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o ^*jmi u0fc lunuheons, 12.30 p.m. ta 2.30 p.m. cold luncheons all hours.—Old iMlnMn Church-street, Cardiff. a L.UNVILLUS OLD IRISH WHISKT >s recommenaed by the mescal pro esaon m preference to Frercb Braf?y' largest stock of Wfeiskv in the woria. Suppnea in casns ana cases for home >ise and exportation. Quotations on am>licacioa to Dunvllle 4¡ CC. LINUSE<I» ^YAI_IR«H,L)I3UUECIE«, BETIAES LPOL REDUCED RATE FOH SMALL j PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times „NINEPENCE. Six Times .ONE SHILLING. The charges apply only to the classes of advertise. ment specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for CONSECUTIVE insertion, aad PALO FOB PREVIOUS TO INELIRTION if either of these con- ditions is not complied with the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale: APARTMENTS WANTED I HOUSES TO BE so LJI; APARTMKNTS TO LET MONEY WANTED RTICLES LOST MONEY TO LEND ARSICLES FOUND MISCELLANEOUS WANTS BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL MISCELLANEOUS SALES BUSINESSES WANTED I PARTNERSHIPS WANTED HOUSES TO LET SITUATIONS WANTED HOUSES WANTED SITUATIONS VACANT. Advertisements of the above class inserted in the "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," the "CARDIFF TIMES," and "SOUTH WALES ECHO," at the following rates:— Six times in t „ Daily News, Six times Six times Once in in Dailv News C^diffTimes, WORDS. South Wales d CnceTn and v Daily News. Cardiff Times. Six tiraes:in Ca.rdlff Tunes. South Willes Echo. • s. d. s. d. s. d. 20 Words 10 16 2 & 30 Words 1 6 2 3 5 9:: 40 Words 2 3 3 3 5 6 50 Words 3 9 5 0 8 9 60 Words 4 6 6 0 10 6 J£tEGttal. 4 RMITAGE.—If this should come to the notice of Miss B. Armitage, probably now married, will she reply, with address, that her brother may visit ber? 63 /"CHRISTIAN COUPLE wish to adopt an Infant premium required. — Apply "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. EH.—Write to 14, Station-terrace at once, or come. G. L. Own signature. 942 (" ALATEA.-Except one post-card, I have heard JT nothing since our meeting.—Am anxious and troubled. Are you ill ? 2114 MIZPAH.—Could ouly partially cany out pro- gramme. I am still under doctor's orders, and awav. Do write soon, and look for letter on the 30th September. ^parinfrsijtp. |T) ARTNER, resident in Englahd, required to manage Si the H eme Branch f a Colonial business thor- oughly sound, high class capable of <n-eat extensi?" large profits good income derivable technical knowledge unnecessary amount required to invest. £ 1,000; office either in London or large provincial centre. If subsequently a visit to the Colonies was desired, a temporary exchange could be arranged. Highest referenc-s.—Address letters (for transmission), M. and Co., care of Cowie and Co., Advertising Agents, 17, Gresham-street, London, E.C. 210° WANTED, a Partner with about E200 capital, to V f extend good paying business.—Apply T. "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 1'3 ANTED, a good Business GentlemanT^*1 from £ 100 to £ 200, as Partner, to extend the business of a patent medicine which should be in every home. Apply W. G., Post-office, Begellv, R.S.O. 957 JRairmtaiuaL OTEITKEEPER "wishes to meet middle-aged person of small means, and willing to business.—H. K., Daily News," Cardiff. 957 IF YOU ARE MARRIED, or contemplate taking this important step, we can send you valuable information which you ought to know. Send your address, and we will send catalogue and pamphlet free.—Address H. G. Kerr, Mostyn-road, Merton, Surrey. 166 i rpHE Matrimonial Herald and Fashionable Marriage JL Gazette is the original and only recognised medium for high-class introductions, and represents the largest and most successful Matrimonial Agency in the world. N.B. -The public are cautioned against imitations. Price 3d (under cover 4d). All commonica- tions should be addressed to EDITOR, 40, LAMB S i CONDUIT-STREET, LONDON, W.C. 1154 YOUNG GENTLEMAN (in business of his own) wishes to coiTespond with domesticated Young Lady with some means, view to matrimony; Photos exeha,nged.- Address, in confidence, Delta, "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 12 ifuDtrd. ABENTS and GUARDIANS.—Christian home in medical man's house high honours London University convenient for several London Hospitals. Terms moderate.—Meddyg, Box 1202. No. 402, Strand. 85 O CHEMISTS.—Wanted, an Assistant (Welsh) to Managa a branch business.—Apply, with rentes, to Evans. Chemist, Mountain Ash. 167 JEimcai. JTtLOSE of Tenby Hiring Season, —Beautiful small \j Piano, by Hopkinson, returned from hire from an M.P. cost £37 eight weeks ago price, carriage paid, warranted, 24.-Wade and Meggitt, Tenby- 133 "I)"OX'T Go Further and Fare Worse."—Powerful Alexandre Harmonium, returned from Royal Dockyard Church; 10 stops, -010.-Wade and Tenby. 1,5o r", A NYOSE wishing to purchase direct may do so at .11 any London Pianoforte House on presentation of Wade and Meggitt's card, who will allow 25 per cent. discount, and pay all carriage. 133 WADE and MEGGITT, Organ Builders to the ? t Lords of the Admiralty, are now erecting an Organ-on an improved principle—to be opened at the Congrega; ional Church, Bridgend, on the 3rd of October. Inspection of workmanship, material, tone, and prices invited. 133 flON'T Go Further and Fare WTorse.Close of 3J> Tenby season. 55 Pianos at prices defying competition.—Wade and Meggitt, Tenby. 133 USIC MADE EASY.A marvellous easy ITA method for all to play Piano, Harmonium Is, free.—Rev Wm. Hughes. Blackmill, Bridgend. 49 PIANOFORTE, Harmony, Counterpoint. — Miss Cape (Senior Honours, Certificates, Trinity Col- lege, London) receives pupils. Theory class on Satur- day morning. Preparation for public examinations. Term commences September 17th.—9. The Walk. Car. diff. 770 -i SCHOOL OF MUSIC, in union with the London k7 College of Music.—Miss Simpson, Glynrhondda- street, Cathays, Cardiff. Pupils prepared for L-C-M. examinations. 726 8-A.LE.—American (Hillier) Organ, 9 tops splendid instrument; walnut case new last March approval.—Apply to S. Badham, Begelly, Pembroke- shire. 928 C?6ucatianal. FRENCH, Spanish, Italian, German, Private Tuition Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Corres- pondence and Conversation. Candidates prepared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise, and Customs Examinations. Scholarships (through the post), Arith- metic, Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr W. Haines, Public Translator, 2o, Park-street, Cardiff. 362 gi^RENCH.—Private Lesson required once a week t 1 to 2 p.m. preferred state terms — P"Pil, South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 129 1ESSONS in English, French, and Music, by ex- perienced governess. Terms, Is an hour.—M'ss Simons, 3, St. PeFer-street, Roath, Cardiff. 48 (JWANSEA.-French, German, Spanish, Latin, Book- O keeping, and Shorthand thorough tuition classes now forming.—Oswald Korth, Public Trans- ator, 15, Kensington-terrace. 912 SCIENTIFIC DRESS ASSOCIAT ON.- proved O pystem thoroughly taught. Prospectus free. French bodice patterns to fit. Ladies' own materials I made ur> at moderate prices.—Miss Palin(from Regent- street, London), 4, Queen-street, Cardiff. 27 P jAO the LITERARY and SCIENTIFIC of clther < sex.-El to B6 weekly easily earned.—For par. ticulars and instructions see "Barker's Trade and Finance," of all newsvendors. or post free 2d —36, Mark-lane, London 1912-724 ^rnania. EXPERIENCED Nurse seeks Situation in or near Swansea.—Address Nurse, "South Wales Daily News," Swansea. 23 I' l ENERAL SERVANT wanted; good character 11 indispensable.—Apply at 1, piasturton-place, :orner of Ryder-street, Higher Cathedral-road. Cardiff. 2088 ENERAL SERVANT wanted, where another is T kept (near London).—Address Miss Pile, Melbourne House, Bensham Manor-road, Thornton Heath, Surrey. 965 LADIES wantiiig Servants of all classes Servants wanting situations, town and country, apply Mrs Bosse's Registry, 16, Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff 07 WANTED, a thoroughly-good Housemaid; must V T be good, plain needlewoman. Apply Mrs Pyman, Park-road, Penarth. 