Country Invalids, on receiving a description of their case, send his opinion, free of charge, with advice and directions for restoration to Health. A Confidential Form of Oerrespotidence containing Ques- tions, tfc. to assist persons in describing their case, wilt < sent poft-ft ee on receiving a directed envelope. I „ A1>URKSS HENRY SMITH. 8. BHrton-cresoent. London. W.. THE BEE-HIVE SHOP, TltilSNANT STREET, PONTYPOOL. 7J» Married Men and Bachelors, Spinsters and IVidowers, Forgemen and Potters, Colliers and Labourers: 1 our patronage I ask this year of'77 ^.pfro'T n,r.der? we" nnd honestly, by h tar en. CJIAltLES Ml.A OR sells all kinds of FURNITUKK & BXDDINO, 4' r?a ap\ wiLl ieritour wedding. Ilts GOODS are all GOOD and veil made, vou toil I find. It tcill pay you veil to bear him in mind. Dant think of the CARRIAGE-he delivers goods Fiar, Look at that It's a saving of trouble, you see Se'll be happy to see you in Trosnant-street, where lie sells cotemms and soyas and a good kasir CHAIR. MATTRESSES, also, in STBAW. FLOCK, and HAIR, So come to his Shop—you'11 find everything there. New$Second-hand Furniture bought, sold, or escehmnaed. Geods delivered per own Van, Free of Cut. CHARLES MINOR OKtJI the Rest Prtce for all kino of L'.ft-9J Wearing Apparel. In taimqg that's old, in things that's neie. { In everything doth Minor do Brooms, Brushes, China, Olass,or Tin, I At Minor's shop are found within. Wardrobes of every class ht buy*, B itheut regard to fit or size- ]n quantities both targe and amntt, Bis Gold U ready (o itty utl. I GOYTREY SCHOOL. — ■■ Thursday, June the 7th, 1877. ANNUAL TEA PARTY, FIELD GAMES, AND ATHLETIC SPORTS, in the Field adjoining Col. Byrde's Residence; also, a BAZAAR OF USEFUL AND FANCY ARTICLES, at very moderate prices, in aid of the School Funds; and at Eight o'clock, a MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT of Glees, Part Songs, and Solos. Tickets, h. each. PAPER HANGINGS NEW PATTERNS. E. JONES, STATIONER, &c., George Street, Pontypool, HAS received A LARGE 8TOCK OF PAPER HANGINGS, which he now offers at very low prisea. Commencing at id per piece. — t West of England Loan Office. Established 1866. IIONEY. NO sureties required. Cash advanced in sums of £ 10 and upwards to Farmers, Contractors, House- holders, Innkeepers, Tradesmen and others, on their own security, repayable by euy instalments. Distance no object. AGBXTS TOE POKTYFOOL: Mnssits. PHILPOT & WINGFIELD, Auctioneers, Market House Chambers. TTARVHY & Co., having made very large r~~ xmrehM«. are able to compete with any Una or Oo WJRAirv* STORKS, and at the same time offsr the publis wuuuaj terms. S per Cant, disooont on every purchase over «i. We pay great attention to our Oosrcm and Mama jjepartmento, ft send out tome hundreds from our own form of Bull-Measurement Never havinff one returned. SILKS at old ■fcvamosM ,CABHXBRaaOnr far famed XXBHTOBS at 9f- All the new Daasa MIRIUU, Cauooas, SHKBTOTOS, FUI' ■BU. Gaum, Bumn, tee., ftc. J*.Uems free. All Order* innat enclose remittance. Prompt attention to Port Orders or Telegram*. Lambeth Honie. Wertmfamtwr Bridgg. Londoa. | ■BU. Gaum, Bumn, tee., tc. Patumrfrm. All Order* innat enclose remittance. Prompt attention to Port Orders or Telegram*. Lambeth Honie. Wertmfamtwr Bridgg. Londoa. | rpHB QUEENS LAUNDBB83 SAYS THfi (JLENFIELD GTAROH ;'4k 0 IS THE BEST SHE EVER U SBID. ^HEAXLIAN CE SGCllW, 51, Moorgate A. B- *»»««■ J.ONDON and SOUTH AFRICAN BAM (Incorporated by Royal Oharter I860). Tk MM WILLIAM 8TKKKT, XJONDOV, fe.Cr ISSUES LETTERS of CREDIT ana DRAFTS on its Branches at Port Elizabeth. Srahams- ^.Caw-town. barbaa/Natal). BiHs nerooiateda&d sent for collection, and all Banking bnsineas tranweted. Interest at 6 per cent, per annum (parable half-yearly) ajlowed on Deposits flxedfor 13 montha or longer periods. JMt B'ATOIJTV« Best and Cheapest SAITEGUAKD agaiqst FIRE and THIEVES. Phtenix Safe Works, Liverpool. W ALKHJii'^CRYSTAEGASE WATCHES'. we superseding all others. Prize Medals. London,IBM PanelW7. Stlverfram £ 3 8a. Gold from £ 6 6s. 08,Cornhill, E.G. 230,Regent-fit,t W. & 76,Strandt W.O. Descriptive Pamphlet free- tl nOnpATTEIiNS of NEWSlLKS or Dress Goods poet free. „ SILKS from 1 to SO &s. Fancy Dresses 7/0 to BQf- Write to D. NTCBOLBON & Oo.. 50 to S3, St. Paul's Church Yard, London, E.C. Established &ILKS and DRESSES from LOTFBON. K<_ PATTERNS SENT FREE. „ RICHEST BLACK. COLORED and FAKCY SILKS From S/6 per yard. lOO >Jew Washing Fabrics from 8d. yd. lOO New Textile Fabrioa from fld. yd. fOO New Black Fabrics from Cd. yd. BA k kR & CRISP, 198, Regent Street, London, W. OYAL DEVON SERGE for LADIES' DRESSES woven of