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NEWMARKET FIRST SPIUNG MEETING. NEWMARKET. THURSDAY. 2 0-k MAlDES PJ.ATIi of 2u0 sovs, for two year olds colts Sst 121b, fillies oat Sib; winners extra. Rous Course (5 furlo gsl. Mr Combe's Imogene, 8st 91b Rickahy 1 Baron Rothschild's Peninsular, Barrett 2 Mr N Fenwick's Ingot, 8.,t 910. F. Martin 3 Lord Dudley's Beggar My Neighbour, 9st 51h G Barrett 0 Lord Dunrav an's Miserere, 8st 91b „T. Cannon 0 Lord Kllesm era's Zeeland, 8st 121b. T Loates 0 Mr R S Evans's St Fergus, 8st 12ib Goater 0 Mr Fairie s Eagle, 8>t 121b (car 8st 131b) Wainwribt 0 Lord Howe's Poussin, 8st 121b J VVoodburu 0 Capt Macheil's Innisheen, 9at 51b Robinson 0 Mr Roberts s Fiinge, 8-*t 121b S Loates 0 Mr Wallace's Turkish Delight, 8st 12lb Warne 0 Wall 0 Mr Waugh's Maley, 8st 91b Madden 0 Betting—7 to 2 agst Turkish Delia ht, 9 to 2 agst Peninsular, 8 to 1 each agst Beggar My Neighbour, Ingot, and Maley, 10 to 1 ag-t Miserere, 100 to 8 agst Imogene. and 2J to 1 agst innisheen. Zeeland made the ruMiing from Ingot, Imogene, and Turkish Delight, with Peniusuiar, Beggar my Neigh- botH. Innisheen, and MiserOjre lying well up to the Bushes, where Ingot took a slight lead, bu", was headed down the hill by Imogene, who drew away from ber field and w"n in a canter by four lengths; a neck separated the secon i and third. Beggar my Neighbour was fourth, Innisheen fifth, Miserere sixth, and Poussin last: 3 30-A SEi.l'lNG PLATE of 100 guineas, for two colts 9st, tilliea ist lllb the winner to be sold 300 S TS ltous Course. Mr Jennings's, jun, Julia, 8st 111b.T Cannon 1 Mr Reynolits's My Lena, 8st 111b —F Barrett 2 1..ol"d 3 Baron Tu>ll'* Psalm Singer, 8st 111b .G Barrett 0 Mr Hope's f by Thuringian Prince—dope, Bat llib Madden 0 Mr Wa.dlow's Shardeloes, 8:;t 111b Rickahy 0 Betting—5 to 4Rst Sir Walter, 9 to 2 each agst My Lena. and Psalm singer, and 8 to 1 agst Julia. Sir Walter cut out the wors from Julia, Psalm Singer, and My Lena, with the Hope filly lying next to the Bushes, where Julia closed wIth tbe leader, and taking up the running half way down the bili won easily by a neck three lengths between the second and third. The Hope filly was fourth. Psalm Singer next, aud Shardeloes last. The w inullr Wall to Mr Jl England for 430 guineas. 3 0—The HEATH HlGHWEIGHT HANDICAP PLATE of 000 sovs for the first, added to a sweep- stakes of 5 sovs each for starters to go to the second); winners extra. Rous Course (5 furlongs). Mr Brydges-Willyams's Saucy Lass, 4y 7s; 71b Calder 1 Mr Cleveland's Bret Ifarte, 3y 7t!t ólb (all 51b) Morris 2 Mr Macksey's Nimeusis, 3y 7st 71b T Loates 3 Mr J Hammond's SII Symphorieu, 4y 9st 41b Rickaby 0 Mr D Henty's Debenture, a 8st 41h .T Cannon, jun 0 Prince Soltykoffa Panto ime, 3y S:d;4i[) 31 Cannon 0 Lord Hastings's Maiden Belle, 4y g.t 