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Fishguard Urban Council. -----


Fishguard Urban Council. An Arbitration Award. Proposed Bonus to Surveyor HORSE AND CART PURCHASE ABANDONED. SIXPENCE INCREASE ON RATE FORESHADOWED. The monthly meeting of this authority was held at the accustomed venue on Monday evening when the Chairman (Mr Levi Evans, J.P.) presided and there were present the Vice-Chairman (Mr T Lewis), Capt J Thomas and Messrs J R Richards, B G Llewhelin, D P Lewis, F George, W Bateman, W J Vaughan, D John, D G Thomas, 0 D Jones, H Williams, and D Rees together with the Clerk (Mr A J Hodges), the District Surveyor (Mr D G Wilcox), and the Medical Officer of Health (Dr W O'Donnell). MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS. The Inspector of Nuisances and the Medical Officer were formally re-appointed for a period of twelve months at the same salaries as heretofore. A letter was received from Mr John Rees, G.W.R. Divisional Superintendent, stating that he hoped to be able shortly to give a definite reply to the Council's request that the Cork Express should be stopped at Good- wick Station. A letter was received from the Board of Trade asking for the Council's assistance in disseminating warnings to owners and drivers of motor-boats of the regulations regarding the carrying of passengers. COUNTY REPRESENTATION. The Sub-Committee appointed to deal with this matter recommended that Fish- guard North and South County Division be divided into two with a boundry running from Goodwick Bridge, via West-street, The Square, Hamilton-street, Park-street, and Hottipass-street, to Llanychaer Bridge, and that plans and particulars be sent to the Clerk to the County Council. The Clerk reported that he had complied with the recommendation and had also had an interview with Mr George, who had pointed out that, whereas one of the proposed division had 305 and the other 209 voters, there were nearly 600 in the Newport Division, and had said that he did not know if there were any likelihood of getting an additional member or not. COUNCIL REJECTS ITS OWN RECOMMENDATIONS A Committee of the Whole Council recom- mended that a horse, cart and harness be pur- chased at a cost not exceeding £ 45. It re- ported that it had deferred consideration of the proposal relating to the provision of stables, coach-house, and stores pending the decision of the Council on the former matter. It also recommended the approval of the apportionments in respect of the making of Clive Road. Mr Rees moved and Mr D P Lewis second- ed the adoption of the former recommenda- tion. Mr Richards moved its rejection on the grounds that not enough money for the pur- pose had been provided in the estimates, and that no report had been presented to the Council regarding the probable cost of main- tenance. Mr D G Thomas seconded the amend- ment, describing the recommendation as pre- mature. Mr 0 D Jones asked for the figures relating to last year's scavenging, but the Surveyor said he had not brought them they had been placed before the Committee of the Whole Council, and the total was about £ 107. The Chairman pointed out that the money would not come out of the present estimates but would be provided for in the next. After hearing the Surveyor's report the Committee had come to the conclusion that the purchase Would effect a saving. The Vice-chairman suggested that decision should be deferred until the framing of next year's estimates. Mr Llewhelin said the estimates provided £ "40 for the haulage of stone and it would not be possible to save that by the purchase of a single cart, and remarked that it seemed almost odd, after paying high haulage rates for three years, to speculate in that fashion now that almost every horse and cart in the place was idle. Mr Rees said he was not there to support any contractors outside the Council, but as a trustee of the ratepayers, who had last year had to pay £ 20 for scavenging, besides send- ing one of its own men round with the cart; yet the job had not been half done. He added that a building could be secured for £8 a year and that the upkeep of the horse would cost £ 3°, whilst £52 would suffice for an attendant, one of the roadmen being appoint- ed, as two were unnecessary for the latter work. The amendment was carried by nine votes to two. Mr "D G Thomas moved and Mr D John seconded the adoption of the recommenda- tion in respect of Clive-road. Mr Vaughan moved and Mr John seconded. an amendment that it be referred to a committee of three members, who should subsequently report to the Council. Mr Llewhelin suggested that the nature of the proposed works was in excess of the de- mands made of a bye-street. Mr D G Thomas pointed out that the Coun- cil did not bind itself strictly to those plans. Mr Llewhelin said the plans ought to be such that the Council would not have to accept modifications at a subsequent date. The amendment was careied by ten votes to three and, upon its becoming the