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GOODWICK. I Dyffryn Mission.—This (Wednesday) even- ing a service will be conducted in this place of worship by the Rev C F Ockford, the Organising Secretary of the Navvy Mission Society. Turbine Tattle.—The Patrick went into commission, under the command of Capt Davies, on Monday, and the David" is now I lying up at the Ocean Quay for the purpose of boiler cleaning prior to proceeding either to Clydebank, or the West Float, Birkenhead, for her annual survey, which will be commen- ced soon after the return of the St George." Under a new arrangement, each of the Saints has now a permanent captain, I with the result that in future the changing of masters which has hitherto taken place every six weeks is abolished. Capt Arthur Evans has been appointed to the command of one of the Waterford boats. The George" is expected back from Laird's Yard at about the end of the week. The service to Ross- lare continues to be maintained by two boats, and it is interesting to note that the "David" has been making some excellent passages since her return to her station, Particulars of an accident aboard the Andrew will be found classified with Fishguard news. Berachah.— At this place of worship on Tuesday of next week a Children's Guild will be inaugurated by a magic lantern and musical entertainment. The objects of the J Guild, as set iorth by the promoters are such as should commend themselves to everv mem- ber of the Christian community, and it is to be trusted that the inaugural gathering will be well attended. Charitable Concert.—A high-class concert will be given in Goedwig Chapel on Tuesday under the auspices of the Fishguard Harbour Works Male Voice Choir. The proceeds are to be devoted to the relief of Mr Arthur Davies, late of the Construction Works who for a considerable period has been unable to follow his occupation as carpenter, owing to ill health.MThe Chapel authorities have generously placed the edifice gratuitously at the disposal of the promoters, whilst the mem- bers of the choir-both individually and col- lectively—are leaving no effort unspared-to ensure the submission of a first-class pro- gramme. The object to which the funds are to be devoted is one of an eminently deserv- ing character, and it is sincerely to be hoped that it will receive at the hands of the public that measure of generous support which it unquestionably merits. Engagement.—The engagement is announ- ced of the curate of Neyland (Rev D L Davies), to Miss W M Jones, daughter of the Rev T Jones, rector of Dandarrog, Car- marthen. Miss Jones, who is both amiable and accomplished, is a sister of Mr Lawrence Jones, of the Marine Engineering Department Fishguard Harbour. The marriage is to take place shortiy. Appointment.—Dr W S Griffith, has been appointed as public vaccinator for the Mil- ford District, in succession to Dr Walker, who has been compelled to relinquish the office in consequence of the growth of his duties as Medical Officer to the Haverfordwest Rural Council as a result of the growth of Good- wick. Local Sessions. — The possibility of the Fishguard Petty Sessions being transferred to Goodwick upon the completion of the erection of the new police station was men- tioned at the annual meeting of the Fish- guard Market House Company, which is reported elsewhere in this issue. Suggested Lightship.—At the one hundred and eighth annual meeting of the Liverpool Un- derwriter's Association,at Liverpool.Mr Davis, as a member of the advisory committee in re- gard to lighthouses and new works, said Fishguard some time ago was comparatively little used; now she had calls from Booth and Cunard liners, representing most valuable cargoes with large numbers of people, and they should leave no stone unturned to make the approach to the harbour absolutely safe, either by the lightship or some equivalent help to the mariner in making the port. The New Council School.—Mr S B Sketch presided over a meeting of the Pembrokeshire Education Authority at Haverfordwest on Friday. The finance committee brought up a recommendation that the County Conncil should be asked to sanction the borrowing of £ 6,500 instead of £ 2,500 in respect of Good- wick Council School. Replying to Mr C W Stokes, Dr Griffiths said the increase was necessary because, in the first place, of the rapid growth of the population, and, secondly, the site on which the proposed school would be built was expensive. Quay Road.—The appearance of this thoroughfare is at present undergoing a com- plete metamorphosis. A new zig-zag path lading up to Pen Cw is being cut to the hotelward side of Penrhyn, whilst the old ztg-zaer is in process of demolition. Prepara- tions are being made fot removing yet anoth- er awkward corner in the road by diverting it Across a point where a quantity of the debtis excavated from the foundations of the hotel extension has been tipped. We under- stand that a considerable area of the hillside lyint between Penrhyn and the hotel is to be removed bodily. .B.ethesda.-In connection with this enter- prising church a Mutual Improvement Society has just been established. The inaugural meeting was held last week, when the newly- appointed pastor (Rev T Cynon Jones) pre- sided over a crowded auditory. Mr A J Row- lands read an interesting paper asserting that Christians ought to frequent theatres, the opposition being ably maintained by Mr Ben Jones. \Jpon a vote being taken the affirma- tive was carried by a majority.—Last (Tues- day) evening Mr John Howells read a thoughtful and instructive paper upon Sunday- school work, an animated discussion ensuing. Berachatb.-The formal induction of the Rev George Thomas, late of Porth, as pastor of this Calvinistic place of worship, took place on Monday evening, being well- attended. °' ° A Freak.We are unofficially informed that the minds of the local Loco' Depart- ment are greatly exercised over a white elephant and which they have recently be- come the custodians. It takes the form of a locomotive of a type somewhat unusual to-day, and So far as we are able to gather, no-one has yet mustered up sufficient courage to try her pacs, it being freely alleged that she does not hold enough water to enable her to run to Qlynderwen and back. Illness.—We learn that Miss Elsie Bowen, daughier of the Station and Quay Superin- tendent, who is in hospital in London, is making satisfactory progress towards recov- ery. Mr Bowen, junr., who is stopping with his father at Penrhyn, is also progressing. Precautions.—On Sunday morning fire hy- drants were fixed on the railway in the vicin- ftyof Concrete City and adjacent to the Engineer's Offices, being attached to the water main which follows the route of the railway downwards from Manorowen. Congregational Church. In connection with the Mutual Ittitprovement Society recen- tly founded in association with this English place of worship, all appetising tea was ser- ved on Tuesday evening, being followed by an admirable entertainment, the contributors to which were heartily applauded by a large and appreciative auditory. The financial proceeds are to be devoted to the expenses relating to the soleranization of the Church. Municipiai. The local authorities are offering a reward ot los. for information which will lead to the conviction of anyone damaging public street lamps.. Billiards.— It is Credibly rumoured that local residents will shortly be afforded the opportunity of patronising a public billiard- room, the venture being quite distinct from the palatial equipment with which it is pro- posed to furnish the Bay Hotel. Parrog.— Rivetters are actively engaged upon the girders forming the span of the new railway bridge across the Parrog road. Bay Hotel.—The internal plumbing work of the new wing of this institution has been let to Mr James Wemyss,RP.C., of Fishguard and is now being proceeded with. It would be interesting to know who was responsible for the starting of the cruel rumour one night last week, that three men had been blown off the breakwater by the gale, and that all trace of their bodies had been lost. -)-- "GREAT SOUTHERN" ASHORE. During a dense fog on Tuesday morning the G.W.R. Company's steamer Great Southern," bound from Fishguard to Water- ford with a general cargo, ran ashore three miles below Waterford and, despite all efforts to get her off, she remained fast in the mud. The weather was moderate, and it was ex- pected that she would be re-iloated with the rising tide. As we go to press we learn of the arrival in Fishguard of the vessel, and that divers are now at work endeavouring to discover the extent-if any-of the damage.

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