pare wool only for SPRING and SUMMER WEAK. The Court Circular, Myra's Journal, The Milliner and Dressmaker recommend it as the best, the cheap- est, the most durable. Prices from 1/3 per ?ard. ^geridjor Patterag^fr^to^thc FACTOIM^ ITO8 BOYS' HARD WEAK ft OKSTLEMEVs ST7TT3 \VALTEITTRUEFITT'S, 1, New Bond Street, London. Hair in all the newest styles as worn In London and Paris, Black, Brown and Golden byes, Kalo- trikos the bat dressing for the II air. Astringent Lotion stops its falling, Semperrirecs is the best Restorer. Gentlemen's Hats, ftc. Best Articles at moderate prices. TRUNKS and PORTMAUTfcAtjS. HARROW ft SON, Old Bond St., London, is a reliable House," Apple ton's Guide, 1876. Illustrated Oatalognepoet frea. TO MII.r.TVVRK ANrb OTHERS. (SEND 30/- for 1 dozen Millinery Bonnets also OA for 1 dot Chfldrens* Straw Hats teteimed in aU ooloure. Mess Caps kept in stock from 6/-to SO/- per -l-wmn XAOd Curtain*. Antimacassars, Flowers, Feathers, Ribbons, Che«illef ana flroflB. Sottingha»< & q»aa. Williams ft Co.. go. nanno^. Bfc.^Umdon. ldarigns free, T3LANT & MACHINERY SUPPLY Saufa^rs, &S3?E%IS&& Ma^and Implementa for their Bnainese under an improred PUBCHASB Hirs STSTI* of eaAy^aymente extending over 1,8,0*3 Particulars and opiilions of the Press post free. 53. GTmt Head Oflices. S3 ft 53. Great Westen rAtpade, Btrmjugham. ToTARKSRS, AGRICULTURISTS. DIMP]IICRI)S. Foot Rot ft Lameness in Sheep nffoetaally sured by the use of TOACrSHAWs FOOT ROT DRESSING. Sold in Bottles 8/S and 8/8 each, sufficient for 40 or 70 Bhaep, as originally made by JOHN BAGSHAW, Belatead. Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers, GRIMW ADE. RIDLEY & CO, Wholesale Druggists, IPSWICH. To whom applications for Agencies must be ma4» GlTEAMSfilP SlS&ES^A^an ment-Mesara. HUNTLEY. BERJTER & Oo.. SteawhiP ud Share Brokers, West Hartlepool, have for DISPOSAL SHAKES in someiin&class STEAMSHIPS. It is well that such vessels owned in the North of England are a eap»M investment, ft that dividends ranging from IB to OS per cent- per ann. hare been returned for the holders of the same. Buen steamships being insured, the investors have no risk in laying out Capital in such property, & by the simplicity of registration in theOra itom House a title of nnQuaUfiea security is obtained* G1TEAM ENGINES for ALL PtfKPOSES. The"WIGZELLiHALSEY "improved Patent. OFFICES. 82. MARK LANE, WNDO-V. E.C. W k.-ylttilPr-im-slo-rTF-WR-LL-B" o J/ Zon oa-n buy at wholesale prices? English Levers warranted, 80Hunters, I«di* or any goods of Birmingham manufacture ean also be obtain** ^Country orders must enclose remittance or give two gooa references. Any goods not approved will be exchanged tf nnfajawd. H. Hirrcmjfsojr ft Sons. Cambridge Crescent, Binnlu^ASfV 1\fON £ Y on~EASY a^&8 to £ 2.t50j) Male or Female in Town or Country, en note of Btock in Trade, Crops, Farm Stock, to assist persons into Busi- ness, Furniture without removal or publioiiy, also on deposit Deeds, Bonds, Shares, Reversions, Kreehold and leaseholds at o per Cent, interest. No sureties, fees or iaw oosw. no object. N.B.—This txang a genuine Offiw {F^rablishcd Wi") for all Mercantile wd otlier Monetary transaction*, Boirow^s will do well to at ono« writ-e or oonsult Mr. H. OAiti 108, Strand, London. If by letter, state amount require& HE~R it S R is N O V o R Instantaneously cleans Kid Gloves, Silk. Velret, Furs, &0., &c., also LiK-c Woods, without unpleasant odour. Entirely supersedes Benzine and all Fluids. For sale by all Chemists. Drapers and Perfumers (pri^e Od., 1'- and 2/- per bw. °J °l Herts & Co.. 43A.. Store Slao.t. Bedford e, London. BEWARE OF SPTTRIOUS IMITATIONS. T^REEMANs MAKING F0WD2&. J- Tra-k) [TRY IT.] Marie.. This Article on merit has gained universal approval, an« induoed many Imitations.—Every genuine paokst slgnea ( W.G. Freeman). FRi £ K.MAif & IIILUYARD. Manufacturort, Dover Road, Borough, Ixindon. Also k«pt in St<ick bv every lonoon Wholesale House. ENO's FR tr I SA t T. (Prepared from soutid ripe FruitJ. It is the best irretentive and cure for Bxliousr'ess, eic» Headache, Skin Eruptions, Impure Blood, 1'iroplts Face, Giddiness, Feveashness. Mental Depression, Trvi™2. of Appetit«, SourneM of the Stomach, Constipation. Jng, Thirst, Arc., and to remove the effects of Errors oi Katuig and Drmkins. Price 219 and 4oí6 Sold by all Chemists. ,TOHN D'AllCY k SON, Brewers PORTER and STOUT, AyCHolz BRLITERY. DUBIALN. (Largest Brewery Ireland bat one). Purchasing A gents reouired in all towns in which thore are nooo "PACKET TEIT^PACKET TEA!! AGENTS WANTED in all parts of the Kingdom for we sals of the FOO CliOW FOO COMPAKX's TEA. Admitted by Connoissuurs to be the best. Wholesale at the Coinf>a«j s Warehouses. SM. Lime Street. London, K.C. t SIR W. A.