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The Welsh Language Society.


The Welsh Language Society. The following report of the Board of Edu- cation on the Welsh Summer School held at Bangor had just been received :— The work of the school held at Aberyst- wyth the previous summer was fully reported upon. With regard to the work of the pre- sent school it is sufficient to say that the praise bestowed upon tlie work done at Aberystwyth fully applies here, the same high standard in the lecturing and in the quality of the teaching having been main- tained. The suggestion contained in the report for the previous year was [carried out. The first hour each day was devoted to a gen- eral lecture at which all the students atten- ded. This proved of value in helping to maintain enthusiasm and regularity of atten- dance. Following this the students attended in three separate divisions Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. In this way it has become possible to provide for the stu- dents a progressive course extending over three years. The smaller, classes that resulted from this also enabled the teachers to get into closer personal touch with their students. It may, perhaps, I be not out of place to re- fer to the social and recreational side which is of some importance in the case of a "holi- day course like this. This side was evi- dently well looked after, care having been taken to arrange excursions and meetings which, while satisfying holiday requirements were decidedly educative in bent. Mention must also be made of the special conference that was held, Sir Marchant Williams ore- siding, -where matters relating to the aim and work of the school and a proposal for the formation of a Welsh home reading union were discussed. A special lecture on Welsh Folk Songs" was also given by Dr Lloyd Williams, of the University College." It has been arranged to hold the next summer school at Llandrindod, the Victoria Hall having been engaged for this purpose.