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¡ MONEY MARKET. LONDON, Monday. There was some little demand, but no pressure for money to-day in connection with the Stock Exchange settlement, Fair supplies of cash were I avauaci?, and easy races were quoted. Banks charged the house at the rate of 3 to 3i per cent. per annum for a fortnight. Short loans were worth about 1 to 1 per cent. Discounts were puiet, three months' bills being taken at 2 per cent., and shorter dated paper at II per cent. Paris Cheque Exchange is 25.27 Berlic, short, 20 31. On the Stock Exchange scarcely anything has been passing bey >nd tbo settlement, but the ten- dency was stronsr. Gen. Bouiangfer'selection having been looked upon as secure, the actual announce- ment had no effect. The markets mostly gained in strength, closing prices in the majority of instances comparing favourably with Saturday. Owing to the pient.iui supply oi money, carryiug- over rates were easy. I New Console closed at 98 13-16 to 98 15-16 for delivery, "nd 98 to 99 for account Old 3 per Cent.. 100 to IGOi; Reduced 3 per Cent., ICOj to 101i New 2j p-r Cent. (Chiiders-'), 99 to 100 New 22 DerOent,, 95-J to 96j. Local Loans Stock, 4 105- tu IO43. The election in Paris bad little or no effect upon the Foreign Bond Market. International issues were mostly neglected, and showed scarcely any change from Saturday, but were fairly steady. Central and South American issues were all more or less quiet. On Russian there was occasionally i back. Egyptian were carried over at 2 to 4 I)e- cent; Spanish and Portuguese, even Peruvian, 3 to 5 Mexican, 2 to 4 Hun- garian, 1 to 2 per cent. Egyptian Preference f^U | do. Daira and Domain, 4; Peruvian. 116; ilussian, 1873, Spamsh, 4: Turkish Group 1. do. Group 2. g do. Group 3, 316: French 3 per Cent., i. Hungarian, 13S1, rose g Mexican Converted, lJ, A quiet business was passing in English Rail- ways, but the market was, on the whole, firm. Continuation rates were light. Southern Deferred Stocks were contangoed at g to i per cent.. and charges on heavy lines were mostly 3-16 to 5-16 per cent. The demand to-day fell principally Ii ,>n London and Brighton A, Great Western, and Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Deferred, which were all strong. Great We3tern rose I Great Eastern, i; Hull and Barnsley, J Brighton Ordinary, 1 do. A, § Chatham Preference, 4 London and North-Western, J- Sheffield Ordinary, £ do. Preference, 2 uo. I Deferred, g Metropolitan, i; Midland, and North-Eastern, j. Caledonian feilj do. Deterred, i A, 4; and North British Ordinary, g. A quiet business was transacted in Indian Railways,wltbo' any particular change. Madras 5 per Cent. fell 1. Grand Trunks were very firm, Preferences marking a further decided improvement. Canadian Pacific Shares also were better. On Grand Trunk First and Second Preference there was a contango of I to j; and on Third 116 to g, Canadian Pacific Shares rose 5 Graud Truuk Or jinary, g do. First Preference, Ii; Jo. Second Preterecc?, 12 do. Third Preference, f d", Guaranteed, Foreign Railway business was quiet. Mexican (Vera Cruz) issues were strong, and there was a ra.!y in N'trates. The contango on Mexican Prefer- ence was s to 3, and on Nitrates Is 6d to 2. Buenos Ayres Great Southern Ordinary rose 1 Buenos Ayres and Eosenaaa Port Ordinary, 31 do. Preference, 2 Buenos Ayres aod Rosario I Ordinary, 1; do. First Preference, i; Central Argentine Ordinary. 