2107 WANTED, good plain Cook, ouiet, hard-working woman good soups and pastry required good character, age not under 30.-Apply in first instance Mrs Parrott, Tenby. 162 WANTED, by widow, age 30, situation as Working Housekeeper or House Parlourmaid ex- cellent references.—Address M. C., 60, Llandaff-road, Canton, Cardiff. 126 WANTED (at once), General Servant, able to wash T and iron.—Apply Williams, Grocer, Maindee Newport. 2101 WANTED, a good Cook small dairy two in family. Mrs Boman, Marlwood Grange, Thornbury, Gloucestershire. 11 ANTED, situation as Mothei's Help for strong ¥ respectable girl, aged 16 18 months' reference. Mrs Bend ill, Possession House, Woolaston, Lydney. 51 WANTED experienced House-parlourmaid General Servant disengaged.—Servants' Agency, Beaufort-gtreet, Brynmawr, S.W. so WANTED, a respectable, tidy girl as Nursemaid references required.-Apply Mrs Bulnian, tvnitchurch, Cardiff, 25 WANTED, a good General Servant for kitchen"; about 30 used to children able to do plain tn°nnwi ^part: ^ashul?-APPly, stating references, to Dobson, Cross Keys, Ton;ipandy. 87 cooking and part washing.-Apply, stating references, to Dobson, Cross Keys, Ton tpandy 87 WANTED, good plain Cook for gentleman's house gavenny"1 connte»—Address Panty Bailea, Aber- \\TANTED a thoroughly experienced General K b|Ta ^°od cook —Address P. ^outh Wales Daily News Office. Cardiff. WANTED, good plain Cook, quietTlmnrworking woman not less than one year's iaracter gooa soups required; age not under 30.—Write Mrs Fisher, St. Mary's Hill, Tenby, South Wales. 916 WANTED, a General Servant, age 19: abM^to Mrs D. J. Walters, Carmarthen ouures, Agat^-street, Roath, Cardiff. 829 W ANTED in a smaU family, a good Geaeral experienced, not obJectd to.-Call between S-and 9. 38. Park-pl ardiff. Situations Nexant A PPBENTICE.—^Wanted, a sharp, gentlemanly Youth, aged 14 to 15, to learn the business of Hairdresser; thor ugh practical knowledge taujrht in thTrl v«rs' T&vd Pe' first. 5s second, 7s 6d wrnd year. To live in the house comfortable home. Ksrs.w?~r- E"r* "■V- BAKERS aud CONFECTIONERS —Wanted imme- diately an Improver, good references, 18 to 20 accustomed to both branches.—John James, Confec- tioner, Pontyc) miner. 155 .Ir AKERS.-Wanted immediately, first-class Fore- B » man, well up in bread malls. Honest, indus- trious, obliging abstainer preferred. Good wages to good man.—Address, with references, Allen, Echo Office, Gardiff. 65 BOILER COVEBEBS.—Thoroughly practical men required immediately constant work for steady men.—Apply Boiler, Daily News," Swansea. 124 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted, a steady Man for strong and medium stitch hand at once.—Apply T. John, D5 nas Powis. 919 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted, Rivetters on men's and women's nailed work —Apply W. B., Witchell, South Wales Boot Manufactory, Abersychan. 664 BUTCHERS' RUNNER. — Wanted, respectable trustworthy man, with good references must be experienced, and used to the work.—Apply 78, Commercial-road, Newport, Mon. 146 KNITTING MACHINIST.—Wanted, Girl having experience in working a round machine.—-Apply Machinist, Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 15u2 I EMPLOYMENT offered to all, either sex, whole or 'J spare time, £ 4 to £ 6 weekly nothing to learn cannot fail six stamps for everything necessary to commence woik at once. Seud to-day. This is genuine.—J H.Voice, 21, Napier-street, Gloucester.943 iEMPLOYMENT FOB LADIES.—15s weekly can [j be earned by the Automatic Knitting Machine obtainable for c tsh, or on hire purchase system work supplied.-Apply S. W. Company, 67, Southwark-street, London. 801 OINT COUNTIES' ASYLUM, ABERGAVENNY. —Wanted, a Female Attendant, not under 21 years of age wages to commence at S15 a year, with board, lodging, and washing, and three dresses annually. — Apply personally to Medical Superin- tendent 2106 TAYER ON.—Wanted, in tli« Cardiff Exhibition, a J sharp lad, used to a Cropper.—Apply, this day, Waterlow's, Exchange Buildings, Cardiff. 127 OPEN TO ALL.— £ 2 to £ 10 per week easily earned without interfv ring with present occupations. This advertisement is genuine.—For particulars see Barker's "Trade Finance and Recreation," of all newsvendors and railway bookstalls, or post free, 2d, 35, Mark-lane, London. 1683—718 E,PECTABLE Young Girl Wanted for Exhibition; must be of good appearance age not above 15 good money.—Apply Mrs Hawley, 15 and 17, Fiizhamon-embankment, Cardiff. 9 HOLL TURNER wanted, to turn mills at a large tin-plate works.—Apply, with age, copies of testimonials, to H. S., "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 61 TRONG LAD Wanted, about 16; accustomed to small goods must be able to kill sheep good scholar preferred.—W. Morgan, Penrbiwceibr. 982 mo BAKERS.—Wanted, a first-class hand, used to JL small go xls; abstainer preferred.—Apply J. Powell and Co., Confectioners, Brecon. 51 0 BOOTMAKERS -Wanted, a general craft.— B. Apply to J. S. EHerington, 7, Thomas-street, Pontlottyn. 989 rruTGROCERvS' HAULIER-Wanted, a strong. JL steady, and active young man as haulier state age, salary, and references to O. George, Hirwtin. npo PORK BUTCHERS.—Wanted at once, a first- l class man, well up in all its branches.—Cornwell, Penarth. 143 WANTED, a Watch and Clock Jobber, with tools, T to live in.-Apply at once Hyman, Watchmaker, Dowlais. \\T ANTED, an Apprentice to house carpentering. H — Apply J. Brown's Buildings, Cathedral-road, from 9 to 10 a.m. WANTED, a young man (single), by a greengrocer, and to be generally useful, and used to horses, with reference.—Apply to R. Jones, Nantymoel, near Bridgend. WANTED, Yonng Man used to bread and cake baking, able to serve at grocery counter; willing tf> make himself generally useful; Welsh.— Apply J. Preston, Port Talbot. WANTED immediately, a good Slater, Plasterer, to D. Morgan, 6, Queen-square, Tredegar. 189 WANTED at once, good Tin-plate Boiler, used to cnarcoal iron must be sober, industrious, and good workman.-State prices to Roller, 34, Union- street, Biimingham, 164 WANTED, working Farm Bailiff for farm of 200 acres, chiefly grass. He must have a thorough knowledge of stock, ana be accustomed to dairy farm; if married, and wife capable of taking charge of dairy and poultry, preferred.—Apply T. D. Lewis, 5, Bryn- road, Swansea. 122 WANTED, a Young Man to deliver bread by cart; must be fairly quick at figures.—Apply to William Lewis, Glansychan House, Abersychan. 114 V\T ANTED, a good General Hand must be steady. T T —Apply Ooles and Co., Boot Repairing Shop, Market-street, Llanelly. 52 WANTED, a good Gardener, one other kept wages, £ 1 2s a week, house and coaL Must be active and reliable. Wife as housemaid; no family. To be left as caretakers for six months.— Address Mrs Thomas, Llanwern, Newpor;, Mon. 988 WANTED, a caretaker for an unfurnished house in Charles-street.—Apply D. L. Owen, Penarth. 970 WANTED, Persons to Work at Home, fair salary exDerience unnecessary perfectly legitimate business.—Address, with stamp, Reliable Manufac- turing Co., Cheltenham. 866 q«Q WEEKLY and UPWARDS may be easily and nonestly realised by persons of either sex, without hindrance to present occupation.—For particu- lars and sample, enclosed addressed envelope to Evans, Watts and Company, P 137, Merchants, Birmin-,hani.- This is genuine. 236 bûp JUsistants, &t. RAPFRY.-Wanted, an experienced Young Man, I good window dresser; also a good Junior WaIsVi indispensable.—Annlv T Swansea. 964 -.Fr u I xf!f' lbncy counter; conversant—. Welsh.—Apply to V,. R. Edwards, Guildhall-smia"! Carmarthen. 927* Iy XPKR FENCED Man wanted for the Pawnbroking t, business, salesman must have good references fortnight's time for applications.—Apply Mrs Freed- man, Glebeland, Merthyr. 19 GLASS and CHINA TRADE.—Wanted, an experi- enced, persevering Young Man must be a good salesman and book-keeper, and not object to make himself useful; state age, references, and salary • need not apply unless used to the business.