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Local Lifeboat Notes.


Local Lifeboat Notes. The February issue of the official organ of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution quotes in extenso the Echo's report of the dedi- cation ceremony of the Fishguard motor lifeboat Charterhouse." Since the first lifeboat was placed at Fish- guard in 1855, no less than 438 lives of sea- men have been saved by the local rescue service. The Institution has voted £ 6 to four men for putting off in a boat in a strong N.W. gale and, at considerable risk, saving two men who were trying to board their trawler in Rosslare Harbour on the 23rd October. The men's boat was swept under one of the piers and one man was thrown overboard. During 1909 the Fishguard lifeboat re- sponded to two calls. At 8.45 p.m. on Janu- ary 8th, she went to the aid of the schooner Unity," of Carnarvon, and rescued four lives; whilst at 8.30 a.m. on July 7th, she assisted to save the ketch Esmeralda, of Milford. Mr William Small, the Assistant Surveyor of Motors, who had charge of the Fishguard motor on the voyage from Harwich makes some very interesting remarks on the merits of the motor, especially as regards the gov- erned engine, reporting that, on the run from Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) to Weymouth, on which occasion they experienced a S.W. gale accompanied by a high head sea, the gov- erned engine proved its merits, as when pas- sing through the heavy race off St. Albans Head, the propeller on two occasions was half out of water, the speed of the engine in an instant being reduced to 250 revolutions, and as the load came on again the governor gently opened the throttle, allowing the en- gine to'run at its proper speed. Had it not been for the activity of the governor on the different loads, when the boat was threshing her stern, there would appear to have been every possibility of her shedding her pro* peller.