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WHAT IS BEFORE US ? "Wisely has it been ordained that no man may know what the morrow will bring forth That ignorance is bliss is, its regards any r, other point, a most fallacious conclusion but as regards that which we are destined to ex- perience, the condition involving evil in other matters becomes to a considerable extent a oood It is well that many are spared a know- fed<>e of the reverses of fortune, the heai trend- ing" bereavements, the dreadful deaths, to- wards which they daily drift; or they would be deprived o.t all heart tor the battle ot lile and every moment would be embittered with agonising reflections. Ignorance of the future prevents despair, and leaves us the perhaps greatest boon, thrice-blessed hope. Heavy as our afflictions may be, we are sustained by a reliance on possibilities. Experience has taught us that the darkest hours come just before day- light, and that reflection somewhat reconciles us to our misfortunes. Hut though meiciiullv spared from foresight of evil to come, we arc all prone to desire that a corner of the ycil may be lifted and we may see what is before us in the shape of good. And though we do not pretend to wield a wand so potent as that of Prospero, and to be able to dispel at once the cloud of gloom which has gathered over Pontypool, we can exercise our faculties of observation, investigation, and deduction as to a matter on which just now all arc anxious, the future fortunes of the town. 1 he result is this. We congratulate our neighbours on there being good prospects of an early arrange- ment of the "dispute between the 'trustees of the Park Estate and the Ebhw Yale Company. The negotiations have a favourable tendency, and it is to be hoped that no hitch mav occur, There are further signs of the times' from which we prognosticate a return of prosperity An enterprising gentleman from iSw«nl 15 treaty for a lease ot lands near Pontypo;;l-road station, with the intention of erecting diereon a charcoal bath forge. As such a business must. if judiciously earned on conduce to the general benefit, all will hope that that which is planned may become a reality. The rail- way people, again, are about to extend and improve the accommodation at Pontypool-road station, and that certainly is an encouraging augury. The Great Western Company are also said to have determined on forthwith carrying out the works of the Pontypool, Caerleon, and Newport Railway, the necessary sanction loi which was obtained several years ago, and which must be of advantage to the local w rks. With these indications around us, .j >- there is really •niu> cotnihg'' *iot- T-i'tyiKoi. •!k> bulcheis '.lie example oi uis, who. we are told, has been selling gout; bevi at twopence a :.our/l!_ ^ous.y, we think that the town has seen its worst days, and that U LUUir \.j1..1t::t;11UJ.. 'lJl.J,J,.li UlUJ ,¡"u..JV.I..UAU¿., NM- couraged. The public should, however, not be misled by the rumours which are flying about. Matters have not been finally settled, and prudence will, for the present, withhold its sanction from too great confidence that we shall find all our wishes speedily realised.