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GOODWICK. Turbine Tattle.—The statement regarding the laying up and prospective survey of the David in our last issue actually referred to the "Andrew." — The date at which the George was to leave Laird's Yard, Birken- the" Andrew." The date at which the George was to leave Laird's Yard, Birken- head, was, at the time of writing, uncertain, but it was expected that the voyage to Fish- guard will be commenced on either the Tuesday or the Wednesday of this week. Whether the annual survey of the Andrew will take place on the Mersey or on the Clyde continues an open question pending the con- sideration of tenders for the execution of the work. Elsewhere.—In various parts of this issue f numerous matters of local interest will be found to be dealt with, included therein being Henner School, Goodwick Bridge, the rating of the railway, a proposed working agree- ment between the G.W.R. and the L. & S.W.R. Territorial Topics, Lifeboit Notes, &c. Promotions. The "G.W.R. Magazine announces in its current issue the transfer of I Mr W A Griffin, of the Passenger Depart- ment from Wargrave to Fishguard Harbour and of Mr H Hopes, ballast guard at Fish- guard, to Llanelly Dock as brakesman. Presentation.—At Tenby on Wednesday night last week, a presentation was made to the Rev. S B Williams, M.A., one of the assistant clergy of the parish of St. Mary's, and formerly curate at Goodwick, on the occasion of his appointment to the Vicarage of Dale, Milford Haven. Mr Williams is very popular at Tenby. He has been prominent in sport, and under his captaincy the Tenby Cricket Club has reached the head of the Pembrokeshire League. Delay.—On Wednesday morning last week the Cunard Ocean Mail train from Fishguard to Paddington was considerably delayed owing to the fact that, during shunting oper- ations at Kidwelly, a truck was derailed and smashed on the G.W.R. permanent way. The line was cleared in the afternoon. Bethesda.—The ordination of Mr T Cynon Jones, the new pastor of this place of worship will take place on Monday afternoon, when addresses will be delivered by Principal Edwards, B.A., Ph.D., D.D. (Cardiff Baptist College), and the Rev B Lewis (Abercynon), the Rev Isaac James (Abercaniad), Mr E H Roderick (Cardiff), and local ministers. Special services will be held on the preceding Sunday, when sermons will be delivered by the two first-named gentlemen. Traffic.-The live stock traffic across the channel is increasing monthly, the augmen- tation during the past year having been of a very substantial character.—Cargoes evince a slight tendency to increase.— Three or four ton6 of dead meat were, during the week-end, brought from Rosslare and dispatched to Smithfield Market, great care being exercised in handling the consignment in order to en- sure its delivery in first-class condition. Congregational Church.—Last (Tuesday) night an interesting debate took place under the auspices of the Mutual Improvement Society attached to this place of worship, between Messrs Blewitt and Evan Jones, upon Ought the conduct of man to be influenced by public opinion ? The pastor (Rev S H Evans) presided over a large attendance, and an exceedingly pleasant evening was spent by all participating. Next Tuesday Miss Jackson will deliver a missionary address.— On the 27th inst. the pastor of Bethesda Chapel (Rev T Cynon Jones) will occupy the Pulpit.—A pleasing transformation has been effected in the interior of the edifice bv the draping of the windows with double scarlet curtains depending from wooden rods by means of brass rings. Excursion.—The excursion to Cardiff in connection with Saturday's international Rugby match attracted only about a score of patrons. Goodwick Station.—The necessity for the erection of a warehouse in connection with Goodwick station is obvious to all concerned and the fact that a number of officials recently inspected the sidings and yard lends colour to the theory that the want will be filled at no very distant date. Personal.—Mr A E Miles, Cashier of the Traffic Department, resumed duties after va- cation, yesterday (Tuesday), Mr Martin, who had acted as his deputy, proceeding to Ney- land.—The Rev Mr Nesbitt-curate of Llan- wnda and Manorowen parishes-has returned greatly benefitted in health. Parrog Bridge.—The permanent span of this structure is now practically completed, and tipping to the shoreward, extremity will probably be resumed in the course of a few days. k* ^e*er s Church.—The erection of the fabric of the new edifice to bear this title has already progressed to the height of the damp- course. Quay Road.—The alterations to and near this thoroughfare referred to in our last issue are progressing fairly rapidly. The new zig- zag has been fenced and practically comple- ted, and the demolition of the wall overlook- ing the railway, preparatory to the widening of the road and the removal of a dangerous corner, is in progress. 9 Illness.—We regret to learn that Capt Evans, late master of the Sir Francis Drake,' has recently undergone a severe attack of rheumatic fever, but are pleased to hear that he is now making satisfactory progress to- wards recovery. Wedding.—The nuptials were celebrated at Harmony on Saturday of Miss Martha Morgan, daughter of Mr John Morgan, of Caerau, and Mr Sydney Bevan, of Pen Cw, late of Neyland, the Rev W Rees (pastor) officiating.—Carriages were supplied from the Royal Oak, Fishguard. "Southern" Salved.—As recorded in our last issue the Waterford steamer Great Southern returned to Fishguard Harbour on the Wednesday in that week having been successfully floated after running ashore in the Suir. Divers were promptly sent down to examine the hull, and reported that no damage had been occasioned by the ground- ing of the vessel, which has sicce been running as usual, and will continue to do so until sent away for her annual survey. Shunting Device.—An ingenious electrical device for the purpose of indicating the des- tination of trains in course of shunting is being affixed to the interior of the ground- frame cabin on the platform at the Harbour Station. Departure.—We understand that Mr A H Clarke, chief assistant to Mr G Lambert Gibson, the G.W.R. Company's Resident Engineer, is about to relinquish his position and that; and about the end of the present month, hs is departing for London, where he is taking up business as a contracting engin- eer. Mr Clarke has taken an active and in- telligent part in all the local construction works, but will probably be best remembered by posterity by reason of the excellent archi- tectural work for which he was responsible in the designing and laying out of Harbour Village, the Company's Garden City on Pen Cw. He was a prominent member of the now-defunct Goodwick Parliamentary De- bating Society, to whose deliberation he was one of the most regular and thoughtful con- tributors. He also takes a deep interest in yachting-sailing his own craft-and is an excellent weilder of the racquet. He is greatly respected by all sections of the local community, and the best wishes of funds and colleagues for his future prosperity acccom- pany him in the new venture upon which he is embarking.


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