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Dymunir galw sylw y Cymry at yr isod. JOHN BEVAN'S (Late Charles Bennett,) GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, Clarence-street, Pontypool. FOR every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, IRON BEDSTEADS, HARDWARE, Ac., GO TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS. Just Published, And may be had at the FREE PRESS Office, Price 6d., (Post-free on receipt of Eight Stamps,) THE LOCAL REGISTER; OR, CHRONOLOGY OF PONTYPOOL AND THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. Being a concise account of the Chief Events that have transpired in the Town and Locality, and (incidentally) in Monmouth- shire, from the Invasion of Britain until the present time. America! America! PROTECTION, SPEED, AND ECONOMY TO EMIGRANTS. Passengers boohed through to all parts of the United States and Canada, at Lowest Rates. Sailing Ships.. (Including Provisions) £ 3 10 0 Steamers. ditto £ Q 6 0 Passengers met at the Railway Stations in Liverpool, and provided with the best accommodation at the lowest possible rates. Free Storage for Luggage. For every other information apply to JAMES R. MORGAN, Emigration Agent, Post Office, Pontypool, and Galton Street, Liverpool. QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT EMIGRATION OFFICES, 2, Old Broad Street, London, E.C. Emigration to Queensland- NEW LAND ACT, 1868. Persons 21 years of age, paying their passage to the Colony, can select a homestead of 80 or 160 Acres at a quit-rent of 9d. and 6d. per Acre for five years, when they become entitled to the freehold. Land orders, £ 30 per adult, are also granted to per- sons paying their passage to the colony. Assisted Passages are granted to shepherds, plough- men, agricultural labourers, quarrymen, gardeners, miners, carpenters, bricklayers, blacksmiths, wheel- wrights, and other eligible persons and Free Passages to female domestic servants, and married farm labour- ers, and shepherds with not more than one child and under 12 years of age. Assisted and free passengers, after three years' con- tinuous residence in the Colony, can select a home- stead of 80 to 160 acres under the Land Act. JAMES WHEELER. AppointedAgent, Auctioneer „ „ Cardiff-J OSEPH ELLIOT & SONS, Bute Docks „ Brecon—Mr JOHN EVANS „ „ Abersychan-MR EDWIN WOOD. Merthvr—MR JOHN COPELAND. Tredegar—MR EDWARD DAVIES. DUTY OFF TEAS AT W. PEGLER'S Tea and Grocery Establishments. 8. d. Good Small Tea. 1 4 per lb. Congou, recommended 2 0 „ Best do. 2 6 W. PEGLER, PONTYPOOL AND BLAENAFON Posters of the Largest Size Printed (45 inches by 27 inches,) EXECUTED IN THE BEST STYLE AND ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE, AT THE FreePress Office,Pontypool. Kaye's Worsdell's Pills. KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS have become so celebrated, because they go at once to the root of disease, purify the vital fluid, and enable all the organs of the human system to perform their functions in a healthy and vigorous manner. They are carefully com- pounded on sound principles, and, being entirely free from mercurial, antimonial. and other mineral or dan- gerous substances, may be safely taken by persons of the most delicate constitution. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medicines at Is. l^d., 2s. 9J., and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread-street, London. Tea Tea For the Million! Try JONES's Tea. Good Congou Is 4d Fine do. 2s Od Finest Rough do.. ,2s 6d N.B.