2ib..G Barrett 0 Mr Redfern's Yard Arm, 3y 7st 121b Witrne 0 Mr L de Rothschild's Galloping Quetin, 3y 7st 131b F Barrett C Lord Cadogan's Franciscan, 4y 7st lllV.Woortbutn 0 Duke of Portland's Marcus, 5y 7st Ulb, car 7st 131b E Mai tin 0 Mr 0 Mr R Moncrieff's Barskinmiog, 3y 7st 21b (all 51b) A Adams 0 Mr W A Jar vis's Needles, 3y 6st 121b (all fiib) Webb 0 Mr Ressell's The Uee/er, 3v 6 t 13lb Wall 0 Mr Henholm's Barbacan, 3y 6st 7lb (all 51 n) Bowen 0 Beiting—5 to 1 each agst Saucy Lass amiS; Syin- phorien, 8 to 1 agst Galloping Queen, 10 to 1 agst Nimetisis 100 to 8 each agst Barskinming and Bar- bacan, 100 to 7 each agt Pantomime, Maiden Belle, and Vard Arm, 20 to 1 each agst Dgbenture, .Murcus, Bret Harte, Franciscan, Boundsditcb, acd N eedles, and 25 to 1 asjst Reefer. Nimeusis showed the way from Saucy Lass and' Bret Harteontheright.and StSSymphonen in tbe centre, with Galloping Queen and Barbacau lying wdl up on the stand side uutil half-way down the Bushes Hill, where Ldrew to the front, and, stalling- off in turn resolute challenges from Bret Harie and Nimeusis in the last hundred yaids, won a fine race by half a length a head between the second and third. St Syinphorien, close up. wa.s fourth, Gallopii.ig Queen tifth, Nimeusis sixth, Barbacan seventh, and De benture last. 2 30-A SELLING STAKES of 10 sovs each for starters, with luO added, for two and three yea.r ollis; winner to be sold for 100 sovs. Rous Course (5 fl1riongs). Lord Gerard's Geneva, 2y 7st G Chaloner 1 Mr H Jennings's Eruilien, 3y 9,¡t lib Wall 2 Mr Bewdley's Maid of all Work, 2y 7st Blake 3 Betting—Evens Geneva, and 7 to 4 agst Emdien. Fmilien, iu the centre, held a slight lead of the other until half-way down the hill, where the favourite drew to the front and won easily by a neck; three lengths between the second au I third. The win- 1101' was lIOt. sold. 4 0-The CHIPPENHAM STAKES of 30 sovs each, h ft, with 20\) added, for three year olds colts 9st, filiius 88 S b winners extra the second saves stake. D M. 10 subs. Mr L de Rothcllild's Morglay, 8st 7ib F Barrett 1 Mr Jennings's, jun, Royal Star, 9st bib TCannon 2 Mr Milner's Ste Agatha, 8st 2in E Martin 0 Mr Cochiane's Rigadooa, 8st 7Ib G Barrett 0 Baiting—5 to 4 on Monday, 7 to 4 ngst Royal Star, B to 1 ag t Ste Agatha, and 20 t'l 1 agst Rigadoon. Rigiuioon made play fr0U) Ste AgafcVia and Morglay, with Royal Star lying off for balf tbe journey, when Ste Agatha took a slight lead, but she gave way a quarter of a mile fromjhome to Morj;lay, who stalled off Hoyal Star's challenge inside the distance and won very easilv hy three lengths a bad third 4 3Q-The ELY PLATK of 200 son, by subscription of 10 sovs each, 5 ft; weight for age penalties and allowances. Last 5 furlong* of D M. Mr J Hammond's Cigar Light. 