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An Insult to Wales and Welshmen.


An Insult to Wales and Welsh- men. To the Editor of County Echo." Sir,—I cannot allow that unwarranted and cowardly desecration of the memory of the late Mr Tom Ellis, which appeared in a con- temporary last week, to pass unnoticed. We, Fishguardians and Welshmen, remember Tom Ellis as a man who had but one aim in life, and that was to serve Wales, and to give to its sons and daughters those advantages and privileges which would enable them to com- pete successfully with their more favourably placed brothers and sisters in the other coun- tries of the United Kingdom. He died in 1899, a young man of 40 years, a son of a poor tenant farmer, but respected and loved, and admired by all, irrespective of party and creed, for his sincerity and singlemindedness. When Welshmen, wherever they are met, make up their list of National Heroes, Tom Ellis' name is sure to figure prominently. In a Fishguard paper of last week, there appeared what purported to be a translation into English of a Welsh poem composed in memory of the late Tom Ellis. The transla- tor betrayed a hateful detestation of all things Welsh-a man conversant with our ancient and resonant tongue, but entirely devoid of any sympathy with our National ideals. We have not, however, to deal with the traitor who took the trouble to parodise the Welsh poem, but, with the person who allowed such a parody to appear in print. He, who is faulty of the latter injustice to our Nation, is a man lacking as much in good taste as he does in knowledge of English and Latin. This can be verified by referring to his leader' of last week, where he uses the phrase with the proverbial, cum grano salis." Any boy possessing a mcst element- ary knowledge of either Latin or English would know that the person who could write the above phrase was ignorant of the function of both Latin and English prepositions. I shall gladly credit him with ignorance so far as the latter are concerned. Is there a Welshman in Fishguard or the neighbourhood who will allow this enemy of his language and his National ideals to brazenly ridicule all that he holds dear? It is within my knowledge that this self- appointed dictator insulted the Welsh people of Fishguard on the night of the Urban Council Election in the most flagrant manner. A certain gentleman, rather high up on the poll, when called upon to respond to the crowd outside the Town Hall, was greeted with cries of Cymraeg," Cymraeg." He was quite capable of responding in that language to the satisfaction of the most critical in the audience, but a certain "Editor- proprietor within the precincts of the Town Hall greeted those appeals with repeated re- iterations of d--d nonsense." Are the Welshmen of Fishguard and dis- trict going to allow this alien, this enemy of their race, and this vilifier of their heroes, to dictate to them ? Until he knows our language, understands our aspirations, and admires our heroes, let him leave Wales, Welsh and Welshmen severely alone.—Yours, &c., WELSHMAN. [Several phrases of an exceedingly strong character have been deleted from the fore going letter.-Ed.]-


----__---------------IN MEMORIAM.



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