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INACCURATE REPORTS. Complaints by Presiding Magistrate At Mathry Sessions. At the close of the proceedings at the Dewsland Petty and Licensing Sessions, held in the Court House, Mathry, on Friday after- noon, The Presiding Magistrate (Mr Charles Mathias) suggested that if Pressmen reported the proceedings of that court at all they ought to do so correctly, adding that he had recently seen in a paper a report which was not correct. Our representative (who was the only jour- nalist present) suggested to his worship the desirability of specifying the paper which was the source of complaint. Mr Mathias, however, declined to do so, though he added that the Clerk (Mr R T P Williams) had had occasion previously to complain about the matter. Interviewed subsequently by our represen- tative, Mr Mathias eventually consented to disclose the identity of the paper in question, and stated that written complaints upon the matter had been sent to the editor thereof on previous occasions. Needless to say, the Echo was in no way implicated. We may add that we have for long sym- pathised with the Dewsland Justices in the discreditable manner in which their pro- ceedings are frequently reported in certain irresponsible quarters.

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