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Disturbances at Henner.

Fishguard Slaughter-house.


Fishguard Slaughter-house. Medical Officer's Complaint. Council's Emphatic Ultimatum At Monday's meeting of the Fishguard Urban District Council, the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. W 0 Donnell) said it was now getting on for four months since the Com- mittee of the Market House Company had agreed to carry out the minimum suggestions of the Council in respect to the slaughter- house, yet the floor had not yet been put in a proper state. One of the leading members of the company had met him the other even- ing and said, Are you satisfied, now, with the slaughter-house. Upon receiving a reply in the negative, he had said that the speaker was very arbitrary and was doing himself a lot of harm by interfering. His answer to that had been that, as Medical Officer of Health, he meant to do his duty, whether doing himself harm thereby or not (hear, hear). He thought, he added, that the Coun-: cil ought to insist upon the improvements I agreed upon being carried out; four months was quite long enough for the purpose (hear, hear). Capt Thomas: The Sanitary Committee understands that they are pushing en, and blame the contractor. The Medical Officer: Pushing on four months The Surveyor reported that the intercepting trap had been placed in position. Mr D Rees said he believed that everyone ought to support the doctor, and contended that wherever bread or meat was dealt with the place should be kept up to date. Incid- entally he mentioned that he was still await- ing a certain certificate in connection with his bakehouse. The Clerk, who is also Clerk to the Market House Company, said he held no brief for the latter body, but he thought that they blamed the contractor, who said that he was unable to do the floor because there were so many beasts being killed there. All the other ar- rangements had been made. The remark passed, of which the doctor had complained, had not, he pointed out, been made by the Committee of the Company. The Doctor concurred. Proceeding, he said that the same person had told him that Dr. Owen (the late medical officer) had written many severe letters about the slaughter-house, and had described its con- dition as disgraceful. The speaker supposed that he would have been writing still, and that he, himself, would be complaining still unless the Council backed him up. There was no use in saying a thing was to be done unless it was done. Mr D John moved that, unless the com- pany carried out all the requirements of the Medical Officer within a fortnight, further steps be taken in the matter. Mr Rees said he had the greatest pleasure in seconding, because he believed that the company was a strong one, and ought to see its way clear to secure benefit to the public health. The Chairman said he hoped they under- stood that the alternative would, of course, be for the doctor to instruct the company to close the building. The Clerk repeated that it was the con- tractor who was at fault. The Doctor remarked that there was more than one contractor in the town. The Clerk said the company could not get another slaughter-house for use whilst the work was being executed. Capt Thomas and Mr H Williams con-' tended that the work could have been done at Christmas. Messrs F George and Williams suggested that the period for the execution of the work be extended to a month. The Surveyor asserted that seven days was quite sufficient; the company had already had four months. Ultimately it was decided to split the difference and to order the company to com- plete the work within three weeks, failing which the building would be closed.

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Foresters' Meeting at Fishguard.