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Llwyngwair En Fete. ----

Pembrokeshire Brothers Killed.

A Fishguard Mystery.




GOODWICK Turbine Tattle.—The St. Andrew," hav- ing completed her annual survey and repaired the slight damage sustained whilst leaving dry-dock at Clydebank, arrived back on Fri- day morning after an exceptionally fast passage, and took her service on the station on Saturday afternoon. The St. Patrick toas left for Birkenhead in order to undergo her annual survey. The Great Western is still absent upon similar business, and on Sunday the Pembroke had again to work both the Waterford and the Rosslare services, completing the dual event at 6.40 p.m., when she reached the Harbour with 78 tons of cargo aboard. Trip to Manxland.— Arrangements are afoot for a special limited excursion from South Wales to Douglas, Isle of Man, during the Whitsuntide holidays, the vessel employed being the St. Andrew," which will thus be afforded a finer opportunity of demonstrating her capacity than is the case upon the short passage to Rosslare. There can be little doubt that, should the experiment be crowned with success, frequent trips will be made dur- ing the summer months. Personal.—Mrs W T Gray has removed to her new home and Mr and Mrs Charles Bowen are expected to take up their residence at Penrhyn at an early date. Improved Facilities.—A new motor omni- bus service with accommodation for luggage will run between Carmarthen and Llansteph- an, commencing on the 1st prox. It will connect with the 7.50 a.m., 9.5 a.m., and 4.25 p.m. trains from Fishguard Harbour, and also with the 12.15 p.m. from Goodwick. St. Peter's Church.—The choir of this place of worship is at present practising under the batons of Messrs Drake and Williams as an anthem for Whitsuntide the composition en- titled, Oh, for a closer walk with the Lord!" Illness.—We regret to learn that Mrs E Lincoln Lewis, wife of the Rector, had on Monday to leave for Cardiff in order to under- go an operation. Traffic.-As is customary at this season of the year the importation of cattle has fallen off considerably, but it is gratifying to note that the Irish cargo traffic shows marked signs of improvement. Male Voice Party.— This organisation, which has been phenomenally successful dur- ing its brief career, will compete at Letterston eisteddfod this (Wednesday) evening. Harbour Station.—Mr N P Mansfiield, Deputy Supt (whose place is at present being filled by Mr D J Elias) will resume duties on Monday evening after a fortnight's vacation. Elsewhere.—In other parts of this issue will be found references to the Booth boats, the Harbour Scheme, and the new Harbour Station and Quay Superintendent. More Gunpowder.—But a week has elapsed since we referred to the advantage being taken of the exceptional facilities provided locally for dealing with explosives. On Mon- day the s.s. Marie arrived from Arklow with a cargo of gun-powder for Thames Haven, and another vessel with a consign- ment of explosives for Llantrissant is expec- ted at the end of the present week. Coming Events.—A large party of guests proceeding to Llwyngwair, Newport, for the wedding of Miss Bowen (elsewhere reported) arrived by the afternoon boat train, to which was attached an invalid coach in which tra- velled the only son of the house, who was attended by a nurse. Dr Havard, of Newport, met the train and took charge of the invalid, who together with the rest of the party were conveyed to Llwyngwair in special vehicles. New School.—Notice of the new elemen- tary School to be erected at Goodwick will be found in our advertising columns. Customs Change.—The intelligent anti- cipation indulged in in -our last issue under the heading of Entre Nous" has been justi- fied. A letter intended for Mr Byrne, Cus- toms and Excise Officer, Fishguard, having been delivered inadvertently to Mr Leith, Customs and Excise Officer, Goodwick.

Llanwnda Parish Council. ---



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-----___---. MAENCLOCHOG.



Soldiers in Uniform.

An Insult to Wales and Welshmen.


----__---------------IN MEMORIAM.



New Harbour Scheme. ---


New Harbour Station and Quay…


Successful Eisteddfod at i…