substantive motion, Mr Rees moved a further amendment to refer the matter to a committee of the Whole Council. This was seconded by Mr 0 D Jones and carried by six votes to four. A letter was read from Mr W Evans, solic- itoi, acting on behalf of interested clients, who asked that he might be heard on the matter. The Chairman ruled that that would be a matter for the Committee of the Whole Council to decide when it met. SANITARY COMMITTEE. This committee recommended that, when a cover for the offal cart, and a hose pipe at the slaughter-house be provided, a certificate that the minimum requirements have been carried out shall be granted. The committee reported that the Medical Officer of Health had presented his annual report for the year 1900; also that the arbitrator's award grant- ed to the contractors for the West-street sewerage scheme the sum of £ (>7 12s od, each party to pay its own costs and one moiety of the cost of the award { £ 5 12 gd). It was ex- nioinoH that the amount certified by the J;L"I..& Council's Surveyor had been £4I 10s od, and the amount claimed by the contractors £ 164 10S 6d. The Committee recommend- ed that the Council remunerate the Surveyor for his services in connection with the new sewerage scheme, for preparing plans, speci- fications, and estimates, for acting as clerk of the works, and for the additional labour en- tailed in connection with the arbitration. It further recommended that the following plans be approved of:—W Bateman, & Son, steam laundry at Gwynfa and Bristow and Sperr- ing, laundry at Ropewalk.—Also that certi- ficates of completion be granted to J M Symmons, for a shop and dwelling-house in West-street, and to Ebenezer Davies, for a house in Wallis-street. The doctor's action in closing the Elementary Schools of the town for a week, in consequence of the illness of numerous children, was approved by the committee. The Sanitary Inspector' (Mr Wilcox) des- cribed the result of the arbitration as being distinctly favourable to the Council. He pointed out that house refuse was now being tipped in Penslade Quarry, and that this should not continue during the summer months on account of the effluvia which would arise during warm weather, and also by reason of its unsightliness. He recom- mended that a fresh tip or other means of disposing of the refuse should be provided. He reported that the Market House Com- pany had now flushed all joints of the Slaughter-house floor with cement. In reply to Mr D G Thomas, the Medical Officer said he approved of the issue of a cer- tificate that the minimum requirements of the Council had been complied with, but he could not give a certificate that the place was satistactory. The Clerk said the committee of the Com- pany had met and agreed to comply with the requirements of the Sanitary Committee. It was decided that copies of the annual report of the Medical Officer be handed to the Press with a request for publication, al. though Mr Rees protested that such a course Was inadvisable in the town's interests. SURVEYOR'S REMUNERATION. Capt. Thomas moved the adoption of the recommendation regarding the Surveyor's remuneration. Mr D G Thomas said the Council had no power to grant a bonus or gratuity. The Chairman said it could be done in the form of an increase of salary for a limited period. In reply to Mr Rees he said the money could not be paid out of the surplus of the loan without the consent of the Local Government Board, The Clerk said such consent would pro- bably be forthcoming. Mr T Lewis contended that such payment would be a charge upon the works and, as such, payable out of the loan, but the Clerk pointed out that the Board was opposed to surveyors acting as clerlis of works, inasmuch as it interfered with the discharge of their ordinary duties. He added that, in order to keep pace with the work, Mr Wilcox had had to work at nights and on Sundays. Mr Rees contended that he ought to be paid for his extra services. Mr Llewhelin moved, as an amendment, that the matter be referred back to the Com- mittee with instructions to furnish further particulars and definite recommendations. This was seconded by Mr George and sup- ported by Mr T Lewis, Capt. Thomas and Mr D G Thomas, the last named of whom re- marked that that Council, as then constituted, would never meet again, adding, in response to cries of dissent, Well, some of you are luckier than I thought you were Mr Rees maintained that it was quie as well for the Council to face the matter and pay the man, instead of diddling about with it. He moved that a sum of £ 5 be awarded, but the motion failed to meet with a seconder, and Mr Llewhelin's amendment was agreed to. HIGHWAY COMMITTEE. This committee recommended that, in the opinion of the Council, it is highly desirable that the Public Rights of Way Bill should pass into law in order to afford greater facilities to highway authorites in the pro- tection of public rights of way, and to enable them more efficiently to