-& C 0.8 T T. IGHTHOUSE COLZA OIL • « F°? MODKRATOR AND OTHER LAMPS. Merchants ft Reflners of all kinds of Burning ft Litf iricatmg OM PBKJK LIST PK*E OK APPI.TVATION. Omoas. 68, Upp«rTh»>nesStreet, i^ndon. K.C. f^HEAP JB'WELLI^RT.—S>tonk^vHn^ will Vy find best assortment ft lowest prinos n.t 12, Hoimdsditeh, London. Cloclw. Wotciiai.Cutlery,Combs,Spec- taoies.Pens. Pipes,lln-nes.Cativlogn^strim. K«td. 18^. Post free for Five Stamps from 31B. G. T. CONGREVB, PECKHAM. LOKDO*- ITS ONLY SUCCESSFUL TRKATMKXT, "CONSUMPTION, () u*itk inanp lnCereating of Ow JOHN MITCHELL, the Inventor of PRESS-TOOLS for tha Manult,,m oi STEEL PENS. Established 1822. MAKER to the QUEEN. Steel pens for all write"T,nd(m Depot. No. US. Ohiapside, W otk;N ewbo.lI direct, Birmingham. ^HKAP GARDTFN GETTING:—<^O^A Tanned Netting for Fruit Trees, Strawberry Beds. Cheapest in Britain, 521- per ca-t., or less than one half- penny per sqnare vaM. Terms Cssh. JOHN WOODWAIl^' ^itfh fltrytet. Pittenwe«i. Fifa. ri 1H £ Y ALLFI TTTF, BEST WFE EVER TRIBD." Public Tfc»y om« as a boon and a blessing to men. The Piolrwiok. th« Owl and the Wajerley Pen. They aps a tfeaware."—Staniinrd. The lltXDOO PB' Maemute* # Blair gb., gold Bvgr>*»jx^ Abergavenny Gas Works. To Colliery Proprietors. rHIE ABERGAVENNY IMPROVSMKNT COM- 1 MISSIONERS invite TENDERS for the supply of GAS COAL, delivered on the Siding at Abergavenny Gas Works, connected with the London and North Western Railway. The quantity of Coal required will probably amount to 2000 tons per annum, or more, but the Tenders are to be made irrespective of quantity. Separate Tenders are requested for the supply of Coal for one, two. or three years, cemmenttog Juty 1, 1877, and Separate Rates for delivery in. the Contractor's Wagons or the Commissioners' Wagoot. The Coal to be delivered to ord6r it such quantities as may be required at six days' notice. Tenders (quoting the price per ton). to be sent to the Clerk not later than noon on Monday, 18th June, 1877. The Commissioners do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. j J. T. RUTHERFORD, CLRaK, ( Abergavenny Improvement Commieaioners. Town Hall, Abergavenny, May 19, 1877. -:y- Wanted, A FARM BAILIFF, Without incumbrance; must understand horses well.—Apply to W. E. Thomas, TQefa Crib Colliery, near Pontypool, Mon. Wanted Immediately, A PPRBNTICES and IMPROVERS in the Dress and XI. Mantle Making Business.—Apply to Mrs 6u»», Clarence-street, Pontypool. GENTLEMAN rc<lu're8 COMFORTABLE LODG- # J about Abersychan or Pontypool. Farmhouse ^nty^ool a* term8*Address T. J. Post-office, For Sale, A CART suitable for a Farmer or Haulier. Apply to JQWBg & ScMPTioy, Pontypool Brewery. Good Cider for Sale. 4000 GALLONS, in any quantity to suit pnr- Zh chasers.—Apply to Mr WATKIKS, Llanvair. Aoergavenny. To Let, O at Abersychan; 2 do. at Pontnewynydd; Pontypool°D 8ow*hil1-—APP15't0 Gbouob MASTERS, To be Let, TN the early part of June, the DWELLING-HOUSE, JL arden, and Appurtenances now in the occupation of KANCRS MORGAN, of Trosnant—For full particu- lars apply on the premises. Pontypoo).-To be Let, A FREE FULL-LICENSED INN, in the msin n ""ghfarc of the town, now doing a good trade. Death of Proprietor cause of leaving. T Prhculllrs may be known on application to Mr G. e, Crane-street, Pontypool. ANOTHER GREAT REDUCTION; IN SEWING MACHINES! THE "SINGER" TREADLE MACHINE may now -L be obtained for £4 10s, or on the weekly hiring system, at 3 Sevan's General Furnishing Warehouses, n Clarence-street, Pontypool, ur -Broad-street, Elaenafon. TILBACH FARM, MAMHILAD, NEAR PONTYPOOL. j Messrs PHILPOT & WINGFIELD ARE instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the CKOWM HOTEL, Pontypool, onTntsDAY, the I2th doy of June, 1877, at 3 o'clock in the ai>ernoon, ALL THAT VALUABT;: Freehold Farm and tiands, Called or knows by the naipe of I JBACH I -T! FAR4», > >■:»-. Situate at Mamhilad, near Pontypool, in ihe county of1 Monmouth, and late in the possession of Wk. PANNIEES, deceased, and containing 15 acres 2roodsind 25 perebes (more or less) of rich pasture and meadow'and. Toge- tber with the TWO NEWLY-ERECnm MES- SUAGESor DWELLTNGHOUSES and.'argeandsnb- stantially-built SLAUGHTER-HOUSi, STABLES, and other Outbuildings, now used foi carrying on the business of Horse Slaughterer, but which may, if de. sired, be easily converted for other purposes. For further particulars application may be made to the AUCTIONEERS, Market-house Chambers, Pontypool, or to Messrs GREENWAY & BYTHEWAY, Solicitors, Pontypool. NOTICE. I WILLIAM DAVIES, hereby give notice that I will not be answerable for any Debts whieh my Wife, ANN DAVIES, may contract after this date. WILLIAM DAVIES. Tailor, M-Y 30, 1877. 