3y tst 91 b.. T Loates 1 Mr J B Leigh's Whitehall, 6y 7st 91b G Ohaloner 2 Lord Penrhyu's Noble Chief tun, 4y lOst 51b T Cannon 3 Mr Aldington's Maynooth, 3y 7st 91b S Loates 0 Mr J Biownitig\s 0 Mr 11 MilnerV Whistle Jacket, 5y tlst Martin 0 Dnke of Portland's Ulva, 2y 5st 9lb (all bIb) C Dows 0 Mr J Waugh's Countess Therry, 4y 8st Madden 0 Mr H Jennings's Louise, 3y 7st 71b Wall 0 Betting—9 to 2 agst Whistle Jacket, 6 to 1 each agst Cigar Light, Noble jhiefrain, and Uiva, 100 to 15 agst Mavnootli, 10 to 1 each agst Whitehall, Countess Therry, 10 to 1 agst Ca><al, Louise, and Ulva. Ulva, in the centre of the course, settled down in front of Whitehall, Whistle Jacket, and Cigar Light. with Noble Chieftain lying wet! up until a distance from home, where Cigar Light took the lead. and fLlrhough Whitehall challenged resolutel¡ in the last handled yards, Cigar Light held his own to the end and won a P'e ty race by half a length the same dis- tance separated second and third. Ulva was fourth, Maynooth fifth, and Whistle Jacket next, tbe last pair being CaballUld Louise. 50-The TRIRI) W ELTgtt HANDICAP PLATE of 100 sovs, added to a sweepstakes of 10 sovs each for starters winners extra. JHI. Mr R H Combe's Papyrus, 3y 7st lib.. Blake 1 Mr W Younger's Flower o' the May, 4y 7-t G Chaloner 2 Capt Machell's Nf apolis, 4y 9st 71b Robinson 3 Mr J Charlton's Treasurer. 4y 9st 31b TCanuou 0 Major Wickham's John 0 1\11 J Cannon's The Penman, by S,t. T Loates 0 Mr J M Gordon's Old Gold, a 74 51b J Woodburn 0 Mr L de Roibschild's Foxtail, 3y 7st lib Wall 0 Mr Sinclair's Bard of Erin, 6y 7st Griffiths 0 Betting—II to 8 agst Payyrus 9 to 2 each agst Neapolis and Flower o' the 5lay, 10 to 1 each agst Treasurer and Penman, 100 to 9 ag-t Old Gold. 100 to 8 agst Bard of Erin, 20Jto 1 agst John Barleycorn. "papyrus, on the left, showed the way from Flower o* the'May and Neapolis, with the Penman and Old Gold lying next, ani Bard of EIlJ1 last. Tbis_ 0"<ler was maintained for six furlongs, when Neapolis was beaten, and Papyrus and Flower o' the May, singling themselves out shortly afterward- ran a pretty race home, the favourite winning by half a lenatb two lengths between the second acd third. Tbe Peuman was fourth. Old Gold fifth, and Bard of Erin last. 5 JO—MATCH. 1000 sovs each. Last 5 furlongs ofAbM. Mr Hibbert's Tortoise, 3y 9st 61b TCannon 1 .Owner 0 Betting-21 to 20 on TortOiSe. Tfap non-l'avourlte held tbe lead for half the journey, when Tortoiie drew up to his quarters, and coming away 150 yards from home, won in a canter by three lengths. LATEST BETTING ON THE CO URSJS. JUBILEE STAKES Ono mile. Run Friday, May 13 8 to 1 ags Goldseeker (o) 8 to 1 — The Rejected (o) 8 to 1 — Amphi on (o) 900 to 100 — True Blue II, (t) 9 to 1 Orbit (t o) 1000 to 100 — Martley (t) 600 to 35 — Bullion (t) 15 to 1 — Screech Owl (t to THE DERBY 200 to 100 agist Donovan (t) 600 to 200 — El Dorado ft A o) 8 to 1 — Enthusiast (t to 10 to X — Laureate (o) 2000 to 100 Gay Hampton (t) After ridi g Turkish Delight in ths Maiden Plate Warne was reported to the stewaviig for disobedience at the post, and his license wa.s withdrawn. TO DIAY'S RACING. ORDER OF RCNNI-TG.