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Reportorial Reminiscences.








"VVE do not claim to be able to perform miracles as the days for these are past, but we certain- ly can lay claim to a great number of marvell- ous cures, as testified to by a multitude of people who have used our remedy, viz.:—' The Mannina-Herbal Ointment.' The cures range over a field of many and various-diseases, as instance, Cancer of the Breast, Lip, etc., Tumours, Lupus, Erysipelas, Carbuncles, Abscesses, Ulcerated and poisoned wounds, Sarcoma, Piles, Psoriasis, Scalds, Burns, Eczema, Ringworm, Rodent Ulcers of the hands, Chapped do., Chilblains, Scurvy, Sprains, Swollen feet, Rheumatism,.etc. And we confidently invite the most thorough investigation of these our various statements with regard to the merits of our Remedy. Presuming that you are ready to take us at our word, and wish to test44 MANNINA for yourselves, see that you obtain the right thing. MANNINA is made up in three different strengths. Trade Mark. As No. 1, Full. Cancer, etc. At 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 8s 6d per pot. As No. 2, Medium. For all poisoned wounds At Is lid, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per pot. As No. 3, Mild. For all skin diseases. At Is 1-1d, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per pot. It is sold by the following Dispensing Chemists Mr. Thomas Meyler, M.P.S., Fishguard. T. Lewis, M.P.S., Fishguard. D. L. Llewellyn, M.P.S., Goodwick. G. H. Lloyd, M.P.S., Solva. H. A. Williams, M.P.S., Letterston. Or can be obtained direct from the Sole Proprietors, The MANNINA HERBAL OINTMENT Co. Main Street, Fishguard. BRODOG TIMBER YARD, FiSHGUARD. W. MORGAN & SON Beg to inform the public generally that they have OPENED BUSINESS as Timber Merchants, And have now in stock all kinds of Timber, also general Building Materials. Sawing (by Gas Power) done on the Premises. Orders respectfully solicited. PETER WILLIAMS, Stationer, West-street Bridge, Fishguard. RAND selection in geneial Fancy Goods, J Travelling Ba^s, Ladies Handbags, Purses, Clothes and Hair Brushes, Combs, Razors, Pocket Knives, Pipes, Pouches, Tobaccos, &c. Capern's Finch and Canary Seeds. Large range in Bibles, Prayer Books, and Standard Works by eminent authors, and Life of the Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, M.P., at popular prices. Pictoiial Post Cards of local and district views in fine Coloured and Photographic processes. Fishing Rods, Flies and Trout Tackle, &c. r Also Hairdressingand Shaving Department. Things you Require Useful and Artistic For Old and Young Reimport house, fisbauard, CAN SUPPLY Tea Services from 5s 6d Dinner Services from lls 6d Toilet Sets from 4s lid A Large Selection of Oups and Saucers, Plates, and Choice Dinner and Tea Ware. Stoneware, Footwarmers, Jars, Pans, and Butter Pots. Presents for the Season and a Useful large variety of Toys, &c. THE SLADE TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. J. M. (jUiD TIMBER MERCH ANT Has a Large and Varied Stock of Good Building Timber (in Red Pitch-pine, White and Spruce), Flooring Boards and Match-boards, Yellow Pine, Spruce, Archangel White, American White Wood, Carolina Pine and Oak- sawn Boards, Prepared Mouldings, com- prising Architraves, Sashes, Sills, Skirting Boards, &c., also Split and Sawn Roof and Ceiling Laths. Wire-cut and other Nails. Speciality—Welsh Oak, Ash, and Elm, Shafts, Spokes and Felloes, Shovel and Mattock Sticks, Ladders Ca-t Material cut- to size. Wheelblocks turned and Gates and Bar- rows made to order. Estimates given to supply Buildings. OFFICES SLADE, FISHGUARD. 1 -c- Letterston Joinery Works and Saw Mills. Daniel Thomas & Son Beg to inform the public generally that they have OPENED BUSINESS as TIMBER MERCHANTS And have now in stock all kinds of Timber, also general Building Materials Sawing, by a powerful Oil Engine, done on the premises. PAINTS-Linseed Oil, Turps, and all kinds of Paints. Varnishes from the best mb ers. Also Engine and Paraffin Oils. SLATES-Carnarvon and Local Slates, orna- mental ridges and plain. Also J.B.W. and other best Portland Cement, and Lime in truck loads, and Tenby Sand. PA YEN BRICKS—Encortic Tile^ and all other Paving Bricks, Chimney Pots and Drain Pipes. Window Glass cut to sizes and Wall- Papers ordered direct from makers. IRONMONGERY—Grates and Mantlepieces, Rain-water Gutters and Pipes, and all kinds of Nails. Also Corrugated Iron of all sizes in stock. Estimates Free. Orders respectfully solicited. Umbrellas. In order to meet a long existing public demand, bairdresser,. West St. & Main St., FISHGUARD Has engaged a fully Practical UMBRELLA-MAKER, And invites public patronage. Umbrellas repaired, re-covered, or new handles made, and refixed, and all other repair work undertaken. Moderate Charges. First-class work guaranteed. 