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THE "PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS' IS SOLD BY THE Fo LLO WING A. GENTS ABERCARNE Mrs ROACH ABERGAVENNY.. F ^ISS. BRAY, Fancy Repository ( Mr ATKINSON, Newsvendor ABER8YCHAN r Mr BL;LAIN, Post Office. I Mrs THOMAS, nr. Rail. Station ABERTILLERY Mr J. ESAU, Stationer BETTWS NEWYDD Miss STEED {Mrs REES, Post Office BLAENAVON Mr PROBERT, Stationer (. Mr I. MORGAN, News Agent UKYNMAWR Mr STEPHENSON, Printer CRUMLIN Mr LUCAS, News Agent CWMBRAN Mr SAMUEL, Stationer GARNDIFFAITH Mr CHAS. HERBERT GRIFFITHSTOWN Mr H. PEACH, Gen. Dealer PONTNEWYDD Mr FRANCIS, Bookseller. I Mr CHAS. HERBERT PONTNEWYNYDD Mrs JONES, Post Office ( MRS JENKINS. PUNTYPOOL JONES & EDWARDS f HUGHES & SON, Booksellers Mrs FARR, High-street Mr H. JONES, Trosnant PONTYPOOL ROAD, MESSRS W. H. SMITH & SON TALYWAIN F IJRS |T0NE' NE*S A«ENT I Mrs EDMUNDS, Post Office USK •/ ^LARK> Bookseller L Mr SLADE, Grocer DISPATCH OF MAILS TO AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA. "V' The dates given are those of the mails being made up in.Loudon. It is recommended to post letters in tha country a day or two before, and to write the route on he envelope distinct from the address. AMERICA-UNITED STATES. Letters Registered àoz. newspapers. Every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. 2id. ld. 4oz, I CANADA. Every Thursday 21d. Id. „ AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Jan. 22 Queensland (via S hampton 6dj Id. „ „ Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania (via S hampton and Brisbane) 6d Id PONTYPOOL POST OFFICE. .V"V" DELIVERY OF LETTERS, &c. About 8.0 am., 11.30 a.m., and 5.30 p.m TIMES FOR POSTING IN PONTYPOOL. For London & all parts.11.0 a.m, 4.30 p.m, 7.0 p.m With additional stamp.11-10 „ 4.40 „ 7.30 „ For Pontypool and neighbourhood, up to. 9.0 „ MONEY ORDER AND SAVINGS BANK BUSINESS. From.9.0 a.m to 5.0 p.m TELEGRAMS. From 8.0 a.m to 8.0 p.m. Sundays, 8.0 a.m to 10 a.m SAILINGS OF THE WELSH PRINCE FROM NEWPORT Jan. 16 ( Bristol) 7 30 p.m. 19 »J 8 45 a.m. 21 „ 11 0 a.m. 23 „ 1 30 p.m. FROM BRISTOL Jan. 17 (to Newport) 9 0 p.m. 20 „ 10 45 a.m. 22 „ 1 30 p.m. 24 „ 3 45 p.m. TRAINS. "v. From Cr&ne-str«et Station. M. It.$C. Ca. ¡ To Blaenavon (QJM Lin#) 10 40 2.45 8.15 To Brynmawr (New Line J 7.40 1.0 4.45 On Sundays .I. 10.0 a m. 8.45 p.m. An Extra Train on sattirdays only at 9.0 p.m., for Pont- newynydd and Aberaychan only. To Newport. 7.47 9.27 11.47 2.57 4.57 6.52 On Sundays. 8.12 a.m 5.12 p.m. An Extra Train on Saturdays only at 9.81 p.m. From Pontypool Town Station, Trosnant. G.W.R. Co. To Crumlin, at— I Sunday 8.57 | 2.16 | 5.57 | 8.57 | 6.13 To Pontypool Road, at— I 10.16 | 1.44 | 5 43 | 11.5 | 9.14 From Pontypool Road. To Hereford at— I 7.40 | 10.30 I 2.13 13.41 | G.5 | 8.45 I 6.8 An extra train to Abergavenny at 11.29 a.m. To Monmouth, at- 7.45 ) 11.35 ) 2.20 f 6.10 An extra train to Usk at 8.40 a.m. To Newport, at— 8.33|U.17|12.25|2.0 |3.50|5.64| 6.10|9.3 J n 15 | g 2r> The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL. PHIA is the AMERICAN LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. i I LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY, Calling atQUEENSTOWN everyTHuRSDA. Y First-class, full-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail: PENNSYLVANIA Jan. 21 ILLINOIS (Feb. 11 *BBITISH EMPIRE Jan. 28 ^BRITISH CROWN Feb. 18 *LORDGOVGH.. Feb. 4 INDIANA.. Feb.25 No InterniediatePassenget-s carried on voyage marked ihux* The only TRANS-ATLANTIC LINE sailing under the UNITED STATES FLAG, and carrying the American Rafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The accommodation for all classes of passengers is equal to any of the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer carries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers and goods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into the Rail- road Cars -without leaving the Landing Wharf, and under the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT ROOM, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Office, and Baggage Express Office. CABIN PASSAGE, 12 to 21 Guineas. Return Tickets, at reduced rates. STEERAGE PASSAGE as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, Y,8 8s. Apply in Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, to N. & J. Cummins & Brothers; and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19, Water-street. J. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. W. H. BANKS, Blaenavon. THOS. H. THOMAS, High-st., Tenby. JNO. THOMAS, Churchst., Tredegar. ALLAN LINE SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA. (COMPOSED OF TWENTY FIRST-CLASS ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS.) SAILING DAYS From LIVERPOOL every THURS- DAY and every alternate TUESDAY. From LON- DONDERRY every FRIDAY, and from QUEENSTOWN every alternate WEDNESDAY. TO CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. THROUGH TICKETS to all points at SPECIAL RATES. PAMPHLETS on CANADA, MANITOBA, and the WESTERN STATES (MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, &C.), free on application. ASSISTED PASSAGES to Canada for Farm Labour- ers and Female Domestic Servants. Passengers should secure tickets before leaving home. Full particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., James Street, LIVERPOOL. J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. THOMAS PUGH, Panteg Station FREDERICK SMITH. Shipping Agent Bridge Street, Blaeuayon. PIANOFORTES, By COLLARD & COLLARD, KIRKMAN, and other Best Makers, at 20 per Cent off their List Prices, FOR CASH. THE BEST and CHEAPEST PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS IN THE WORLD can be obtained at W. H. HASKINS' MUSIC WAREHOUSES, COMMERCIAL STREET AND CLUB BUILDINGS, PONTYPOOL. Price Lists free by post on application er Send for List, and compare prices with those of other Houses. 7-octave Pianoforte, in solid walnut 1 ■,<% case 1 J 19 guineas. The Royal Pianoforte (7 octaves), 4ft. high by 4ft. 6in. wide, in fine. ( 0_ Italian walnut,with ivory-fronted i guineas, keys, and warranted for 10years/ Harmoniums from t4. W. H. HASKINS, AGENT FOR MESSRS J. BRINSMEAD & SONS' GOLD MEDAL PIANOS, And for MESSRS. NEUMEYER & Co.s DOUBLE OVERSTRUNG IRON UPRIGHT GRANDS; Also for MESSRS GEO. WOOD & Co.'s AMERICAN ORGANS. These justly-celebrated Instruments are always kept in stock, and may be obtained on very advan- tageous terms. Instruments tuned, regulated, and repaired by skilful London workmen. PIANOS LET ON HIRE, TAKEN IN EXCHANGE, AND SUPPLIED ON THE THREE YEARS' SYSTEM. Great Bargains in Second-hand Pianos-which have been let on hire and but little used-at very little more than Half-price. REDUCTION IN PRICE. THE PRICE OF THE PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS IS NOW REDUCED TO Id. IN order to meet the requirements of Local Adverti- sers, a Great Reduction has been made in the rates charged for ADVERTISEMENTS Inserted for periods of 13, 26, or 52 weeks; and TRADESMEN and others who desire to Increase their Business Cheaply and effectually, would do well to avail them- selves of the present opportunity, and make their Announcements in the PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS Which is by far the Best Advertising Medium in the District, As it is also the Largest Penny Weekly Newspaper Printed in the County. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS, Of the kinds detailed at the head of the Small Adver- tisements on our Second Page, are now charged at very low rates, commencing at 20 Words for 6d. Particular attention is requested to the fact that this Scale may be used for the Exchange of Articles or Property of any kind of which the Owners may wish to Dispose, in the manner so successfully initiated in the Exchange and Mart. At the same time, the Publisher wishes it to be understood that he cannot undertake the charge of any Property for Exchange.. H TlADE SPECIALITIES." MAnnouncoments may be made under this heading at the nominal charge of One Penny