2; Mexican Ordinary, | I d". Frst Preference, 1 do. Second Preference, 1 Nitrate Shares, g Mexican Central Bonds, 4. Lombards fell 1-16, and Taltal Ordinary, i. l The position of tue American Railway Market is practically unaltered. The tendency is rather stronger, but there is too little doing for any particular change to occur. The market Ü;, however, apparently gaining in steadiness. The carrying-rver rate varied from ,3 to per ceut. 2 Chicago and Milwaukee rose II; Denver Prefer- ence, i; Lake Shore, j Lou..ville and Nab- v lie, 1; Erie Shares, New York Ontario, New Y >rk, Pennsylvania, and Ohio First Mort- gage, i; Norfolk Preference, i Pennsylvania Snares hi Union WAijash Ordinary, 4; and do. Preference, Banks.—Londou and County fell 2; and Imperial Ottoman, 1-16. Insurance.—North Britilii and Mercantile rose i and Universal Marine, 5. Telegraphs. Brazilian Submarine rose i; Diref: Spanish, and Direct United Slates ruei* I a Tramways.—London rose 5. Miscellaneous.—R;yal Mail Steam rose 1; Cheltenham Brewery Prefrence, i S-. Paul's, i; Threlt all's Preference, £ Guinness Ord;v.ary, I Allsopp Preference, 1; Primitiva Nitrate, j. Adsam Kniiways and Trading Preference tell 4 TJolorad'i Nirrate, 2 Maxim Noidenfelt 'Juns, 4; South Hetton Coal advanced 1 and John rowc and Company, 1. Mines.—Don Pedro rose 3-lb, to 1 5 Jb Knysna h, tn 10s Mysore Gold 516, to 5: UO, Gold F al ls 3-16, to 19-16; 3-16, to 2 1 16 Oortjjjuac 4, to 2 1-16 do. Preference 5-16, to 2 Pahacg Corporation g. to 5| Tetuan 61, t> 10s Republicans 61, to 7-». AUurjis fell 61, t 4s Piimareji 6-i, to 9s 61 Rio Tinto I j, to 2Cp Mason and Barry i, to 3J I isolfonteiu New Sbares j, to 4i; De Beers J, to )0§ New Consolirlfi'ed 6', to 24-s South Au.can oi, to 17s; London aua South African Exploration Å. to 17 xd Mining Exploration Companv.lOs Paid, j, to 1 11-16 do. Fullv Paid i, to 2j. NAw J;igersfont<>in rose to 1*1: Orientals k, to 2i Joaann«sl_1nrg Water- works j, to 3-i; Aurora g, to 3g Bankets 9-16, 3 1-16; Black Reef -4, to 2h; B fiias 7 16, to li; Centrul Langlaagte 6 16, to Ci y and cSubarban to 12 Crown Keef '.yj 9j; lJ,rnk"p it to 11-16 De Viliiers 4, to 58 D.iroan Roodepoorts i. Z<> 9| Evelyns i, to 6i; Geldenhuys J, to o|; G >11 Fields of •South Airica 3-16, to 4 Golden Kopje 5-16, to Her or, g. to 7^ Henry Nourse 1, to 11 ■Jubilee to !1j; Jan pers 1-¡. to 13 Lunglaag^s II to 6& Mam Reef 4, to 3: M>>dd«riontein 2s, to 24s L muier and Jack 1, to llg Stanhope j, to 5 Van Ryn i, 'o 2 15 16 Vogdlstrnis i, to 1 Wemnier i, to 14,1 Wolhuters 5, o 4¿. Indian Exchanges quoted :—Bank bills, 60 iays, Is 4 5 16 i 30 tay. Is 4id; demand, is 4 7,16.1. Private<. 60 days, Is 4d 30 Oays, 1- 4^1 demand. Is 4id. Rupee P tper 4 per Cent., 664 to 66; do. 4A per Cent., 70 to 70^. tiuver is qir.ct. Bars, 42 9-16d. I RKUTKR !i TKLSGEAMS 1 PABiS, Monday.—The bourse WAS steady duriug rhe ITreater pare of the day. Towards .be close, however, sales predominated, and final 1uot¡¡,t'0118 showed weakness. The faii was due Kn the after-effect of yesterday's elections. At ¡ irst the brokers and dealers considered that thta salmness with which everything had passed off iust:fied the upholding of Saturday's quotations, but later in the day a feeling of uneasinass set m. For mouey 3 p-r cent. Rentes fell 20e., and 25c. .or account. Four and a Half per Cents, recaded 10c. and 7c resoectiveiy. BKBLIN, Monday.—The bourse was quiet. VIENNA, Monday.—The stock market closes '■/regular.