discharge the im- portant duties placed upon them by Parlia- ment in that behalf and this Council urges His Majesty's Government to secure the pass- ing of this Bill; also that copies of this resolution be forwarded to the Prime Minister, the President of the Local Government Board, the Leader of the Opposition, the Parlia- mentary Candidates for this constituency, and the Commons and Footpaths Preserva- tion Society. It was further recommended that Mr J C Yorke be asked whether he is prepared to sell the stones now in his field near Penygroes, and if so, at what price that the workmen at the quarry be paid at the rate of 2s per cubic yard for handbroken stones; that the road of Heol Dyfed be con- solidated by the use of a steam-roller, and that lamps be provided before the street is taken over by the Council that the offer of the Committee of the Fancy Dress Ball to erect railings near Llanpit be accepted with thanks, the site of the railings to be approved by the Highway Committee, the erection to be under the direction of the Surveyor; that the Surveyor be instructed to see that the terms made with the lamplighter are strictly adhered to; that the Council take into consideration the question of number- ing houses in the town, and that the Sur- veyor prepare such a scheme; and that an iron swing gate be erected in the centre of Feidr Fach. Mr 0 D Jones pointed out that the phrase Parliamentary candidates should read Parliamentary members." Dr D G Thomas explained that the stone which the committee desired to purchase from Mr Yorke would obviate the necessity of carting rubble from Penslade also that the recommendation as to the payment of quarry- men was equivalent to an increase of six- pence per yard. Mr T Lewis asked if all the streets in the town were to be treated like it was proposed to deal with Heol Dyfed. Mr D G Thomas said it was not to be re- garded as a precedent. The Clerk explained that the recommendation was the result of an application received from the owners that the Council should adopt the street. Mr D G Thomas said the minute relating to the lamplighter was intended to remind both that official and the surveyor that the duties in that department must be better dis- charged. The proposal to number houses would obviate a recurrence of a regrettable mistake which had occurred at the recent election. The Clerk pointed out that this was not a matter which could be charged upon the the rates, but that the Council could compel householders to number their premises, under penalty of a fine. DANGER VERSUS RIGHT OF WAY. Mr D G Thomas described the proposal re- garding Feidr Fach as a contentious one which had been discussed ad lib. by the late Parish Council, which had ineffectually erec- ted sign posts against the driving of cattle through this passage. The swing gate sug- gested by the committee would not interfere with any traffic except the passage of cattle. Mr Llewhelin said that, at a parish meet- ing years ago, somebody had claimed a right of way for barrows. Mr T Lewis said that the erection of such a gate would prevent him wheeling manure from his stable to his garden without going right round the town. There was also a great deal of barrow work through the passage from the slaughter-house and elsewhere. He suggested the erection of a central pillar in- stead of a gate. Mr D G Thomas pointed out the danger to human-especially child-life through the driving of cattle through so narrow a passage The Clerk suggested a large gate, but Mr Thomas pointed out that this could be opened as well by cattle drivers as by barrow-owners Mr Richards said the Rural Council had been communicated with in the matter in the past, and he believed that, if the gate were erected and anyone demolished it, the council would have no remedy. Mr 0 D Jones asked if the Council could not appeal to cattle drivers, the Chairman replying that several such requests had been made. Mr Jones suggested that a gate at one end might meet the difficulty, by Mr Thomas de- clared it would be open to simiiar objections to one in the centre. Mr T Lewis said he quite agreed that the dangerous practice complained of should be put a stop to. He believed that the Council had power to frame a bye-law to the effect that anything which was dangerous to passers-by or to lives was open to punishment. If this were done he would be one of the first to report any offence, but, so far as the gate was concerned, he should feel very much tempted to knock it down, if erected, in order to find out whether or not the Council were in the right. Upon a division being taken the recommen- dation was rejected by five votes to three. Mr D G Thomas moved an amendment that gates be placed at both ends, but failed to find a seconder. A similar fate befel another amendment" by Mr 0 D Jones that a gate be placed at one end. The Clerk was instructed to write thanking the promoters of the Fancy Dress Ball for their generosity. FINANCE COMMITTEE. This committee's