—Sweepstakes (R M). 1; Two Yeai Old Selling, 1 Fourth Welter 2 One Thou- sand Guineas, 2 30 May Plate. 3 Bretby, J 30 ENTRIES SWEEPSTAKKS — Nadine c It (3y), John Barleycorn (aged), each to be sold for bOO sovs Pinchbeck (by), Kversfleld (5y). and CUang (3y), each to be sold for 100 sovs. SELLING STAKES FOR Two YEAR OLDS —Sirrocco, Fiddle and I, Shirley, Marbury, Lady Careless, Flying Geneva, Spinning Top. Harlequinade, Rapier, Lord,Pouglaa, Garter Blue, and Lucida. WEIGHTS. FOURTH WICLTKR HANDICAP.— Ab.MT. ys !,t lb ) ys st lb Arundel 6 9 91 Devil's Dance 3 7 12 Jezr-el 6 9 8 Kettlebury 3 7 10 Promoter 4 8 13 John Barleycorn „ a 7 0 Lai Br..ugh 5 8 9 | Choufleur, .37 8 Patchouli lis 7 j Cheroot .3 7 5 Governor Waller 5 8 7| Alastor 3 7 5 Wm the Silent 3 8 0 I Motto 3 7 3 Anodyue 3 8 0 Norwood 37 0 PROBABLE STARTERS ANn JOCKEYS FOR THJS ONK THOUSAND GUINEAS. Mr Baird's Hamptonia Lord Cadogan s Polka ..F Webb Lord Du' Gulbeyaz — — — Rickaby Lord Eiiesmere's Hortense S Loates Lord Eiiesmere's Pamela -T Loates liO: d Hasting's Editba — —— Mr Houldsworth's Helioscene..— ..T Cannon 1Iir Manton's Antibes.Roh nsou Mr Manton's Seclusion .Martin Mr L de Rothschild's Gagout F Barrett Piince Soltykoff's Cherry Bounce M Cannon Mr Vyner's Minthe .1 Woodburn Duke of Westminster's Rydal G Barrett Captain MacheU' Winkle .G Chaloner SCRATCH rNGS. —— Bretby Plate—Fuller ton, Mons de Paris, Caerlave- rock Albertus, William the Silent. Pmton, Emerald a.nd Fra Diavolo. May Plate—Coryphee, tarantula, Scotia, One Thousand Guineas—Ivetsey, Unco Gold, Claire, Dolphin. Fourth Welter—Devil's Dance. ADDITIONAL ARRIVALS.—Guiscard and Lottie Smith, PONTEFRAOT SPRING MEETING. ■"T?" PON I'EFRACT THIMSNAV 20i3*>e HUNTERS' SELLING PLATE of 40 sow weight for seUmg and other allowances. Two miles. on the Bat. Mr R Walker's m by Scamp-Honi Solt, 6y list 71b Mr Walker 1 Mr Fox's Sonny Clime, 4y list Mr Fox 2 Mr Robson's Dulde Agnes, 5y 12st 3lb .Owner 0 Mr Lee's Truthful, aged last Owner 0 Bettin-T to 4 agst Sunny Clime, 2 to 1 agst Honi Soitmare, and 3 to 1 each agst Trnthful and Dulcie, TrutMulatouce drew of the Honi SoitD1 and Dulcie Agnes, the latter of whom assumed ttu command after passing the stand. About a mile front holl") the Honi SoiL mare beaded Ducie Agnes, and although Sunny Clime took secon i place at 'he dve furlong post, he fai ed to reach the Honi Soit m ire who won in a canter by five lengths; a bad third. TtK !n"a^Pas b°ugh t in for 105 guineas. 