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ECHOES. Dr Chavasse, Bishop of Liverpool, held a quiet day for the clergy at St David's Cathe- dral. The service in the cathedral in the evening was well attended, several Noncon- formists being also present. The Rev Alban Alban, M.A., of Plasnewydd St Dogmell's Pembrokeshire, rector since 1880 of Bridell, Cardiganshire, formerly curate of St Dogmells, and afterwards of Llangoed- mor, Cardiganshire, who died 26th January last, left estate of the gross value of Ci,678 12s gd, of which the net persanalty has been sworn at £ 1,630. Probate of his will dated 21st December last has been granted to his brother-in-law, Mr John Davies, surgeon of Aberayron, and his nephew, the Rev David Alban, The Croft, The Avenue, Carmarthen, and power is reserved to grant probate also to his brother Thomas Alban. The testator left £ 20 to his brother Thomas Alban, his gold watch and chain and 50 volumes of his books as he may select to his nephew the Rev David Alban, his silver watch and chain to his nephew Edgar Davies, his household and personal effects, live and dead stock and consumable stores to his wife Mrs Alice Alban absolutely, and the residue of his property to his wife for life, with remaider equally bet- ween his brothers and sisters—Thomas Alban Margaret Lewis, Mary Lloyd, Anne Davies, Elizabeth Davies, and Evan Alban-or their issue. -L- A young Pembrokeshire Welshman—the Rev A J Grieve, M.A,, B.D.has just been appointed professor of New Testament and Church History at Yorkshire United College, Bradford, in succession to Professor Currie Martin. Mr Grieve is an old student of the University College of Wales, Abervswyth, and Mansfield College, Oxford. At Oxford he I took his degree with first-class honours in theology. The principal of the college is I another Welshman, the Rev E Griffith Jones, B.A., author of Ascent Through Christ." The Rev D Ackrill Jones, for 11 years vicar of Prendergast, Haverfordwest, has been ap- pointed vicar of Sketty, near Swansea, in succession to the Rev C Lillington. The new vicar is the son of the Rev S Rowland Jones, vicar of Glyntaf, Pontypridd, was educated at Merton College, Oxford, and from 1890 to 1892 was curate at Canton, Cardiff, from 1892 to 1094 curate at St. Mark's, Newport (.M-on), from 1895 to 1898 at St. Phillips, Kensington, and in 1898 he was appointed to the living of Prendergast. It was stated at the Carmarthen Town Council that when the national Eisteddfod last visited the town the financial loss was so great that it cost the vicar of the parish [1,000 because theguarrantors would not pay up. The Vicar was too much of a gentle- man" to seek redress in the law courts and settle the accounts. One of the eisteddfodic chairs was presented to him in recognition of his generosity, and the chair occupied an honQiWred place in the vicarage for years. There were no prisoners for trial at the Quarter Sessions for the borough of Carmar- on Monday, and the clerk of the peace an- nounced he had informed the jurors that their attendance would not be required, this intimation being in pursuance of the statute passed last year. The Recorder (Mr E Mil- ner Jones) said it was a most admirable statute. He congratulated the borough of Carmarthen on its immunity from crime. At a meeting of Cardigan Town Council, held on Monday, the Mayor presiding, eleven applications were received for the post of assistant overseer and borough collector. Mr Owen Thomas Lewis, Brecon-terrace, Cardi- gan was appointed. We have received a copy of the Welsh Conservative and Unionist," which is a lo- calised edition of another publication with a corresponding title, and is published from the Journal office at Carmarthen. It is a smart, up-to-date periodical and should appeal to men of all parties, containing as it does much to interest the Conservative, and, at the same time affording the Liberal to see himself as others see him.

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