per Line per Week, But they should be confined to the class indicated, and must be Prepaid for not less than 13 weeks. It is be- lieved these will in time become very popular, and Advertisers are assured that their Announcements will appear in the order in which they come in, it being considered that an alphabetical arrangement might be used by some Advertisers in a way4bat would be de- trimental to others. NOTE-THE Pontypool Free Press IS PUBLISHED EARLY ON FRIDAY MORNING, And Advertisements intended for the current week should be received at the Office NOT LATER than THURSDAY AFTERNOON. RODERICK'S RHEUMATIC CORDIAL, Price Is. lid. An Effectual Remedy for Gout, Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago, AND ALL KINDS OF RHE UMATIS.lIl.. THIS Preparation has been highly esteemed for many years, and its great demand is chiefly due to the personal recommendation of those who have been bene- fited by it. BAYLEY'S TONIC, APERIENT, AND PURIFYING, FAMILY PILLS, FOR THE LIVER AND STOMACH. Are prepared with great care, on the most approved principles, of choice and well-proportioned ingredients; they are mild in their operation, and, from their pure composition, are easily digested by the stomach they thoroughly eradicate those humours, which, when ne- glected, lead to serious apd often fatal results, and by their direct action on the blood, renovate and invigorate the whole system.—Sold in boxes, at 7\d., Is. 1 \d., and 2s. 9d, each. 7SS~ Bayley's Family Pills do not contain one particle of Mercury, Antimony, or any other mineral ingredient ——— RIFLJRAREP ONLY BY T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool, And Sold by most Chemists and Medicine Vendors. Fine Art Fortfolios-Four Varieties. SPRING in Picture, Song, and Story. Three s d splendid engravings, 11 in. x 15 in., and chromo-lithograph, 15 in. x 22 in. 1 0 SUMMER in Picture, Song, and Story. Three splendid engravings, 11 in. x 15 in., and chromo-lithograph, 15 in. x 22 in. 1 0 AUTUMN in Picture, Song, and Story. Two splendid engravings, 11 in. x 11 in., and chronio-lithograph, 15 in. X 22 in. 1 0 WINTER in Picture, Song, and Story. Two splendid engravings, 11 in. x 15 in and chi'omu-litliograpbj 15 ill. x 22 in. 1 0 GREAT CLEARANCE BALE. 21 DAYS ONLY. Surplus Stock of Winter Goods, AT LOIDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. MEssRS WILLIAMS & Co. Beg to announce that their SALE will commence on SATURDAY, NEXT, the 17th of JANUARY, 1880. IMPORTANT RBDUOTIQN8. Special Bargains throughout Entire Stoèk, Complete Clearance of HOSIERY, GLOVES, Decided Bargains in all RIBBONS & LACE LADIES & GENT'S SCARFS, &c. GOODS, UMBRELLAS, &c. Several CHEAP LOTS in COLOURED Also, SPECIAL PRICES for all BLACK DRESS MATERIALS. DRESS GOODS. Household Drapery Goods. Although considerable advance has already taken place in all FLANNELS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, SHEETING, CALICOES, and LINEN GOODS, we have 'MADE very HEAVY PURCHASES in this Department for Cash, at the old prices, and we shall giv, the full Benefit to our Customers. During the Sale all Goods marked iu plain figures. For full particulars see printed Circulars. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS— Williams & Co., London HOUSeg Poltftypoolo January 14th, 1880. THE Pontypool General Furnishing Warehouses, CLARENCE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. JOHN BE VAN respectfullyannounees that Purchasers will iliid in his New and Spacious Warehouses a very large Stock of Dining, Drawing, and Bedroom Suites, Iron and Wood ■Bedsteads, Palliasses, Spring & Millpuff Mattresses, Feather &Millpuff Beds, & every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, C Pianofortes, Harmoniums, Carpets, Matting, Moor Cloth, Door Mats, Heastti Eugs, Cntlefy, DIXUMF ea, and Toilet Sets, Cooking Utensils; &c., &0. J A large proportion of Goods being Home-made, the quality may be relic1 upon. No effort is spared to give entire satisfaction. Goods delivered per Cart or Covered Van, free of expense. WINES AND SPIRITS FOR EVERY-DAY USE Selected from W & A Gilbey's List of 220 varieties.. The purity of every article is guaranteed under Act 38 & 39 Vict;, Cap. 63. Consumers will recognise in this Act a means of verifying the guarantee W & A Gilbey have always given of the purity and genuineness of all Wines and SPIRITS bearing their seals and labels. This SELECTED LIST" of W & A GILBEY'S WINF.S AND SPIRITS comprises two descriptions only-of each class of Wines and Spirits, the first selected on account of its MODERATE price, and the second for its FIGE quality combined with greater age. ..