report contained the following items:—Collector paid treasurer in January £ 142 os 3d, amount in treasurer's hands £ 124 105 id, bills passed for payment £ 62 12S iod, ditto (loan account) £ bi 195 3d. The cost of the West-street sewerage scheme was given as follows :—Paid Messrs Williams and Farley £ 969 14s 8d, public loan works charges £ 13 2s 6d, consulting engineer [29, one moiety arbitrator's fee £ 5 12s gd, total [1,0r7 9s i id, thus leaving in hand from the amount borrowed the sum of [182 xos I d, Mr Richards, in moving the adoption of the report, expressed gratification at the satis- factory nature of the arbitration award, pointing out that, despite a rumour that the scheme could not be effected for the money raised, they had actually practically [200 surplus on that loan. The adoption of the report was seconded by Mr Rees. In reply to Mr D G Thomas as to the nature of the present liabilities, Mr Richards said the gas bill would be very high. There was no probability of there being much sur- i plus at the end of the year, but he did not I anticipate a debit. I Answering Mr Llewhelin, he said there would be a great deficit were the items taken separately. INCREASED RATE. In reply to Mr Lewis he enumerated various specific sums which had been diverted to other purposes, adding that this would of course have to be made up next year, nec- essitating, roughly, an increase of sixpence in the pound upon the General District Rate. The Chairman, in reply to Mr D G Thomas, said the surplus upon the sewerage loan would revert to the Public Works Loan Com- missioners unless the Local Government Board sanctioned its retention by the Coun- cil, and that could only be obtained by the holding of another enquiry. The report was adopted. A DISCLAIMER. Mr Richards asked permission to make an explanation, disclaiming any idea of per- petrating an election dodge. The statement had, he said,been circulated that he, as Chair- man of the Finance Committee, had been responsible for the expenditure of £400 on West-street. As a matter of fact, he had been the biggest opponent of the expenditure upon that Council. PUBLIC SERVICES RECOGNISED. Mr Rees referred to the Council's indebted- ness to Mr E D Jones, J.P in connection with the construction of the outfall sewer, remarking that, but for his aid, it would probably have £ 2,000 instead of [1,017. They were, he said, very much indebted to Mr Jones and, as one who was left behind oh the Council for another year, he was sorry that that gentleman had gone from amongst them. He was sure that all on the Courcil were sorry that he was not going to seek re-election. The Chairman said he thought that they all felt a debt of gratitude to Mr Jones for his ser- vices in connection with that scheme, and he suggested that a resolution .to that effect should be placed upon the minutes. Mr Richards formally proposed that that be done, saying that they all admitted that the work could not have been carried out without Mr Jones' assistance, and he was personally very sorry that that gentleman was leaving the Council. He thought that the members ought to thank him very sincerely for the active part which he had taken in the work of the Council. Mr Vaughan, in seconding said that, had it not been for Mr Jones, he did not know how they would got over this difficulty. He had saved them a tremendous lot of money, and he was sure that they were all very sorry that he was not seeking re-election. Mr Llewhelin said he, also was very sorry that such was the case. The greatest help which Mr Jones had given them had been in obtaining for them the right to deposit their sewage in the sea. The motion was cordially agreed to. JOINT COMMITTEE RE GOODWICK BRIDGE. This committee recommended that a new bridge be erected and that the plans, etc., when prepared shall be submitted to the Councils concerned; that Mr A Thomas, County Surveyor, be asked to prepare the necessary plan and specification that Mr W George James (Llysyronen) be given plenary powers to arrange terms with the Surveyor that the maximum width of the bridge be 30 feet, and that Mr W G James be appoint- ed to interview the Pembrokeshire Estates Co., with reference to the small portion of land required for erecting the bridge. The adoption of the minutes was moved by Mr D G Thomas and seconded by Capt Thomas. In reply io Mr D P Lewis, Mr George said the probable cost would be about £300, divi- ded amongst the three authorities. Mr Lewis suggested, that, in view of the money already spent upon the road, it would be desirable to send a deputation to Haver- fordwest with the object of obtaining an as- surance that it would be mained, before pro- ceeding with the scheme. After some discussion it was decided that whoever was returned to represent Fishguard upon the County Council should be asked to take action with that object in view. The report of the Joint Committee was formally adopted.





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