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Fishguard and Goodwick Education…

A St David's Election Cry.



Local Charities.


Local Charities. TWO REORGANISED. We are authoritatively informed that ar- rangements are now being effected by Mr Thomas, of Old Manor House, Wrington near Bristol, a native of Fishguard, whereby the in- terest upon the capital of the Smith Charity shall be increased to four per cent, guaranteed by himself and his heirs in perpetuity. Arising out of a recent report which appear- ed in these columns, we have been furnished with the following ex parte particulars con- cerning the recent reorganisation of Vaughan's Charity, Jordanston. It appears that about Nov 1908 Mr Hugh Wathen Thomas wrote to the Rector (Rev Joseph Evans) asking him to call a meeting of the trustees of the charity in order to elect a new trustee in the place of Mr Henry Perkins, of Hendrewen, decea- sed. The Rector replied that he would be pleased to do, and suggested a certain date, He also said that Mr W G James, J.P., of Pantyphilip, was no longer a trustee, be- cause he had missed several of the meetings. To this Mr Thomas demurred,"and contended that Mr James should be given another chance of attending. Mr Thomas never understood that the Rector's suggestion concerning the date was intended as a notice convening a meeting, and was very much suprised, some three weeks later, upon meeting Mr Evans on the highway, to be told that he (the Rector) had recommended the names of two new trustess—Mr T Perkins, of Hendrewen, and Mr T Beynon, of Clegryn, Mr Thomas then 'distinctly told Mr Evans that he had no proper notice, and that he considered that he had been ignored entirely, although a trustee of over eighteen year's standing. A week or two later a cheque was presented to Mr Thomas for his signature, which was essential before the cheque could be cashed. Mr Thomas declined to sign it; on the grounds that he should have been consulted in the selection of the new trustees, and more es- pecially because he thought that Noncon- formists and Churchmen should be equally represented upon the trusteeship. As Mr Evans failed to fall in with Mr Thomas' views, the latter acting in conjunction with Mr Perkins, of Hendrewen, applied to the Charity Commissioners for the grant of a new scheme, which was acceded to upon condition that the Rector of the parish for the time being should be an ex-officio trustee, but not an ex-officio' chairman of the trustees as had hitherto been the case, the the appointment being left in the hands of a parish meeting. I was further directed that Mr Hugh Wathen Thomas was to be a life trustee.-At a meeting of the new trustees held on Tuesday night last week the Rev Joseph Evans was appointed as Chairman and Correspondent and Mr H W Thomas as Vice-chairman. It was arranged that the charity should be distributed on or about Friday next.

A Fair-day Squabble.





Preferred the Militiaman.