3 MINUTES FROM G.W.R. STATION. Convenient Rooms and Private Sitting Comfortable Bedrooms. GRIFFITHS' Temperance Hotel, CAROLINE STREET, CARDIFF1. j, IMPOSTAIIT TO MOTHERS! K jgw Evci> wither Vno values the Health and Cleanliness oi her child should use J&r A HARRISON'S A f "RZUABLB-" V A NURSERY POMADE. A 8r One application kills all Nits and Vermin, |y A btaiififies and strengthens the Hair. V In Ti;1S, 4jd. & get. Postage Id. pP CEO. W. HARRISON, CHEMIST, BROAD ST., READING, p? ) t Sold by all Chemists. For Goodwick, D. L. Llewellyn, chemist, and Phillips and Meyler, chcmists. Fishguard, Thos. Lewis, chemist, Market Square ————d—<—■ t Latest Fashions for Spring and Summer, 909 AT Paris House, West-Street, Fishguard Francis A. Davies INVITES AN INSPECTION OF HIS New Stock of Latest Novelties, j Choicest Designs & Newest Styles TAILOR-MADE COATS & SKIRTS in all the Leading Designs. i New Jackets, Costume Skirts, Underskirts, Children's Coats, &c. Dainty Blouses in Real Irish Linen Embroidered, Delaines, Lace, Viyella Shirt Blouses, Nuns Veilings, Cambrics, Jap Silks, Blouse Robes, &c. j Grand Stock of Black and Coloured Dress Materials, New Costume i Tweeds, Serges, Alpaca's Delaines, Zephyrs, Crepe Lawns, Muslins, Drills, Oxford Shirtings, French Cambrics, Naval | Cloths, &c: 1 Novelty of the Season—The New 2-Toned effect I in Cambrics, Delaines, Ac i Smart Novelties in Lace Goods, Tabots, Fronts, Cravats, Motor Veils, New j New Belts, Umbrellas, Sunshades, Insertions, Laces, Trimmings: Corsets in all the leading makes. Feather Boas in great variety. j CfiPTIONAL VALUE IN GLOVES in Kid, Swede, Doeskin, Real Gazelle j and Reindeer. Dent's celebrated Kid Gloves in Black and Colours—Is 11!d per pair. New Fabric Gloves and Mitts in all shades and lengths. Special Value in Lace Curtains, Brise-Bise Nets, Madras Muslins, Sheetings, Quilts, Calicoes, Flannelettes, Cretonnes, Hearthrugs, Carpet Squares, Straw Mats and Matting, Window Hollands. New Patterns in Flour-cloths, Linoleums, Cork Lino and Carpets. Inlaid Linoleum a Speciality. CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED HATS & CAPS in all the NEW SHAPES. Gents' Straw Hats, Shirts, Ties, Collars, Pants, Vests, &c. Boy's Suits in great variety. Children's Fancy Jersey's, Caps, Sailor Hats, &c. Throughout the Season, Novelties will be added as soon as Produced Every Endeavour has been made to Maintain the Reputation for supplying the Highest Class Goods at the Lowest Possible Prices. Pendre Mr & Cycle Works, Letterstoii. T. VVILLIAMS Begs to draw special attention to his LARGE STOCK of HIGH GRADE CYCLES A large proportion of which have been Built throughout on the Premises. Machines Built from B. S. A. FITTINGS a speciality. Agent for the following High-grade Cycles: Royal Enfields, Premiers, Rovers, Singers, Rudge- Whitworths, Sparkbooks, and Swift Cycles. Every description of Repairs executed at most moderate Charges. Send your Old Machines to be Re-enamelled and Re-plated. a. the house: Dress Skirts. Underskirts, Blouses. Aprons. Pinafores. Corsets. Under-clothing. Hosiery. Hats. Caps. Collars. Ties. Fronts. Braces. Shirts. Pants. I Vests That does things well is sought after by all," so don't miss visiting Bradford House to see my New Goods for the coming season, which consists of all the latest creations and Novelties from the home and continental Markets. Yon should see the amazing value I offer in Dress and Blouse Fabrics of every description, also Household Linen, in fact everything you require I stock. OUTFITTING. Have you decided what you like for your new Suit ? No matter what the style, shade, or pattern, you will find it here. Beauti- fully Tailored Garments cut to fit, made to please, guaranteed to wear well. Men's Suits to measure from 21ss to 60s. Belts. Motor Scarfs Silk Ties Gloves. Gibson Collars. Puritan Collars Veilings. Frillings. Suits. Fancy Vests. Grocers, Painters, & Mechanics Aprons. Jackets and Overalls. :E:.1 X:»i1!!I9 Bradford pouge, We$$t., Fi^gnard. :8:- ROBERTS, A.1c;he».. Is now showing a choice Selection of NEW GOODS 1!111 IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. BLOUSES AND BLOUSE MATERIALS in all the Newest Shades, in Muslins, Zephyrs, Delaines, Delainettes, etc. DRESS MATERIALS in all the latest shades, in Plain Cloths,. Fancy Tweeds, Cashmeres, etc. A Splendid Variety in Trimmings, Braids, Buttons, Collar- Supports, Hat Pins, etc. I Novelties in Neck Wear, Frillings, Embroidery, Lace and Silk: Collars with Frill, Plastrons, Ties, etc. MILLINERY for old and young in Trimmed and Untrimmed, Straws, Crinolines, etc. A Large Stock of Lace Curtains, Netts, Muslins, Cretonties, and Hearth Rugs, 0 in all qualities. GENTS' DEPARTMENT. This year's Patterns of Gents, Suits to measure from 21s. up, is the finest selection we have ever had. We are doing a large business1 in this Department and can offer splendid value. A Large Stock of GENTS' CAPS, COLLARS, TIES, MUFFLERS, etc., always on show. New Boots & Shoes for Spring. Lotus shoes mean LOTUS for ladies a perfect j/\ fit and a greater 42 J Black jt\ Kid degree of comfort. s Sizes; ¥|4)ii5j 8 Lp j J? f width"7"j™i widor^rri 1 !"1 [ Width 4 1 |K1 f 9 Width j per pair for cash JLJL \jr JL/ i H o Dinrs i, Guildhall Square Carmarthen 6702 A iarge and varied stock of boots and shoes at all prices always in stock. Best value guaranteed Also at MARKET SQUARE, FISHGUARD,