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IN PABLIAMJGST.—Hsssios 1889.'




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parit"anutitatli Notices. IN PARLIAMENT.—SESSION 1889. BARRY AND CADOXTON GAS AND WATER. (New Works; Diversion of Waters; Arrangements I as to existing and Powers to raue Additional Share and Loan Capital; Provisions for Transfer of Undertaking to Barry and Cadox- ton Local Board; other Powers; Amendment or Repeal of Acts.) Notice is hereby given that application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session by the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company (hereinafter called "The Company"), for leave to bring in a Bill for all or- some of the following among other purposes, that is to say 1. To authorise the Company to make and maintain the works hereinafter described, or some of them, or some part or parts thereof respectively, and to exercise all or some of the powers herein- after mentioned, that is to sav (eI) A well, shaft, or boring (No. 1) to be situate in the parish of Saint Andrew's Major, near the south-eastern corner of that part of Biglis Moors numbered 673 on the -^QQ scale ordnance map of that parish, and about 1 chain south of the southern boundary of the field numbered 672 on the aforesaid ordnance 1UP. (5) A service reservoir situate wholly m the parish of Merthyr Dovan, in the southern portion of the field numbered 158 on the scale ordnance map of that parish, and 4 chains or thereabouts measured in a westerly direction from the existing Cadox. ton reservoir or tank of the Company. Id A conduit, aqueduct, or lme, or lmeaof pipes fNo. 1), situate wholly in the parish of St Andrew's Major, to commence from and out of the well, shaft, or boring (No. 1) before described, and to terminate in and near the south-east comer of the held 1 numbered 647 on the 2iOO scale ordnance map of that parish. (d) A weli, shatt. or bonng (No. 2), to be situate in the parish of St Andrew's Major, in that part of liigii8 Moors numbered 673 on the scale ordnance map of that parish, and 19i chains or thereabouts measured in a north-easterly direction from Bighs Farm House. (e) A conduit, aqueduct, or line or lines of pipes (No. 2), situate wholly in the parish of Saint Andrew's Major, to commence from and out of the well, shaft-, or boting (No, 2) before described, and to terminate at- or near the termination of Conduit No. 1, hereinbefore described. (f) A conduit, aqueduct, or line or lines of pipes 3), to commence by a junction with Conduits Nos. 1 and 2, at the termi- nation thereof, hereinbefore described, and to terminate in the service reservoir before described, which conduit, aqueduct, line or lines of pipes will be wholly situatein and will pass from, in, through, or into the parishes of Saint Andrew's Major, Cad oxton. juxta-Barry, and inierthyr Dovan. (g) All necessary and proper embankments, walls, dams, cuts, channels, aqueducts, catch waters, culverts, tunnels, drains, sluices, wells, tanks, engines, buildings, mains, pipes, machinery, appliances, roads, approaches, telegraphs and telephones, and other works and conveniences. The whole of the intended works will be situate in the county of Glamorgan. 2. To purchase, by compulsion or agreement, and hold and to take on lease and to take grants of easements over, through, or under lands, buildings, springs, streams, waters, and other hereditaments and property which may be required for the purposes of the intended works and of their undertaking, or otherwise requisite or desirable for the purposes of the Bill, and to vary and extinguish all rights and privileges connected therewith. 3. To take, collect, divert, impound, appro- priate, and use ali such springs and waters as can be diverted and abstracted, or as will or may be intercepted by the proposed works, or which may be found in or under any of the lands for the time being belonging to the Company, or over or in respect of which they may acquire easements or rights. 4-. To deviate from the lines and levels of the intended works to such extent as may be de- fined by the Bill or prescribed by Parliament. 5. To lay down, maintain, alter, remove, and reuew mains, pipes, and other apparatus, works, and conveniences in, over, under, or across, and for that purpose to break up, open, alter, divert, stop up, or otherwise interfere with, either temporarily or permanently, any turnpike or other I roads, highways, footways, streets, public places, bridges, canals, navigations, towing paths, rail- ways, tramways, telegraphs, telephones, pipes, sewers, drains, rivers, streams, brooks, or water- courses, in the parishes, townships, and places before mentioned, so far as may be necessary or convenient for any of the purposes of the Bill. 6. To declare, define, alter, and re-adjust the existing share and loan capital of the Company, and to authorise the Company to raise further moneys for the purposes of the Bill, and for the general purposes of their undertaking, by the creation of new shares or stock, with or without a preference, priority, or guarantee, in payment of interest or dividend, or other rights or privi- I leges attached thereto, and by borrowing on mortgage or bond, and by the creation and issue of debenture stock, or by any of those means, and to apply to any of the purposes of the Bill any moneys now belonging to the Company or which tbeywliave power to raise. 