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Reportorial Reminiscences.



PEMBROKESHIRE FIELD TRIALS. SUCCESSFUL COMPETITIONS. The Spring meeting of the Pembrokeshire I Field Trial Club was held in the vicinity of Mathry on Tuesday and Wednesday, and were very successful in the number of entries. The very successful in the number of entries and the keenness of com- petition produced. The Club is the first to adopt the Local Retriever Society's policy and hold a field trial meeting for pointers and setters restricted to entries for a district, although that district is a wide one. "What Pembrokeshire lacks in part- ridges as a shooting county (writes the corres- pondent of the "Daily Telegraph") it makes up for with woodcock and snipe, and if partridges are abnormally scarce for a field trial, as they proved to be on Tuesday, that is to some ex- tent because there are so many rough places where they can safely hide either from the dogs or from the eyos of those who would judge how the dogs find them." The experience ob- tained on Tuesday and Wednesday led most of those interested in the club to the conclusion that St. Bride's land is far and away the best place on which to have the trials. Mathry dis- trict was chosen as the venue this year in deference to the wishes of North County sports- men, but it is scarcely likely that the experi- ment will be repeated. The Club are indebted to the owners of the sporting rights and also to the tenants for permission to go over the ground. Mr. Harry Jones, of Ipswich, and Mr. William Arkwright, Chesterfield, ttoth of whom have acted in this capacity for the Club be- fore, were the judges, and the officials present were:—Stewards, Ueut.-Col. 0 H S Williams, Mr. C C Saunders, Mr. W T S Tombs, and Mr. Lloyd Thomas; these, with Mr. oT. H. Rule Owen, were the committeemen present. lr. F. D. Phillips, as hon. secretary, carried out his duties most admirably. Among a large gather- ing on the first day were Mr. G B Bowen (Llwyngwair), Col. Howell (Trewellwell), Mr. Chambers, Mr. T E Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds (Barry Island), Mrs. Francis Phillips, Messrs. Jones, jun. (Pentower, Fishguard), Capt. Harries and friends (Swansea) Mr. A. T. Williams (Baglan House, Burry Port), and Mr. J. C. Bowen (Penrhiw). On the first day the meet was atv Mathry, and frtm there the pairs in the Open Puppy Stake were worked down toward Trefelyn Farm, but it was difficult to find birds. This competition, which was finished before noon, produced a keen contest between Wolfscaitle Bang and Lemon o' Gerwn, the judges event- ually deciding in favour of the former. After luncheon at Trefelyn the trials in the Open All-aged Stakes were commenced, working to- ward Rhoslanog, Torbant, Castle Cenlas, and Mabvvs. This competition was reduced from 18 to 10 dogs, when the work for the day wa6 finished about 5 at Mabws Bridge. On Wednes- day work was resumed at the same spot and continued toward Castle Morris and Penfeidyr, where the all-aged stakes were finished and announced at the luncheon interval. This class gave much satisfaction to the judges, who awarded six certificates of merit instead of the one offered as the fourth prize. The Members' Cup was competed for in the afternoon over the lands at Pencnwc Birds were somewhat more plentiful here and the winners were only arrived at after a keen struggle. At the conclusion a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the judges, on the motion of Mr. G. B. Bowen, who said it was very kind of those gentlemen to come such a long way for these trials. Lieut.-Col. 0 H S Williams expressed the opinion that the Committee had made a mis- take m selecting the ground this year, as that at Mathry did not afford such facilities as were obtainable at St. Bride's. Mr. Arkwright said it gave him much plea- sure to come down. He added that a number of the dogs and those who handled them would have done themselves credit had they appeared at Ipswich last week. They had very much improved since he was there two years ago, both in the handling and working of the dogs. The following were the results:— THE OPEN PUPPY STAKE. 1st, L5, Mr. Andrew Bevans' Wolfscastle Bang;2nd, E2, Mr. A. T. Williams' Lemon o' Gerwn; 3, kl, Lieut.-Col. F. R. Howell's Solva Broom; 4, a certificate of merit, Mr. A. T. Williams' Lima o' Gerwn. THE OP3N ALL-AGED STAKES. 1st, L5, Mr. Robert Chambers' Fishguard Meg; 2nd, L2, Mr. Andrew Bevans' Glyntaf Beryl; 3rd, R.1, Lieut.-Col. O. H. S. Williams' Lady of Cleddau; 4, certificate of merit, Mr. H. Rule Owen's Glenfield Bess. Certificates of merit were awarded to Mr. Thomas Harries' Seeker, Mr. H. Rule Owen's Glenfield Bridget, Mr. Andrew Bevans' Wolfscastle Bang, Mr. Robert Chambers' Fishguard Rex, Mr. H. Rule Owen's Glenfield Grace, and Lieut.-Col. F. R. Howell's Solva Ben. THE MEMBERS' SILVER CUP. 1st, Cup value £5 5s., Lieut.-Col. O. H. S. Williams' Sally of Cleddau; r, Mr. Thomas Harries' Seeker.