—J. Miller 18, Market-street, Pontypridd. 45 GROCERS Jabez Davies, Swansea, has a vacancy for an apprentice. 972 GROCERY.—Wanted at once, an active lad as Apprentice.— Apply International Stores, Pentre. Istrad. (S ROCERY.—Wanted immediately, a smart Junior T age 16 to 18 years must write a good hand — Apply personally, with references, to James Herbert, Grocer, Crumlin. ROCERY.—Wanted immediately (indoors) a X steady Young Man to take charge of horse 'and cart, and make himself generally useful —Apply giving full particulars, to Watkins and Son, Emporium' Brynmawr. 13 (S| ROCEitY.—Wanton,situation as Junior Assistant • JT 5i years' experience; age 20; good references — Apply W. J., Daily News Oiffce,_Cardiff. mg GROCERY.—Wanted, Situation as Improver 'ace 17.—A. Lewis, 28, Casile-street, Hay ,Breconshir fM tl ROCERY and PROVISIONS. — Wanted, good T Junior also strong Lad to deliver goods and serve occasionally. Apply Manager, Co-operative Supply, Burry Port. 92 ILLI-iERY.vVan ted immediately, well educated JLVjtL young girl as apprentice to the Millinery and Show-room.—W. Thomas, bO, High-street, Swansea.136 MILLINERY.—Wanted immediately7a~quick an(i stylish Milliner (Welsh), use to serving.—Apply James and Rees, Drapers, Porth. 84 ILLINERY. Wanted, immediately, an ex- 1TJL perienced first-hand Milliner, competent to manage the workroom and to superintend the millinery department.—Apply to J. E. Davies, Temnle of Fashion, Merthyr. 931 PROVISIONS.—Wanted, an experienced Hand for I. soliciting and counter undoubted references and qualifications required abstainer. -Protheroe, Splotlands, Cardiff. ggj' SITUATION Wanted as Grocer's Assistant or Manager good references. — Address Alpha ■Post-office, Bargoed. 9^3 r 10 CLOTHIERS and OUTFITTERS.—Re^ngagei A ment by a pushing business man as manager inghest references.—Address W. J. "Daily News Swansea. 123 ri^iO GROCKRS. — Wanted, an A^iSaiTt^Apnlv Wilson and Cooke, Cardigan lSj WANTED, a pushing Y ouiig~M^for sale tmUTto a Pawnbrokmg 4/stsblishment, and to make himself generally useful.—Apply R. J. J., care of E. Cartwright, Printer, High-street, Dowlais. 151 WANTED, Young Man, age aboutl^to^i^; Grocery Business knowledge of dranerv nPOM. sary.-Apply J. Llewellyn, Abercarne, Mon. 2102 WANTED, a Junior Assistant for front shop oiTe acquainted with bespoke tailoring. Anniv v J. Baker, 33, Queen-street, Cardiff. 18 WANTED, an Assistant for Grocery and Provi^ sions; must be quick and obliging —Annlv West and Co., Carmarthen-road, Swansea. 963 YOUNG MAN (19) seeks situation, Grocery, Tea. Jt. trade, place of trust; first-class references Newport preferred. -Apply Aubrey, Pwllypant, Caer. lhiUy. 53 Othrks Jftattaa*rs, &c. (lLERK (27), good accountant and correspondent. J desires re-engagement 8 years' railway experi- ence. _Address M. S., "DailyNews" Office, Swansea. 72 WANTED, Manager for Wine, Spirit, and Beer Business (off license); must thoroughly under- stand routine of business, and have a knowledge of buying; state security and salary.—Address Off Licence," Daily News," Cardiff. 68 Sifctattmts Mattfca. AKERS.-Wanted, Situation by respectable Yonng Man as Single Hand good reference.—C 121, Railway-street, Spl ,tland, Cardiff. 181 AKERS AND CONFECTIONERS. Wi^T situation, by respectable young man, as second y single hand well up m both branches.—Address t)-Ross, 4, Upper Frog-street, Tenby. 145 EXPERIENCED farmer's son(24) seeks engagement as Working Bailiff, Foreman, or place of tmst- good references.-r. Alattbews, Rodbourne, Malmes- ry. MACHINIST and Needlewoman seeks sewing in gentleman's family hire, 4s 7d per week town ^rcountry.—Lamb, 18, Walter's-road, Swansea. 23 ffioBAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS.-Wanted' A situation by young man (age 23), single or second wen up in cake and small 9 years' experience.- Thomas, 6, Flannel-street, Abergavenny. 147 n.,O -CO-CHBUILDERS.-Coach Painter wants job; steady fair workman.-H. Williams, All Saints'- *ane, East Clevedon. j62 ^lASTEB BAKERS. — A respectable Yonng re-engagement as single or gooS ^nd,; R«d knowledge of smalls; good refer- Beard, No. 5, Kingston, Yeovil, TOM AS TEE BAKERS.—Young man seeks situa- tion as Bread Baker 8 years' experience total Lydney!^ Ge°rga Newern, toMASTEB PRINTERS. —Jobbing Hand^seeks A7d,.I^ -Plem<r as workmg overseer, or otherwise. Address, statang terms, J. B., 6, London-road, Salis- ^y' 960 ANTED, Situation as Under-Waitress; also, Mrti-Ii A Wanted as Under-Housemaid in Hotel.—Address E., 3, Parade-terrace, Ilfracombe. 56 ^-engagement as Barmaid quick counter trade preferred thoroughly experi- mS W8, YOUNG LADY desires situation in any light business willing to be generally useful; a com- fortable home chief object; good references.—Nita, Daily News Office, Swansea. 924 ¡\gtttcís ijtrnltelltrs &c. ADVANTAGEOUS LUBRICATION.—The Stan- .,t& dard Lubricating Oils Company, Drapers' Gardens, London.—We supply steamships, mills, mines, foundries, factories, works, &c., and the Government. Agents wanted. 109 AGENTS Wanted in each of the undermentioned towns, who can earn at least £ 2 weekly with very little trouble, but no outlay of any kind good references required, as agency to some extent a position of trust.—Apply B. T., "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. Aberdare, Blackwood, Bridgend, Cowbridge, Caerphilly, Chepstow, Llantrissant, Maes- teg, Merthyr, Porthcawl, Tredegar. AGENTS wanted 3s 6d self-operating labour- saving "Wonder Washer." Sample 2s 6d, post free.—S. W. Daniel, 5S, Southwark-street. London. 89 AGENTS wanted in every Town and Village throughout the United Kingdom; Terms most liberaL—Apply to J," Room b, 1 and 2, Chiswell- street, London. 57 AGENT wanted, £ 26 per quarter, paid weekly splendid opening; experience unnecessary specimens free.-Addrebs Compo Works, Farnwortb, Bolton. 799 AGENTS wanted for our noted Rubber Stamps liberal commission.—Baker and Co., 34, Pulford- street, Pimlico, London. 963 FOREMEN, Timekeepers, and others wanted to F form Benson's Clubs for the supply of watches, clocks, jewellery, plate, cutlery, musical boxes, piano- fortes, organs, harmoninms, opera and field glasses, travelling bags, sewing machines, dec., &c. Terms very liberal. Full particulars post free on application to J. W. Benson, the originator of the Club System, 62 and 64, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. 2034 LADY AGENTS wanted, £ 2 a day sure, new undergarment, sells like wildfire.—Mrs L. Fry, Folkestone. 913 "■ ESSRS IND, COOPE, and CO., Limited, brewersj AjJJ Burton-on-Trent, are requiring a Traveller for Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, Pembrokeshire, and district.—Apply, with references,' by letter to the brewery, Burton-on-Trent. 2022 PAPKR TRADE.—Representative wanted for por- tion South Wales applications only entertained from those in the trade and having a connection. Hol- lowav and Son, Bristol. 950 HONDD C .-Best Steam and No. 3 Anthra- cite Coal, best Malting and Lime-burning, Forest of Dean House Coal, best Block. Agency wanted for the West of England for first-class qualities. Negocia- tions only entertained with colliery proprietor direct. Could influence extensive business. Large experience in West of England, and unquestionable references.- Address A.B., "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 2092 nnEA IMPORTER will give liberal comnussion to B persons introducing orders for cash 201b boxes and upwards.—Apply Davis, 16, East India-road, London. 163 nnHOSE EMPLOYED at Works, etc.. wishing for a I profitable agency should apply to A. and G Taylor, Photographers, Duke-street, Cardiff. 557 TO TRAVELLERS.