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The Lower Town Mystery.

May Day at Goodwick.


May Day at Goodwick. May was this year ushered in locally with cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine, albeit the apparent metereological conditions were 6 deceptive for there, was a decided touch of winter cold in the wind, and this was, un- fortunately, responsible for the curtailment of the annual festival at Goodwick. Nevertheless, the spectacle was an attrac- tive one, and exceptional credit is due to Mr Evan Anthony, the headmaster of Henner School, and his staff of assistants, for the deep interest which they evince in the retention of a ceremony which has elsewhere been per- mitted to'fall into desuetude. The muster, which took place at the schools in the presence of a large gathering of pa- rents and other interested spectators, was a large one, consisting of some 160 boys and about 140 girls. Costumes differed greatly, but there was a marked predominant floral' note, strictly in keeping with the traditions of the day. Each child wore a sash-orange being the prevalent hue—whilst festoons of primroses and cowslips were on all hands conspicuous adornments. Each child pre- sented a smart appearance and, despite the marked versatility, a harmonious sequence prevailed through all. The May Queen was Miss Bessie Lewis, daughter of Police-Sergt. Lewis, who wore an. emblematic crown of interlaced primroses and forget-me-nots, and carried a garland and a sceptre composed of the former flowers intermingled with other spring blossoms, her dress, which was of an exceedingly simple yet picturesque style, being also plentifully besprinkled with flowers. She drove in a pony carriage which had been so attractively decked that its identity had been effectually disguised, gorse and cowslips gracing alternative spokes of the wheels,and intermingled pri mroses and cowslip covering practically the whole body of the vehicle, which was drawn by a grey pony covered with a white satin cloth worked with spangles. She was attended in the capacity of Maid of Honour by last year's Queen (Miss Violet Davies), who wore a picturesque wreath of ivy and a garland of flowers and floral- decked costume in the same style as that favoured by her successor in the ancient dignity. Masters Tom Rees, David Bateman, Tom Woods, Tom Harries, and Griffith John efficiently discharged the duties of mounted marshals, their efforts being ably seconded by a number of colleagues on foot, Mr Anthony and his staff exercising general supervision over all. It had been intended thai eight of the lads should have been dressed as police- men, but the costumes went astray, and this project had perforce to be abandoned. The banners of Britain and Wales, Colonial flags, wooden swords; guns, &c., all figured in the general array, whilst one youth turned out resplendent in tne paternal regalia. Leaving the school the procession descen- ded the hill to the village, proceeding thence to Dyffryn, whence it retraced its steps as far as the Pobt Office, after which it wended its way to the Sands, where the formal cere- mony .,f crowning the Queen of the May was performed by her immediate predecessor in the office. Owing to the coldness of the weather, this portion of the programme was considerably curtailed, yet was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators, who manifested the liveliest interest in the function. Subsequently the whole of the youngsters were-in two batches-hospitably entertained to tea in the Reading-room. The tables were attractively decorated with flowers, and an excellent repast was provided by Mr Arthur Davies, and done ample justice to by the guests. Mr Anthony and his staff laboured assi- duously to ensure that every want should be effectually catered for, and in this respect received the whole-hearted support of Mrs James (Caerlem), Miss Lewis (Trenewydd), Mrs Capt. Davies, Miss Gray, Miss John (Goodwick), Mrs Hughes, Mrs Phillips, and Mrs Cullen. The amount collected from parents towards the expenses of the function realised the highly creditable sum of £4 12S, which was supplemented en route by a cheque for half a sovereign, generously presented by Mr Bowen, of Tresisillt. Mr Anthony requests us to express his thanks to Mr Harries, of Dyffryn, for the loan of the pony and trap for the second year in succession; to Mr Johnson for the use of Hags; to Mr Miles, contractor, for having made guns, &c., and to the parents in general, and all who assisted to promote the success of the afternoon's proceedings.

Alleged Theft at Scleddy.

Llywydd Mawr y Mor. -