3, Gwent-street, pont;pool. To those who suffer from Irritation at the Scalp from Scurf Dandriff, or loss of Hair H. OX.S NUTRITIVE AND SEDATIVE CREAM 18 a certain remedy.—Sold by Roderick & Wood, an<l by the Maker, H. Fox, Commercial-st., Pontypool. JQT3TTINGK Nets. Netting for FISHING, a- Poultry4 Garden from id. for Lists & sumps, DavidB«U1 &Og^g^Manohegter. BLACK lead m BL O GK. for poking Htor«. atld aU of Iwmwork e^oal to steel, witheufc mete or dut.. ScM. every* Hi«« > f ttL* W-, s&d 4d. 3Mock«» Ash for W. G. NIXEY* BLACK LEAD see Oatt you have it. It. Sob* 8qi»re, London, r-i—i UTION?—'rhmT- ure aergr*! Imitation* ^ri. KAOHISSS, srnT% £ system. ^JOUGHS, COLt)S, X^HMA, BRONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA. D?; j-COM.T8 Brow* CHLORODYN0, -Sr1 n 8M dao^ioB of Vie&<ChanoeUot the ^ninea." Jolf 1864. Numeroua f *»«■>»«> o»«i» (Jfsssa' K axe's XirORSDELL's pILLS. THB SIS1 SPRING MEDICINE. ►C7 Psriijr the Blood. Cleanse the systeqt- CK> to the root of disease^, and testore health. Established BO yew*. Of all Chemists. CV^^MPTION7TO., can be CURED by fanproved pnp EXTRACT of MALT Pji yged from the finest Kentish Mali, Mais non-fermented tod ra bottles atI/9. A* agmpie h|lf-do!!en l^S Offices, 1<|. 9trandj London W.& /L&EWTS WAJTBsn m Tendon. Oynjay and the Contitient. T*ARALYSIS, THREATE^^EPARALYGIS, &<s. OALVAN^ HALSK'b Extwrdijg^Careg by means of iDv™~vrf: -18" of Paralraia. DehU^3tapofiMus<nilar Power FOR THE INVALID in SEARCH of HEALTH. mrat^V remedies Xerrovu ^Paired pigestkm, ftc., to., their speedy and Onre by a and aimple process. AYy* IS, Mariflohal Street. TVP CX^CHP^NNY.-H you desire -TLZ. pake 3OA n«r week easilr and honestly, encloee 10 woT? V to J. WIIJ3Y.7to^C^ —-——Money returned if reqneBteq. — A1*^TfiATDSXEESg Soiroo^ 4<Mtcb«*0 WILLIAM J ?• will receive Poet_a aample value Twopence, awrf Information worth many Poroida a-year. THF NATIONAL RELIANCE ADVAWCE8 from £ S to fSS delay or pablidty to either Sex upon note oi alone, furnitme wtthont lem^ral, stock, plant, fanpte- OKEY,Manager :Ba8eettst:,Ha.toek Hill, London. N. w. SJ £ SXT~CHOf^BYS. Billing's Patent OOTTA TERMlWAiS jure the best cure aa applied d'J-UJLM KHaniBSBOtTKUK'B M'l'BKS maTUFSBD BfOQiI& The best and Meal of perfonnanoe on appUoation. TegUmoni&U Ga mark Lane. iAmaoiL HUIIDLES. Catalogues frgg 00 appHoatoon. S' BREECH&)lUZZLB LoADERS, I:FLES, CHAMPAGNE CYDER, Limo juice cor- 'dial & VIXBQAR. SON, invite Aqknts for ESTABLISHED 1850. THE PONTYPOOL I General Furnishing &Bedding WAREHOUSE, Clarence-street, Pontypool^ AND (BRANCH) 95, BROAD-STREET, BLAENAFON. JOHN BEYAN, Dealer in every description of HOUSEHOLD FgftQriTUEE. PIA3JO- PORTES, HARMONIUMS, HARDWARE, &c., &c. Agent for the Singer" and Challenge" Sewift JkohinaL ajS* SINGER TREADLE MACHINES FOR f4 10.. GOODS DELIVERED PER CART FRRR. S -E-EJOS I." JOHN KNIPE & SON, SEED, CORN, & PROVISION MERCHANTS, Crane-street, Pontypool, ♦-w BEG to anoounce that they hire jatTreeeived a LARGfe ASSORTMENT of GULBDEN. FLOWER, and AGMCUlTURATI SEEDS which they can confidently recommend. Seed Wheat, Barley, Oats. Spring Vetches, Clovers, Grasses, Early Seed Potatoes Ac IhlitIk4hriI B £ WARE OF WORTIILESS IMITATIONS OF RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE The Gen11b1. is use by the Laundresses of THE PRINCESS OF WALES -AND DUCEEMS OF ZDINEURGH. AGENTS REQUIRED In every Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom, to represent THE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Limited. A Liberal Commission will be allowed, whereby energetic Agents may be enabled to secure a good addition to their income. Applications to be addressed to the Secretary, 1«4 rr-4 0J JOHN J. BLAKE. ) 164, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. Goods, Fishing Tackle, A RCHERY, CROQUET, BADMINTON, and all XX out-door games may be obtained at II. Fox's, Hair-drfsser and Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool. Tickets for Fishing in the Usk. NERVOUS DEBILITY.—GRATIS, a MEDICAL • i. shoe ing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of postage tamp. Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomj, Bir- mingham. B KVBRY man lilB OWW PAIWTEU. UY LUNDY's Celebrated HOUSEHOLD PAIKTS mixed ready for use. Packed in X* 2. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 lb. Tins which can be opened with the finger and thumb and closed again. Dry, hard and glossy within eight hours. The popularity of these Paints have induoed many inferior imitations, none 0f which will bear any comparison. It is necessary that every Purchaser should see that on every iin is stamped "John J. Lundy & Co.. T^eith," aaisome Retailew otherwise give the common imitations, which th«y are xnauceji to keep merely that they get it cheaper, and reap more profit* Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and Ironmongers. ACCIDENT INSURANCE Company (limited). No. 7, Bank BuiJdings. Ixmdon, E.C. 6EHBKA.Ii AOCIDEBTS. PEBSOKAL INJURIKS. RAILWAY ACOISMTS. I D*ATH BT ACCIDENTS. C. HARDING-. Manager. THE FREEHOLD PROPERTY INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION (Limited). Offices, 13, Coleman Street, Bank, London. B.C. Bankers, National Provin cial Bank of England, Bishopsgate St. Capital £ 100.000. Shares £ 5 each. Interim Dividends of £ 6 per Cent, per Annum paid at Mid- summer and Christmas, and a bonus at end of Financial Yra,r. This Association provides aa effective INVESTMENT in pwgt hie Seeuofies, JKBJEEHDXJ3 LAND, and HOUSES. The objects of the Association are 1.—To secure a profitable return to Shareholders bj" making advances on freehold securities only. L-To secure to persons having money to deposit a ready and safe mode of doing 8Q at a uniform rate of interest. &-To assist the acquisition of freehold property by instal- xnant payments, extending over a term of years. Secretary, J. H. EDMONDS. rriHE REAL PROPERTY TRUST, Limited, ro, Regent St., London, S.W. Capital jel.ooo,ooo. In- Veets exclusively in Keal Estate. Receives DEPOSITS at 3J to 5 per Gent, per Annnm, & offers special advantages to theWork- tag Classes. Pamphlet with full details, gratis and post free. influential Agent. Wanted. Terms & particulars on application. EA T E ST N OO LT IES. L PARISIAN XANTLBS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. PARISIAN MILLINERY AT WHOLESALE PBIOBS. PARISIAN COSTTTMES AT 'WHOLZRA.LZ PptTCBL A O U B> N I N (J, Swy description of Goods at/WHOLESALK PRICES. Patterns post free from JAMES SPENCE & CO V Wholesale Drapers, &r. 76,77,78 & 78 ST. PAUL'S CHUROH^AH.TS, LONDON, E.C. A LBERT CRAPE, one fold of the new Patent ALBERT CRAPE is 1\.8 thick as two folds of the o!d maske, is much cheap- & wears better. Sold by all Dmpem "I^UNERAL Robes, <fec.—fewest Stvles. Best 5SinV,tnhs TMPORTANT JfOiICE.—-To~ Gentlemen AresidmgintheCounCTyA: abroad. THE OXFORD rr OTH- me COmIaNY 454,542 & 543, New Oxford St* SonWC hare now ready their extensive assortment of N^ SnrinPand Summer Goods, consisting of the newest designs in THaSfnak Checks. Meltons. &c., «c.. tor Frock Coats, Business and Suits, also a large assortment of Scotch Checks fo? thei^mois Leinsters for Spring, & Summer wear. 5000 patten,sof Angolas, Checks. Srotch Cheviots and stripes for rmr M- Trousers. A variety of eaoh sent post free with plates of fashion and cards for Self-Measurements on application to M. CUBITT Manager, 454, 542 & 543. New Oxford Street. London w n TJNPARALLKLED FINE ART DIBTRJBUTTCVJ— 1A GUINEAS for 15 SHILLINGS and XV a GUINEA PRIZE GRATIS to all. u Six magnificent Engravings by Turner, 11. A., An^dell, R A. and Bouvier, R.A.. size 30 by 22, (genuine impressions from original Steel Plates), published at Ten Guineas the Set. suffl. oient to furnish any Dining or Drawing Room, sent secureiv packed on receipt of 1 e s., together with a ^umea Prizo. Oi>o Engrraving and a Coupon for Guinea Prize frr*e on 2/10.-AU orders address JAS. DBXTBK, SenrRtary, Art Unionl PAUL JERRARD S Fine Art Gallenes, 170, Fleet-st., I .ondon where the sets are on view. Eatd. 40 years. lYospfytus onp st^xnp.* I BIRXHDAT or WEDDING PRESENT. I mHE NEW ILLUMINATED ALBUM, 1 Registered. LB PENDANT DU PARTERRE, (Companion to the Parterre), HAVING 18 DIFFERENT COLOURED DESIGNS. Quarto size, bound in Russia and Morooco. A HANDSOME PRESENT. To be obtained of the Principal Stationers and Boofesellers. Each Book stamped. Registered with the Publishers" initials T. -T S. & Co. TTNGRAVINGSTCHROiViOS, Photog-raphi; J-J &a. B. BROOKS & SONS, Carvers, Gilders & Publisher*, 171, Strand, Corner of Surrey Street. The Cheapest to London. Established.1750. FINEST TEAS ] [BE&FSELECTIONS. X^ROM ALBERT A. DEAN AND CO., 41, Ludgate Hill, London. Choicest growths of the Season in China and India, in 4, 6, 6 and 8 lb. Canisters, Chests, Haif Chests or Caddio. t JS,S™'S.'ASS'„ kinds, free on application. | ] gjven Vlien required for Cosh Carriage free on C2 worth and upwards. "jVrECHI's DRESSING BAGS & CASES. Despatch Boxes, Tourists' Writing Cases, Jewel f'apps. Writing Desks. Scissors, Razors, Table Knives, the Magic Razor Strop & Paste, at Mechi's, 112, Regent St., W. Catalogues f: ee. THE SOCIETY OP ARTS. ONE SHILLING 5TOI8T COLOUR BOX. Unadulterated Pijnnents. LECHER7TER BARBE & CX> 80, fiegent Street. London. And all Artiste' Colourmen, ana Stationers. mHE Every-Day DIN NE R^S E11 VICE. Set for 12. 