—An appointment is offered by a first-class firm of brewers to one who knows the West of England and South Wales thoroughly, and is well accustomed to call on large grocers, beer bottlers, wine and spirit merchants, and other whole- sale beer dealers. He will be engaged to extend an already large connection amongst the best known dealers, and preference will be given to a candidate with a connection of his own amongst such traders in the localities particularised. To a suitable man liberal terms for himself and customers are available. —Reply, giving full details of past experience, &c., to Malt, care ofil)ea.con's Advertising Offices, 154, Leaden- hall-street, London, E.C. 86 f I^RAVELLERS and AGENTS wanted, calling on mills, mines, foundries, steam shipowners, and other users of steam powers, to sell Fine Durable Com- pound Machinery Oils. Liberal commission.—Address J.B., care of Messrs Dewick, 46, Barbican, London. 259 WANTED, a good Traveller to represent an old- established Paperhanging Business, and who have a large connection.—Apply B. C., "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 2111 WANTKD, a respectable man to sell an article of great use.—Apply T. E., 82, Rangemoor-road, S. Tottenham, London, N. 105 WANTED, an Agent to sell American Provisions, W but particularly Margarine and Irish Butter.— Address C. B. G., Daily News Office, Cardiff. 55 WANTED, a Traveller for Confectionery Trade.— State age, salary required, and previous ex- perience to K. C., Daily News Office, Cardiff. 2082 X0&gmg5, ^partmmts, &r. ADVERTISER reauires parlour and bedroom cleanliness indispensable. Terms not to exceed 9s per week, including gas and fire.-Addi-ess A. P., Daily News," Cardiff. 760 4 LLANDRINDOD WELLS.-(ilveral Bedrooms a"e JLj now vacant at Park Houie Boarding Establish- ment liberal table and first-class cook piano and cheerful so,-iety.-Apply to Mr Villiers. 767 PENARTH:—Lansdowne Private Hotel and first. class Boarding Establishment; opposite station. Sea view. Terms from 6s 6d per day. Apartments at Glendale adjoining. 901 |_>ORTHCAWL.—The Esplanade Hotel has Coffee 1. and Ladies' Drawing Rooms lacing the sea, terms two guineas per week.-Address Manageress. 889 SEA-SIDE. — To be Let, comfortably-furnished Apartments; two minutes' walk of the sea.— Particulars, G. Rice, Channel View House, Leys, Cowbridge. 154 SEASIDE APARTMENTS. — Beautifully situated suites of apartments, not 20 yards from the sea, to Let. Address Manageress, Esplanade, Porthcawl, Bridgend. 890 mO LET, comfortable Sitting and Front Bedroom, X near Exhibition; would suit two ladies or gen- tletneu.-27, Topaz-street, Roath, Cardiff. 10 fflonses Wlftnieb. fori tea —Four or ft X ''ftvicuBn river fisbing. One year. Rent moderate—H.S., 4, Austin Friars, London, 169 WANTED, a small House in ,Tredegarville rent t T not exceeding B35 per annum 2 sitting-rooms and 4 bedrooms required bathroom indispensable. Occupation from 1st January next.-Apply CS Daily News," Cardiff. 96'7 Jor ^ate—Uffitses, iCanD, &c. jf*~8 CASH DOWN, the balance by easy instal- ments, will purchase Houses 111 Upper George-street, Tyler-street, Theodora-street, Wells- street, Edward-street, Brunei-street, and Severn-road. See Messrs Hern's Register. -Offices, 72, St. Mary-street," Cardiff. 1049 ARDIFF, Clifton-street. — Corner Shop, price Vv reasonable side entrance. — Applv Jenkins Clarke and Teasdale, Sun Fire Office, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 FIRE BRICK WORKS—FOR SALE by PRIVATE TREATY, all those FIRE and other BRICK- WORKS at CWMAVON, in the County of Glam- organ, known as 'the Cwmavon Brickworks, near Port Talbot, and in direct communication with the Rhondda and Swansea Bay and Great Western Railways. These works, which have recently been remodelled and extended and fitted with the most approved appliances, and are in fuU operation, are situate in the centre of the Cwmavon Works Estate, and are con- tiguous to theCopper Works of the Bio Tinto Company the Tin plate WorKs of the Copper Miners' Tin-plate' Company, and the Collieries, Blast Furnaces, and Steel Works of the Cwmavon Works' Proprie tor", and the bulk of the make is taken by these works. The supply of the best fire an,l other clays is prac- tically unlimited, and the works, which can, if neces- sary, be extended, are now capable of turning out upwards of three millions of bricks per annum. For particulars and to view, apply to Messrs Teunant and Jones, Solicitors, Aberavon. 52 FOR SALE by Private Tleaty, a compact Freehold Property (III the parish of Marden, Herefordshire), culled Rose Villa, within one mile from Moreton.on. Lugg Station, and five miles from Hereford (near to Church and Post Office), comprising good substantial House, with eight rooms, dairy, pantry, cellar, and a first-class kitchen garden. The outbuildings are all new, and are well built with best materials, and consist of cider mill, room and cellar, cow-house and calves' cot with range in front, ditto stable and chaff-room, cart house and coach-house, and a good room all over the same, piggeries, &c., with ten acres (more or less) of rich pasture land, about three acres of which are planted with choice fruit trees in fall bearing; good supply of water on the premises.—For further particu- lars and price apply to Mr William James personally, on the premises. 7,¡g FOR SALE, 16, Dumfries-place, Cardiff; suit pro- fessional man.—Apply on premises. 152 FOR SALE, several well-built and conveniently fitted out Houses one corner house with side entrance, coal cellars, hot and cold baths. -PartictilarEl of H. Lewis, 52, Arran-street, Roath, Cardiff. 180 f )IER HOTEL, Docks, Cardiff, to be Sold.—Apoly 1, to D. L. Owen, Cardiff. 971 TIIALBOT-STREET (off Catbedral-ri ad).—For Sale, JL two Villas cheap, immediate purchaser, private. mortgage remain.-Apply Emery, Church- street. Cardiff. 935 TM^IO BE SOLD, First-class Family Residence in JL Lower Bichmond-road price £ 900— Jenkins, Clarke and Teasdale, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 WESTON HOUSE, 188, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff,— This well-built freehold Besidence for disposal. Apply to Messrs Jenkins, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff^ 1Q5Q U];n be 1trt.-1Jottsts, Eaitii, kr. CH15PSTOW-ROAD, Maindee, Newport.—A con- venient and weli-appointed Family Residence, known as Ffrwd Vale, standing in its own grounds good stabling, kitchen garden, and glass-houses immediate possession.—Particulars and orders to view, Mr Dauncey, Solicitor, Newport. 2084 d CONVENIENT seven-roomed House, with Conser- vatoryand Vinery, to let in Stacey-road—Apply Lewis Hopkins, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 94 DOCKS, Cardiff.-To let, 25, Eleanor-street, in good r"pair.-Apply Lewis Hopkins, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 96 FERRYSIDE.—To be Let, Gilston Villa, containing 2 pai lours, 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, and a gooa garden, near the Church and Station splendid sea vie.w.-Apply R. Johns, Ferryside. 91 jJWRNISHED HOUSE to let consisting of 6 bed- I I rooms, 3 sitting-rooms, bath, and the usual offices five minutes' walk from the Taff Station- Apply to 83, Newport-road, Cardiff. n 923 (GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, 6 bedrooms, bath- er room (hot and cold) within one minute of St. Ilelen's-road and trams; ground rent very low.-Box 99, Post-office, Swansea. 976 HOUSE to Let, 33, Rawden-place hot water bath. Apply 37, Rawden-place, Canton, Cardiff. 15 ID WELLY, Carmarthen Bay.—Villa Residence to be let or sold (lately in the occupation of the vicar) contains three entertaining rooms, with neces- sary bedrooms, kitchens, and cellars, also coach-house two-stalled stable, lawn, garden, &c—Apply Mr William Davids, Lady-street, Kidwelly; or Mrs Routledge, 4, Burman-street. Swansea. m MUMBLES.— Comfortably furnished seven-roomed .1 Cottage, facing sea and trams; three or six month& -Apply Garden, "Daily News" Office, Swan. sea. 74 "\T EWPORT—Holrner Villa. Maindee. Ten-roomed Ail House, two bay windows, good drainage, un- obstructed view of Bristol Channel—Apply S. Harse Newport. 922 TJENARTH.—Furnished House on beach to Let JL immediate possession; nine rooms; rent moderate.' ipiikins, Clarke, and Teasdale, Philharmonic Chambers' ardiff. 1050 _pEN ARTH.