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1910 Dunlop, Clincher, Palmer Tyres, also J_ Covers-3s 3d each, guaranteed. Air Tubes with Valves 2s 3d, guaranteed. Wheels and Pedals, &c. Sale list free.—W. A. Gortou, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. GROCERY. The Vergam Stores WEST ST., FISHGUARD, FOR Groceries and Provisions OF AIL. KINDS. An entirely Fresh Stock. No old Goods kept. The Stock is of the Choicest possible kind. Nothing but the Best Stocked. Soliciting a continuance of the excellent public patronage already extended. J, D. WILLIAMS Now Open !ERE6RINE'S ° FANCY AND DOMESTIC BAZAAR AND TEA ROOMS, ——————— Main Street, Fishguard (In the premises formerly occupied by Mr. David Cornock, hairdresser). Fancy and Households Goods of all binds- a large stock to select from. An early visit of inspection invited J. N. PEREGRINE (formerly of Dinas Cross), Domestic Bazaar & Tea Rooms, FISHGUARD. f WATCHES OF I PRECISION & QUALITY LIKE THOSE MADE BY J. W. BENSON, Ltd., ARE A PURCHASE FOR A LIFETIME. The beSt principles of horology, | the finest materials, and the in- | herited skill of 100years of Watch | work all tend to make them the 1 Most Perfect Watches of the day. 1 # BENSON'S I WATCHES I contain Im- I provements all | conducing to | that Accuracy, 1 Durability, I sive upkeep I which should be the main 3 features in TVatch wGrk, and no other firm can equal them. Owners write that the "Field," "Ludgate," & "Bank" Watches are of "INCOMPARABLE EXCELLENCE "PERFECT SAFETY" GOLD WATCH BRACELETS. J. W. BENSON, LTD.. Have made a special study of these charming ornaments, and their 11 Perfect Safety" Bracelets now contain many important im- provements to be found only in their make, the result being that they warrant them as fine timekeepers, not subject to the usual ills that most Watch Bracelets suffer from. They fit any size wrist, and are made in several qualities, from £ 6 to £ 25, or, set with Gems, from £ 17 to £ 200. These are sold at strictly moder- (tte prices for Cash, or on The yimes" System of MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Pully illustrated and priced Books, 1, Watches from £ 2, Expanding J^CELETS, Rings from £ 1, Jewel- RAI' ^°* 2' PLATE> Clocks, Silver A ^C"' WILI BE sent post free, or J* Election will be sent to intending PUJERS at our Risk and Expense. j: W. BENSON; Ltd., Factory: I F 62&64, LUDGATE HILL. E.C. I :25,LD BOND STREET, W., AND 28, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.C. ~SKT E do not claim to' bo able to perform miracle as the days for these are past, but we certain ly can lay culm to a great number of marvell- ous cures, alii testified to by a multitude of people who 4ye used our remedy, viz.:—' The Mannina-xierbai Ointment.' The cures tange over a field of many and various diseas, as instance, Cancer of the Breast, Lip, etc., Tumours, Lupus, Erysipelas, Carbuncles, Abscesses, Ulcerated and poisoned wounds, Sarco^g^ Piles, Psoriasis, Scalds, Burns, Eczema. Ringworm, Rodent Ulcers of the hands, ChalJed do., Chilblains, Scurvy, Sprains, Swol ti feet, Rheumatism, etc. And. we o°n^Q«atly invite the most thorough investigation these cur various statements with regard to the merits of our Remedy. Presuming that y*u arQ peady to take ug gt with regard to the merits of our Remedy. Presuming that y*u are ready to take us at our word, and Wi44 to test '1 MANNINA" for yourselves, see that you obtain the right thing. MANNINA is made up in three different strengths. Trade Alatk As No. 1, Full. Cancer, etc. At* 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 8s 6d pet pot. As No. 2, Medium For all poisoned wounds At Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d per pot. As No. 3, Mild. For all skin diseases. Is lid, 2s 9d, and 41i\ 6d per pot. It is sold by the following Dispensing Chemists & c- Mr. Thomas Meyle* M.P.S., Fishguard. T. Lewis, Fishguard. 