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E. r. LYDDON & COMPANY, STOCK & SHARE BROKERS, POWELL-PLACE, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. ON SALE- 1010 4 New Share Bristol & W-it of England Bank £500Carditf Gas C Stock 25 Neatn Water B Shares 38 Taff Vaie B10 Shares £.só7 Rbymney Railway Ordinary Stock 5 do £ 10 shares bO Swansea t Auinbles 6 p.c. Preference Shares £ 300 1'all Vaie Preference No. 1 20 tiardiftand Penarth Tramv ay Shares 3b Rhondda & Swansea Bav Oid Shares, at par 100 South Wairs Colliery A Shares 10 Rhondda & Swansea Bay New Shares Brynmawr A Aiitrtillery Gas & Water Shares W Barry Dock & Ry. 2nd Preference Shares, at 6%B WANTED. 20 Barry Second Preference Shares, at S6 2 Barry'Ordinarv shares Great Western Colliery Shares ewport Abercarn Ordinary Shares 20 London and Provincial Bank Shares Swansea Tramway Shares 70 Barry Duck & Railway First Preference, 12& Barry Docis A Railway Iml Pref. Shares, at 54 Barry Ordinary Shares Bristol & We3t of England Bank New Allotments Great Western Colliery Debentures 10 Bute Dry Dock Shares b Spiilers Lt Co. Shares, at 61 Cardiff, Penarth, & Barry £10 Shares ,1 S. P. WILLS, STOCKBROKER, SWANSEA Telegraphic Address, Wills, Swansea. ') 1069 E. J. EVANS & SIMS, STOCK & SHARE BROKERS, 52, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 1067 BUVERS. Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway Shares £ 1000 Cardiff Gas A, B, C, or D Stock 30 National Bank of Wales shares, at 12i 3 London is Provincial Bank Shares 20 London oe Provincial Bank Shares lCO Giamor^anshire Bt!1i, Ord. Shares bl) du Pref. do 2 j Bristol.t West of England Bank New Allotments •SELLERS. 30 Provincial Tramw iy 5 p.IÖ, Preference Shares, at IC4 2j Barry v Cadoxton Water Shares 10 Bristol Brewery Preference Shares, at 1St 4 Share Bristol & West of England Bank for 30s t Cardiff and Penarth Tramway Shares, at 1;4 ARTHUR STUCLEY T. LUCAS, STOCK & SHARE BROKER, SWANSEA, 1092 GEO. THOMAS, STOCKBROKER, VIENNA CHAMBERS, BUTE DOCKS, JARDIFF BUYERS. 1072 £.3(0 Barry Dock Debenture Bonds London and Provincial Bank Shares 10 Bute Dry Dock Shares, at 35 10 Hancock s Ordinary, at 16 Newport Abercarn Colliery shares, at 8 SELLERS, 16 Hancock Preis., at 11 I Newport Workmen's Cottage Co. Shares—offers wanted Thompson and Shackell Debentures, paying op.c. 9 Philharmonic Music Hall Shares Barry at Cadoxi ^n Gas & Water >hares 1 Share in S' Saint Donats-oners wanted FLEMING S. & J. G. THOMAS, STOCKBROKERS. EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. (Telegraphic Address, Fleming, Cardiff.") ON SALE- 1033 Waterlow Bros, it Layton Shares 1 share in s Cleddy 2 .snares in ss John Marychurch M.iuntstuart B Shares Bristol Bank Old Shares Rnymney Iron New and Old IC Rhondda -4 Swans a Bay Railway Preference -• £ 1000 Alexandra Dock Ordinary Stock Bairy and Cadoxton Ga, A Water, at 4¡ WANTED Newport Abercarn Ordinary Great Western Colliery A & B Shrres ICO John Bland &-Co., at 16s oil 20 Hancock & Co's Ordinary Shares, at IS 25 Barry 2nd Preference Bristol Ba-ik New Shares I 10 Bristol & south Wales Wagon Company's Shares Mountstuart A I Alexandra Dock Ordinary Shares Junction Dry Dock, at 15 THOS. F. PEARSON, STOCKBROKER. 4, DOCK CHAMBERS. BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. Telegraph Add ess, "Gedge," Cardiff. SELLERS." -1 share ss Gwentland 0 Barry Dock &-Railway 2nd Pref. Barry & Cadoxton Gis A Water Shares 3 Shares ss St. Donats South Wales Union Bank Shares, at 10 I with dividend Junction Dry Docks Hancock Debenture, at 1024 BUYERS.'—Barry Dock A Railway 1st Preference Barry Dock Ordinary Mountstuart Dcv Dock A Shares 5 tftmcock Ordinary, at 14J 1 share ss Gwentland Cardiff & Swansea Colliery Shares Great Western Colliery Shares London & Provincial Banks, at 18 20 Severn and Wye Ordinary Shares Bute Dry Docks Cardiff Gas C Stock PARSONS AND ROBJENT. STOCKBROKERS, WESTGATE BUILDINGS, NEWPOBT. FOR SALE. 100 Rhymney Iron New Shares 10 Tredeff-ir Ir'>n A, at 15.; 2- Henry Clay 8 p.c. Preference Shares, at par £ 0 Llaneiiy Iron Shipping Co. Shares—offer wanted 5 Bristol Hud West of Kngland Bank New Stas., at 21 35 National Bank of Wales, at 121, ex div. 220 Central-Wales Oef-rred £ 0 Shares £ 1000 Brecon A Merthyr Pref. 1864, a: 40 p.c. SITOO Newport Corp. Annuities, to pay about 3t p.e. WANTED. £ 1000 Brecon & Merthyr 1862 Pref., at 109 Newport Abercarn Coal Ordinary 1Q isiaenavon Gas >hares W!t'es Deterred Shares, at 10s £ 1000 Brecon & Merthyr B Debenture, at 107? MINING LIST-Shares for Sale. Tetua" 200 Balkis; 200 Lisbons 30 Mysore; oO Viso 200 Russell; 100 Denvers 50 Glenrock; 20 Great Britain 20 GoldUelds 100 Knysnas 100 La Luz 50 Hills Waterfalls. TREGERTHEN DUNN AND CO. (Telegraphic Address, TREDUNN*, CABDIOT), STEAMSHIP SHARE BROKERS AND AUC- TIONEERS, MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE, DOCKS, CARDIFF. UN SALE- 1 £100 Share Kate Thomas ss Co., Ld. 1 Eloo do Ashleigh Brook ss Co., Ld. 100 E10 Shares (-19 paid) in the United Kingdom ss Co., Ld. 1 £100 Share lolo Morganwg ss Co., Ld., £60 3 jElOO Shares Annie Thomas ss Co. Ld. -offers 3-64th shares in the Whitby Abbey 6-64th Shares ss Tintern Abbey, cost Sl,656, £18J BUYERS. Gibbs A Lees Snares Evan Thomas and Raclcliffe i Shares 1 MONTHLY SALES BY AUCTION HSLD, NIXT 7th FEBRUARY, 1883. 3039