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SATURDAY, AUGUST ^iST^^ THE events of the week have been less stirring than usual, and our local politics have been almost uninteresting. Two Local Boards have held their monthly meetings, but in neither case has anything arisen which has been productive of any degree of excitement. We must, however, say that in one case a word of censure is de- serving for what transpired at the meeting of the Abersychan Local Board. The Surveyor, who is a most indefatigable officer, in the dis- charge of his legitimate functions reported that a certain roadway was in a dangerous state, and needed immediate repair. He stated that three serious accidents had recently occurred owing to its defective condition, and feeling, naturally enough, that the Board would take prompt mea- sures for remedying the defect, he had prepared an estimate of the coat of placing a wall, which would obviate all chances of danger. That cost was but X45. A member of the Board exerted himself to the utmost in strenuously opposing the expenditure on the ground that cc he was deter- mined not to allow them to go into debt," and the majority of the Board actually decided to post- pone the subject. The Clerk wisely observed that the responsibility rested with the Board, and the Chairman asked what might be the consequences if one or two necks were broken. In such a case the Board would be as much liable for damages as a Railway Company in the case of injury arising through a collision. It may be all very well for those who wish to ingratiate themselves with the ratepayers to adopt such a course as this, but it will be found in the end a penny wise and pound foolish" mode of procedure. The hardness of the times, and the gloom which hangs over every kind of industry, calls upon us to exercise the strictest economy both in our household and public works, but what is such a sum as X4 5 compared with pos- sible and far from improbable loss of human life ? Such cheeseparing tactics are not to be com- mended. They conduce not to the public 2-ood. r- 5" but prove that an antidote may be worse than the poison. If ultra-economical members wish in this way to save the ratepayers for the moment, they are probably inflicting upon them a tenfold bur- den in the future. Instances are known in which local authorities have been put to serious trouble and expense in endeavouring to court favour with the people by opposing what is really legitimate expenditure. As the Abersychan Local Board have decided to allow what their Surveyor and several members described as a "dangerous place" to re- main without protection, we can only hope that in the event of another accident occurring, the in- jured party may seek his just redress in a court of law.




To the Bditor of the Free…

To the Editor of the Free…

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