5* T ;e' 1 &' Goodwick. „ G. H. Lloyd. At.p.s., Solva, H. A. Williams, M.P.S., Letterston. Or can be obtained direct from the Sole Proprietors, The « MANNINA HliRBAL OINTMENT Co Ml\in Street, Fishguard. ====-=====-===- TO MOTHERS. Winsbw's Soothing Syrup has been used over flfty years by millions of mothers fo their children while teething, with perfect sccess. It will celieve the poor sufferer immedlMely. It is pleasant to taste it produces natural quiet sleep, by relieving the child froin pain, and the little cherub awakes as bright as a button." Of all chemists, Is lid per bottle. Unicorn Self POlishing Harness Blacking. No Labour, no Brushing, Softens Leather, Old Harness made to iook like New. Try it nofy Gallons, 4s 6d Large Tins, is. Agent: D. George, Saddler, Fishguard UNICOKN BLACKING Co., MANCHESTER I PIANOS Pianos Pianos!! IF YOU WANT Fi/INQS, asiy — other1 Musical Insiiuamenl^Ofc of the Best Quality and at the W Lowest Possible Prices, go to JOHN EVANS' New Musical Instrument Stores, West Street, FISHGUARD. All Orders promptly attended to for Cash or on the Hire System. Please call and see for yourselves the quality of Instruments kept in stock. Note Address- J. EVANS, L.T.S.C., West Street, FISHGUARD LONDON STORES I West St., Fishguard. The Best House for Welsh Flannels, Stockings, I and Blankets, &c., also a choice selection of Grocery Goods. Nothing but the Best in everything is stocked and prompt attention is given to all orders A. S. DAVIES, London Stores, Fishguard. W. DAYIES & Co., Boot and Shoe Stores, Goodwick, Have recently removed to LARGER and more CONVENIENT PREMISES and are now able to Supply BOOTS AND SHOES Of all Classes at the Lowest Possible Prices, and hopes are entertained that they will obtain a fair patronage from the inhabitants. Thanking for past favors BRODOG TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. W. MORGAN & SON Beg to inform the public generally that they have OPENED BUSINESS as Timber Merchants, And have now in stock all kinds of Timber, also general Building Materials. Sawing (by Gas Power) done on the Premises. Orders respectfully solicited. I I Coronation Stores, GOODWICK. THE BEST HOUSE FOR StoCet\es & High-class TEAS a speciality. FRUITS at lowest prices. Our Bread and Cakes are renowned for their qualities. Respectfully soliciting a continuance of public patronage and support. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS— ARTHUR DAVIES, Coronation Stores, GOODWICK. The Real Welsh Flannel. EDWARD DAVIES, OF THE Lower Fishguard Factory Desires to announce that he has OPENED A SHOP in WEST STREET, FISHGUARD, Where he has a Large Stock of Welsh Flannel Of the best kind. Nursing Shawls, Turnover?, and Men's Under- clothing made to order. Whilst thanking his numerous customers- fear their past support he respectfully asks for a con- tinuance of their patronage. No. 2 Stall on Market. Shop NVest Stree Factory Lower Town. -=-==- THE SEADE TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. J. ill. GUILD TIMBER MERCH. ANT Has a Large and Varied Sfrock of Good Building Timber (in Red Pitch-pine, WhitFj and Spruce), Flooring Boards and Match-boards, Yellow Su-i S}SUCe' Archangel White, American White Wood, Carolina Pine and Oak- sawn Boards, Prepared Mouldings, com- prising Architraves, Sashes, Sills. Skirting Boards &c., also Split and Sawn Roof and Ceiling Laths, Wire-cut and other Nails. Speciality—Welsh Oak, Ash, and Elm Shafts, Spokes and Felloes, Shovel and' Mattock Sticks, Ladders Cart Material cut: to size. Whaelblocks turned and Gates and Bar- rows made to order. Estimates giveu to supply Buildings.. OFFICES SLADE, FISHGUARD., a minutes; ftem. G.W.R. Station. >?:'v ..V V •' A 1 Convenient to the Docks* f s, i ss 5 I Private 'J Sitting Rooms' I and Cwifortable :r ;"f. i'7t., :åT': Bedrooms. 'Qll GRIFFITHS, TEMPERANCE HOTEL, CAROLINE ST., CARDIFF