2 35—The TRIAL HA.VD1CAP PLATE of 105 sovs winners extra. Five furlongs. Mr Whipp s Castagnette, aged 9>t 216 W«ldon I > hAn 8 Lady Clifton, 3y 7st 61b Black Mr Meyrick-Bankes's Moriaigne, 3y 6st 131b (all 5lb) *r r- Collings ♦ Mr Lindsay's f by Ollerton—Sapphire II, 3y 6st (allw.i 51b) Wiadowfield < Major Joicey's Firewater, 4y 8st 101b.Bruckshaw a Sir R. Jardine's Uam T tr, 3y 8it yib J Osborne 0 Mr Ore isley's Primus, 4y 8sc 51b Vagalla Mr Lee's Assyria 4y Sat a Mr Rodger's Springbeck, 3y 8st 2lb Mullen fl Mr Piatt's King Cole. 3\ 7st 131b Luke a Mr Shepherds Beau Prince, 4y 7st l2ib. Piatt 0 Mrs Daw.son s Bitter Sweet. 4y 7st 61b Chandiey G Mr Jones s Littl-D t. 4y 7st21b Piercy 0 Mr Wilkinson s Destiny.ov 6st 91b {aliii 51b)licithton 0 Mr Osborne s Princess Patricia, 3y 6st Sib (alld 51b) Smedley 0 Betting-3 to 1 agst Castagneite, 6 to 1 agrt P. ita", 8 to 1 agst Mortaigne, 10 to 1 each agst Assyria, Kiog Cole, Bitter Sweet and Clifton, 1(0 io 8 agst any other. Lady Clifton settled down in front, and made the I running irom Primus, Springbeck, Assyria, and Castagnette, with the Sapphire 11 tilly, Uam Var, and King Cole next. and Little not last. On entering the straight lam V r fell, and L'tdy Clifton came on from r'rimu. w,th Mortaigne, who got badly away, third, just in front of Castagnette, the latter ot whom took second place at the distance, aud, heading Lady Clifton in the last few strides, won a fine race by a head two lengths between the ,-econd and Mortaigne and the Sapphire II filly, which pair ran a dead heat for third place. Springbeck was fifth. Assyria sixth, Primus next, and Little Dot last. J Osborne, the rider of Uam Var, broke hu collar-bone, and the horse broke his neck a.nd both forelegs. 3 15-Tlle PRINC" OF WALKS'S SLAKES of 5 sovs each, 1 ft (to the fund), with 10) added, for two year olds colts 8st 121b, fillies an I geldings 8st 91b winners extra. Five furlongs. Mr Petrie's Frank Patros, 8 -t 121b Chandiey 1 Mr t'Anscn's Balaclava, 8st 9ii> Fagan 2 Mr Cooper's ThimbleOy.8st 12lb Ma*uir« S Mr Bauke's Royal Prince, 8sc 121b Johnson 0 | Mr Burton's Murmur, 8st 121b Morgan n Mr Cromi'ton's Namouna, 8st 91b ..Moore 0 Mr Gladstone's f by Zaalnt-C. ockery, 8t 91b Piercy 0 Mr H wksworth s Mrs Edwards, 8st alb Bruckshaw 0 Lord Lend nder.y's Co test. 8st 121b Muller 0 Mr Lindsay's Scratch, 8st 9lb Weldon 0 Mr Vyners Golden Horde. 8st I2lb Black 0 Mr Osborne s Githa, 8st 9ib Piatt 0 Mr Whipp's infirmity, 8st 121b Reeves 0 Bett,ug-3 to 1 agst urmur. 