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GOODWICK May Day.—The annual festival in con- nection with the Henner School is elsewhere reported. Ancient History.—Some interesting partic- ulars of the state of Goodwick in the year 1831 will be found in another column. Sessions.—The Densland petty sessions willi be held at the Mathry National Schools on Friday afternoon, Personal.—The current issue of the "'Great Western Railway -Magazine reprints a con- siderable portion of our obituary notice of the late Mr W T Gray, of whom it publishes an excellent photo. It also contains a cap- ital portrait and brief biographical sketch of the career of Mr C Bowen, who succeeded Mr Gray as Supt of the Harbour Station and Quay. G.W.R.—Mr R T Leighton, ground signal- man at Haverfordwest, has been transferred to Goodwick station as signalman and Mr D J John, late porter of Newcastle Emlyn, as parcels porter. Permanent Way.—Despite the compara- tively brief space of time which has elapsed since the opening of the new-cross channel route, the weight of the innumerable passen- ger, goods, coal and cattle trains which have passed over the metals must have been ex- ceedingly heavy, and the wear and tear upon the permanent way proportionately great, it is, therefore,-without surprise that we observe that the G.W.R. is, with its accustomed re- gard to efficiency, already overhauling the track between Goodwick and the Harbour Stations, a gang of plate-layers being active- ly engaged upon the work. Onicial Shrubbery.The shrubbery which Hanks the lower approach to the bridge by which théTarrog road crosses the railway, Z, I I and which serves so greatly to enhance the appearance of the Goodwick Station yard, has this week been thorougmy overhauled and clipped, with decidedly beneficial resul's. It would be a marked improvement if the G.W.R. Company could see its way to sub- stitute railings for the paling fence which protects the upper approach to the bridge, inasmuch as, under present circumstances, the shrubbery on this side of the metals is com- pletely hidden irom the public view, and might just as well be non-existent. Chocolate and Cream.—The old familiar hues of the G.W.R. rolling stock are rapidly disappearing from the locality and it was, I consequently, with some surprise that on Monday we observed a corridor coach which, at a short distance gave every appearance of having just emerged from the painters' shop boldly sporting panels of cream. It may be, however, that it had merely uudergone an ex- ceptiorially efficient spring clean, though one could have hoped that it had indicated a change 111 the policy of the Company in this direction, the aid hues being far more effective than the new. Shipping.—The Black Cock," a Liverpool steam tug put into the Harbour on Saturday afternoon and remained over the week end. I Explosives.—Yet another cargo of Irish ex- I cl plosives reached the port on Monday morning aboard the s.s. "Anglesea," the consignment consisting of four tons for Llantrissant and a cylinder containing eleven tons for Cumber- land. Station Staff.—Mr D J Elias, who during the past fortnight had acted as Deputy Supt. of the Harbour Station and Quay, departed on Sunday morning for Swansea, Mr N P Mansfield"returning from a well-merited vaca- tion by Monday afternoon s Boat Express, and resuming the duties of the office the same night. Manx Excursion.—Further particulars are now available regarding the Whitsuntide trip to the Isle of Man. The return third class fare from the Harbour will be 10s 6d, and the boat will leave at 1.45 a.m. on Bank Holiday, returning from Douglas at 3.15 p.m. In view of the exceptional turn of speed possessed by the St. Andrew "—which will be the vessel employed-those who avail themselves of the facilities should be able to spend a fairly lengthy period in the realm whose administra- tion is the envy of our Hibernian brethren. Fares.—Second class fares were on Satur- day abolished upon all trains running into and out of Goodwick and the Harbour Stations. Time Table.—Commencing on Saturday last the 7.55 a.m. train from the Harbour Station departs five minutes earlier than here- tofore. Traffic. Cross-channel traffic of eveiy description continues to improve steadily, the figures for April showing a marked increase over those for the corresponding period of last year. During that month tonnage was aug- mented by two hundred tons, passengers by six hundred, and cattle by two hundred truck loads. The motor-car traffic has increased considerably during the past three months. It is not, perhaps, generally known that chaffeurs can purchase petrol at the Harbour Station, the charge being is 6d. per gallon, this figure being an increase of threepence upon that which obtained last week, prior to the Introduction of the Budget into Parlia- ment. My Lady Nicotine.—A lady passenger who arrived by the R.M.S. Ambrose on Monday morning, and proceeded by the special train to London, was shown by an inspector into a first-class non-smoking compartment, it being the custom-worthy of emulation by other companies-to reserve first-class "smokers" for members of the male sex. Imagine the astonishment of the,inspector (who was- not, presumably, acquainted with South American ways) to discover, shortly before the departure of the train, that the compartment was filled with smoke and that the lady was regaling herself with an excellent cigarette! Ocean Ouay.—Operations in connection with the erection of the superstructure upon the new Ocean Quay had not commenced on Monday, but we understand that they are not likely to be delayed beyond a few days. -0- BOOTH BOAT. With the advent of better weather Booth Liners may be expected to call at the rate of about two a month. The latest arrival is the Ambrose (Capt Jones), of 4,600 tons registered burden, which put in an appearance early on Monday morning. She left Cherbourg at 10.23 a.m. on Sunday, was signalled (by Lloyds) off the Lizard at 7.30 p.m. the same day, and off Strumble Head (by direct tele- phone) at 5.5 a.m. the following morning. She passed Strumble at 5.20, was sighted off the breakwater at 5.55, and cast anchor in the harbour exactly ten minutes later. The tender Sir Francis Drake," left the Quay at 5.50, reached the liner at 6.15, cast off again at O.24 with 27 passengers and their baggage aboard, and returned to the quay at 6.30. Customs Officers Leith (Goodwick) and Cornish (Milford) commenced their examina- tion at 6.34, completing it at 6.48, and the special (drawn by the Hyacinth ") steamed out, en route for Cardiff and Paddington, at 6.60, driver William Williams, guard Levi Wheeler (Swansea), and Collector Thomas (Fishguard Harbour) being in charge. The arrangements, which were characterised by the customary expedition, and passed off without a hitch, were in the hands of Mr John Rees (Divisional Superintendent, Swan- sea), Mr C Irvine Davidson (Steamboat Superintendent, Fishguard Harbour), Mr Charles Bowen (Station and Quay Superin- tendent, Fishguard Harbour), and Capt Sharpe (Marine Superintendent and Harbour Master, Fishguard).- The" Augustine"- whose first visit to the new port it will be-is expected to arrive on the 23rd inst.



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