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Lord jjolton, who resides near tfishopstoke, nas announced tiiat he will reduce the rents of his tenants 10 percent., and adjourn the audit for one month. It is notified that Sir Edward Watkin has taken the chairmanship of the Western and Brazilian Tele. grziph Company, in succession to the late Mr. H. Kawson. A fresh development of the Newman Hall divorce ease may be looked for. Mrs. Newman Hall has just published a volume entitled" Sketches and Recol- lections." Saturday last was the G2nd anniversary of the birth of the Very Rev. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., De in of Weal Hill) ot CI | nhv TTao Vora oa D\J\J\JL\J& 1816. In the City billiard tournament, in London, a few days since, Mitchell, in a heat with Bennett, ran up th. splendid break of 2G1 (81 spots), finally winning by 315 points. The ship Norval, 1,427 tons, Captain Halliday, ch rteied by the A-out-General for New South Yv.iles, sailed from Plymouth for Sydney, the other day, with 385 ()¡¡¡jrantó\. lee Homo {Secretary has appointed Mr. G. Priox (lo.dney, of the Western Circuit, to the liecordorship ot Poole, vacant by the transier of Mr. Collins, Q..C., to that of Exeter. Smokers may be interested to learn (a German cor- lc^pendei.t writes) that the German iederal Council has resolved to permit the use of cherry leaves in the lubrication of tobacco. A ernidi Aelnile, a Frenchman, drank so large a quantity of spirits in a public-1 ouse in Northampton, a few days ag-o, that he became insensible, and died without recovering consciousness. In consequence of a large influx of shipping orders' the Dublin Mail Coal Company, Northop, Flintshire, have given their collicis an increase of wages equal to V; per c nt. The French Government have conferred tho dis- tinction of the Legion of Honour on Mr. Hubert Herkimer, A.R.A., one of the two English painters who gained a gold medal for art at the last Paris Exhibition. M;iry Brcnnan, a middle-aged woman, was sen- tenced by Judge Harrison, at the Carrick-on-Shun- riou Assizes, on I" riday, to be hanged on January 12, for the murder of her infant. The jury recommended her to merev. Xhe other morning a fire broke out at the Milton union Workhouse, near Sittingbourne, destroying the laundry room (in which it appears to have origi- nated) and mortuary. The fire was cut off by pull- down a poriion of the roof. The Christmas pantomime at the Gaiety Theatre' Glasgow, wi;l be founded on the story of the "Forty liiieves," with Miss Emily Soldene in the principal chaiacter. The Fair One with the Golden Looks" furnishes the story at the Prince of Wales Theatre. The Rus-ian Geographical Society has resolved to create a section at Ttthketi(I for Turkestan, Khiva, and Bokhara. The same society not long ago founded a section at Orenburg, in Western Siberia, though it did not prove a success for want of scientifically-educated members. The Liverpool Borough Coroner a few days ago 0 held an inquest on the body of Thomas Melia, who, it is alleged, died from wounds inflicted during a i-. unkon brawl by Denis M4Gawley, now in custody. The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against H'G;I\v:ey. The Engineer Students' College, at Keyham, will, it is said, be completed about July next, when 100 students will be entereJ, about one-third of whom will be transferred from the Marlborough, and the remainder will be new entries at Devonport.-Artpy duJ eYrlrll Gazette. xue sinny and A ary Gazette states that her Majesty approved the appointmant of Cornel Sir Evelyn Wood, Y.C., as BrigadierGeneral commanding the Belfast district, vice Major-General E. W. D. Bell, V.C., deceased. A traveller on a river steamer was making away, at dinner, with a large pudding near him, when a waiter stepped up and told him it was a part of the dessert. "I don't care," said the traveller, "I'd eat it if it was an entire wilderness." The father of Mr. Joseph G. Biggar, M.P. for Cavan, died in Belfast, on Friday night. He was about 80 years of age, a shrewd business man, and had for many years held a prominent position in Belfast as a provision merchant. A fire took place at High Street, Islington, Lon- don, a few nights since, in a room occupied by an old man named Pollard. The room was burned out, and when the firemen entered they found the dead body of Pollard dreadfully charred. The lease of the Grosvenor Restaurant having come to a close, Sir Coutts Lindsay resumes the undivided sway over the whole building. His present idea is to offer the accommodation provided in the building to a sort of mixed club and library. les THE Rrv JOHN SHEWARD, of Milton, Kent, writes October 29th, 1878:— My nerves were so shattered that I dreaded the simplest duties, and lost all energy and pleasure in the performance of tbena. The despondency I endured became almost unbearable. Since taking COBDEN'S PILLS the change in my health for the better is very marked. I have lost that horrible depression, my nerves are much stronger, and my general health very greatly improved. I cannot, express how truly thankful I feel for the remarkable and pleasing change." COBDEN'S QUININE AND PHOS- FHOKOUS PILLS give strength, energy, and vigorous vitality. Infallible in Neuralgia.—Ask for COBDEN'S PILLS," 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d., and have no others. Any Chemist will get them if they are not. in stock, or they will he sent, Post Free, on receipt of 33 or 54 stamps (great saving), by the Sussex Drug Co., 135, Queen's Itoad, Brighton. Local Agent: —E. B. FOR,), Chemist, George Street Pontypool. a


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