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f j sPrin»^1910- G | Paris House, West-Street, o < FISHGUARD. 1HT J ..A.. T> = I!!I < Begs to announce that he has jnst received a Special Delivery of Lace Curtains, A Muslins, Brise^Bise Nets, Floor Cloths, A Linoleums, Hearthrugs, Mats, &c. M J New Designs in Lace Curtains (white and Ecru)—Price 7 Is 6id to 21s per pair. 11 New Designs in Swiss Curtains-12s 6d to 35s per pair. TMf J New Designs in Guipure and Embroidered Curtains. 7 New Designs in Curtain Nets and Art Muslins—2 £ d, 3d, H 4^d, 5^d, and 6^d per yard 2 J New Designs in Frilled and Scalloped Madras-63&d, Sid, 2 Is 0|d. Is 6^d, and Is ll £ d per yard. y New Designs in Brise-Bise Nets (for short curtains), in M A Fancy Nets, Frilled Madras, Embroidered Nets, &c— Y Prices, 2d to 2s 6d per yard. TC J Telescopic Sash Brass Rods—4 £ d and 5d each. H J CURTAIN CLEANING. i Lace Curtains cleaned in the best possible style, from 9d per pair, by Messrs. Achille Sevre, Cleaners and I Dyers, London. < Grand Stock of Floor Cloths, Linoleums, Cork-Lino, &c. (in all widths), half-yard to 4 yards wide. I} Specially Inlaid Linoleum (pattern through to the back). < New Straw Mats and Matting. New Hearthrugs. Household Drapery of every Description. I Fresh Deliveries arriving Daily of New Goods suitable for Early Spring Wear. WTLANGE'S TEETH (LANGE AND YEOMANS). -ttttt-ttttttt Are Your Teeth. Bad ? If so, Pay us a Visit. Residential Branch at Mr. J. S. Lewis (billposter), 3, Spring Gardens, West Street, Fishguard. MUUUUU PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS. ARTIFICIAL TEETH SUPPLIED AT MODERATE PRICES. Only the most Pure Materials used and the Best Workmanship guaranteed. FILLINGS, GOLD CROWN, BAR, & BRIDGE WORK Clients visited at own Homes without extra charge. Attendance—Every Monday at Mr W Lawrence, Blacksmith, Letterston, n a.m. to 5 p.m. Every Friday at Mrs Walters, Garden Terrace, Dinas Cross. II a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Every Friday at Mr. D. Augustus Davies, Chemist, Newport, Pem., 2 to 6 p.m. Every Tuesday at Mr. Adolph, Continental Cafe, Goodwick, 1.30 to 6 p.m. Every Saturday at Mr Francis John, Grocer, Solva-hours, 11 to 2. Every Saturday at Mr Thomas, London House, Cross Square, St David's—hours 2 to 6 Every alternative Wednesday at Mrs Thomas,' at Trevine-hours 2 to 5. Sstabllsliea 35 Years. Sufficient Guarantee of Good Value. BlODGIESI' r BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, Market Square, Fishguard. Winter Stock just arrived from Factories Gent's and Ladies' Boots and Shoes guaranteed thoroughly Waterproof. PRICES TO SUIT ALL CLASSES. A Tri,al Order solicited Chief Establishment—1, G[JILDHALL SQ., CARMARTHEN Bridge End Foundry Co., ENGINEERS & IRON FOUNDERS, 4V."=-IGtA- Established 1854. w. E. MATTHEWS., A.M.I.M.E., Manager. Churning Gears, ROBERTS' Separators, Churns, Celebrated Land Rollers, MEPHISTO Ploughs. PLOUGHS. STEAM ENGI ^ES. — Traction, Vertical, Portable Oil Engines, Gas Enr 6ines and Plants, Water Wheels, -Turbines^ Pumps and Pur ..aping plants, Brick and Quarry Plant. Al Agricultural Machinery, Shafting, Pulleys and Repairs. Motou Car, Motor Boats and all Repairs. Experienced Staff for Out-door Work. Telegrams—" Bridgend Foundry," Cardigan. 1 r8 Absolutely w the Thing JtL. 4:30 Yon may say I do not want a Tonic. Every human system feels the depressing and devi- Want 1 talising effects of our false civilisation—our natural V V CLJ-L U mode of life. We live in an age of pressure, hurry and bustle, and some reactionary effects in the body are inevitable. We take colds quickly-we are all more or less prone to digestive and liver trouble-the blood becomes vitiated by effete matters and gross humours-our nerves are quickly unstrung-we are liable to a host of common ailments and menaced by not a few graver maladies. We are well and strong, one day out of sorts-perhaps dangerous ill—the, next. Something is wanted-and wanted by everybody. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS are just the nutrient, bracing, stimulant, pene. trative tonic that, taken occasionally, repels disease and keeps every organ of the body in full activity and the whole system in perfect tone. Prepared from a number of the most curative and vitalising natural products known to medical science. The extraordinary success of GWILYM EVANS' QCININE BITTERS is easily proved when taken after a bad attack of Influenza, when the patient is weak and down-hearted—appetite gone- nervous and low spirited—sleepless—depressed—tired out-weary of life. Why, if you only try one bottle, you will seen be relieved of your nervousness and weakness, and you will regain your appetite. There is nothir.g else like it. Keep it in your home, and why not take it as a preventive. It is purely a He/bai Tonic, and it is the best pick-me-up in the world. It makes life worth living. Try a bottle now. 2s 9d & 4s 6d each, of all Chemists and Stores. and bottle is GWILYM i"; O :il:Ut{!t;es. VV i i JtJU. Sole t't.jt. itjU >- v- Ouinine Bitters Manufacturing Company, Ltd., EVANS' Llanelly, South Wales. QUININE BITTERS.






------Fishguard, s Fleet.

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