4 to I agat Contest, 5 to 1 agst Balaclava, 6 to 1 agst Thimbleby, 10 to 1 agst Scratch, ;ind 100 to 7 agst ^ny other. Scratch was very unruly at* the post, and when the flag fell to an indifferent start she bolted out "f the course. Balaclava was first away, but it! most Imme- diately gave way to Thimbleby and frank Patios, with Balaclava lyinij^hird, just in front of Contest, Royal Prince, Infirmity, ai d Murmur. Eatoriiig the straight, about three farlo; igs from home,Thimbleby was headed by Frank Patros and Balaclava, the former of whom, aiways having the best of the race, won by a length and a halt: six lengths betweeu the second and third. Contest was fourth. Murmur fifth, Intirmity sixth, Namouna n-xt, and Golden Hord., last. 3 50-The PONTEFRACI' SPRING HANDICAP of 5 sovs each, 2 ft (to the fund), with 1SO added winners extra tbe second saves stake. About one mile and a half. Mr Savii e's Ringmaster, ajted 7st 21b (all 51b)Turner 1 Lord Tredegar's Partition, 4y 6st 7lb .W Wood 2 Mr Green's Domina Sylva. 6y 7st olb Maguire 3 Mr Whipps Yarm, 4y 8st 41h .Weldon 0 Mr Whipp's Keruunos, 5y 8st 2tb Fagau 0 Mr Stevenson's Nightcap, aged 7st 121b Maguire 0 Mr Perkins's Luciennes, 4y 7st 71b Chandiey 0 Mr R Osborne's Countess Lilian, 4y 7st 5!b..Piercy 0 Mr Sanderson's Ferry,Sy 6st lib (all51b)Widdowtield 0 Mr Burton's Doric, 3y 6st 131b (car 6sti R Chalouer 0 Betting—2 to 1 agst Ringmaster, 5 to 1 each agst Yarm and Doric, 6 to 1 agst Domina Sylva. 8 to 1 each agst Partition and Nightcap, ana 10 to 1 agstany other Domina Sylva settled down in front of Ringmaster, the pair- beiug clear of Partition and Doric, with Countess Liliari and Yarm lying nevt, and I,ucieumes in the rear. In this order they ran until about half a miie from home, where Ringuiastur headed Domina Sylva. and, stalling off a resolute challenge by Partition, who took second place in the straight, won by half a length; a bad third. Doric was fourth, Yarut fifth, Keraunos next, and Luciennes last. 4 25-The MILE SELLING PLATE of 105 sove; weight for age selling allowances One mile, Mr Aitken's Madame Judas. 3y 7st 111b Fagan I Mr Dormer's Serenade, 5y 9st 4ib Bruckshaw 2 Mr Green's Lente, Sy"ll-t Maguire 3 Mr Spencer sOd Scotch. a 9st 41b Weldon 0 Mr Doolev's Boneydroo. 4y 9st Johnson 0 Betting—2 to 1 agst ente, 5 to 2 agst, Madame Judaa, 3 to 1 agst Old scotch. 4 to 1 agst Serenade, 10J to 8 agst Honeydrop offered Madame Judas made all the running, and won easily by two lengths half aleugth between the second and third. Honeydrop was fourth. The winner was iiold to Mr C C Dormer for 2(10 guineas. 60-The BAi>>WORTH WELTER HANDICAP of 105 sovs winners extra. One mile. Mr Osborne s Curraghmore, 3y 8st 121b Piatt Lord Penryne's Carmine, 3y 9,t 10.b. Weldon 2 Mr Stevenson's Spenser, 4y 9st 9!b .Rhodes 3 Mr Spence's Her Grace, 4y 9st 101b (alld alb. Bates II Mr Melville's Eleusis, 4y 9st 91b Lofthouift O Mr Johnson's Hi lining; on, 3y J.,ic Blb Wiligiielil 0 Mr Lee's Rebus, 3y 8st 71b Bruckshaw 0 :'lrCrom"tøn's Calliope, ?y 8st 61b Mooie 0 Mr Shepherd's St Francis, 3y Sst 9ib Morgan 0 Betting—5 to 3 agst Curraghmore, 3 to 1 each agst Hinnington and Carmine, 6 to 1 agst Rebu, aul 100 