< AGENT- FREDERICK PHILLIPS. Grocer, Com." >1 Street PONTYPOOL PRICES THE SAME AS AT IUW) br .UJLISHMENTS WINES '«* SPIRITS P« w Doren v > Bottle Dozen FORTCastlfe A from Portugal An excellent > 9., GIN Castle UPHighlyrectifiedatW&AGilbey s } «/ 24/ fruity Wine, well matured 5 years old > own Distillery. 33 per cent, under proof » PORT Castle B from Portugal A fine full-) 9/4 00/ GIN Castle PROOF Highly rectified at W&A )««« 341 flavored fruity Wine. 8 years old.. • ) Gilbey's own Distillery. Strength, proof f SPANISH PORT Castle 1 from Spain ), IRISH WHISKEY Castle UP Pure j- 37> A fruity Wine of good body 2 years old ) Dublin Whiskey 33 per cent, under proof J SPANISH POET Castle 4 from Spain The) 1/lrt IRISH WHISKEY Castle DO Very fine) «,« go/ finest old Red Wine produced. 10 years old Dublin Whiskey. Strength, proof ..J SHERRY Castle SPANISH front Spain >» SCOTCH WHISKEY Cattle UP Pur*! 2/3 2T A pure Spanish Sherry. 2 years old ..J1'8 1 Malt Whiskey. 33 per cent, under proof j ,f 1 213 e Spanish Sherry. 2 years old 1 Malt Whiskey. 33 per cent, under proof j t, SHERRY Castle C Pale from Spain An), «». SCOTCH WHISKEY Castle SO A high-class) o/* aai excellent type of nutty Sherry. 6 years old j Scotch Whiskey. Strength, proof MARSALA Castle VP Pale from Sicily ) ,-ft. BRANDY Castle UP Possessing the whole-)- «ai A delicate dinner Wine. 3 years old j* some qualities of Cognac 33 under proof f MARSALA Castle C Pale from*Sicily The }lfft mi BRANDY Castle PROOF Possessing the) o/g 441 finest Marsala produced. 7 years old | wholesome qualities of Cognac Proof J r CLARET Castle A from France A pure) 1f COGNAC Castle D Aa excellent Cognac Ij/g*' £ «/ full-bodied Wine. 1 year in bottle ..I** Brandy of fine flavor. 33 under proof.. f „ CLARET Castle C from France A fine-), COGNAC Castle FO A very fine Cham-)«. MAI flavored and well-matured Medoc Wine *™ pagne Brandy, Strength, proof.. y SATJHUR Castle Silver Foil A) Bottles 2/1 85/ JAMAICA ROM Castle UP A well-matured >«/3 271 Sparkling dry Champagne f Half-Botts. 1/3 14/6 Jamaica Rum. 33 per ctnt. underproof.. » j 8AUMUR Castle Gold Foil The) Bottles 2/6 80/ JAMAICA RUM Castle 3 A vtfy nne j «,/• 391 choicest Wine of the District j Half-Botts. 1/5 17/ Jamaica Rum. Strengt h 'oof .) rWAWPAftNE Castle 1 A pure) Bottles 2/2 36/ HOLLANDS Castle 1 Dist led in Holland) g/i' n>> Sparkling Wine for ordinary use ( Half-Botts. 1/S 10/ from Ry6 14 per cent, vi de: proof f „ CHAMPAGNE Castle 3 A high | Bottles 3/6 42/ HOLLANDS fSilver Stream) The finest \«i* 3« j class delicate Champagne ..) Half-Botts. 1/11 23/ Geneva. Bottled abroad. 14 under proof v- AU BotUM (excipt for Sparkling Winoo are charged id. Mcb, wJdcb it altewed wit-ZL returned. ? SINGLE BOTTLES Single Bottks of any of W d-, A Gilbey's azo varieties of Wints and Spirit* can be purchased as samples EXPORTATION. • t W & A Gilbey's Wines and Spirits can be obtained free of duty from their Excise Bonded Warehouses.