-To be Let or Sold, Alva Glen, splendid t. Villa in West bourne-road: three reception- rooms and every convenience.-Apply to C. Tonkm, 12, Windsor-rofid, Penarth. &25 OUTH-WEST MALVERN.-Teynham Lodge to Let, with every convenience; garden, orchard, paddock, stable, carriage-house—J. Everal, builder. Malvern. 939 O WANSEA—To let, Two Houses, Trafalgar-terrace "a1* TO LET, 17, Wordsworth-street, Cardiff—Apply at 16, Wordsworth-street. 98 mo be LET, Baglan Cottage, B.aglan, Briton Ferry, JL about one mile from Briton Ferry and two from Port Talbot. The house contains dining, drawing, and breakfast rooms, together with several bedrooms, kitchen, coach-house, stable, cow-house, garden, and three fields of good pasture land.-Apply to Mr Scale, solicitor, Neath. 2098 mO LET, Furnished Villa, Ferryside; delightful JL position overlooking river Towy charming old castle good wild fowl shooting; one minute's walk from station good sands rentals per week.—Address Mrs Heydon, I, Ellwood Villas, Ferryside, R.S.O., Carmarthenshire, South Wales. 920 TO LET, respectable Private Residence, newly, erected, well-finished eight rooms suitable for retired gentleman's family; moderate rent; healthy and picturesque locality, adjoining Whitland Junction. -Apply John Lewis, MaesyffynOn, Whitland. 24 rro LET, 2, Stacey-road immediate possession.— l Apply G. W. Hodkinson, 9, Stacey-road, Boath, Cardiff. 40 f 8 lO LET, 230, Newport-road, containing nine rooms; J drainage perfect. Also 210, Clive-street, Grange. —Apply A- Kinnersley, 4, Upper Station-terrsce, Cardiff. 938 SNDSOR-PLACE. —To be Let, No. 3, Windsor- VT place, Cardiff. The premises are admirably adapted for a professional gentleman—Apply at the South Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 1121 Oft GLYNRHONDDA-STREKT to Let; newly O", painted and papered hot and cold bath, and back entrance.—Apply A. Gibbs, 12, Glynrbondda- street, Cardiff. 973 ij);ø ;rd- uîiusíntss Jrttttisest kt. 4BERDARE—Free, double-licensed House, in good position, to let; immediate possession two clubs ingoing moderate satisfactory reasons for leaving.—Apply Jno. Watkins, Crown Hotel, Aberdare. 73 leaving.—Apply Jno. Watkins, Crown Hotel, Aberdare. 73 BRKWERY to Let first-class premises suitable for the purpose, in centre of Cardiff free water supply on the premises—Apply to Jenkins, Clarke, and Teasdale, Cardiff. 1050 RIDGE-STREET.-Corner Shop and Premises; newly built; low rental.—Apply John Lewis, contractor, Spital-square, Cardiff. 118 (COMMODIOUS Business Premises, with cellar, j three compartments, St. John's-square, to Let good thoroughfare moderate rent.—Jenkins, Phil. harmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 CBWYS-ROAD.—Commodious Business Premises, recently occupied by butcher large cellar, also stable and loft; rent £ 40.—Wilde & Allen, Cardiff. 937 USTO.NI HOUSE-STREET.-Coixii-no(tious Business C Premises, part adapted for offices. or living ac- Premises, part adapted for offices, or living ac. commodation low rentals.—Jenkins, Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 DRAPEBS and Others.—Shop and Premises to Let, 59, Oxford-street, Swansea moderate rental.— Apply Messrs Knoyle and Roberts, Swansea. 531 NEATH.—To let, Commercial and Temperance Hotel, near station and market; 11 bedrooms, stables, &c.-Pirtictilars, Geo. J. Rosser, Neath. 64 OWAIN GLYNDWR INN, Dowlais, double" licensed house to let ingoing, easy.—Terms of H. Lewis, auctioneer, Merthyr. 975 PENARTH.-To Let, two large Shops also an Auction-room inspection invited.—Apply Robert, Grove-terrace, Penarth. 138 SHOP, House, and Bakehouse, with fixtures, to Let at a moderate rent, 36, Bail way-street—Apply 161, Pearl-street, Roath, Cardiff. 907 ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE. — Three Offices, together with a fire-proof strong room (first floor) rental B45 per annum. Three back offices (first floor) rental S30 per annum. Three offices, with fire-proof strpng room (second floor) B50 per annum. Three back offices, E20 per annum.—John Lewis, Contractor, Spital-square, Cardiff. 119 ST. JOHN'S-SQUARE—Shop and Cellar, newly built; low rental. For one of the best business positions in the town, apply John Lewis, Contractor, Spital-square, Cardiff. 120 rpO LET, 1, Ellen-street, Newtown, Cardiff, a Shop, House, and Bakehouse, with large loft over, and pony stable. Good place for the sale of bread and for a baker. Rent modera e no incoming.-Applv to Mr Jenkins, 25. Ed ward-terrace, Cardiff. 104 mo, LET, Shop and House, 86, Cowbridge-road, li Canton, Cardiff been occupied as drapery premises 25 years good positiun, splendid opportu- i,ity.-Apply 46, Queen-street, Cardiff. 121 rpo LET, Shop, where a second-hand furniture JL business has been carried on.—Apply 51, Coburu- street, Cathays, Cardiff. 900 rpo BE LET, No. 3, Windsor-place, close on to J Crockherbtown, as Offices or for business pre- mises. Contains 10 rooms, cellars, and larpe garden, and back entrance to Park-lane suitable for profes- sional man, milliner, tailor. draper, school, &c.-Apply South Wales Daily Ne,-wl Office, Cardiff. 1129 1 O STAN WELL-ROAD, Penarth—To Let, large JL frj, Shop and Premises, suit any business.—Apply Lewis Hopkins, 10, Queen-street, Cardiff. 95 ISxisinesscs far HbpasaL GROCERY and PROVISION Business near Cardiff for disposal; stock low, immediate possession, good trade, large profits.—Apply Roland, "South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 969 MILK and General Business to be sola; old estab- lished 5 barns daily over counter average weekly profit, £ 3 10s under female management, could be greatly improved goodwill, stock, fixtures, &c., £ 60.—Apply 2, Greek-street, Soho-square, London, W.C. 488 "VT EWSAGENTS, STATIONERS, &c—Business lo'r 1_% Sale good morning paper round established 12 years.-Apply Morris, Shakespeare-street, Roath, Cardiff. 903 UTFITTING.-Good Shipping Business for dis- 0 posal in Penarth grand position, corner shop, good plate-glass windows grand opportunity for a pushing man.—Phillips, Friendly House, Bute-road, Cardiff. 81 rpo COACHMAKERS—To be disposed of, a small J. old-established business in Dursley, Gloucester- RhÍlf wifU or Blackney. 06 898 Horses, lEibe tlTrk. Carriages. A FRICAN PARROTS, 3 years old warranted to L ta)k yellow-faced Amazons and large Cocka- toos for sale, cash, or exchange for left-off wearing apparel.-4b, Scott-street, Cardiff. 947 0 4 CAPITAL second-hand Bal.tlcsden Carr, with lohg JS bent wings for protection from dirt.-Fuller's Carnage Manufactories, Cardiff. 29 (CARTS. WAGONS, Trollies, Vans, Traps, and Car- J riages manufactured by the Bristol Wagon Works Co. Agents for Cardiff and district, J. Hibbert and Sons, 10and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. Catlogues post free. 13359 1191 170R SALE, Crank-axle Cart also Cob, 14i hands • also set Harness. The cob good worker, and in good condition useful turnout.-Apply Evans, Iron- monger, Plassey-street, Penarth. 161 frtOR SALE, Sheep Dogs young good breed — Apply John Evans, Mountain Lodge, Cefnrhych- dir, New Tredegar. via Cardiff, 188 FOR SALE, a light Dog-cart7~ in good condition" also Set of Harness, nearly new; cheap—Apply R. F. Richards, Llwynpia. 41 I 17>OR SALE, a useful Horse (cheap); no further use for it. Would exchange for good pony.—Apply Wheeler and Wilson, Duke-street, Carcliff. s 968 f c REYHOUND for Sale good killer 2k years old \JT reason for selling, no further use. What offers ? —A. Samuel Pontardawe. 144 HANSOM, in good working order, JBt2, at Car(liff.- Apply Marslon and Company, Bradford-street. Birmingham. 494 HORSE Wanted good, active, 15 hands; about JLJL five years old to draw 30 cwt. Also Harness.- Daily News," Cardiff. fig HORSE, Trap, and Harness, £ 15 also a Cob, 4 years, 14 hands, good worker.—John Phillips. Mill-road, Caerphilly. 16 Mill-road, Caerphilly. 16 QUANTITY Grey African Parrots (3 years). Blue Amazons, Cockatoos for Sale, or exchange for wen ring p.i parel—45, Scott-street, Cardiff. 954 SECOND-HAND light Phaeton to seat four, suitable for small pony; another cob size bargains.