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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. OVERCOME Bl ALCOHOL.—At the Police-court, oil Wednesday, before the Rev. J. C. Llewellin, John Goodreed, of Pontypool, was charged with being drunk and incapable. P.c. Baines found him drunk 011 the highway, and took him to the station-house for safety. Fined 5s. HEALTH OF THE DISTRICT.—At the Pontypool Registry Office, during the past week, there was no death whatever registered except that of Mr John Hair. If the continuance of wet weather is the cause of the very small number of deaths lately registered in this locality, we may conclude it is a blessing, although the' harvest may be in- jured. r, RAGGED SCHOOL MISSION HALL, PONTTMOIL.— We understand that arrangements have been made for the holding, in the above Hall, of a 17 days' Special Evangelistic Mission. The services will be conducted by Mr Edwards (an agent of the Lon- don Evangelization Society), by whom very suc- cessful meetings were held in the same place some time ago, and he hopes to commence his labours on Sunday next. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HIGH STREET.—The anniversary services of this place of worship were held last Sunday, when three sermons were preached by the Rev. Thomas Evans, of Merthyr. Mr Evans is one of the most popular preachers of his denomination, and his sermons on this occa- sion proved that he well deserves his position. The attendance throughout the day was very fair, and considering the depressed state of trade, the collections were liberal. I.O.G.T.—"The Hope of Pontymoil" Lodge! held an open lodge meeting on Monday evening last, in the Ragged School Mission Hall.. Mr G. Edwards, manager, Lower Mill, occupied the chair, and in a very witty manner discharged his duties, Very eloquent addresses on the Temperance ques- tion were delivered by Bros. Edward Jones and David Davies, and also by Bro. David, D.C., Carmarthenshire District; melodies were sung by Bros. W. Hales and T. M. Wintle; part-songs by Bro. T. Protheroe and party, and Sister A. Tun- nadine and party; and a recitation was given by Sister A. Edwards, Pontymoil. A vote of thanks to the Chairman, and to those who had assisted, brought a most successful meeting to a close, after which 25 pledges were taken. ERRATUM.—We much regret that an error crept into our report of Pontypool Petty Sessions pub- lished last week. In it we said that Thomas Hine was an old offender;" but that this was altoge- ther a mistake we find from Mr Masters, formerly of the Greyhound, and Mr J. F. Williams, archi- tect and builder, both of whom are well acquainted with him. These gentlemen unite in saying that Thomas Hine is particularly abstemious, steady, and well-conducted, also quiet and inoffensive; and it seems that he is far from being well-known in the police-court, inasmuch as he has never been inside one during his life. We cannot understand how our reporter made the mistake, but suppose he confounded Hine's case with the next one, which was that of a really well-known offender, and the fact was stated by Mr Superintendent Macintosh. We beg to apologise to Thomas Hine for any trouble or anxiety of mind which may have been caused by the words used, and which were, we can assure him, not intended to annoy him or any of his family or friends. THE GRAND DUKE OF BADEN AT LLANOVER.- On Monday morning, a scene of unusual interest was witnessed at Nantyderry Railway Station, beins- nothing less than the departure, by the 10.40 train of the Hereditary Grand Duke of Baden- Baden, after having been on a visit to Lady Llan- over since Friday last. The party, which included her ladyshin and a number of ladies and gentle- men, who "accompanied the Grand Duke to the station to see him off, drove up from Llanover in "•rand style. There were two carriages with four ^r°ys each,* besides others with two horses, and Trillions—altogether a very animated and im- posing spectacle. Mr Pape, the station master, had spread carpets upon the platforms. We are glad to say that her ladyship looked remarkably well. The Grand Duke visited the ruins of Raglan Castle on Saturday. Many of our readers may not be aware that Lady Llanover's sister was the late Baroness Bunsen, whose husband was Prussian Ambassador at the British Court from 1841 to 1854. The Baroness died in March, 1876. She and Lady Llanover were the daughters of Mr Waddino-ton, a gentleman of large property who lived at Llanover Mrs Waddington having been Miss Port, great-niece to Mrs Delany, by whom she was brought up and educated, and who was so intimate with His Majesty King George III. and Queen Charlotte. RIFLE VOLUNTEER COMPETITION.—The annual competition for the battalion cup presented by Col. H. C. Byrde, Lieut.-Col. Burton, Lieut.-Col. G. R. Greenbow-Relph, and staff officers of the Second Admluistrartve Battalion Monmouth Icifte Volun- teers, took place at Usk on Friday last. The number of competitors is limited to five from each company, the distances being 200 and 500 yards, five shots at each range. The best teams were selected from the following corps, and appended is the result of the total of each :-5th Hanbury (Pontypool),. grand total, 139; 7th (Newport), 139; 9th (Abergavenny), 136; 8th (Usk), 138; 4th (Blaenavon), 117 6th (Monmouth), 115. The shooting was remarkably exciting at the close. At 500 yards it was known that the last fcur of the Hanbury team would require a bul1>s eye each to win in actual numbers. The first three scored a bull, and the fourth a centre, thus making it nu- merically a tie; but according to the rules, the prize became the property of the Hanbury com- pany, they havino- made the best average shooting, and the smallest number of outers. The cup falls in successive order to the commanding officers; and we congratulate Capt. Williams upon his pos- session of it this year. It may be said that the prize is absolutely won each year, and that this is the fourth year in succession in which it has fallen to the Hanbury Corps, the same five corporals forming the representative team on each occasion. This is the twelfth year that the prize has been competed for by six different companies, and it is no little credit to Pontypool that the Hanbury Corps have secured it seven times in all out of the dozell.-Solne money prizes given by Col. Green- how-Relph to the Sergeant-Instructors were then shot for, Sergt. Bessent, of the Hanbury Corps, securing the 4th prize of 15s.-The names of those who constituted the Hanbury team in the competition for the cup are Coporais C. Davis, R. Moxham, W. Edmonds, W. Purnell, and J. L. Morgan.





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