4J4 15s. A marvel of good taste, ecomomy and indestructibility, roughened Gfnss in great varietv. Prices and patterns free by post. JOHN ^OUTLOOK, 203 k 201, C-xforJ Street, 30 & 31, OrchardJStreet, Portman Square, London W XpURNlTtTRE.CARP E L'S, Ac. Brussels. 2/4* 2/9, 3'3 & best 3/11, none higher or better. Tapestry do., 1/10!: 30.0 0 of Furniture, Bedsteads and Bedding at veJ1' reduced price*?. All Goods warranted, packed and delivered free to any Railway Station.—WM. WAINE, MTioles.ile, Export and General Furnishing Warehouseman. 131 to 139, Newington Butts, London, New Illustrated Priced List Gratip. BRASS, REED; STRINg.a DRUMA FIFE BANDS, PIANOFORTK8 and H ARMIWIOMS at Wholesale Prices at J, MOORE'S. Buxton Rd., Hnddersfield. Prices with drawings of every Instrnment post free, ilusic for gnykindof Band. Patronised by the Army, Navr, & Ri8e Corps. Seoond-hand Instruments bough1 or taken in Exchange. BRADFORD'S Patent VOWEX WASHINS MACHINES, Wringers, Mangles, Laundry Fittings, Ac. CATALOGUES free by post. 140, HI 112 & US, fl:gh Ho.born, London. Crescent Iron Works. Manchester, & 130. Bold Sc., Liverpool. ftlHE SOUT IIWARK LEAD & GLASS CO., -Ros* ALLKY WAREHOUSES, PABIC ST.. LONDON, S.E. LOWEST CASH PKICES to the Trade for Sheet Ix>ad and Pipe. Sheet Zinc, Tin. Selder, British and Foreign Glass, White Lead, Oils, Colours, Varnishes. Plumbers' Brass Work. Wrought Iron Tubing, Rain Water Castings, arc. Prices Current on application. XSpfiA L T E ROOFING PROOGON^co^mTNURSlcturers 42, Upper Thames Street, London, 50, George Square, Glasgow. Gore<aj6Z(tK. Liyeri)f>ol, IRON CfltTRCHES SCHOOLS ^ROO^S, by OBOaQON and Co., Jl, Upper Thames Street, I.ondon. 69, George Square, Glasgow. 2, Goree Piazzas, I jverpool. mEETET&IFIlNG SILICATE PAINTS, JL PROTBOT IRON from CORROSION; WOOD from DECAY. Do NOT BUSTRB, ARE NON-POISONOUS, BJULLJAJfT. DURABLE, KCONOMICAU For HOUSW, SHIF and GENERAL USE. Mannfaxitiired in all Colours by the SILICATE PAINT COMPANY. LIVERPOOL. DAMP HOUSES, DABtP CHURCHES, mJ &c., CAN BE CURED CHEAPLY & THOROUGHLY by the PETRIFYING LIQUID Manufactured Tmn*j>arrnt or in Cnhiurs, unlv bv the LIVERPOOL 8ILICATE PAINT COMPANY, who are also the Sole Manufacturers of the Pctrifyyig Silicate Paint irySWSSB PINK'S DELICACIES JLi ARE THE BE3T. Bu* or iu< QBOCBBS. Jams, Jellies, Marmalade, Plokies. Sauces, Bloater Paste, &o (f^LARETE Pyramid Food Warmers, 3/6. 5/- & (j. Clarke's Pyramid Xia:ht Lights for beating Clarke's Ifoodwamerq. Bold everywhere. Works, lin. Albany St., N. W. j NOTICE. A FRESH ARRIVAL I OF BEST FLOUR. iW. PEGLER & SON, II PONTYPOOL & BLAENAFON, A ERmrr8S!<SG THEIR FL0UR at 18 PER IX BUSHEL liEDUCTION The very best bushel 10 0 0' Tea. per lb.. ery good, recommended 1 6 Be-t l,urn p Sugar 0 4 Large Crystals 0 4 Small do 0;)1; |; „ Demerara o qi Good Moist M Q 3* Best Currants o 3^ 11 „ Raisins Q 3* lib. Box Best Starch each 0 4i 31b. Tins Jam Oil Smoked Haios -wr'jb. 0 ^7 ■MiW t)«red do i ij Candles 0 5 PANTEG & LLANFRECHFA PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. j GRLFFLTHSTOWN, POSTYPOOL. TRUSTEES. T- <!H.f 38 < 42. 25 37 Sampson Cope?take, Ksq. Edward Jsmes Phillips, Esq. ^Vm. H. Osborne-Taylor, E*q. Edward Jsmes Phillips, Esq. n. Osborne-Taylor, E-q. I John S. Cousins, Esq., M.D. WillMD Collins, Esq. Alfred A. Williams, Esq. I BIRECTORS. Dr. Cousins, Cwmbran House, Chairman of Directors. A. A. Williams, Esq., M»esder» vn, Yiw-Chairman. Mr Jabez Jacob, Cwmbran Mr Frederick R. Phillips Mr W. Smith, Griffitbstown Mr D. Davies, Stafford House Mr Isaac Butler, Panteg Mr H. Feather, Coedygric Mr J. Goodenough, Panteg Mr C. Lawrence, Pontymoil Mr P. Chapman,Pontnewynydd Mr W. H. Pratt, Liauvrechya Mr Thos. Edwards, Po-itypool Mr J. R. Wright, Panteg Mr J. Brown, Griffithstown Mr W. J. Rees, Swansea Sampson Copcstake, Esq ) Edward James Phillips, EFq Wm. II. Osborne-Taylor, Esq William Collins, Esq Mr W H. Rosser, Pontymoile Mr W, Jacob, Griffithstown BANKERS. The West of England and South Wales District Banking Co. SOLICITORS. Messrs E. B. Edwards & Son, Solicitors, Pontypool, SURVEYORS. Mr Ernest Deacon, Pontypool. Mr Roberts, Swans'-a. SECRETARY. Mr B. U. Madge, Pant fur Steel Works. TREASURER. Mr William Collins, Pontypool. = THIS Society is established to enable members to borrow roomy repayable by monthly instalments, to purchase or build bouses, redeem mortgages, &-e.; or to accumulate raonthly subscriptions at