to 8 agst St Francis. Rebus made play from Carmine. Her Oiace, and liinuingti n, with Curraghmore lying next, and Spencer last fur a little over half the journey, when Rebus gave w.ty to Curraghmore and Carmihe. and the former, drawing away in the straight, won easily by six lengths; a bad thitd. Hinnington was fourth, Eleusis tifti'l, Rebus next, and St Fiancis last. After having the broken bone set by Dr Dongaii, John Osborne returne to his hotel, and later in the afternoon left for his home at Middle.iaui Bside. a fractured coil r-bone, he was very much shaken by the fall, :md it will probably be a long time before heis seen in the saddte agaiu. TO-DAY'S RACING. ORDER OF RUNNING.-Castle Plate, 1 4.); Selling Handicap. 2 la Victoria, Plate. ? bO; Carleton Han- dicap, fto Juvenile Selling, 3 55 ilklutece Plate, 4 25. ENTRIES. JUVENILE SELLING PLATE.—Medicurix filly, A nte Matilda, Image, Lady Kingsbury, Intimity, Lewis, and Apia each to be sold for SiiLUNO HANDICAP. —Five furlong*. y" st lb I yo; K6 lb Calyx 5 9 8 1 Madame Juda>i 8 13 Serenade t> 9 3j Thanet 58 8 Horsemint 4 9 01 Westou 4 7 13 Liz b 8 13 | Kemplay .37 7 ADDITIONAL ARRIVALS.—xhe following additional horses have arrived Apia, Annie Matilda, Scratch; Yarm. Ferry, Rebus, Her Grace, I rince Rup''rt, Tommy Tittemouse, Red Palmer, Sunny Clime, Truthful, Firewater, Primus, Orlando, Image, Calyx, Assyria, K'ng Cole Sapphire II tilly, Infirmity, Lady Kingbury, lierauuos, Horsemint, Liz, and TUariet. THE OFFICIAL STARTING PRICES. t" SPORTING LUTfi:" TELKGUAM ] NEWMARKET MEETING. RACE. WINNER. TRICE, Maiden Plate. Imogene J.OQ T,» G AJ»T Selling Plate Juli i 8 to 1 agut Heath Handicap Sauey Lass 6 to 1 agtt Selling Stakes Geneva Y.ns Chippenham Stakes.. Morglay & to 4 on Ely Plate Ctg;ir Light 5 to i ag?t Third Welter Papyrus 11 to 8 a*st Match Tortoise 21 to 20 on PONTEFKACT MEETING. Hunters Selling Plate Honi Soit mare. 2 to 1 agst Trial Handicap. Castagii'jtte 3 to 1 agpt Prince of Waies's. Fr&nL- Patrett.100 to 7 agst Pontefract Handicap Ringmaster 2 to 1 »g#t Mile Selling bled,%uw Juias.. 5to 2 agst Badsworth Weiter Ourraghmore 5 to 2 agst The above prices are identical with those published in the Racing Calendar" by Messrs Weatberby. ROBERT THE DEVIL. This celebrated thoroughbred, who has been located at Bernham Stud Paddocks, died suddenly on Wed- nesday evening at six o'clock, KEMPTON PARK ROYAL STAKES. The following aro left in Friars Balsam, Fait Ethel f, ligua a, Dark Blue, Tidal Wave, Boule d'Or Evangelist, Ssabreeze, Se*shell, Marfiey. The Baron Caru ige, Scottish Fusilier, Pioneer, Arronclale, Tilec. sophist. The-odolite, Wishing Gate, Estler, Donovan Melanion, Amibes, Ayrshire, Cazique, Barkh un, Gold! Hagios, The bat. Ma Belle e, Bat-slcinming, Negligent, Belle Agnes f, L'Avare, Devii'a Dyke, Royal Star, Beu Strome, Pitiizeirschid, Caerlaverock. YORK SPRING MEETING. WEIGHTS FOR THE GREAT NORTHERN HANDICAP. (One mile and three quarters, ILun Tuesday, May 14.) ys st lb | ys Ht ib Exmoor 6 8 U Cadmus 3 7 0 Theodore. 