—All Groceries supplied at Lowest Price Note the Address: Thos. Jones,Grocer, BRIDGE STREJ^j, PONTYPOOL. & NOE MAI?I( EcLi r, 'ITLIGHT OMLY ON THE BOX FITY" e* THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST PONTYPOOL Mutual Improvement Society. PERSONS wishing to join this Society will kindly send their names to Mr W. G. GOLDING. Mr B. FORD. IN CHANCERY. WILLIAMS V. GRATREX. PRELIMINARY ADVERTISEMENT. Sale of the remaining portion of the Trust Es- tates of Mr lVrn. Morgan, sen., situate at Aiersgchan, Golynos, and Talywain, in the county of Monmouth, comprising the Golynos Iron Works and Foundry, Building and Farm Land, and House Property, in the parish of Treve-thin, about 4 miles from Pontypool, and 14 miles from Neicport. 14 miles from Neicport. FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, By Mr. J. PHILPOT, At the CROWN HOTEL, Pontypool, on WEDNESDAY, the 23rd day of JUNE, 1869, at 1 o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will then be produced:- The GOLYNOS IRON WORKS, with 3 Blast Furnaces, Foundry, Fitting-up Shops, 32 Coke Ovens, and remaining portion of the Golynos and Trwdd Properties, containing an area of 33A. Oil. 10P. The GLANSYCHAN ROUSE and OUT-BUILD- INGS, and several Closes of PASTURE LAND, the House being a good, roomy, and well built Residence, and containing every convenience, and the Land admi- rably adapted for building purposes. The WATERLOO COTTAGES, GARDEN, QUARRY, and MEADOW LAND. The TALYWAIN ESTATE, comprising 19A. 2& 16P., with HOUSES and COTTAGES, let on building leases, expiring in 1873. The LOWER PORTION OF THE GOLYNOS PROPERTY, comprising 9A. IR 24P., with COTTA- GES, also let on building leases expiring in 1873. The Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situate in the village of Abersvchan, known as the OLD ABERSYCHAN MARKET HOUSE. Particulars, Conditions of Sale, and Plans (when prepared) may be had of Mr PHILPOT, Auctioneer, Pontypool; Mr WM. MORGAN, jun., Solicitor, Aber- gavenny; Mr RAW, Solicitor, 7, Furnival's Inn, London, W.C.; Mr JAMES FRASER, Solicitor, 13, South Square, Gray's Inn, London, W.C.; and Mr THOMAS COLBORNE, Solicitor, Newport, Mon. VELOCIPEDES. H FOX, Hairdresser, Perfumer, and Wholesale jLJLt Tobacconist, Commercial-street, Pontypool, Agent for R. W. BINGHAM'S CELEBRATED BICYCLES and TRICYCLES, which have all the latest Improve- ments. Instruction Books, 6d each Post-free, 7 stamps. FISH FISH FISH THRESH FISH J^AILY! AT JOSEPH SAUNDERS'S, 4, Market Street, Blue Boar Field, PONTYPOOL. Shrimps, Potted Lobster, Sardines, &c. W. PARKHOUSE, Wholesale and Retail Boot Manufacturer, COMMERCIAL-STREET, PONTYPOOL. AGENT for the "HOWE" SEWING MACHINES, the oldest established of any in the world and ac- knowledged to be superior to every other manufactured, being adapted for all kinds of sewing, from the lightest gossamer to the heaviest harness and upholstery. Ready-Closed UPPERS of every description Supplied to the Trade at the Lowest Prices. Fine Teas! rrI-IOS. AGG, PONTYPOOL, The QUANTITY of 2s. and 2s. 6d. Teas T. A. is selling, is a GUARANTEE OF ITS QUALITY. —— EPPS'S COCOA. Only in lb., lb., and 1 lb. Packets—tin-lined and labelled. SOLD BY THE TRADE IN ALL PARTS. Prepared by JAS. EPPS & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, London. HORNIMAN's TEA' is selected only from the spring gathering, and imported free from' facing' powder; tea distinctively strong and delicious infiavour is thus obtained. Genuine packets are signed LONDON. Prices, 2s. 8d.—3s.