compound ir.te- lest. Profits to be divided among advanced as well as »n- advanced shareholders. Subscriptions on unadvanced shares, 8s per month. Half and quarter shares may betaken. Paid-up shares, which are repayable at three months' notice, either from the members or the Society, are issued, bearing interest :at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, receivable half. yearly. i MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. For further information, rules, &c., apply to the SECRETARY or the following Agents:- Mr W. P. THOXAR, Bridste Shop, Pontnewydd. Mr JAMES BROWN, 54, King-street, Blaenafon. GREAT REDUCTION IN PROVISIONS | At T. PROSSER'Sj Crane-street, Pontypool. NOW FOR HAMS, BACON, CHEESE, LARD, SALT AND FRESH BUTTERS, FRESH EGGS. TEAS, COFFEES. SUGARS, at a Great Reduction. JAMS, JELLIES, PICKLES, SAUCES, Ot all descriptions. Cui rants, Raisins, Nuts, Figs, Plums, Cakes of Good j Asrortments. Candles, Soaps, Soda, Starch, Blue, &c. An Immense Sale of the above at unquestionably LOW PRICES. I Why Suffer ? the following well-tried Remedies are a Stephens's Cough Mixture, for the speedy cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma, &c. One Dose gives relief.—In Bottles, Is I-Ld and 2s 6d each. The Blood Purifier, Stephens's Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, and Quinine, cleanses the Blood from all impurities, and gives strength and energy to the constitution.—In Bottles, Is I-xd and 2s 6d each. Wigginton's Dr Moore's Vegetable Liver and Stomach Pills (prepared from the original ;prescription of the late eminent Physician, Dr Moore, :of Usk). Fur nearly twenty years these Vills have ibeen the most general Family Medicine for all persons troubled with Bilious Disorders, &c., in the county of Monmouth.—In Boxes. 7id, Is l £ d, and 2s 9d. Edwards's celebrated Worm Powders. j Many children whose lives have been despaired of have (been entirely restored to health and vigour by one dose jof these Powders.—In Packets, 7|d and Is l £ d. j Quinine, Rhubarb, and Dandelion Pills, [the great remedy for Indigestion. In Boxes. 7id Is I ld, and 2s 9d Stephens's Restorative Female Pills, pre- 1 pared from the prescription of a celebrated London t'hysician._T ri Boxes, Is Id and 2s 9d. The above preparations are prepared only by E. STEPHENS (Tjispcminq end Veterinary Chemist J CLARENCE-STKEET, PONTYPOOL I And, to prevent counterfeits, will in future bear his siguature on the Government Stamp. Manck of Wentslaxid 4k Bryngwin, In the County qf MeHMoutA. NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, THAT A GENERAL COURT BARON, or Great Ownt of the Lady and tarda oft8 aid M asor, wiU be DoWen on WEDNBS- IUT, tJat TvumJuith day of Inae Dftt. at the Citown HOTEL, ftN-TTMOI;, withki the Meaur and County aforesaid, at Eleven o'cieck in the Forenoon, when and irfaere tbe customary Tenants of the said Manor and all penoos owing suit sad service to tbe said Lady and Lords are reqnired to attend. It is requested that instructions for any transfers in- tended to be effected at the said Cefert, may be given to the Steward not later thn the t3th of June. CHARLES J. PARKES, Steward of the said Manor. WenUland, Pontypool, 31 May, 1877. NOTICE OF RENO VAL. E. EVANS & SON, Coach Builders & Wheelwrights, BEG to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general that they have Removed from Llanorer, near Abergavenny, to more Commodious Premises at Penperllenny, Goytrey, near PontypooL where they hope, with strict attention to all orders entreated to them, together with good workmanship and brat mate- aMfc to Hrit a shan of the public patronage. E. E: ft Son also retorn their thanfcrlw 18 |HW| favours, and remain, your obedient servants, E. "EVANS & SON, Coach Builders, Wheelwrights, &c., Penperllenny, Goytrey, near Pontypool, MOR. William Gowland Golding, deceased. Pursuant to an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 22nd and 23rd years of the reign of Her present Majesty, cap. 35, intilled, An Act to further amend the LaiD of Property and to relieve Trustees NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Creditors ll and Persons having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS upon or against the Estate of WILLIAM GOWLAND GOLDING, late of Commercial- street, l'ontypool, in the Connty of Monmouth, Watchmaker and Jeweller, de- ceased (who died on the 22nd day of March last, and ..Letters of Administration to whose Estate and Effects were granted to GEORGE GOWLAND GOLDING, of Burn- bam, in the County of Somerset, Gentleman, out of the Principal Begistry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Ceurt