6 8 11 Ringmaster a 7 0 Cotillon 4 8 8 Luciennes 4 o 16 uissaphernes 5 8 7 Testator 3 6 9 ^elby a 8 4 Morglay 56 7 Nappa 5 3 2 Santa Rosalia. 4 6 7 Kenilworth 4 8 01 Houndsditeh 36 7 Mill Stream 6711 t Flower o' the May 6 6 Fallow Chat 4 7 il (Jan. Var 3 6 6 Horton 5 7 10 Carmine 3 & 4 Tonas „ a 7 9 Pi neon 3 & 9 Yarm 4 7 7 Transept 3 5 12 Mirror 4 7 7 ThejLynx 3 b 9 Mosspaul- 4 7 4 Miss .Nellie.„ 3 5 1 DONCASTER SPRING MEETING. WEIGHTS FOR THE SPRING HANDICAP PLATE ys st lb I ys st lb King Monmouth. a 8 12 Peeler fc 7 0 Philomel 4 8 9 Editha 3 7 5 Theodore 6 8 8 Tondina 4 6 12 Lisbon 6 8 8 I Linkboy 3 6 12 Van Dieman's Land 4 8 5 Peurhyn 5 6 12 Hazl hatch 4 8 4 King James 3 6 II Kingfisher 5 8 2 DazzU „ 5 6 9 Balle Mahone 4 8 2 Robin Hood 5 6 9 Zanzibar 4 8 0 Regalia. 36? Caerlaverock 4 8 0 Houndsditeh$b 6 True Blue ll 6 8 0 Uam Var S 6 t> Caerlaverock 4 8 0 Houndsditeh$b 6 True Blue ll 6 8 0 Uam Var S 6 t> Warlaby — 5 7 12 Helmsley 4 6 4 Felix 5 7 12 Listen 46 0. Estafette.• 4 7 10 H.tzledean filly 3 6 n •' Wellington 7 9 Wm the Silent. 3 6 0 Tomy Tittlemouse a 7 5 Lord Lirne 3 5 10 Hugo 5 7 3 The Reefer 3 5 7 Treasurer 4 7 2 Kinkora jb J BATH AND SOMERSET MEETING. ENTRIES FOR THE SOMERSETSHIRE STAKES. Fullerton. 6 Fealty f l«ady Rosebery 4 Oliver lwist 6 Martley 5 The Vicar ..4 ,Avt> 6 F»r*t Fiddler.. 5 Jolly Tar 3 j. Bo Chuich 6 Bruce 4 Mea low Brown 5 Raystone 6 Abeyance 4 Linkboy J ■ Penrhyn 5 B*iderdasb.. 4 S lver Suur. 5 » "ol,y 5 Hark 4 C .ralfne Kingfisher 5 Look Again 4 Hoyal Gem.. „ 3 Belisarius H.. 5 Mirror 4 Catt#rina 3 II DUlte ■ !5Ce"e Shifter.. 4 Ito-e Cla.y. dr liooa Again and Linkboy are entered by telegram aad not yet confirmed. The Press Association is requested by Mamrs Weatherly to state that Devils Dance should not have appeared among the acceptaiicesfortlie Great Cheshire Handicap at Chester. Thk SPORTING WORLD SAYS :-Leg, 34; Elm, 46 35 Nut. 30, i'3. THE RACING WORLD SATS — 38, 46, 57, 59 Special-46, 87. THE DEMON'S iCoDE.—Chaplin's morning finals gpve, Madame Judas Code says GtxinesA, 34- 5 Gain. This and another Pontefract real jam for 4a replies, t Address-Demon, Spennymoor. THE MIDDLEHAM (MBNTOR'S) OPINION SAYS Newmarket-Bretby, 17. Brick Thousand. 9 and 111 Pear May, 11, Brick, Apple. Pontefract—Hunters" (0, Brick, Apple Castle, 94 Carleton. ó3 Replies (4M words) promptly answered. Address—J. MENTPil Bedale. OB* V PAXWS OPINION SAYS 11, 77, win; 56 Guiscard. I do hereby certify that I was the onlv tipster who plumped for Enthusiast. 10s for the whoil of next week's paddock finals. 48 taply-paids answered Addresz-Park, Venner-road, Sydenham.