-For Prices see Special Exporl List PAYMENTS o •( In order to give every possible advantage to consumers cash payments art absolutely necessary, as all prices are arranged uponinat principle COMPLETE LIST A Complete List of TV fb A Gilbey's Wines and Spirits, containing fulf particulars Of 220 varieties, sentfree on application The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) „ ESTABLISHED 1787. JOHN DANIEL, Late DANIEL f JONES. A FACT WOTCTH KNOWING. BEECHAM'S PILLS Are admitted by thousands to be worth above a Guinea a box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as wind and pain at the stomach, sick headaolie, giddiness, fullness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness. cold chills, flushings of heat, r lo-s of appetite, shortness of breath. costivenoss, scurvy, blokhes on the shin. disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and 11 nervous and trcn.bling sensations. &c &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thousands of cases. The proprietor of these Pills having obtained (nt -t-eat expense) a patent for them. he r-hallenges the whoiu world to produce a medicine C9.ual to thun for removing the above complaints, and l'estonng tho patient to sound .ind lasting health. Evvry suffertr is earnesth invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will bo acknowledged to be wOltTII A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring about all that is required. No fe:nale should be without them. There is no medicine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills for i-emc, ir, 1, tiiy obstruction or irregularity of the system. If tak"n according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all ages to robust health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC" and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organs in the human maohino. The) strengthen the whole muscular system. restore the IOIlj(-lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of at,petil e, and arouse into action, with the ROSEBUD of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame.—These are FACTS" admitted by thousands embracing all classes of Society; an .1 one of the I)ez-t guarantees to the Vervoua r.nd Debilitated is, Bt F.cmM.s's PILLS have the largest sale of any Patent Medicine in the world. Caul ion —The public are requested to notice that the words "BKKCIMM'S PILLS, St Helen's." are on the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Pills; if net on, they axe a forgery. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the Pro* Erietor, T. BKECHAM, Chemist, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in oxes at Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. each. Sent post free from the Proprietor for 15 or 35 stair, ps. Sold hy even/ Drttrjffist in every town in the Kingdom.. Is .1!.—i"ull directions are given with each box. MONEY. NO LAW COSTS.—Loans from £ 10 to £ 2000 granted daily to FarinerSj Householders, Trades* men, Gentlemen, and others, on their Stock, Crops, Household Furniture, &c., repayable by easy instalments to suit Borrowers.—Apply by letter, or personally, to W. H. LLEWELLYN, Accountant, &c., ll, Flaimel-st., AbwgaTenuy. riiH E PONTYPOOL A AUCTION ROOMS, (OPPOSITE THE MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY STATION) HIGH STREET, (Late Freemasons' Hall). MR. ¥. I. WALL BEGS to inform the Public that he has taken JD the above Premises, and the ALTERATIONS BEING Now COMPLETED, he intends OPENING THEM AS A PUBLIC SALE ROOM. Any PERSONS wishing to DISPOSE of SURPLUS STOCK, FURNITURE, fyc., by AUCTION, can do so by sending same to the above Rooms. ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE, PIANOS, &c., WAREHOUSED AT A VERY MODERATE CHARGE. *:I- CASH ADVANCES MADE ON GOODS SENT FOR ABSOLUTE SALE. Consignments respectfully solicited. MUSIC, FRENCH, GERMAN, and LATIN.—Mrs' CLARKE (Diplom^e). Railway Terrace; Pont newynydd, RECEIVES PUPILS in the above. CASH ADVANCED IN_A FEW HOURS' NO- TICE !—The Monmouthshire Loan & Discount Co. advance money daily, from X2 to £ 2,000, to Trades- men, Farmers, Mechanics, and others, on their Stock- in-trade, Furniture, &c., without removal or incon- venience in anyway; repayable by easy instalments; distance no object; all applications punctually attended to strictly private.