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Disturbances at Henner.

Fishguard Slaughter-house.

■ Fishgoard Tradesman's Misfortunes

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NEWPORT, PEM. Illness.—The many friends of Miss A E James, of the Temple of Fashions, will, we feel sure, be pleased to learn that she has re- covered from her recent illness and is now able to resume her duties at the shop. Portrait.—An enlarged portrait of the late Mayor (Capt D Jones) wearing the robes and ensignia of office is on exhibition in Fishguard Lecture.—Appended is a continuation of the report of Capt. Mathias' lecture, Events and episodes in the histoiy of emi- nont and gallant men of Wales, principally during the middle ages," which appeared in our last issue.—"David Lloyd ap Llewellyn," or The wisdom of a woman."—The Earl of Richmond, in his march from Milford, lodged one night with David Llwyd ap Llewellyn, Lord of Mathavarn—an illustrious poet, herald, and reputed prophet, much venerated in that part of the country—whom he had known intimately in his childhood. The Earl—whether in real anxiety for the issue of the hazardous enterprise (the battle of Bos- worth), or in the spirit of gaiety with his host, is uncertain—requested his private opin- ion as to whether or not he would be success- ful. Alarmed for his credit, the seer cautious- ly replied that a question of such importance could not be immediately answered, and that he would give his reply in the morning. His bold wife was near. Why, tell him," cried Gweny, with confident swell, "The dragon shall flourish and all will be well, His head shall be circled in Britain's bright crown, And his name in fame's annals arrayed with renown. If verified, thou shalt be first famed of Wales, And he never to reproach thee, can, if he fails." He said, and it happened grim, crooked Richard fell, David leaped with delight at Richard's funeral knell, And Gweny, like lightning, ran over vale and hill, To trumpet her husband's prophetical skill Declaring in secret how much was her own, That she and her mate gave the young Earl the throne. And bright shined the day, when the Briton succeeds, And bountious to David were King Henry's deeds, A lordship, and castle, with brave, wide do- main Was blessed David Lloyd ap Llewellyn's fair gain A sword at his side, and a star on his breast, While The wisdom of woman' 'twas motted his crest." One of the standards of the Earl of Rich- mond was green, with three dragons.—Con- siderations of space preclude us from repro- ducing other poems which accompanied each of the characters in last week's report. Sessions.—The monthly petty sessions of the Kemes division were held in the local Court House on Tuesday. In consequence of the elections the report of the proceedings thereat is unavoidably held over. Entertainment.—The fortnightly juvenile entertainment under the, auspices of the C.E.T.S. was given at the accustomed venue on Thursday evening, when the Rector (Rev D G Phillips) presided over a large and ap- preciative attendance. Mishap.Whilst proceeding between Crvm- mych and Newport a few days ago, one of the horses drawing the mail stumbled and injured itself to such an extent that a sub- stituts had to be requisitioned, some delay being occasioned in consequence. Obituary.—We regret to have to record the death, at the age of 51 years, of Mrs Mary Ann Hughes, wife of Mr Benjamin Hughes, of Vachongla-ganol, which occurred on Sat- urday morning. The deceased lady, who was well known and highly esteemed in the locality leaves thirteen children to mourn her loss. The interment took place on Wed- nesday. St Mary's Sunday School. On Sunday afternoon, prizes for regular attendance were distributed to the pupils attending the Sun- day-school attached to the parish church, no less than 33 of whom had put in the full 52 appearances, whilst Miss Daisy Tucker com- pleted her seventh year in which she, has never once been absent. Appended is a list of the prize winners :-52 Sundays Willie James, book Lois Marsden, English hymn book; Bessie Daniel, and Doris Daniel, prayer books Daisy Tucker (who had not lost one Sunday for seven years), prayer book Johnny Nicholas, and Lila Tucker; Welsh hymn books Geo. Griffiths, Willie Nicholas, George Thomas, Redvers Davies, Vera Evans, May Nicholas, Frederick Richards, and George Isaac, Bibles; Mrs Evans, prayer book Gwylim Tucker, and Miss Lidsay, books Miss Maggie Lewis, English hymn wok Irene Evans, Welsh hymn book Hannah M Isaac, English hymn book and John Daniel, Welsh hymn book.-51 Sundays Clifford Varney, Miss E Lewis, John Lewis, Lila Richards, Eloda Mars- den, and David R Stephens, books; James S Morgan, prayer book Capt W Williams, book. -50 Sundays Clara F Williams, Nellie Ead- ward, Evelyn Williams, George Davies, Annie Morgan, Mr W Jenkins, BertielMarsden, Florence Hogan.-48 Sundays, Ward Richards, and Nesta Williams, books. Parish Church.-For some time it has been apparent that the weight of the rooof was gradu- ally forcing out of position the east end of the porch uf St Mary's Church. This has now been effectively and effectually remedied by Mr Willie Lewis, who has erected a buttress which, while strengthening the fabric, corresponds very neatlv with the older work. Bethlehem.—The pulpit at this place of worship was on Sunday occupied by Mr William Brown of Scleddy. Political.—Polling for the vacant seat in the Parliamentary representation of the Connty will take place in the Council Schools on Friday between the hours of eight in the morning and eight in the evening-Aldermen G B Bowen, J.P, and Mr J B Bowen, J.P., of Llwyngwair, were on the platform at Friday night's disorderly Con- servative meeting at Fishguard-A very success- ful meeting in support of tha candidature of Mr W F Roch, was held in the Council Schools, on Tuesday night. This Thursday evening a simi- lar gathering in the Conservative interests will be held at the same venue.


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Foresters' Meeting at Fishguard.