—3s.4d. & 3s. Sd. per lb AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. A BERYSTWITlf..Joii es, Chemist MONMOUTH Allen PONTVPOOL Wood,Chemist. | MERTHYK Stephens USK Edwardi NEWPORT, Edmunds, chemist. ABERGA'NY. Watkins,Gosden Phillips, 92, Commercial st CRICKHOWEI.L Christopher | RISCA Taylor, Chemist BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, Executed with Neatness, Correctness, and Punctuality, BY D. WALKINSHAW, AT the Office of the Free Press and Herald of the Hills, Corn Market House, Pontypool. Window Bills ("House to Let," &c.) from Id. Notices of Distraint, Id. each. Dividers (Abersychan, Pontypool, and Cwmbran,) Is. per 100. County Court Notices, d. each; 5d. doz.; 3s. per 100. The Art Union of Great Britain. [The Luchj Office" at which the fortunate ticket No. 114,079, the ivinncr of the First Prize, tvas sold was the office of the PONTYPOOL FltEiz PRESS. Tickets for the next drawing, which tcill take place on Wednesday, June 30th, are now ready, and may be had at this office, i{ £ IMPORTANT. D IF you want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr W. WILLIAMS, 16. Dock-street,, New- port, Mon., and Insure your Life, and, with approved personal security, you can have any sum up to £ 2,000, repayable by fixed instalments. Office hours, 10 to 5. For Sale, A QUANTITY OF WASTE BROWN PAPER, at Id. per lb. Apply at the Office of this Paprr. 1^ MACNIVEN & CAMERON'S RENOWNED PENS ON A NEW PRINCIPLE. Waverley Pen! Pickwick Pen! Owl Pen! THESE Pens are raperlly superseding all others, being JL adapted for every style and variety of writing. ':i. Is per Box lAd per Poet. Sold at the office of the PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS. The OWL' for fine writing, and 'The WAVERLEY' for the rough and ready hand, are the Pons that must, 11 par excellence, supersede all otbcrs.Forres Gazette. MONDAY, June 21 at, is the LAST IJA Y for TICKETS. 1869.—NINETEENTH SEASON.-1869. A RT UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN. ONE SHILLING PER SHARE. 1,637.677 Tickets have been sold in the eighteen previous drawings, and 19,852 PRIZES distributed, including 4,604 Paintings, in amounts varying from 200 guineas downwards, being ONE PRIZE in each 82 Tickets. ° The DRAWING for PRIZES will take place On Wednesday, June 30, 1869, And will consist of upwards of ONE THOUSAND PRIZES. 1st PRIZE: "A NOBLE WIFE" H. FISK.! £ 150 2nd PRIZE The Morning Express" J. P. PETTITT £ 126 3rd PRIZE A Tight Fit" J. KENNEDY £ 63 and about 150 other Paintings, from £ 60 down. [Particulars in Prize Lists.] Tickets, ONE SHILLING each. entitling the holder to one chance in the drawing, may be had from the undermentioned agents or will be forwarded direct by the Secretary on receipt of envelope (stamped and directed,) together with postage stamps or post-office order for the number of Tickets required. JAMES G. LAW, Secretary, 39, Oxford-street, Manchester. LOCAL AGENTS: Pontypool, Mr D. WALKINSHAW, Free Press" Office. Mr W. EDWARDS, Stationer, George-street. MAKES the water so soft and cleansing, that the Wash is finished in half the usual time. HUDSON'S EXTRACT OF SOAP LATHERS freely. Cleans Paint, Scours Floors, JLj Tables, &c. Beware of Imitations. Sold in Id. and d. packets, and lib. and lb. ditto. CALEDONIAN INSURANCE COMPANY, "VTOTLCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Mr GEORGE l\ GORRELL, of Pontypool, is no longer Agent for this Company, and is not empowered to receive money or transact business on its behalf. RICHARD LEE, 39, Lothbury, London, Resident Secretary. 4th June, 1869. TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for making certain Alterations and Additions to the Crane-street Baptist Chapel, Pontypool. The Plans and Specification may be seen at the office of the Architect. A. O. WATKINS, Archi- tect, Dock-street, Newport. Sealed Tenders are to be sent to Mr T. B. SMITH, Secretary, British School, Pontypool, on or before the 24th inst. The Lowest, or any Tender, will not necessarily be accepted. To be Let-, HOUSE in BRYNGWIN PI,ACE. -Apply to Mr A G. J JEE, Glanwern Offices. To~Let^ rjiHE PONTYPOOL ARMS BEERHOUSE, Crane- JL street, Pontypool. Fixtures, Brewing Utensils, &c., to be taken to. Apply to Mrs Dixon, on the