— Juiler s Carriage Manufactories, Cardiff. 33 STYLISH Dog-cart, second-hand, suit horse 15.2 L_-1 another pony size.-Fuller's Carriaee Manufac- tories, Working-street. Cardiff. 31 T-UA-P,S, Traps.-Twenty Business and Pleasure ¡ -*r I raps, suitable for cobs and ponies, to be cleared out cheap.—Rosser, Herbert-street, Newport 2033 ^S,VTAGONETTE, with folding leather head 7, excellent repair price- moderate.—Fuller's South Wales Establishment, Working-street, Cardiff. 34 WAGONETTE, with moveable head good condi- tion, roomy, cheap—Fuller's Carriage Manu- (Cardiff68 (SouthWaies establishment), Working-street, WAGONETTE, second-hand, cheap; seats four T T behind also another to seat six. -Fuller's Manufactories, Working-street, Cardiff. 30 38mrrles. &ricvclts> &r. AVIES & CO., THE SOUTH WALES BICYCLE AND TRICYCLE SUPPLY, 57, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. Not only keep the largest stock and finest selection of n machines in South Wales, but also I>T ITO"Promptly, cheaply, and well, wfe kin"s of articles in best style. PAPVTEICrBlcyclfa from 7s 6d Tricycles from 10s 6d. I—Bicycles from 3s Tricycles from 5s. Accessories of all kinds. New and second-hand machines supplied at a liberal discount for cash, or on easy terms of payment. 1261 Only Address57. Q UEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BROS,—Large stock of Bicycles from 00s, Tricycles from 70s, Safeties from £ 5 10s terms; state requirements. Full lists -Camhf LB'^R?P5LtION" se™ P°sfc free 8d stamps* Cambrian Cycle Works. PONTYPRIDD. 1147 HUMBEB CYCLES—The Humber Cycles hold au the path records, from one mile upwards, jsoie agents for these excellent cycles. Wheeler and <• o., 1U. Castle-road, Cardiff. H89 v NJU (;YCLES.-Tbe I vel safety holds all the road ML R?,C? 295 miIes haTe been ridden in 24 hours on ^.5af^ty-J-So3e agents' Wheeler and Co.. 10, Castle-road, Cardiff. n89 Sale, in splendid cond". Safety Bicycle for Sale, in splendid condi- c°st 10 guineas, sell for £ 8 cash.-Jones, 106' -Bute-road, Cardiff. 113 PRE IIER f ricycle for sale (Hillman, Herbert, and an, Herbert, and cooper) good condition price, £7 10s—B. T. Davies, Vine-place. Griffithstown, Newport. 160 LClNGliR CYCLKS, Singer Cycles.—Why buy in- ipr 'nachines when you can be suppiied with a genuine Singer rear-driving safety for 12 guineas, the hnest roadster in the world.-Sole agents, Wheeler and Co., 10, Castle-road, Cardiff. 1189 ^/l ROADSTER, ball bearings to front and Jj -F c°ne to back wheel; new machine Hillman ueroert, and Cooper's make cheap, £ 4 5s—R' Swire, Rock House, Pembrey. 148 Magotts anil orallitrii Itqnísites. SPRING WORKS—The proprietors have now commenced operations at their works. East woors, Cardiff, and are prepared to execute orders with dispatch for all classes of railway, wagon, buffer, and bearing springs; also volutes, conicals, &c. Repairs done promptly and at moderate rates. Orders will be esteemed, and receive prompt atten- tion. 1265 ENSPA^T™ £ CUT P™ RAILWAY WAGON V, i —Quotation on receipt of specifica- non. Also brake blocks, elm planks- etc.—Ponsfor Bros., Clarence Wharf Steam Saw Mills (near Bridge), Newport, Mon. Railway keys and treenails supplied. J 2050 OR SALE OB HIRE, several good Railway Wagons of seven, eight, or ten tons each.—Apply x. U. Lewis, b. Bryn-road. Swansea. 1160 JOSEPH HEALD A CO. have a number of 10 and JOSEPH HE ALD A CO. have a number of 10 and 8-ton Coal, Coke, and Ballast Wagons for Sale or ±ure also 100 New 10-ton G.W. and T.V.R., for cash or redemption, at a low price—Address Bute Wagon HOWARD DAVENPORT & CO., CARDIFF, RAILWAY WAGON CONTRACTORS & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS —AGENTS FOR THE LANCASHIRE A D YORKSHIRE WAGON CO., And BROWN, BAYLEY, DIXON & CO., Sheffield. New and second-hand Wagons supplied for Cash, deferred purchase, or on simple hire. 1278 AILWAY WAGONS tor Hire or Sale. Cash or Is. deferred payments—The Midland Railway Car- riage and Wagon Company, Limited, Midland Works, Birmingham. 1082 _!ttbilUrt1 øø15 &r. pE..CKETT AND SONS, B RISTOL. HAVE THE LARGEST STOCK OF N EW f^OOOMOTIVE JgNGINES READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. 1081 p ORTABLE E NGINES, MORTER MILLS, SAW; BENCHES, ENGINES, BOILERS, And all machinery. On SALE, HIRE, or PURCHASE HIRE On lowest terms and ready for delivery. CHARLES D. JpHlLLIPS, NEWPORT, MON. Send for Phillips' Machinery Register, 6d. 1095 fjpO g TEAM SHIP QWKEKs Requiring New jyjARINE jgOILERS Of the Highest Class and Power. Apply for Prices and Designs to G. K. STOTHRRT & CO., 1239 ENGINEERS. BRISTOL. AIR COMPRESSORS—TWO pairs in splendid con- dition for sale, cheap, 24in and 30in cylinders.— Ratcliffe & Sons, Hawarden Iron Works, Chester. 2095 OR SALE, 2 crushing-rollers for semi-dry clay _)[' mill; 2 do. for 7ft. mortar mill; 1 10-h.p. d.c. port. able engine, equal to new 1 horse-gear art I inter- mediate motion 1 hanli morticing machine; 9 iron columns, lift, x 8in. diameter.-Geo. Kyte and Co., Mill-lane Iron Works, Cardiff. 980 FOR SALE, 3-horse-power Gas Engine (by Tangyes, F Birmingham), with tank complete nearly new. —Fred Pratt, Well-lane, Halifax. 897 1/IOR SALE.—One Compound Horizontal Engine, high pressure, cyl. 22in, low 44in. One Hori- zontal, 18in cyl., 2ft 6in stroke, variable expansion al Ir valves. One pair 14in cyls., 2ft 6in stroke. Three Boilers 30ft by 7ft, 5 Galloway tubes in each flue. One double- rivetted Boiler, 28ft by 7ft, 10 Galloway tubes.-A ly 54, Orlando-street, Bolton. 1128 ON SALE—Six Double-flue Boilers, 30ft by 7ft, 5 Galloway tubes in each flue.—Apply Lawrence Scowcroft, Engineer. Bolton. 1128 ^portltrn, pigeons, &r. FOR SALE, a large quantity of Pigeons, best hom- JU ing strain also High Flying Tumblers, in pairs or single; terms moderate. Apply T. Thomas, Plumber and Bellhanger, Whitcombe, Aberdare. 956 Jor ^ale."#iscelIancous. G K. STOTHERT & CO., ENGINEERS, BOILER MAKERS, AND SHIP BUILDERS, B R I S T 0 L, Have for Sale ENGINE.—New Horizontal Compound Condensing Tandem Engine, 25 horse power nominal, cylinders 12 in. and 22in. diam., by 24in. stroke, automatic expan- sion gear, teak lagging. ENGINES—A pair of direct-acting, Inverted Cylin- der, High-pressure Engines, lOin. diam. by 14in. stroke, solid gun metal pumps. BARGE.-A s Oil buut, open, Wooden Lighter (quite new), carrying 225 tons on 7ft. draft; dimen- sions, 824ft. x 20jft. x 5lft. BOILER.-New Patent Vertical Multitubula.r Steel Boiler, 5ft. diameter x lift, high with smoke box, funnel, spring safety valve, and mountings complete. SCREW STEAMER, "Newport," 140 tons regis- ter, 249 tons gross 162ft. long x 19ft. beam x 8ft. deep; 50 n.h.p. a good sea boat; would make splendid pas- senger steamer. 1560 AIR-PIPES for Sale, about 800 yards, 24-inch diameter, only in use short time makers, Lewis ano. Son, Bilston. Price, about half cost. At liberty in about three weeks. -Caerphilly Coal Co., Caer- philly. FOR SALE, 20,000 new and second-hand Grain Bags also 4,000 Mats, useful for covering bricks or timber.—M. Gallivan. Bute Docks, Cardiff. 497 IjlOR SALE, a Cargo of Mokta Irou Ore and Prime Algerian Hay, daily expected, consigned to John Bovey and Co., Rothesay Chambers, Bute Docks, Car. diff. 1260 FAOR SALE, Ranee, 4 tons exceptionally fast boat, with every requisite for racing, single-handed, cruising and fishing; mostly all spars, gear, and sails new this season sails by Lap, thorn ballast lead good sleeping accommodation; takes the ground; price low.-Dr. Pos. Hughes, Carmarthen. IjAULL-SIZUjfltiilliard Table for Sale, cheap, includ- ing balls, cues, lests, marking boards, cue rack to hold 30 cues, triangles, pool basket six-light Gas dint Ci., rpa Kljk -Apply to John Chalinder, Anchor House, Llanelly. SHARES.—10 £ 5 Shares in local Gas and X Waterworks Co. to be Sold earning increasing umdend, which is now 5 per cent. Proprietor having left England wishes to dispose at oncc.-Address Jenks, Daily News," Cardiff. b9 d LASS SHADkS cheat), also fi-h globes all sizes. —J. Cording, Naturalist and Taxidermist, 42! Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 966 AFE—Fire and Thief Proof, for use of club or C5 society three locks, all different height 28in— Lord's Safe Works, Wolverhampton 990 SHARES for Sale.-One share in Cardiff steamer S Wynnstay and Kate Thomas; cost B100 each both paying well last ad interim dividends, 13 and 14 per cent-Address offers, Messrs Parrott, Solicitors, Aylesbury, Bucks, I63 rpo TEA DEALERS, GROCERS, AND Pito. li VISION AIFRCHANTS.-Write to the BRISTOL SKCOND-HAND ,TORirS, for prices of Fixtures Counters, Scales and Weights, Tea Bins, Weighing Machines, Knives, Fruit Cleaners, <fec—in fact any thing and everything that is required by the trades mentioned—22. Temple-street, Bristol. 1274 mWELVE COPIES OFCAMEDEVISITI5. 2S 8d; A six, Is 8d-Carte or Cabinet enlarged to ten inches 5s two copies, 7s. Cabinet size, 2s six conies 5s «endportrait,w,th postal order or stamps, to Mr F. s! D Phillips. Perfect Copies and original returned free L d n W Company, 304, Regent-street, London, W. 1150 OliscellantiLyas Mattis. WANTED, a good second-hand Double Perambu- lator wich bicycle wheels—Apply E. E Bees KOOE onop,;Glebeland-street, Merthyr. «0 \%T ANTED, Ladies who can knit, do embroidery r,cre"'els. &c.t to send their name and address' thev will rl ?nce MiIls sPinning Co., Bradford, when tney win receive gratis, post free, a splendid set of patterns of Wools and Silks, and particulars showing the great saving (3d in the shilling, in some cases more) by dealing direct with the spinners. Mention tnjfypaper 1173 FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other com- panies are dispensed with. "e have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready- money prices. We make no extra charge for credit and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge !\O stamp or agreement charges made uo bill of sale: everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms.. Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ 5 w<irth for 2s 6d weekly £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 5s weekly • £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address • SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY 31 Castle-st. (opposite the Castle), Cardiff. 12783 110S—68 A STROLOGY.-Wbat is beforti -YOU? Send date of birth, stamped addressed envelope, and postal order Is, to J. Wilson, Wilton-road, London, S.W. 235 SCRETWORK FRETWORKU^Tready, Egel- JT staff's new, revised,and enlarged Catalogue of Fret work designs, matenals &c The largest selection of fret work requisites in the Umted Kingdom. Post free 3 stamps—Egelstaff and Co. s Fretwork Depot, 45. Mary-le-port-street, Bristol. 1821 E WKLLE HY—Watcnes, Hard ware, Fancy Goods, Pipes—Wright, 106, St. Luke's-road, Birming- nain. 752 T OVEL Y ~Tnausauda Sold. Square of y w \?s,h or Silk Velvet for Cushion, and 20 Pieces of Satin, Velvet, Silk, and Plush Patcb- £ L TTO Graham, AIPHA villa, Ramsgate-road, Margate. 873 "f ARQUEES. TENTS; FLAGS, COUNTERSTf°r caVdSanceno object-Mo,*an and c8°7!r MARRIAGE. — Tin^and7)articulars7—Business prospects. Removals. Birthtime required. Fee j i?8i> '« Argo-road, Waterloo, Liverpool. Estab- lished 11 years. 47 RUBBER STAMPS, Monograms, Linen Marked, Fancy Names; post free, Is 2d complete parti- culars free. Agents wanted.—Graham, 13, Tyler-street Ipswich. 97 W\TATERPROOF, wagon, cart, and engine covers and horse cloths of best make, lowest prices' —Dallin Brother and Son, 10, Narrow Quay, Bristol' 172' WHAT is Before You? .Send date^TTrtrtiT stamped envelope, and six stamps.—c. Gordon' 97, Buckingham Palace-road, London. 208I I f k HANDBILLS, fTjyyX~i^~5} JLU,UUU Cards, Memos,or Billheads,4s. Wedding and Funeral Cards. Cheapest and best.—Fisher and Co., Broadmead, Money. 1 MP.0BTffi^SrJf^ want money, send ™ d* SalisT-mrJ^ before borrowing elsewhere. —Mr Pike, 43, Salisbury-road. Cardiff. 176 ^O^IERCIAL~~7~dvance x>ANK, -J Q QUAY-STREET^St. Mary-strS, opposite A* Church-street), CARDIFF. theiPoTraseei^H11 fto resPectable Householders, on r«oavments n^ 7' tewn or col?ntry' £ 3 to £ 500. Easy "cb™d- J40_1101_ J0HN j LEWIS 4^4-iTk /WWk Beady to be Advanced on good Freehold or Leasehold Property, in £ 100 to £ 10,000 also on good personal secu- rity, reversions, annuities, &c., Ac—Messrs Hern, financial Agents, 72, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 1049 CJOUTH WALES Financial Corporation (Limited)— K7? Cash Advances made upon good Approved Secu- nties re-payable by instalments or otherwise — PhilharmonicChambers,Cardiff. John Jenkins, A C A Secretary. IQ^Q MOBTGAGES at 4 per Cent £ 1,000 to £ 12,000 ready for Freehold Farms in South Wales — Appis Ejttery, dJwcb-86reet».jCar<iig. S6 ONEY.-IF YOU WANT AN ADVANCE OF IVjt. CASH, from B20 to £ 2,COO, apply to the IMPERIAL DEPOSIT BANK, 18, ADAM-STREET, STRAND, LONDON, for a Prospectus, which will shew you at a glance the exact amount you will have to repay. The transaction is STRICTLY PRIVATE, the only security required by the Bank being the BORROWER'S OWN NOTE OF HAND. Advances are made throughout the United Kingdom to all classes, and distance is no objection. 1249 C. J. KNIGHTLEY, Manager. MONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE—A private gentleman is desirous of making advauces upon promissory note alone. at 5 per cent. interest, to male or female, without sureties, and strictly private, for any term not exceeding 10 years.- Apply for prospectus and scale of repayments to G. H. Shove, Esq., 21, Jolin-st., Adelphi, London, W.C. 1255 |ESTABLISHED IN THE REIGN OF GEORGE I J III—Advances made upon Jewellery, Gems, Silver-plated Goods, Pianos, Sealskins, Furniture, and every description of portable property on application parties waited on by appointment easy repayments. —Alfred Chilicott and Co., 1, Great George-street, Park-street, Bristol. N.B.-Cash sent per return of post for valuables consigned for loan. 689-1558 MONEY Advances made, 111 strict confidence, promptly, in sums of £ 5 and upwards, upon all classes of security. No fees or charges of any kind before or after the advances are made. Estab. lished 40 years.-Apply to Manager, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. 759-1116 MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT A FEW HOURS' NOTICE. A Gentleman having a large amount of Capital is willing to grant advances, upon note of hand alone, for any term not exceeding 15 years, rrom B15 to £ 1,000, at 5 per cent., to Clergymen. Farmers. Hotel Proprietors, Lodging-house Keepers, Tradesmen, or to any responsible Person, Male or Female, in Town or Country. With.'ut loan ojicr- formalities or biU of sale. Distance no object, and so long as the interest is paid the capital can remain. No genuine application re- fused. All communications are treated strictly private, —Apply to the actual Lender, H. Harrison, Esq.. 87, York-road, Westminster Bridge-road. London. 1115 ONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY and without Publicity.— £ 5 to £ 500 lent to respectable house- holders, without delay or loan office routine. Letters or personal calls treated in STRICT CONFIDENCE, or will attend personally at any address upon receipt of letter.-Mr B. B. LESTER, 15, Bridge-street, Newport (a private house). 1100 MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND Privately by CHARLES H. WHEATLEY, Esq.. from B10 to -211.000. 34, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury. and 27. Blooms- bury-street, New Oxford-street, London. ADVANCES MADE WITHOUT SURETIES OR DELAY, in town or country, upon note of hand alone, and to assist persons into business, upon mortgage of furniture, leases, machinery, farming stock, crops, shares, jewels, plate, plant, and stock, without re- moval also upon life policies and deeds at 5 per cent. STRICT SECRECY OBSERVED. N.B.-No genuine application ever refused. All communications strictly private. Prospectuses, giving every information, showing all the advantages offered, post free. Having a large surplus capital at command, all advances are granted cheaper than any other estab- lishment in London, from one to fiftsen years. N.B.