of Justice on the 23rd dav of A.pril,.1877, are hereby required to send in particulars of their Claims and Demands to the said GEORGE GOW- LAND GOLDING, or to us, the undersigned, on or before A fo (1av.of ,Tul>' nest- And NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GI"\ EN, that after that day the said Adminis- trator will proceed t<* distribute the assets of tho deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the ciaims of which the said Administrator shall then have had notice, and that he will not be liable for the assets or anv part thereof so distributed to any person of whose debt or claim he shall not then have hud notice. Dated this 14th day of Max. 1S77. GREENWAY & BYTHEWAY, Solicitors for the said GEORGE GOWLAND GOLDING, the said Adraiuigtrator. GLOBE HOTEL, PONTYPOOL. To Innkeepers & Others. MESSRS WAITE & SON w!LL SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises it Oil TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY next, the 5th and 6th days of June, 1S77, at 12 o'clock each day, Tllr. WHOLE OF TEE Stock-in-Trade. Fixtures, TRADE UTZXRTIS. jTorsEiioLi) ITIJEE & EFFECTS, I Qf -uilm it The Stock' comprises wines, spirits, aa4.a»alt lieeors. The Fixtures are in g"od repsir. TheHoTiseholdFurri ture is modern and of excellent quaiitv, ard consists of feather and milipuff beds, bolsters, and pillows; !air mattresses; t-nrbic tup, mah"gany, and other wash- stands; ruarble top, mahogany, and other d-'eesin^ tables; mahogany dressing and toilei-glasses, iron and j wood bedsteads, palliasses, bedding, chamber ware, night commode, towel rails, carpet, sewin* mnchiuc, couch in hair. pianoforte. iampe. pictures, (.rnnments. rosewood card tables, corner cupboards, dining tables, pembroke ditto,taproom and kItchen do, chairs, benches, tables and tressles, and the necessary articles for kitchen and domestic purposes. Also, a first-rate lot of Brewing Utensils. Sate to commence at 12 o'eloek at Noon each day. Auctioneers' Offices: Clarence-street, Pontypool, May 29,1877. Abersychan, near PontypooL SALE OF COPYHOLD HOUSES PREMISES. Messrs. WAITE & SON HAVE been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at H the WHITE HALT lxx, ABERSYCHAN, on THFRS- HAY, June 7th. 1877, at Three o'clock iritae Afternoon suhjeet to conditions to be then produced, and in such Lots as raav be agreed up^n at tho time of Sale, ALL THOSE FIVE COPYHOLD HOUSES & PREMISES, Situate at High-street, Ahersvchan, now in the occupa- tion of Thomas MijP8, John BriscoH. Michael ar, Patrick Lphan, and Mrs Elsv/orth, at h.-w ncniais. Also, all that COPYHOLD HOUSE, SHOP, AS3 PREMISES, wtnate as above, contaiiiing- SÜ: Roon." Cellar, and Outbiulding, now in the occupation of Joseph Gram, at alow lieniai. The Property Ii!' most conveniently and cen- trally situate in the main GI;.?C-: d Abenveh-m, and may, with a little ontlav, be converted into good business premises. Gas and Water are laid on. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Clarence-street, Pontypool; or to Mr W. H. LLOYD, Solicitor, Pontypool. ASHFORD HALL, CROESYCEILOG, NEAR PONTYPOOL. To Parties Furnishing and Others. Messrs, WAITE & SON HAVE been iusi.u^ted hy ihe Rev EBWD. ?'oK«;r, Jn wbo is leaviiig ♦he neighbourhood, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises, on MONDAY, thd 18th day of Juue, 1877, fit One o'clock in the Afternoon, ALL HIS NEAT AND USEFRL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PIANOFORTE, AND EFFECTS; i Comprising pianoforte, by Oioen Stndiart; mahoganr, loo and otb"l" bbf-, case of stuffed birds; pier glasses, in gilt frames sewing machines, by Singer,$White and Monn; carpet; easy and other eh-iirs, in leather; cnuch, in tair pictures, electro coffee pit and kettle, fenders, fireirons, ornaments, lustres, clocks, various lots, of books, feathc-r beds, pillars and bolsters, wood and iron half-tester and French bedsteads, palliasses, marble top and other washstands, mahogany and other dressing tables, mahogany commode, dressing and toilet glasses, chamber ware, mahogany swing cl b, mahogany c!:l,"st drawers, cane-seated chairs, mahogany towel rail, kitchen tables, shelves, chairs, travs. washing machine, mangle, by Bradford bench, ladders, milk tins, cheese vats. laTg-e water casks, bread pan. buckets, kettles, and other kitchen requisites. On View the Morning of -ale. Auctioneers' Oftices Clarence-street, Pontypool, May 31, 1877. ■> a'\ ( <SNs^Vt* y./p Pickwick and Waverkj Pens. rpiIE$K Pens are rapidly superseding all others, bring X adapted for every style and variety of writing. SG1; at the office of the PoNTvrom. J-'K.RE Is per Box Is 2d per Pofct,