7. To authorise the Company to sell and transfer, and the Local Board for the district of Barry and Cadoxton (hereinafter called the Local Board ") to purchase and acquire, or other- wise to provide for the vesting in ttie Local Board of the undertakings of the Company as now existing or authorised, or of any part thereof, and any works which they may under the powers of the Bill be authorised to construct, purchase, or acquire (all of which are hereinafter included in the expression "the undertaking "), upon such termi and conditions, and for such price and considera- tion as may be agreed upon, or as may be prescribed by or fixed under the provisions of the Bill, and upou such transfer and vesting to authorise the Local Board to hold, work, aud use the said undertaking, and to have, exercise, enjoy, perform, and iultil all the rights, powers, privileges, authorities, and obligations of the Company, whether with reference to the con- W, struction, renewal, and extension of works, the supply ot gas and watei, the purchase and sale of lands and other property, the levying of rates and charges, or otherwise howsoever. 8. To authorise the Local Board and the Com- pany to enter into, and carry into effect agree- ments for, or with reference to such sale, purchase, transfer, and vesting, and to sanction and confir any agreement which prior to the passing of the Bill may be made for or with reference thereto. 9. To authorise the Local Board for the pur- poses of any such purchase, transfer, or vesting, or for other the objects and purposes of the Bill, to apply their funds and any moneys belonging to them, or which they are authorised to raise, and to raise further moneys by borrowing on mortgage or bond, and by the issue of debenture stock, and by annuities on the security of their rates, revenues, and property, or otherwise, as shall be authorised by the Bill. 10. To provide in the case of any such sale, transfer, and vesting, for the distribution of the assets, the winding-up of the affairs, and the dissolution of the Company. 11. To incorporate with the Bill all or some of the provisions of The Companies Ciauses Con- solidation Act, 1845," The Companies Clauses Act, 1863," The Companies Clauses Act, 1869," The Lands Clauses Consolidation Acte, 1845, 1860, and 1869," and The Waterworks Clauses Acts, 1847 ana 1863," and such parts of The Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845," as relate to roads and to the temporary occupation of lands, with such variatiODfI modifications, and exceptions as the Bill may prescribe. 12. To alter, amend, extend,' enlarge, or to repeal, so far as may be necessary for the purposes of the Bill, the provisions or some of the provisions of The Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Act, 1886," and all other Acts (if any) which may relate to or be affected by any of the objects of the Bill. 13. The Bill will confer on the Company and the Local Board all powers, right^ authorities, and privileges which are or may become necessary for carrying it into execution, will vary and ex- tinguish all rights and privileges which would in any manner impede or interfere with its objects, and will confer other exemptions, rights, and privileges, and will contaiu all such provisions as may be necessary or incidental to its objects. And Notice is hereoy inrwier given that- On or before the 30th day of November instant, plans and sections of the intended works, together with books of reference to such plans, and a copy of this Notice as published in the London Gazette, will be deposited for public inspection with the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan, at his office at Cardiff, and that on or before the said 30th day of November instant a copy of so much of the said plans, sections, and books of reference respectively as relates to each parish or extra parochial place in or through which the intended works are proposed to be made, or in which any lands or bouses intended to be taken are situate, together with a copy of this Notice, published as aforesaid, will be deposited for public inspection with the parish clerk of each such pansh at his residence, and as to any extra parochial place with the clerk of some parish immediately adjoining thereto at his residence; and, On or before the 21st day of December next, printed copies of the Bill for effecting the objects aforesaid will be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Com- monB. Dated this 16th day of November, 1888. DOWNING and HANDCOCK, Cardiff, Solicitors I JOHN CHARLES BALL, 16, Parliament- street, Westminster, Parliamentary Agent.


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