-If desired, Mr Wheatley will attend personally at applicant's residence with cash, and carry out the advance. 11% MONEY LENT UPON NOTE OF HAND AT A FEW HOURS' NOTICE. From 210 to 21,000, at 5 per cent. (distance no object). Clergymen, Gentlemen, Merchants, Farmers, and others in want of Cash accommodation, to meeli pressing accounts, can obtain same (without publicity or Loan Office formalities). No good application ever refused. ADVANCES also made to responsible persons male or female, to enable them to start in business, 'or to pay their rent, debts, or any execution out. If desired,Loans can remain out at interest from 1 to 10 years. All communications are strictly private, and to avoid wasting time by writing to agents, apply direct to the actual lender, HENRY HUNTER, Esq.. Glou- cester House. 220, Clapham-road. London. S.W. 1194 East anD Jannti. FOUND, Black Curly Retriever Dog. Unless claimed three days will be sold to defray expenses.—• Apply Thomas, Stores. Penrhiwceiber. 150 FOUND, on 13th instant, liver and white Spaniel Bitch. If not claimed within three days will bo sold to defray expenses.-Apply 137. King's-road, Cardiff. 133 OST.-WiRiam Phillips, 8, Station-terrace, Treher. L bert, left his home at noon on Tuesday last; not since heard of. Age 55, about 5ft 8in. high. dark complexion, all round whiskers and moustache, turn- ing grey dressed in dark pilot, suit. with howler hat, and red woollen muffler round his neck. Has tits. 21 LOST, in Cardigan, on August 23rd. a Silver Brooch (an eagle and cross). The finder on sending it to Mr Thomas, Jeweller, High-street, Cardigan, will be rewarded. 90 O "I BEWABD,—Lost, on Monday, 10th Septem- J- vf ber, between Pyle and Pontypriad, a black leather pocket-book, containing A French agreement, and £ 5 notes, following numbers :—99026, to 9I037, and 93932, 00105, 07457, 65774, 86120. 10259, 38444, 16445, 3^896, 00626—Information Supt. Mathews, Pontypridd. HQ rjlKJETH TJSJSTH TifiifiTH Prin Medal London, 1862. Gold Medal, Paris, 1867 M P* KHZ ALL, SURGEON DENTIST (31 Years' Experience; 21 Years in Swansea) 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA I Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that he can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very best workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas. Partial Sets from 58 per Tooth Upper or Lower Set* from Two Guineas. KEAIA'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doioreu* Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is LID and 2a 9d per Bottle. Through any Chemist SARDIFF; BARRETT, Bros., Nswoort; J. G. Isaac 42e(lateHayman), NEATN: E.C. Evan's. Cardigan. 10# "l WALES FOR EVERt Fi TYLER and CO. have just obtained the J HIGHEST AWAItDED HONOUR at the Adelaide Exhibition, in addition to the Highest Awarded Medal at Liverpool, for the PURITY and EXCELLENCE of KI^' MERGES, CLOTHS, YARNS, SND.A?S.IEBI,~MAEAILLYN MILLS, Llandyssil* South Wales. South Wales. Agents in CARDIFF—Messrs HOWELL and CO- St. Mary-street. 1216 ASK FOR THE AMBri AN The only YARN which took a Prize at CARNARVON ROYAL WELSH EISTEDDFOD. Sold by all Drapero- arid Welsh Fknnel Dealers. 1149 STJJb'JTS SlAttOn. iSoia in ID..ficsure isoxos* 1 Sold in Sib. Packets. STIFF'S STARCH. lT^e >^RK-QUEEN BWTF Uniform Quality. STIFF'S STARCH. MOSTSOMLS. For Collars. STIFF'S STARCH. For Wristbands. ^J| For Shirt Fronts (J TIFF'S STARCH. L°JR CAE^KUES For Cuffs. STIFF'S STARCH. FoL Lace. KJ For Linen. GTIFF'S STARCH, lor CURUMI jpw STARCH, '„ -Note the Caution Label STIFFS STARCH. Observe the Trade LNlatiC o Sold by Grocers. STIFF'S STARCH 5OID BY DRUGGISTS. ESTABLISHED 1818. SCOFF'S STARCH. c6.. 13321 1177 IIRDCLIFK-S'1'. BRTS"I'(,« TO NEBVOUS SUFFERERS.. Just Published, a gratuitous Edition of a New Valuable Medical Work, entitled, HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH- Or, the CONFIDENTIAL FRIEND," By J. A. BARNES M.D. (U.S.) This book should be read by everyone, young or old» married or single. It teaches HOW TO AVOID DISEASE HOW TO REGAIN HEALTH, B„t„ HEALTH A SOCIAL SCIENCE EING a TREATISE on the LAWS GOVERNING LIEE and the CAUSKSi SYMPTOMS, anC 1KEATMENT of all diseases depending on exhaustion of nervous vitality, such as nervous debility, mental and physical depression, palpitation of the heart*; noises in the head and ears, indecision, impaired sigh* 1KEATMENT of all diseases depending on exhaustion of nervous vitality, such as nervous debility, mental EING a TREATISE on the LAWS GOVERNING LIEE and the CAUSKSi SYMPTOMS, anC 1KEATMENT of all diseases depending on exhaustion of nervous vitality, such as nervous debility, mental and physical depression, palpitation of the heart*; noises in the head and ears, indecision, impaired sigh* and memory, indigestion, prostration, lassitude, de> pression of spirits, loss of energy and appetite, pains u» the back and limbs, timidity, self-distrust 'dizzinerf love of solitude, groundless fears, and many other ail' ments which, if neglected, bring the sufferers to an early death. Together with Hints on Chronic Rh°¥ I matism, Gout, Neuralgia, Epilepsy, Hysteria, and .all I diseases oftha nervous and alimentary system. I work contains vaaSt I ?seIUL l^I0NS -f?r tne alleviation of su«et' I ing and the cure or minor disorders, with full I toons for their preparation and use. I Contains also some friendly advice on Hygiene, «* I Illustrates K AY T0 PBEKERVE HEALTH f J Cy numerous testimonials from grateful f author's e been le3tore(l health througu rhe author s instrumentality. stamps P°SC for 2 stamps or b-v letter post, 3 Also a descriptive pampizlot on the functions and uisoraers peculiar to the female sex, by the same ?^"nor, entitled. i • jlHE FEMALE'S FRIEND and ADVISER, which j X will be sent to any address on RECEIP' OS 3 STAMPED ENVELOPE STAMPED ENVELOPE Address J. A.v BARNES, M.D. U.S.), 43, Lonsdale square, Barnsbury, London, N. j IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS. I CONSULTATION BY LETTER FREE ALL WHO NEED ADVICE ON MATTERS of HEALTH,if unable to have a personal interview should at once send full particulars of the W etter, enclosing stamped envelope for reply this I will receive immediate answer, with advice and I'ntf instructions how to oiitain a perfect cure Hundrsds { of lives have been saved and health fully restored M correspondence only. Address J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), 4S, Lonsdale- square Bitrnsi)iiry, Loiuion. N 3003 HO WELLS' RHEUMATIC EMBRO- CATION (BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT). An INFALLIBLE REMEDY for rheumatism goot» lumbago, sprains, neuralgia, toothache, stiff joints, swellings, bruises, tender feet, chilblains &c. I"' valuable also in cases of difficulty of breathing diarrhoea, &c. One bottle will convince the^iuost sceptical of its efficacy. 13414 1238 Prepared only by the patentee, David Ho wells. Glyncorrwg near Bridgend. In bottles, Is and 2s each post free, is 2d and 2s 3d. Sold by all chemist {1/rESfeRS W. H. SMITH ana SON XTJL deliver the SOUTH WALES DAILY .V at an eariy nour each Morning in ail parts of the i'olloW- in £ towns;— SWANSEA NEWPORT ^OATH MERTHYR PORTSKEWETT CANION ABERDARE PONTYPOOL ROAp BUiE DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBPOKK at an eariy hour each Morning in ail parts of the iollolw, in £ towns;— SWANSEA NEWPORT ^OATH MERTHYR PORTSKEWETT CANION ABERDARE PONTYPOOL ROAp BUiE DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBPOKK l'Onx ^I^GEND NEW MILFORD HAVERFOHDUESt f NEAlJfct BRISTOL GLOnrRS'l tfp LLANELLY TENBY iBERY^WYTfl >' lAblPETEH CARMARTHEN ABERGAVENNV Tha CARDlb'Jf TIMES also delivered everv Fr 03S I to any aaaress m the above mentioned Towns. j, ORL»KRS be sent w :he Manager-* or The | bookstall- I Printed and Published bythe Proprietors DAVlti <fc SONS, at their Steam Printin g WorK* f 82 and 83, St Mary-street and We^rue.-treet. i town of Cardiff, in the county of tilauiorgan. 1