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CUNARD CHATTER. THEATRE ABOARD THE MAyRETANIA On her next voyage from New York to Fishguard the Mauretania will establish a new record for luxurious ocean travel, Mr Charles Frohman having announced that he proposas that week tovinaugurate an ocean- going theatte to present Miss Maria Doro in Mr Edward Lock's three-act play, The Climax," and that he will stage the piece as effectively at sea as in New York. Mr Froh- man believes that, with the advent of giant Cunarders, the day for an ocean-going theatre has undoubtedly arrived. There will be a fixed charge for seats for Miss Doro's per- formance, and the proceeds will be devoted to the Seamen's Fund. The Canadian Northern Railway Company is actively engaged in arranging a new steam-* ship service between Canada and England. The new service will be from Montreal or Quebec to one of the various English ports, and it is hoped that the advantages of Fish- guard, will be fully considered. considered. This development will afford a rail service from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, the Northern Company thus following the lead of the Canadian Pacific in affording through transport from their system to En- gland, a facility which is of unquestionable convenience and advance to travellers. Another contemplated through service be- tween Enland and Canada is that of the Grand Trunk Company, to whose order an up-to-date passenger steamer, the "Prince Rupert," was recently launched from the Tyne shipyard of Messrs Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson. Yet another stride in improving communi- cation between the United Kingdom and the Colonies is the construction of an additional railway from Collooney, Co. Sligo, to Black- sod Bay, to which we have previously re- ferred. The distance from Blacksod Bay to Halifax (Nova Scotia) would be covered by a steamer of fair speed in three and a half days, and other services in connection would enable the journey to Australia, New Zealand and Hong-Kong to be considerably curtailed. The Great Western Railway Company has issued an excellent series of picture postcards depicting the arrival of ocean liners at Fish- Fishguard, and an admirable reproduction of the complete set appears in the current issue of the Company's magazine. WHEN TO SEE THE BOATS. Readers who desire to witness the arrival of Cunard liners are referred to our last issue for particulars as to the hours and dates at which they are expected, such times being the only authentic ones now obtainable. This week's boat is the Umbria," which has never yet visited the port, and her scheduled hour for arrival is one o'clock on Thursday morning. We are officially informed that the reason why the Campania arrived so very con- siderably before the hour at which she was last week expected is that she had just com- pleted her annual survey, and that her engines boilers, and bottom were naturally in tip-top condition.

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