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FISHGUARD ROUTE. IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT. IRISH BEEF FOR LONDON Of more 'than ordinary interest was an ex- periment made recently of conveying Irish beef to London by the Fishguard route. Scotch beef has long enjoyed almost a mon- opoly at Smithfield of a certain class of the best of the trade, this being rendered possible by the expedition with which the meat can be conveyed from north of the Tweed. But hitherto Ireland has been unable to establish a dead meat trade on somewhat similar lines. The way has now been successfully opened up via Fishguard. The experiment referred to consisted of the bodies of five prime Aber- been-Angus heifers. In order that the dress- ing, of the beef might be done in the style best suited to the London market, the Depart- ment of Agriculture and Technical Instruc- tion in Ireland paid the expenses of a Scotch butcher to go to Ireland to superintend the slaughtering of the animals. This having been accomplished to the satisfaction of Mr Esmonde (who sent the beef) and his friends, the beef was despatched to London by the Great Western Railway route. On arrival at the London Central Market the beef proved to be in a first-class condition and met a ready sale at the top market price of the day —namely, 4s 4d to 4s 6d per stone (81b). Commenting on the experiment the Meat Trades Journal says :—" The fact remains that Irish beef can be put on the markets in London and successfully compete with the Scotch article. We may therefore assume that in due time a regular supply of Irish beef will be forthcoming to the London market."

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