—Apply personally, or by letter, to The Cross, Pontypool; or Abbey Row, Cwmbran. MONEr ADVANCES, from;610 to jelOOO, can now JUJL be obtained at a few hours' notice. No law coats; strictest secrecy. For particulars, apply to Mr. A BLOOM, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, &c., George-street Pontypool BIRMINGHAM GOODS, Auctioneers, Shop- keepers, Hawkers, Tea Sh" »s, See. Agents Wanted. Wholesale Book, Post-free, \ddress, HSPRY MAY, (285) Birmingham. i-jjuwurem. | WILLIAM BUNNING, IRONMONGER, PONTYPOOL, "OEGS to announce that he has taken into Partnership, in the -— above Business, his Brother, Mr. CHARLES BUNNING; and that, and on from January 1st, 1880, the Business will be carried on by them conjointly, under the Style or Firm of W. & C. BUNNING. W. & C. BUNNING Trust, by prompt attention and low prices, to secure a continuance of the support accorded to Mr. W. BUNNING for the past 14 years. N.B.-In order toitzeet the daily increasing corn petition with ClV-il Service and other Co-Operative Stores, fV. q C. B. will at all times allow a LIBERAL DISCOUNT FOR READY MONEY. WILLIAM BUNNING, ALE AND PORTER MERCHANT, TROSNANT STORES, PONTYPOOL. PRICE LIST, JANUARY 1ST, 1880. Mild Burton Ale, No. 7 per kil. 18/- Pale Ale (Bitter) per kil. 30/- Ditto go. 6 22/- Irish Stout "Extra Quality" 25/- Strong ditto No. 5 25/- Extra Strong do. No. 4 30/- Ditto, in Firkins 14/- DELIYERED FREE. BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! I BILLIARDS! ME. WILLIAM FARR, Professor of Billiards, RESPECTFULLY informs the gentry and it tradesmen of Pontypool that he has taken the Clarence Hotel Billiard Table, and hopes to merit and receive a share of their patronage and support. Mr F. is open to receive pupils; and guarantees to keep the table, cues, &c., &c., in first-rate condition. 100 up, 6d. 50 up, 3d. Panteg & Llanvrechva Permanent Building Society. SHARES from 2s. a month upwards. Deposits receivod at 5 t>ev cent. interest. Money ready to advance on mortgage. biiares may be taken, de- posits made, and further information obtained, at the regular subscription meetings, between the hours of 7.30 and 8.30 p.m., on the first Tuesday in the month, at the Town Hall, Pontypool, and Me- chanics' Institute, Griffithstown; or daily at the following addressesW. G. DOWDEN, Blaenavon Iron Works, Blaenavon; G. W. JONES, Agent, Cwmbran; and B. H. MADGE, Secretary, Tanteg Steel Works, Panteg. — WRINGT 0 ARMS, (LATE RAILWAY INN,) PONTYPOOL. Close to the Monmouthshire Bailtvay Station. E. BEACHAM, IN thanking his numerous frends and supporters for their liberal patronage in the past, solicits a con- tinuance of their future support in his NEW ESTABLISHMENT. BURTON, PALE, AND OTHER ALES. LONDON AND IRISH STOUT, In Bottles and on Draught. A large and varied Stock of gi{hxtr( S aaks, Amongst which are The Boy's Own Annual. Cloth, Gs. Little Wide Awake. Picture cover, 3s.; or in Cloth, 5s. The Birds and Insects' Post Office. Thirty. five Illustrations, 6s. Chatterbox Volume. Picture cover, 3s.; or in Cloth, 5s. Funny little Songs for funny little Singers, Words and Music, 2s. 6d. Routledge's Every Boy's Annual, Gs. Little Folks Volume. Picture cover, 3s. Cel.; or in Cloth, 5s. The Family Friend. Picture cover, Is. Gd. j Cloth, 2s.; Cloth, gilt, 2s. 6d. The Children's Friend. Picture cover, Is 6d; Cloth, 2s.; Cloth, gilt, 2s. Gd. The Prize. Picture cover, Is. Gd.; Cloth, 2s.; Cloth, gilt, 28. 6d. The Infant's Magazine. Picture cov., lsGd Cloth, 2s.; Cloth, gilt, 2s. Gd. The Child's Companion. Picture cov., Is 6d; Cloth, 2s.; Cloth, gilt-, 2s. 6d. The Child's Own Magazine. Picture cover, Is. Birdie's Books, with Twenty Illustrations, Twelve different sorts, 3d. each. COMMERCIAL ST., PONTYPOOL. ESTABLISHED 1825. (Formerly occupied by IIr James Weare, and Mr Jas. Brown.) G. GORRELL, Saddler, Gig, Carriage, and Cart Harness Manufacturer, BEGS to solicit a continuance of the 'liberal support he has many years been favoured with, and to assure the Public generally that no effort shall be wanting on his part to maintain the Higlt Reputation for Bunting Saddles, .so all kinds cif Horse Clothing for Summer fy Winter Wear. PORTMANTEAUS & LADIES' BAGS.