Premises. To Grocers. TO BE LET, a GROCERY BUSINESS in the town of Blaenafon, Mon. Stock and Fixtures very mode- rate. The Premises large well situated, and adapted for a good trade. Apply to Mary Morgan, 63, Broad-street, Blaenafon. To be Let, With Immediate Possession, A HOUSE AND CORNER SHOP, situate at XX the junction of Nicholas Street with the Albion Road, well adapted for a Grocer, Baker, or any other business. The Shop, which was lately occupied by a Grocer, has two large Plate Glass Windows, and is sub- stantially fitted up with Counters, Desks, Shelves, Drawers, Gas Fittings, The House contains a small Parlour, three Bedrooms, Kitchen with Copper and VERY LARGE OVEN, and two good Cellars with level entrance from the road. Apply to Mr HrGlIEs, Bookseller, Pontypool. Secure your Tickets! ART UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN. THE next Drawing will take place on the 30th June, and Tickets may now be obtained at the Free Press" Office. Thomas's Emulsion of Syrups, OR PECTORAL COUGH DROPS, For Coughs, Colds, Influenza:, Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Asthma, Hooping Cough, Difficulty of Breathing, Incipient Consumption, and other affections of the clwst and lungs. No family should be without this popular health- restoring remedy, which has been in great demand for many years with unprecedented success. Sold in Bottles, at 7 id, Is. 1 d, and 2s 9d each BAYLEY'S TONIC, APERIENT, AND PURIFYING FAMILY PILLS, For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Giddiness, Trind in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual or Temporary Costiveness, Nervousness, Pains in the chest and side, 4-c, These pure vegetable pills strengthen the system and increase appetite, and are a mild and effective aperient; they purify the blood from all gross humours, and give speedy relief in all disorders of the liver and stomach. SOLD IN BOXES, AT 7 £ D., Is. lD., & 2s. 9D. EACH. Q i? Prepared only by T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool. WHOLESALE AGENTS. Lond on W. SUTTON & Co. Bristol PEARCE & Co. And Retail by most Chemists and Medicine Vendors. LOCAL AGENTS. Blaenafou: Evans,chemist Aberga'ny Watkins „ Tredegar: Waites Newport Edmunds EleazarDavis „ "Morgan (Pillgwenlly)" Cardiff: James Williams „ „ Crc ss „ Abertillery J. Pontypridd Bassett, chemist Aberdare T.W.Evans „ .Nfonmouth Cossens Spencer" Merthyr Thos,Stephens R. ThOlDas Dowlais Hancock" (' hepstow Williams" Usk Clark, bookseller Williams, bookseller PONTYPOOL UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, &c. ALL Persons desii ousof Contracting with the Guard- ians of this Union for the next three months, for BREAD, FLOUR, MEAT, GROCERY, CHEESE, BUTTER, MILK, RICE, SHOES, COAL, SOAP, CANDLES, SPLIT PEAS, OATMEAL, and other Articles of Consumption, for the Workhouse of the said Union; and also for supplying the several Farisbes in the said Union with BREAD and FLOUR, are re- quested to deliver Sealed Tenders at my Office on or before the, 16th day of June inst., and send Samples to the Union Workhouse on Thursday Morning, the 17th day of June inst., by Ten o'clock. The Board will receive Tenders for supplying the Pontypool, Aber- sychan, and Usk Districts, with Bread, Meat, and Flour separately. It is competent for any person to Tender for any of the Articles separately, and the Board will not under- take to accept the lowest Tender. FORMS OF TENDERS MAY BE HAD AT MY OFFICE. Security, under a pellaltyof Ten Pounds, tcill be re- quired for the performance of the Contract, that the Goods supplied are of the quality contracted Jar. EDMUND B. EDWARDS, Cleric of the Board of Guardians, Town Hall, Pontypool, June 11th, 1869.


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