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Emigration Notes. CANADA. The only persons, for whom there is an active demand in Canada now, are farmers with a little mpney, farm labourers and female servants. This is the best time of the year for them to go to Canada. In other occupations conditions are more favourable than they were this time last year, and emi- grants who are skilled men in the building trades, or-, miners, or labourers aedktomed to railway construction would have very fair prospects but they are .not advised to emi- grate unless they go to assured employment immediately on arrival, or go at the advice of friends, or land with enough money in their pockets to live on till they obtain work. Every emigant, male or female, eighteen years of age or over, who arrives in Canada, must have in his or her possession the sum of 25 dollars ( £ 5 4s.)—in addition to the ticket to his or her destination unless satisfactory evidence is furnished that the emigrant is going to some definite employment or to relatives or friends already settled in Canada who would take care of such emigrant. All emigrants sent out to Canada by British charitable societies or by public funds, must obtain certificates from the Canadian Emi- gration Authorities, Charing Cross, London, S.W., that they are suitable settlers for Canada. Special attention is drawn to the fact that whenever an immigrant has within two years of his or her landing in Canada become a public charge, or an inmate of a penitentiary, gaol, prison, or hospital or other charitable institution, he or she may, under existing Canadian Law, be deported, to- gether with all those dependent on him or her after investigation of the facts. A Bill now before the Canadian Parliament extends this period to three years. AUSTRALIA." The following States offer reduced passages to certain classes of emigrants who will work upon the land :-New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. In New South Wales there is a good demand for female servants, and a fair demand in many country districts for farm and general labours but in some districts there have been a good many out of work. In Sydney itself men in the building trades-except stone masons, who have been busy-have been slack in the iron trades only black- smiths and pattern makers have been busy, and the clothing, boot, printing and furniture trades have been generally slack. The local supply of mechanics is, with few exceptions, sufficient. The serious strike at the Broken Hill Silver Mines has thrown large numbers of men out of work. In many parts of Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia there is a good demand for farm and general labourers and female servants but the supply of mechanics and miners is as a rule quite sufficient. Many of the emigrants, who go out as farm labourers, take up land for themselves after being two or three years in the country. NEW ZEALAND. Approved farmers, agricultural labourers, shepherds, milkers, and female servants are eligible for reduced passages to New Zealand Application must be made to the High Commissioner for New Zealand, 13, Victoria- street, London, S.W. The last reports show that agricultural operations were busy else- where that the meat-freezing trade was busy in several places that the cycle, coach- building, printing, wood-working, building, engineering, leather, and clothing trades, and unskilled labourers, were fairly busy or quiet. The local supply of mechanics and general labourers is mostly sufficient, and in one or two places exceeds the demand. Emigrants going now would not arrive in the busiest season of the year, so should have some money on landing.


A Hero of the Sea.