-LONDON WHIPS, BITS, & SPURS. LEATHER MILLBANDS FOR ALL IUNIJS OF MACHINERY, on the Shortest Notice. Experienced Workmen sent to any part of the Country. All Harness made on the Premises, and t at Reduced Prices. SURPLUS STOCK OF ACCOUNT BOOKS CONSISTING OF Ledgers, Day Books, WASTE BOOKS, &c., Now being' Sold Off BY HUGHES & SON, PRINTERS AND MANUFACTURING STATIONERS, PONTYPOOL. This is an excellent opportunity for purchas- i ing Account Books for the New Year at unusually low prices. THE FOLLOWING NEW BOOKS, Most of which have been RECENTLY PUBLISHED, Are NOW ON SALE By HUGHES & SON, STATIONERS, PONTYPOOL. Less Discount for Cash. Church Decorations: A Manual of Appropriate s d Ornamentation. Edited by a Practical Il- luminator. With Illustrations 1 0 Shepherd Calls. Useful as Family Readings, &c. By the Rev R. Balgarnie 1 6 c The North Pole, and How Charlie Wilson dis- covered it. By the Author of the Realms of the Ice King, &c 3 6 George Moore, Merchant and Philantrophist. By S. Smith. With a Portrait 6 0 The Book of Snobs, and Sketches and Travels in London. By W. M. Thackeray 3 6 The Elocutionist: A Collection of Pieces in Prose and Verse preceded by an Introduction on the principles of Elocution. By the Rev G. S. Knowles. 3 6 Family Readings on the Gospel according to St. John, consisting of short consecutive por- tions, comprising the whole Gospel, with a simple Exposition. By the Rev F. Bour- dillon, M.A. 4 0 Short and Simple Prayers, with Hymns, for the use of Children. By the author of U Scrip- ture Histories for Children," &c. 1 0 Locomotive Engine Driving: A Practical Manual for Engineers in Charge of Locomotive En- gines. By Michael Reynolds. 4 6 The Model Locomotive Engineer, Fireman, and Engine-boy. Comprising a Historical Notice of the Pioneer Locomotive Engines & their inventors, &c. By Michael Reynolds 4 6 The Churchman's Daily Remembrancer, with Poetical Selections for all the Lessons of the Christian Year, Kalendar, Table of Lessons, &c. Bound in morocco leather. 4 3 The New Handbook of Elocution, with Rules for Audible and Correct Pronunciation in Reading and Spelling. By W. Baynham.. 3 6 Things Touching the King. A Scriptural Quo- tation for every day in the year 1 4 Manners & Tone of Good Society; or, Solecisms to be Avoided. By a Member of the Aristo- cracy 2 6 Society Small Talk or, What to Say & When to Say It. By the author of Manners and Tone of Good Society." 2 6 Under the Surface. By Miss Frances Ridley Havergal 5 0 Ditto (small edition) 1 6 Morning Bells; or, Waking Thoughts for Little Ones. By Miss Havergal 0 9 Morning Star; or, Names of Christ for His Little Ones. By Miss Havergal 0 9 The Ministry of Song. By Miss Havergal 1 6 Red Letter Days A Register of Anniversaries and Birthdays. By Miss Havergal 3 0 The Four Happy Days. By Miss Havergal 10 Kept for the Master's Use. By Miss Havergal I 0 Masterman Ready; or, the Wreck of the Pacific. By Captain Marryat 1 0 Female Christian Names and their Teachings: A Gift Book for Girls. By M. E. Bromfield 1 0 The Epistle of Paul to Philemon Exposition for English Readers. By the Rev A. H. Drysdale, M.A. 2 6 Pictures from Bible Lands, drawn with pen and pencil. Edited by S. G. Green, D.D. The Illustrations by Eminent Artists; princi- pally from Photographs. 8 0 The Earnest Churchman: An Exposition of Church Principles, &c. By the Rt Rev A. Oxenden, D.D. 2 6 Worthies of Science: A Collection of Biogra- phies of Scientific Men. By J. Stoughton, D.D. 4 0 Mrs Brown on Co-operative Stores. By Arthur Sketchley 1 0 Ancient and Modern Magic, with Explanations of some of the best known Tricks performed by Maskelyne and Cooke. By Aprey Vere 1 0 ] The Fathers for English Readers The Yener- able Bede. By the Rev G. F. BROGUE, M.A. 2 Q WEAK SIGHT. HENRY LAURANCE'S IMPROVED SPECTACLES. AIR, E. B, FORD CHEMIST if OPTICIAN GEORGE ST., BEGS to inform those troubled with defective vision JD that he has been appointed Sole Agent for Ponty- pool for HENRY LAURANCE'S IMPROYED SPECTACLES. These Spectacles are clear and cool, never tire the