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Fishguard and Goodwick Education…

A St David's Election Cry.



Local Charities.

A Fair-day Squabble.





ECHOES. Extract from the proceedings of a local organisation's annual meeting :—Chairman All in favour please say" Aye." (Cries of "Aye.") Anybody say No ? (A voice "No!"), Two negatives make an affirma- tive. (Laughter). The death is announced at Watford of an aged Wesleyan minister, the Rev. W James Lewis. He was a native of Pembrokeshire, and laboured for fourteen years in Jamaica, besides spending twenty-seven years in vari- ous English circuits. A phenomenal entry is anticipated at the next Cattle Show in the new class for asses. The latest definition of "an optimist" is A leader writer for a political daily paper during the progress of a general election." It was-if we remember rightly—that emi- nent divine, Sidney Smith, who declared that there were three degrees of terminological inexactitudes :—" Lies, d-- lies, and statis- tics." The reverend gentleman was probably troubled by fiscal and naval controversies, even as we of a later generation. A Great Western passenger train from Swansea narrowly escaped serious accident near Neath on Saturday' After leaving Landore Station the engine struck the pro- jecting jib of a heavy crane belonging to a local steel works. The locomotive cab was much damaged, and the roof of the coach following the guard's van was partially stripped. The swearing in of the common jury under the new system at the opening of the Suffolk Winter Assizes has proved a tedious process. When one juryman was about to kiss the Book under the old style Mr Justice Jelf ob- served, If you kiss the Book under the new system then any germs that may be on the Book are taken by yourself at your own risk." On Friday at Penrhiwgerwyn Lead Mine in North Cardiganshire, a man named Evan Rowlands was wheeling a truck to the mouth of the shaft, when, owing to a misunderstand- ing, there was no cage to receive it. The result was that both man and truck went down the shaft, which was about. 25 yards deep. The unfortunate miner was found dead, his body having been considerably mangled. Some strange antiquarian "finds" have taken place in Wales and elsewhere, but one of the most amusing was that of a large stone found in the middle of a 'Pembrokeshire field. The antiquary decided that it must be of very ancient orign, and no doubt came through some occult agency. As a matter of fact it had been placed there by a farmer to enable his cattle to scratch themselves 'It is one of the signs of a man's being out of employment when you see him with I is a cigarette in his mouth," said Judge Willis at Greenwich County-court. The scheme for State-aided insurance will evidently be more costly than anticipated


Preferred the Militiaman.