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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. A dividend at the rate of S per cent. per annum has been declared by the Monmouthshire Wagon Company (Limited ) THE LOCAL ROARD.-It will be perceived by adver- tisement that six of the retiring members are re-instated and that Mr Ebenezer H. Davies, ironmonger, and Mr W. Prosser, Swan Inn, take the places of Mr W. Con- way and Mr David Jenkins. GRAND EISTEDDFOD AT NEWPORT.—We beg to draw attention to the advertisement of the forthcoming Eisteddfod at the Victoria Hall, Newport. A large number of prizes are offered, and the meeting will no doubt prove exceedingly interesting. Some surprise has been expressed at the Liberal mem- ber for the Monmouthshire Boroughs—Sir J. Ranisdcn -refusing to continue the contribution to the Mon- mouth 11 ace Fund, which has been expected of, and has been presented by, the representative of that constitu- ency for any number of years I)ast.B)-isto" Times and Mirror. VELOCIFEDESTRIANISM.—Two gentlemen left Aber- gavenny on Saturday last, at 6 a.m., upon a tricycle built on an original plan by one of the party, and ar- rived at Cheltenham, a distance of about 60 miles, at 1 p.m. After refreshing they retraced their steps as far as Monmouth, another 40 miles, which they reached about 7 in the evening, thus doing the 100 miles, in- cluding stoppages, iu 13 hours. Rifle SHOOTING.—At the ritle competition at Now- port on Wednesday, the 5th Mon., or Hanbury corps, was represented by Capt.-Commandant Hair and Licut. Williams, the former winning a prize of £ 1, and the latter one of X3. A NEW li INMAN" LINER.—The Glasgow Herald reports the launch from the shipbuilding yard of Messrs Tod and M'Gregor, at Partick, of a magnificent screw- steamer for tho Inman Atlantic mail service. The City of Brussels, as the vessel is designated, is 106 feet in length over all, 40 feet in beam, 2S feet 6 inches in depth, and her tonnage is 3000. We beg to call the attention of our readers to an advertisement in another column respecting a work by that talented author, the RevD.Lloyd Isaac, Llangathen Vicarage, entitled Silurians or, Contribution to the History of Gwent and Morganwg, and would advise all who may be desirous of possessing a hand-book of such rare value, to make an early application, the number being limited and the price so reasonable. PROPOSED NEW CATTLE MARKET AT MONMOUTH. —The Council have taken into consideration the ques- tion of providing a cattle market for the town. At the present time the markets arc held in the public streets. The opposition to the measure is a strong one, but the general opinion prevailing is that the great want will be soon supplied. When are we to have if proper cat- tle market in Pontypool ? RIDING SHEEI\—At the Llandaff Petty Sessions, on Monday, four lads were charged with injuring a num- ber of sheep, the property of Mr 11. Bennett, Splott- lands. The prosecutor said that on the 17th inst. he saw the defendants riding on the backs of his sheep at Splottlands. It was a very frequent occurrence, and two of the sheep were now very ill and not expected to recover. The young urchins were each fined 2s Gd, and were threatened with severe punishment if caught prac- tising the same thing again. THE SHEPHERDS.—On Monday last the Lodge Flower of the Forest, No. 1,345, of the Ancient Order of Shepherds, meeting at the Globe Inn, celebrated its first anniversary. A first-class dinner was placed on the table by Mr and Mrs James, and was heartily en- joyed by the members. The chair was taken by Mr Thomas Jones, of Llanithel, honorary member, and the vice-chair by Mr William James, of Abercarn, hono- rary member. A number of toasts and songs was given, and a very agreeable evening was spent. CAERniiLLY FAIR was held on Wednesday, and was well supplied with live stock. There were several thou- sand sheep offered for sale, which were greatly in de- mand, and sold well. There was also a good show of cattle, and a fair business was done in that trade. The show of horses was good, and some of them fetched good prices. Cart horses were much in demand, and were sold from £17 to £ 20 each. l'igs were u iu.uially dear, but there was a good number sold, the average price being 1-Os. Gd. per score. The price of cheese ranged from zC2 Us. Ga. to f2 17s. per cwt. JUMPING INTO A BOILER. —On Monday night, a rather singular accident happened to William Jones, son of Thomas Jones, brewer, of Trosnant. He was helping in the brcwhouse at Mr Fisher's, The Horse- shoe, PontnewynyJd, aud jumped into a boiler contain- ing some scalding small beer. He was severely scald- ed, and had to be carried home. Mr Haddock applied some suitable oils, and the patient is getting on nicely. When Jones took the leap he was under the impression that the beer had been withdrawn, and that the boiler was cool enough to allow him to remove the hops. ODD-FELLOWSHIP AT CROES-Y-CFILIOG.—On Sa- turday last the Rose of Sharon Lodge of the 1.0.0 F., Pontypool District, M.U., held their 23th anniversary at the Upper Cock Inn, Croes-y-Cciliog. At three p.m., about 70 of the members sat down to an excellent repast, provided by the host and hostess, Mr and Mrs Williams. On the removal of the cloth, P.G. John Jen- kius was called to the chair, and P.G. Lloyd to the vice- chair. The accounts were read over by the secretary, showing that the lodge is in a most flourishing condi- tion, and that there was an increase of .£G3 in the last year, the Lodge numbering 123 members. The usual loyal toasts were drunk with musical honours, and many songs were sung by host Williams, Mr J. Watkins, and others, accompanied by Mr E. Williams, conductor of the l'onthrydyrull baud, on the violin, Mr Protheroe, of Pontypool, on the pianoforte, and Mr Charles Brown on the cornet. The room was closed until eight o'clock p.m., when the brethren withdrew for dancing until about eleven. The company separated highly de- lighted with the evening's proceedings.