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Reportorial Reminiscences.




HAVERFORDWEST EISTEDDFOD. I The forthcoming Eisteddfod on Whit-Monday promises to be a. magnificent success. The preparations necessary are well in hand, and it is expected that this year's event will surpass the high standard which has been attained in all previous years. In selecting tests for the various choral and other competitions, efforts have been made to choose such tests as are both educational and efficient, as well as at- tractive in character, and not too difficult; they are the result of careful thought, and have been chosen independently of all other considerations, with the one and only object of advancing musical and literary studies, and thereby maintaining the reputation of this grand national institution. The Open Male Voice Competition will pro- bably attract several of the best choirs from up the line, the test piece being "The Reveille" by Elgar. Tnis was competed for at Mountain Ash and Abergavenny Semi-National Eistedd- fodau on Easter Monday last. The prize is iE35 and a silver cup, given by the Mayor. A rich treat is therefore in store for all music lovers. Great interest is centred in the Second Male Voice Competition, which is confined to the county. The test is Peace be Still," by D. Jenkins, for choirs not over 50 in number, and a prize of £10 is offered, with a gold medal, given by Mr. B. H. Munt, jeweller. In view of the fact that this competition is con fined to our county local interest is very keen, as several choirs are practising with a view of competing, and this contest will add con- siderably to the success of the Eisteddfod. The Mixed Choral Competition is also likely to attract a few choirs, the test piece being By Babylon's wave" (Gounod), a beautiful chorus, and quite a favourite with choirs. This piece was also competed for at Mountain Ash and Abergavenny. The prize offered is B15 and a silver mounted batori. Great interest is mani- fested in this competition, and there will pro- bably be keen contest for premier honour. The Children's Choir Competition, which is always much appreciated and enjoyed, will also at- tract several choirs, the test being "Hail, merry, merry, playtime, hail," by Tom Price. Good competition is expected in the soprano, contralto, tenor and bass solos, as the com- mittee have this year increased the prizes. They have also increased the prizes in the literary competitions, and the entries will be above the average. The Art and Needlework Competi- tions are by no means neglected, and quite a variety of prizes are offered in these interest- ing departments. The organisation of this Eisteddfod reflects great credit upon the committee, and is the result of much thought, hard work, and of unity of action, in which all are inspired and encouraged by the" fact that the successful issue of their labours will, it is hoped, result in something tangible being achieved for such high purposes in the securing of Dr. Henry Owen's Library .and the Haverfordwest Im- provements schemes. The Eisteddfod will be well worthy of a visit.