eye, and, whilst subduing all inflammatory symptoms, assist, strengthen, and preserve the sight. Hundreds of testimonials have been received testifying to the efficacy of these Spectacles, which have proved, in many cases, beneficial when all others have failed. Sir JULIUS BENEDICT, 2, Manchester Square, London, W., writes:—"I have tried the principal opticians in London with* r out success, but your spectacles suit me admirably, both for reading and walking. The clearness of your glasses, as com pared with others, is really surprising. I shall at all times re* commend them." The Ven. Archdeacon PALMER, 17, Victoria-square, Clifton, writes:—"Henry Laurance's Spectacles are better than any I have had, especially for reading at night." C. B. RADCLIFT, Esq., M.D., 25, Cavendish-square, London, W., Consulting Physician to the Westminster Hospital, writes "Your Spectacles are highly appreciated by me, and are a great mprovement on my old ones, and suit my sight better." Mr HENRY LAURANCE'S pamphlet, "Spectacles: their iUse and Abuse," with a lengthened list of testimonials, can be had GRATIS on application to the ABOVE AOENT, from whom these Spectacles can only be obtained. All Spectacles stamped" H.L." LOOK! LOOK! LOOKJ Great Success! Great Success! OF KINO'S VISIT TO PONTYPOOL WILLIAMS I CO. LONDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOL, ARE THE SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED C. J. KINO, LONDON, Court, Naval & Military Tailors, and Habit Makers. HUNDREDS ef GARMENTS MADE BY THIS FIRM, Have already been supplied to the Clergy, Gentry, and Nobility of this Neighbourhood through Messrs. W. R. WILLIAMS & CO. OYER 500 PATTERNS TO CHOSE FROM. FASHION, ECONOMY, AND QUALITY. Acknowledged to be 30 per cent cheaper than any House in the Trade. ORDERS ARE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED FOR Kino's 12s 6d Trousers) | Kino's 45s Suits l| Kino's 80s Overcoats f I Kino's 42s Ulsters J3 Fit and Style guaranteed. Gentlemen waited upon at the shortest notice. TERMS-CASH ON OR BEFORE DELIVERY. WILLIAMS & CO., Tlte Noted Cash Drapers and Outfitters, London House, Pontypool. JOHN BERRIE, Dyer, French Cleaner, AND FINISHER, 14, OLDHAM STBEET, MANCHESTER AGENTS FOR PONTYPOOL- W. R. WILLIAMS & Co., Drapers, London House. ABERDARE-D. Williams, Draper, 5, Commercial Place. CHEPSTow-John Eeynish, Clothier, &c. PONTYPRIDD-T. S. Jones, Draper, Albion House Every description of LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS, CURTAIN FABRICS of all materials, CHINTZ, CRETONNE, and DIMITY CURTAINS and COVERS Cleaned or Dyed, with the most complete and most recently-invented Machinery. SPECIAL ATTENTION Is called to the DRESSING of LACE CURTAINS, at ONE SHILLING PER PAIR, producing an INCOM. PARABLE FiNisH whereby they hang much longer than by the usual method. The Most Extensive English Dyer WILLIAMS & CO., LONDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. M. WINTERHALDER, Watchmaker & Jeweller (Opposite the Crown Hotey, GEORGE-ST,, PONTYPOOL, BEGS to return his sincere thanks to the Inhabi- D tants of Pontypool and neighbourhood for the liberal patronage which he has received during so many years, and will use every possible effort to give complete satisfaction to all who favour him with their custom. A LARGE STOCK OF Clocks of various kinds, Gold and Silver Watches, Gold and Silver Chains and Alberts, Brooches, Lockets, Kings, Studs, Ear-rings, Scarf Pins, Sleeve Links, Solitaires, aud numerous other articles of Jewellery suitable for Ladies and Gen- tlemen, at most reasonable prices. Spectacles & Eye Glasses to suit all Sights. Repairs neatly and expeditiously executed on ttie Premises.—CHARGES MODERATE. 'Globe Hotel, Pontypool. MR. G. NEWTH, of the Bruce Hotel, Aberdare begs to inform his friends and the public gene- rally that he has REMOVED to the above commodious premises, where he hopes by a strict attention to business to merit the patronage of his friends, whose fcdniiratiou will be excited by the living curiosities.