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Saturday's Declaration.

Record Borough Poll.


Record Borough Poll. The poll in the Fishguard Borough Waf S'Ot heavy as, in all probability, to constitute a record. The total electorate numbers 4Z3 of whom 29 were absent from the locality two. were deceased, and one qualification was a duplicate. This left 391 potential voters, of whom no less than 385 exercised the fran- chise, leaving but six persons unaccounted for. The total nnmber of those who polled at Fishguard in the two county booths was 712. o AFTER THE DECLARATION. After the declaration of the poll, at Haver- fordwest, Mr Roch, the new member, was carried around the town by his supporters Speaking from the balcony of the Marin^rc' Hotel, he said that once again he had to thank Pembrokeshire for a vote of confidence- Once again had they defeated Tariff Reform. (Applause). Pembrokeshire believed in the Budget Pembrokeshire understood what tne Budget meant in the years to come. He believed their Conservative friends sometimes. under-estimated the earnestness of Liberalism llT rl116 deep conviction whichi underlay it, and the broad humanity that inspired it. Mr Marlay Samsom was also carried > w his supporters from the Shire-hall to thp Castle Hotel, from the windows of whic? addressed a large crowd. They had, he LiT Pup$.ve?y good fight, anr/ they had done their best. (Cheers). He thought the feeling they all had was one of hope that the time would soon come when they would have a chance of doing it agai n. (Cheers). However, they must not allow themselves tn be discouraged in Pembrokeshir e but must work all the harder, so that n<ext' time they would do much better. (Cheevs). He hoped next time he would be able 10 pull down the majority, if not get rid of it altogether. (Cheers). He did not want them to go home feeling in the least discouraged, but to find out where the weak places were and try to remedy them.

County Council Election-


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